power elite

Au where bokuto finds himself to be the single parent to a newborn child while in college. bokuto loves kids and is good with them but listen. no one is good with newborns. especially the child of bokuto, who would probs be a colicky mess and just as loud and needy as her father. 

so bokuto, at his wits end juggling raising a child, college classes, and volleyball, displays the same dumbassery that netted him a child and decides to summon a fucking demon to help raise the kid. enter akaashi, an incredibly powerful demon, an elite general and strategist of satan’s army, claimer of a thousand souls, etc etc and now apparently the goddamn babysitter of a noisy whiny child and his newborn daughter. but akaashi can’t refuse a contract so he and bo agree that akaashi gets his soul if the kid survives to adulthood and turns out relatively well adjusted

which means cue ~*~ adorable coparenting shenanigans~*~~  

  • akaashi, the right hand of the dark lord, has no fucking clue what to do with children and starts reading all kinds of bizarre child rearing books
  • “agaaaashi how do I make her stop crying” “try sacrificing a goat, that always appeased me when I was a young ghoul” 
  • the baby keeps trying to put akaashi’s horns and tail in her mouth. akaashi politely asks her to stop. she don’t give a fuck. 
  • “bokuto san I believe one of my many enemies has possessed your child, as she just projectile vomited across the room in a clearly unholy way” 
  • and of course. akaashi starts growing attached to bokuto and the child
  • bokuto draws angry eyebrows on the kid’s face because lol. he almost cries when akaashi asks why there is comical pictures on instagram of “our child”
  • “c’mon baby, say ‘papa’!” “ hail satan?” “asdffhjk AGAASHII” 
  • MATCHING HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. bo dresses up as a devil, akaashi lets down his glamour so his demonic form can be seen and they dress their little girl up as an angel
  • “daddy some boy at school keeps bullying me. the teacher said it’s because he likes me” “kill him.”
[LYRICS] 농담 (Joke) by Rap Monster


내 고막을 울리는 리듬
Bass & Drum 날 움직이는 기름
여기 존재하는 모든 행복과 너의 새해 복 까지 모두 imma fuckin get em
나는 엘라스틴 너희들은 비듬
랩 병신들 너희 수준 비등비등
fame, girls, money that ma honey to the 100 to the 100
누가 나를 막니 imma fuckin beat em
거머리 같은 haters 나를 죽여 나를 묶어 나를 숙연
하게 만들어 im so super i juss grew up
그지같은 motherfucker motherfucker 싹 다 섞어 손발 꺾어
시켜 서커스 시켜 턱걸이 전부 fuck up
한입으로 두말 여자들은 널 보고 불러 언니
너무나도 쉽게 까는 철판들 지들 곡에선 지들이 뭐 이건희
에 여잔 파리보다 더 꼬여 아서 니 현실 싹 다 보여
홍대 예능쇼에 몇 안되는 힙수니들이 느이 그 고정
난 이곳의 문을 열고 닫아, 마치 개폐인
너희들이 맨날 느낀다는 rap pain
난 순식간에 비트를 제패
널 보면 비트들이 말을 하네 쟤 패
배알이 좀 꼴리실 거에요 제 pay
스웨덴, 독일 브라질 to 재팬
니 더러운 혀보다 강해여 제 펜
이제야 까보네여 오광보다 더한 제 패

Got six bullets in my tongue
Six snakes in my lung
Six shots got me feelin’ 2pac 그래 이건 에이셉의 가사여
금실 좋은 부부처럼 별거 없지
넌 천상 여자처럼 설 거 없지
나는 탁탁 먼지털이 박박 쓸어버려 물 같은 내 혀, 설거지
이건 의미없는 말놀이 you know i got a mufuckin beat
i got a mufuckin rhyme
i got a mufuckin flow i got a mufuckin style
i got a mufuckin wine i got a mufuckin shine
대체 몇 마디니 나의 mufuckin line
Bitch im the one im so mufuckin prime
너넨 존나게 촌스러 촌장님, 혹 또는 족발을 좋아하는 꼰대님 스탈
Bitch im your man. 10 outta 10 심장은 꺼매 한여름의 썬탠
작전을 개시하지 그래 내 이름의 브랜드
혼자 다 해먹네 내 이름의 밴드
여긴 내가 차린 놀이동산 pull the 레버
뿌리부터 차이나지 너와 나의 레벨
본 이름은 greatest 또 나의 성은 ever
절대 개명 신청 안해 나는 never ever ever
그램마 넌 갑보단 깝, 탑보단 밥, 답보단 짭
야동 보면 넌 3초면 싸
나는 top of the top, 갑 of the 갑, 답 of the 답
선배 후배들도 다 돌아가
그냥 좆이나 까잡숴 먹어봐 맛있어
그래 넌 나의 적 그러니까 적 까!
낮이던 밤이던 존나게 부지런
세글자 랩밖에 못하는 쉐꺄 넌
비비디 바비디 부비디 바비디
니미니 나미니 지기미 차카미
니꺼는 나가리 쳐먹어 노가리

이름이 미미니 shawty? 노답
내 랩 완전히 꼭지가 돈 랩
니 랩은 한마디만 할게 don’t 랩
내 껀 좀 큰 물에서 좀 논 랩
니 껀 원래 랩이 아니란다 non-rap
그래 넌 최고의 여자, 갑질
So 존나게 잘해 갑질
아 근데 생각해보니 갑이었던 적 없네
갑 떼고 임이라 부를게. 임질
I pop it rock it knock it never stop it talkin some trashes
난 백수라서 없어, 자비 넌 real 백수. 없어 차비
You know i aint about the thousands let me ride it yo drop it swap it
rock it mock it stalk it lock it in my pocket theres full of monsters
Yeah i gettin on em bitch gettin on em rich
해변의 아들 너는 son of a beach
난 원석처럼 빛나 마치 son of a 비취
나는 괴물 so son of a 스티치
Yeah man i told you that im a monster
That why i be rappin non stop
I do want your hands at the concert
Want your fuckin damn erry hands at the concert
Hit me


The rhythm that rings in my eardrums
Bass & Drum the fuel that moves me
All the happiness that exists here and even all your new year’s luck
Imma fuckin get em
I’m elastin, you guys are dandruff
Rap retards, your skill levels are all similar
Fame, girls, money that ma honey to the 100 to the 100
Who will stop me Imma fuckin beat em
Haters like leeches kill me and bind me
And silence me I’m so super I juss grew up
Like a beggar motherfucker motherfucker mix them all, bend their hands and feet
Make them do a circus make them do chin ups all of them fuck up
You say one thing and mean another, women call you unni
Become thick skinned so easily, in your songs it’s as if you’re Lee Gun-Hee
You say you attract girls like flies, stop it I can see all of your reality
Hongdae variety shows and those few loyal hippies are your regulars
I open and shut the door of this place,
Like the rap pain that you shitty retards say you feel everyday
In an instant, I dominate the beat
When they see you, the beats talk and say, “beat him”
You’ll be feeling envious of my pay
Sweden, Germany, Brasil to Japan
Stronger than your dirty tongue is my pen
Now I can finally reveal my hand that is better than 5 Kwang*[1]

Got six bullets in my tongue
Six snakes in my lung
Six shots got me feelin’ 2pac, yeah these are A$AP’s lyrics
Just like a happily married couple there’s not much to you,
Just like a perfect woman, you need no erection*[2]
I tap tap the duster, scrub scrub and sweep away,
My tongue like water, washing the dishes
This is a meaningless wordplay, you know I got a mufuckin beat
I got a mufuckin rhyme
I got a mufuckin flow I got a mufuckin style
I got a mufuckin wine I got a mufuckin shine
Just how many measures are these, my mufuckin line
Bitch I’m the one I’m so mufuckin prime
You’re fuckin tacky, a village mayor, or a pig’s-feet loving old man style
Bitch I’m your man, 10 outta 10, my heart is black, a midsummer’s suntan
I start the battle plan, yeah my name’s brand,
I do it all alone, my name’s band
This is my amusement park, pull the lever
Your level and mine are different from their very roots
My name is greatest and my last name is ever,
I’m never asking to change my name, not me, never ever ever
Yeah, man, you’re a clown, not the powerful man,
Prey rather than the top, imitation and not the answer
When you watch porn, you come in just 3 seconds
I’m the top of the top, most powerful of the elite, answer of the answers
Even the hoobaes and sunbaes all go around
Just go suck a dick, just try it, it’s delicious
Yes you’re my enemy so fuck off!*[3]
Day or night, fucking hard working
You can only do three-word raps, you bastard.
Bibidi babidi, boobidi babidi
Nimini namini jigimi chakami
Yours will go out, stuff yourself with dry fish

Is your name mimi? Shawty, you’re hopeless
My rap is completely insane rap
Your rap, I’ll just say one thing - don’t rap
My rap is rap that’s played in larger waters,
Yours isn’t actually rap, it’s non-rap
Yeah you’re the best woman, best vagina*
So you’re fucking good at it, abuse of power*[4]
Ah, but now that I think of it you were never in power,
So I’ll take off the power and call you dear. Gonorrhea*[5]
I pop it, rock it, knock it, never stop it, talkin some trashes
I’m unemployed so I have no mercy,
You’re really unemployed so you have no money for the bus
You know I ain’t about the thousands, let me ride it yo drop it swap it
Rock it mock it stalk it lock it in my pocket there’s full of monsters
Yeah I gettin on em bitch, gettin on em rich
The son of the beach (in Korean), you’re a son of a beach
I glow like an unpolished gem, just like the son of a jade*[6]
I’m a monster so son of a Stitch*[7]
Yeah man I told you that I’m a monster
That why I be rappin non stop
I do want your hands at the concert
Want your fuckin damn erry hands at the concert
Hit me

(T/N: *[1] Getting a ‘5 Kwang’ in Hwatu, a Korean card game, is like a four of a kind.
*[2] Wordplay: standing/erection. Could have been ‘you don’t need to stand’, but with the wordplay it becomes ‘you need no erection’, which is a diss to the person’s masculinity.
*[3] Wordplay: ‘적/Juk’=‘enemy’, ‘좆/Jot’=‘dick’.
‘적 까/Juk kka’=‘show yourself’ sounds similar to ‘좆까/Jot kka’=‘bare your dick’ which is essentially, ‘fuck off’.
*[4] Wordplay: ‘best vagina’ and ‘abuse of power’ are both ‘갑질/Gab-jil’ in Korean.
*[5] ‘갑질/Gab-jil’=‘abuse of power’.
‘임질/Im-jil’=‘gonorrhea’, a sexually transmitted disease.
‘임/Im’=‘dear’, and ‘갑/Gab’=‘power’.
So, take off the ‘Gab’ in ‘Gab-jil’ and add ‘Im’, then you’re left with ‘Im-jil’.
*[6] ‘비취/Bi-chui’=‘jade’, a precious gemstone. The word in Korean is pronounced similar to ‘bitch’ and ‘beach’ in the previous lines.
*[7] Reference to the animation ‘Lilo & Stitch’.)

Trans cr; Yein @ bts-trans

The nonsense continued throughout Thursday night and Friday morning. Matt K. Lewis, the Daily Beast writer and CNN personality, took note of the references to God in Trump’s statement on the airstrikes and salivated over the president’s moral seriousness. Even worse was Mark Landler’s “news analysis” in the New York Times on why Trump, who has shown a strong affinity for dictators and little concern for suffering, greenlit the attack. Failing to mention that the president was in the process of banning refugees from America, Landler painted a laughable picture of a man consumed with grief because of images of children dying. ("On Syria Attack, Trump’s Heart Came First,” the Times tweeted.) Not only does coverage like this badly distort an important issue like Syria, but it serves as a reminder (as if one were needed) of exactly the boost—not to mention the political capital—Trump would gain in the case of a national emergency or terrorist attack. As if a Trump with normal powers wasn’t horrifying enough.
on self-diagnosing

when i was about 14, i went to a mental health service and was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. i got put on antidepressants that didn’t work and went to a few therapists that didn’t help me. my parents wasted hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars getting me treated for disorders that were not my true problem.

when i was 21, i went through the hardest break-up of my life. i went to a counselor who didn’t diagnose me at all - she talked to me like she didn’t care what my mental health issues were and that’s when i realized it doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is, as long as you’re getting treated for the problems that lie in front of you.

last year, when i was 21/22, i experienced a few bpd episodes. on new years, i got someone i was barely friends with to drive me over 30 minutes to my ex’s house to punch him in the face over something stupid. i couldn’t believe how manic it made me feel - i felt totally on top of the world. until the next day where the guilt swallowed me alive and i was stuck in yet another bout of depression. a couple months later, i found myself breaking down in the college stairwell over drama with another boy, calling my parents and telling them i was going to kill myself after he blocked me. they had to come pick me up because they didn’t think i would be okay if i drove.

i didn’t understand what was up with these symptoms. why did all of my depression stem from my relationships? why did i want to fling myself off of a bridge after the smallest disagreement? i was more than depressed - i was angry. i was so, so angry. for as long as i can remember, i’d cycle through the worst emotions followed by mania followed by the worst emotions. but it happened so fast, i could barely remember it by the time i got a chance to tell anyone.

i got back into therapy, into medication. i got put on a different antidepressant. i told my doctor, “you don’t understand. i have bouts of anger. do you have anything for that?” she prescribed me an anxiety medication for panic attacks.

the point is doctors do what they can to treat you. they don’t know what is going to help. they’re stumbling around blindly until they find something that works. they don’t truly know what’s going on in your head. they try to diagnose you on your first appointment at a mental health service and if you don’t portray all of your symptoms perfectly, you WILL get an incorrect diagnosis.

i never did my own research. i fed into the lie that psychiatrists/psychologists will do anything in their power to give you a correct diagnosis. i never self-diagnosed until i heard about bpd. luckily, i was already going to a psychiatrist when i heard about it, so i brought it up to him. he said, “huh, yeah, you’re probably right. that does sound like your symptoms” and prescribed me an anti-psychotic. still no diagnosis.

let me reiterate: i could have been getting the help i needed for YEARS, and i didn’t, because though i went through quite a few therapists and psychiatrists, none of them could figure out my diagnosis. it took the couple of “bpd freak-outs” i had for someone to take me seriously. for someone to finally say, “you have a lot of bipolar symptoms…” still not the right diagnosis, but it was getting closer, at least. if i didn’t have those freak-outs, i can guarantee you i still wouldn’t even have a “huh, yeah.” because in the world of psychiatrists (and a lot of times people who are anti self-diagnosis), your symptoms don’t matter until you have the worst possible symptoms, until your symptoms are outward, and that’s unfair and ridiculous.

so this is where the line gets blurred. to those who are anti self-diagnosis: am i allowed to say i have bpd because my psychiatrist told me i did but didn’t officially diagnose me? i ultimately stopped going to a psychiatrist and therapy because i spent another thousand dollars (out of my own pocket this time) to diagnose myself and i didn’t agree with the medication i was on. should i go back for one appointment just to satisfy your need for me to be officially diagnosed?

thinking back on the counselor i had when i was 21, i realized that the diagnosis doesn’t matter. but nobody takes you seriously unless you have a diagnosis and this is what’s wrong, not the fact that people self-diagnose. maybe if people took the symptoms seriously, people wouldn’t find the need to self-diagnose. maybe if mental illness wasn’t this exclusive club, people would feel more comfortable talking about their symptoms, even if they’re less drastic than yours are.

the point is this: somebody self-diagnosing doesn’t affect you. the only reason people knock people for self-diagnosing is because they want to feel powerful and elite. congratulations - you have an official diagnosis. i have three if you count adhd. but my most important number four diagnosis is being left untreated and tumblr has helped me get though a lot of my bpd-related issues and to that, i am thankful. because the resources are always going to be more important than the diagnosis and i am happy that those who self-diagnose are getting the resources they need.

The Morrígan

- More-ih-gone

Titles -  Mórrígan (“great queen”), also known as Morrígu, Morríghan or Mór-ríoghain

Goddess of - fate, especially with foretelling doom and death in battle. Life, death, prophecy, wisdom, protection, fear, sovereignty, rebirth, sorcery

Race -  Tuatha De Danann

Family -
Consorts: Dagda 

Symbols -  Crows, Ravens, cows, wolves, swords, spears

Description - The Morrígan is often described as a trio of individuals, all sisters, called ‘the three Morrígna’. Although membership of the triad varies, the most common combination in modern sources is Badb, Macha and Nemain. However the primary sources indicate a more likely triad of Badb, Macha and Anand  

 Sometimes she appears as one of three sisters, the daughters of Ernmas: Morrígan, Badb and Macha. Sometimes the trinity consists of Badb, Macha and Anand, collectively known as the Morrígna. However, the Morrígan can also appear alone and her name is sometimes used interchangeably with Badb

Badb: A war Goddess associated with battle, destruction, and death and often appeared over battle as a hooded crow, or ran alongside warriors disguised as a grey-red wolf. Badb was connected to rebirth as a watcher of the cauldron of regeneration in the Otherworld. She was also a Witch and a sorceress, and a Prophetess who foresaw the future.

The root word “mag” translated means field, plain or pasture. This name connects and gives Macha power over the sacred land and horses, representing wealth, power and symbolizing the elite warriors. She was also connected to fertility by the land and horses, and cursed the male Red Branch warrior to suffer nine days of birth pangs when forced to run a race. As part of the trinity, she rained down fire and blood on her enemies.

: Her name translates to panic, frenzy or venomous. Also a deity of battle, death and destruction, she appeared as a carrion crow. Neiman was a prophetess and her battle cries meant death would soon follow. By shrieking furiously, she intimidated, panicked and confused soldiers on the battle field into dying of fright or mistaking their own comrades for enemies. This aspect connects to the role of Banshee.   

Notable Legends -  
In the Ulster Cycle, Táin Bó Regamna (The Cattle Raid of Regamain), which is a body of Irish mythology, Morrigan appears to the hero Cuchulainn (whom she has appeared to in different guises) and he finds her stealing one of his cows, yet he does not recognize her and becomes angry and insults her. Shape-shifting into a crow, he now recognizes her and acknowledges he would not have insulted her had he known, yet she prophesizes his death in battle which came to pass.

Morrigan also appears to Cuchulainn as a young woman (or hag, depending on the version) and offers him her love, and her aid in the battle, but he rejects her offer. In response she intervenes in his next combat, first in the form of an eel who trips him, then as a wolf who stampedes cattle across the ford, and finally as a white, red-eared heifer leading the stampede, just as she had warned in their previous encounter. (White and red animals were very symbolic of the otherworld and the sidhe)

In the Cath Maige Tuireadh, on Samhain Morrigan has an encounter with the Dagda (High King of the Tuatha De Dannan) before the battle against the Fomorians. When he meets her she is washing battle clothes while standing with one foot on either side of the river Unius and they mate. She then promises to summon the magicians of Ireland to cast spells on behalf of the Tuatha De Dannan and to destroy Indech, the Fomorian king.

Her role was to not only be a symbol of imminent death, but to also influence the outcome of war. Most often she did this by appearing as a crow flying overhead and would either inspire fear or courage in the hearts of the warriors. In some cases, she is written to have appeared in visions to those who are destined to die in battle by washing their bloody armor. In this specific role, she is also given the role of foretelling imminent death with a particular emphasis on the individual.[31] There are also a few rare accounts where she would join in the battle itself as a warrior and show her favouritism in a more direct manner.

The Morrigan was such a powerful symbol of life and birth that the Celts believed she could revive their dead soldiers to fight once more. The severed heads on the battlefield were called the “Mast of Macha” (harvest of Macha). The ground was considered sacred after the battle, as the soldiers would leave until the next day so Morrigan could gather the souls undisturbed. As a scavenger bird, she was an omen of war (both as a symbol and with prophecy) feeding on bodies and gathering souls and terrorized armies into dying of fear with her frightful and shrieking cries.

Although speculated, Morrigan may have been the daughter of Delbaeth and Ernmas whom in the earliest copies of the Lebor Gabala Erenn (The Book of Invasions) had three daughters, named Badb, Macha, and Anand. In the Book of Leinster, Anand is also known as Morrigu, while in the Book of Fermoy version, Macha is identified with Morrigan. In addition, Morrigan may had been one of Dagda’s wives and had sons.

Sacred Associations - Carrion eating animals, specifically crows. Fog, shapeshifting, bloodlust and battle, white and red cows, mugwort, yew, willow, rivers. Obsidian, bloodstone, apples, rebirth, swords, sorcery, bones and skulls.

Holiday - Samhain, jan 7th feast of the morrigan.

Brighid, Dagda, Lugh, Morrighan

reduxrose  asked:


YOOOO. Ok, so here’s what I think–I didn’t just do this because their colors but bc it pretty much matches them ok (except Kim, I was gonna make her fairy but it just doesnt fit her in my head) Also, they all get an eeveelution okay. 

this is like my headcannon so like dont hate me okay?

Trini: Mainly electric type. really likes small and cute yet tough (especially evolved) pokemon, some of her baby pokemon already evolved

  • Raichu
  • Jolteon
  • Electivire
  • Pachurisu
  • Mimikyu
  • Riolu

Jason: Fire type user. Leader. Aims to become a gym leader or elite 4 or champion one day.

  • Arcanine
  • Flareon
  • Charizard
  • Infernape
  • Turtonator
  • Magmortar

Billy: Water and psychic type user. Freaking loves all his pokemon and believes that he has the perfect team. Doesn’t usually fight because he doesn’t want his pokemon hurt but his pokemon urges him to fight because they want to.

  • Kingdra
  • Vaporeon
  • Milotic
  • Wobbuffet
  • Metagross
  • Greninja

Zack: Dark and Ghost. Always scares Trini’s baby pokemon. When Trini’s baby pokemon starts evolving they start beating up Zack a lot

  • Gengar
  • Umbreon
  • Absol
  • Weavile
  • Zoroark
  • Bisharp

Kimberly: Mostly flying/dragon user. OP. Often flying with her pokemon and will randomly jump out from her pokemon’s backs and free fall and trusting her pokemon to catch her.

  • Flygon
  • Sylveon
  • Aerodactyl
  • Salamence
  • Dragonite
  • Type: Null / Silvally 

I can imagine Trimberly adopting a plusle and minun together and takes care of their little electric babies. 

also imagine them being the elite four and the champion. 

Let me know what you think :)

I’m working my way through Berlet and Lyons’ “Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort” (which is a really eye-opening book that I would strongly recommend) and there’s one interesting theme I keep noticing pop up. From Thomas Jefferson blaming Native attacks on the British, to Reconstruction-era Southerners blaming black unrest on radical Republican trouble-makers, to Henry Ford blaming black attempts at union organizing on Jewish manipulation, one constant motif in American racial politics is “treat[ing] people of color as passive beings manipulated from the outside” in service of “a classic conspiracist image: the plot by a power-hungry elite, controlling a primitive, violent horde, to dominate freedom-loving people.”

Think about how widespread that narrative is. Civil rights organizers are incited by communist “outside agitators.” “Race-hustlers” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson traveling around and fomenting racial tension. Or, more recently, George Soros funding Black Lives Matter protests.

The narrative is everywhere, and it perfectly encapsulates some of the most critical features of right-wing populism: 1.) a conspiracism that “assigns tiny cabals of evildoers a superhuman power to control events,” 2.) a racial interpretation of producerist populism, wherein a middle class of white Americans is assaulted from different forces from both above and below, 3.) the employment of demonization and scapegoating, wherein “the hostility and grievances [regarding racial tensions] of an angry, frustrated group [white America] are directed away from the real causes of a social problem [interlocking hierarchical systems of power] onto a target group demonized as malevolent wrongdoers [those people of color involved in unrest ‘below’ and those pulling the strings ‘above’].”

Gem Hierarchy Theory/Possible Homeworld Gemsona Statuses

This theory is mostly based on the Mohs Hardness scale for minerals, and most people just leave it at “the bigger the number, the higher class,” and while i agree with that roughly, there must be more to it. So I sat down at recorded themes i saw among gems of certain hardnesses.

First off, the Diamonds are reeeally easy, as they’re shown to be the leaders of Homeworld, and they’re clearly the hardest material on the list. So I’m just gonna leave that one alone lol

Corundum is the next hardest mineral, and corundum is what both rubies and sapphires are made of. Its fairly clear to see in Steven Universe that Sapphire is a very rare and powerful gem held in high esteem, making me to believe that gems around 9 mohs are aristocratic in status. Yes, I see you in the back raising your hand with a question; “If corundum are aristocratic, what’s up with Rubies??” Well, my thoughts are that Rubies are actually higher class than we think, and I’ll cover that more in depth below.

Next is topaz at 8 mohs, with aquamarine being 7.5-8 mohs right next to it. The reason I chose to label this area “elite and specialist gems” is because both Topazes and Aquamarine are both adept at fighting, and they seem specially suited to the mission. If the diamonds knew about the Crystal Gems from Navy, it makes sense to send powerful, elite gems to deal with them once and for all. I also overlapped the aristocracy and elites because it seems that Aquamarine is of a more elevated status than Topaz. It might be due to more experience, powers that we don’t know about, or even the fact that Topaz is a fusion (and seems to want to be a permafusion if she isn’t already). This group is the majority of the upper class of Homeworld without delving into aristocracy or nobility.

The next section doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense with some people, but like, its kind of necessary for a successful society so i added it. Anyway, government positions don’t necessarily mean governing other gems like the Diamonds, but rather assistants, lawyers (like we’ve seen), it could mean scribes, it could even mean overseeing the development of new colonies. I overlapped this a little into Military because in times of war, military officials often take overseeing positions in the government. This also adds Agates into the “Government” type jobs (”An Agate terrifies” is probably a metaphor for them being managers/ drill sergeant type figures). This section also allows Zircons to have jobs other that just lawyer, as that seems awfully specific for my personal taste. This group is like the mid-upper class of Homeworld.

Military is the section i went with for the Quartzes, since its pretty heavily inferred in the show that Quartzes are meant to be soldiers and p much nothing else (though they can take other jobs in times of peace probably). I made this go all the way down to 6 mohs not only because not all quartz is exactly 7, but because it allows more gems to have this ranking. In the Bismuth special, Bismuth brings up a Homeworld pilot who is a Nephrite (coincidentally, Centi is ALSO a Homeworld pilot, hmmmm). Since Nephrite goes down to 6, i started the Military section there, but it might change in the future. I think of this group as a sort of upper-middle class that could be elevated to lower-upper class with enough merit (like Jasper).

Honestly I should’ve made this section bigger (like maybe 4.5-6.5 lol), but I’m too lazy to fix it right now. Anyway, this covers jobs like technicians, enigineers, architectural designers, scholars, basically all the stuff that actually makes a society function. These are like the middle class gems of Homeworld to me, the ones that work hard but at least get some recognition for it. Not enough recognition to get your own Pearl though, apparently (according to Peridot that is).

Finally is the lower class gems, the absolute hardest work, the most dangerous work, and the most demeaning work. I say that because all of the gems we’ve seen with mohs at or below Lapis (5.5) have absolutely rough lives. Bismuth at 2 is a builder, with some really blacksmithy themes. Smithery and construction are pretty tough and dangerous jobs, usually reserved for lower class citizens. Pearls are servants, often acting as maids, footmen (people who open doors and shit), and even private entertainment for their owners. Not only is this an extremely unwanted job, but can be tough depending on the gem they are assigned to. Lastly in this section is Lapis Lazuli, our resident terraformer. In case you don’t know, terraforming is the act of physically changing a planet to better resemble Earth and sustain life, however in this setting it might be carving out areas for Kindergartens, since in both the ones on Earth have notably river-esque patterns. It makes a lot of sense that Lapis has water powers for terraforming, but its probably backbreaking work, like if you were to landscape an entire planet.

And now we’re at the Ruby debacle. first off, i do think they’re like at least upper class gems, but as they are less powerful and have less useful powers, other upper class gems get preference. I mean which is more useful to the sustaining of an empire, future vision or a gauntlet? That and Sapphires are probably more rare than Rubies on Homeworld. But the reason i think they are higher class than others might, is because they’re more like personal guards than infantry, they have more specific jobs. It’s not “go smash up the enemy,” but rather “protect this rare and noble gem” or “rescue this elite war hero from danger since she obviously can’t come back herself.” Also, the fact that Eyeball believed wholeheartedly that she might “get her own Pearl” can be used as solid evidence of Rubies being higher class than Peridot (who laughed and blushed at the notion of little ol’ Peri getting her own fancy Pearl~).

Phew, that was a bit longer than I expected, but I think it was worthwhile! Ask questions, discuss other theories with me, etc.

Judging a person’s fitness to hold public office solely on whether they’re ‘qualified’ to hold it is deeply, deeply pernicious. It represents the importing of capitalistic accounting methods into affairs of public accountability: the execution of democracy is not a sterile matter of dry technocratic competence, but a matter of class interest.

Accepting candidates on the basis of ‘qualification’ is demanding that we expect sons and daughters of staggering privilege to abandon their every instinct of self-aggrandisement, nepotism and narrow class solidarity, merely on the basis of whether they went to a good (read: expensive) school.

Those who want ‘qualified’ candidates state, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, that their representatives should have a solid history of representing ruling-class interests: a family who has been mired in anti-working-class state politics for several generations; a thorough education at an elite institution such as a university; a long track record of success in cutthroat industry; a self-made legacy of inflicting misery when in positions of political power.

Competency and ‘qualification’ often only marginally overlap. I do not want representatives who have ‘qualifications’, I want representatives who have qualities. And chief amongst those qualities will always be an abiding, unshakable class interest in ceaselessly working for the improvement of working-class life.

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In a full communist/socialist style of government (whatever we end up evolving into, even something entirely different but similar in its humanitarian efforts), what's to stop concentration of power to a new elite that abuses said power? Since it almost seems like corruption is an inevitability where there is power to be wielded

When the means of production (workplaces, centers of resource distribution, etc.) are under the common, democratic control of the people they impact, it’ll foster material conditions where social hierarchy withers away (and abuses of power along with it). Power resides with those who control resources and distribution, as under capitalism where it resides with bosses and the politicians that facilitate their accumulation of profit; the post-capitalist democracy would abolish that tiered ownership of resources, thus drastically reducing the likelihood that one individual or a minority class of elites could seize absolutist control. 

There may still be instances where an individual may try to start the enclosure process anew (similar to capitalism’s beginnings in England where the bourgeoisie privatized land that was formerly commonly-held, in order to accumulate capital and dispossess peasants of livelihood and force them to become workers beneath the bourgeoisie), sure, but the established material conditions would probably render an attempt like that fundamentally nonthreatening; just as a person today could go around calling himself a duke and demanding that people subordinate themselves to him as serfs, a bourgeois type in the future may go around demanding that a liberated humanity work beneath him as a proletariat; it’s a threat that has no venom as long as the material conditions have evolved past the capitalist imperatives of private accumulation of capital and market competition for resource distribution.

Evolving automation technologies that render most toil obsolete, the implementation of decentralized economic planning, and the establishment of resource commons would be the bedrock of the post-capitalist society – it would look very different from what we have today, and therefore the problems that would arise would probably look very different overall. But I guess if a power accumulation/enclosure process does become a problem again, the people could come together and defeat it; any likelihood of the problem is still drastically reduced once you upend the hierarchical structures that make ungodly accumulation of power possible in the first place.

Hope this was helpful =)

To say that a power elite directs the affairs of state is not to suggest the existence of some dark conspiracy. It is simply to acknowledge the way Washington actually works. Especially on matters related to national security, policy making has become oligarchic rather than democratic. The policy-making process is not open but closed, with the voices of the privileged insiders carrying unimaginably greater weight than those of the unwashed masses.
—  Andrew J. Bacevich, The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism, 2008. (p. 82)