power daggers

WHEN (not if, get fucked if people cancel this film series) we get more films

I can’t wait for the other Rangers to get their weapons

I liked the little homage to Trini’s daggers when she threw whatever it was she grabbed at Rita, she’d be awesome with a pair of badass yellow power daggers, literally the only one immediately competent with her weapons and she overuses them, she needs to like…calm down maybe not everything is “I bet I can hit that with a dagger”

Zack had his pick axe action when they were digging out the coins, so imagine when he gets his power axe like this dude is going to LOVE HIS DAMN AXE LOOK AT MY AXE GUYS. BOOM. BOULDER IS NOW TWO BOULDERS. He’s like Thor but with an axe. He names it.

Billy smacking people around with his power lance, swinging it around like awww yea, knives on each end apologising like crazy when he accidentally cracks Kim around the head with it, and really doesn’t when he wins several spars purely from tripping the others over with it

Kim getting annoyed because the others keep whistling the Mockingjay tune when she draws her power bow back, she keeps getting asked what her elf eyes see and can we all just stop calling her Hawkeye and or Merida pls thanks, let her just take this damn shot

Cloak and Dagger: a guide for people who do not know them

So I have seen people who watched the trailer and say to themselves, “I don’t know anything about them, but…” And I am like, “well let me tell you.”

Cloak, Tyrone Johnson, and Dagger, Tandy Bowen, were just typical teens. Well they were runaway teens who were fleeing from trouble in their life. Tyrone was fleeing from the cops because he is a black man in 1980s America. And Tandy was fleeing from a sexually abusive home.

And then someone took them in any gave them super powered experimental heroine and then bam, they are the physical embodiment of a Rorschach painting. Okay I’ll let them elaborate.

So they gained their powers which has the unfortunate, but also true implication that drugs give you super powers. Yeah.

Sure, I’ll take your word for it. 

Okay, so they were experimented on by a Doctor Simon Marshall who created Mr. Negative, a Chinese Smuggler, who was distributing the drug that created Cloak and Dagger. Anyways, the duo were not the most forgiving of vigilantes at the start.

They were angry pissed off teens. At first, in their debut, Spider-man was fervently against them. And then he learned of their tragic origin, and let’s say he was bought in.

Jesus, 1970s comics were so corny.

The above probably won’t be pertinent to the show because they are most likely dropping the drug origins because Disney is a bunch of punks.

Anyways, Cloak has the power to bring the void or the Darkforce which allows him to consume people into a place that absorbs any source of light from people’s bodies. He can also teleport and shit.

His power has a huge drawback which forces him to hunger and want to consume as much light as possible. He also can’yt wear normal clothes outside the titular “cloak.” He is pretty much a void. So dude is a walking Eldrich Abomination.

Dagger has the power to create light daggers and produce light as pictured above. She has a large supply of light that allows Cloak to feed without this comic turning into a Stephen King novel.

Of course, her power has drawbacks too.

So they need each other to survive from being monsters.

Now you would think that light and darkness and people of the opposite sex would be in some sort of relationship since they literally are all they know and only depend on each other, but nope. I mean I have seen hetero couples become items off of pure unadulterated bullshit and be spontaneously fucking and shit on a whim, but two characters that have been around one another and slept, non-sexually, with each other have not ever been an item in their 30 year history. 

Until Bendis decided to indulge his interracial pairing kick and made the two lovers in the Ultimate Universe.

While I am at it, I might as well do an Ultimate Universe interpretation of the duop because I suspect they are borrowing from that adaptation as well.

Cloak and Dagger were just typical teens who were School Presidents at their respective schools. They met each other at a fast food joint, went to prom, and then got into an accident.

They were declared dead in the accident and their comatose bodies were abducted by Roxxon after Roxxon lied to their parents saying that they died in a hospital accident.

Why is Mr. Sinister, Layla Miller, Dr. Zola, and Dr. Samual Sterns involved? These are Ultimate Universe things.

Anyways, they wake up.


Okay, it is shame that Netflix is not picking up the series because…could you imagine the sex?

No really, it is not like typical super human rough sex that Twilight likes to imagine as great sex. I am talking about truly aesthetically pleasing sex. Not great as in the actual intercourse, but like a firework show in a black hole kind of thing. Like a Jackson Pollock Painting.

I can’t be the only one. I mean having these two get together and depicting the intercourse would be immaculate. 

It would be beautiful.

Oh, don’t act like I am the only one who thought about this? No don’t you look at me like that, motherfucker. I am not alone. Don’t kinkshame me.

Since Freeform is looking to be the MCU’s spot for teen-oriented shows (Cloak and Dagger, New Warriors featuring Squirrel Girl), I’m hoping Young Avengers, Power Pack, live-action Big Hero 6 and Avengers Academy are in the works. Wish Runaways was on Freeform because of this but it is what it is. 

Another World Entirely pt10

Word count: 1,585

WARNING: swearing, angst? the plotting of stealing a child heart, reliving bad memories??

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any characters, again,I wrote out a scene for story line accuracy but I’ve changed the end so yeah. plz don’t b mad at me xx

NOTE: I’m nearly done!! omg I’m thinking this will be the second last part? idk it’s getting there. I’ll keep yas posted



I stared up at the sand rapidly falling to the bottom of the hourglass.

I sat on the ground with my back against the inside wall of Skull Rock. 

I’d been waiting here for 3 days. I’d kept my cool and not ventured out to see how things were progressing. I just had to trust that everything was going as it was meant to.

I decided to clear up my things before Peter brought Henry here, If Henry saw all my junk lying around he’d have a few questions.

When everything was hidden in a small section of the cave I sat in the eye socket looking out over the island. I could see much due the setting sun but I was still a nice sight to behold.

   “It’s been been a long time since i stepped foot on this shore,” I heard Peter’s voice echoing up from the bottom of the stairs.

I scrambled down from my perch in the eye and ran to hide in the same spot I hid my things.

I could hear them talking a little as they reached the top of the stairs.

   “This is it,” Peter said. “The place where you’re going to save magic,”

I poked my head out from behind the carved skull pile and briefly made eye contact with Peter. I gave him a smile and a small nod.

   “Why does it have to be here?” Henry asked, looking around.

I ducked back down before he saw me,

   “Because this is the location from which Neverland’s magic emanates,” Peter explained.

There was a small pause so I looked over the skull pile again and saw the boys with their backs to me as the stepped up the raised floor where the golden hourglass stood.

   “What’s the hourglass for?” Henry asked.

   “It marks how much time we have left,” Peter said slowly. “Before Neverland’s magic runs out,”

   “It’s almost empty,” Henry’s statement made me roll my eyes.

Thanks Captain obvious.

Peter suddenly looked around the room, sensing someone’s presence.

SHIT! I forgot about Rumple!

   “Is something wrong?” Henry asked.

   “No,” Peter quickly smiled, regaining his composure. “Come with me,”

He guided Henry past the hourglass and sat him down on a rock.

   “There’s something I need to take care of before we get started,” Peter said as Henry sat down. “Okay?”

I quickly stepped out of my hiding place as Peter came up to me.

   “I’m so sorry!” I whispered. “I completely forgot about this,”

   “It’s fine,” He whispered back, looking around nervously. “Is there anything I need to worry about?”

   “Rumple’s got Pandora’s box,” I looked over Peter’s shoulder to see if Rumple had reached the top of the stairs yet. “The other’s are down stairs trying to create an eclipse so they don’t cast shadows and can pass though   your barrier,”

   “What’s the plan?” He looked at me despereately trying to hurry.

   “You need to switch the boxes,” I instructed. “As soon as you see it, make a replica and switch them out then use it on him. Remember your card trick? When you were still Malcom?”

He winced a little when I reminded him of his true name.

   “’Follow the lady’,” I said. “That’s how it has to happen,”

He nodded then gave me a chaste kiss on the head before he quickly walked away to meet Rumple.

I quietly emerged from the hiding place and made my way further from Henry, staying in the shadows, trying to get a better view of the conversation between Peter and Rumple.

God his clothes are ridiculous.

Rumple walked into the room in his stupid crocodile skin cloak holding Pandora’s box.

Everything will be fine.

   “Hello laddie,” Peter said darkly. He saw the box and raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. “I see you’ve come bearing gifts,”

   “Where’s Henry?” Rumple looked at his father with such hate I almost felt intimidated, even though he doesn’t even know i exist.

   “Oh you mean my great-grandson?” Peter mused. “You still haven’t told the others who I really am? Not even your own son. Why?”

Peter stepped up the hourglass’s pedestal and looked at Rumple with pursed lips.

   “Because you’re nothing but a coward to me,” Rumple seethed.

   “We both know if that were true I’d already be in that box,” Peter chuckled.

This is so creepy. I moved a little so Peter would see me and made a twisting motion with my hands.

He looked at me briefly and I mouthed “NOW”. He raised his eyebrow to signal he understood.

   “You don’t think I can do it?” Rumple looked slightly offended. “You let me inside just to uhh, talk to me?”

   “No,” Peter shook his head. “To see you again. To give you one last chance. Stay with me. Let this go,”

He gestured to the box in Rumple’s hands.

   “Let’s start over,” He continued.

Rumples face slowly contorted into a slightly amused smirk.

   “Do you think I wanna be with you?” he frowned. “That I could ever forgive you after you abandoned me?”

   “I’m disappointed Rumple,” Peter raised his eyebrow slightly and smiled his signature sneer. “After all these years i thought you’d be more… understanding. Considering you did the same thing to your son.”

Peter walked around the room as he said his piece, Rumple glaring the entire time. 

Peter risked a glance at me and I smiled to reassure him that this is going well.

   “You traded Baelfire for the power of a dagger,” Peter screwed up his face accusingly. “And I traded you for youth. We’re a lot more alike than you care to admit,”

   “We are nothing alike,” Rumple spat.

   “Oh of course we are,” Peter retorted. “And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Neither one of us was cut out to be a father my boy,”

   “I regretted leaving my son the moment I let him go,” Rumple half whispered.”I spent my life trying to find him. To get him back,”

Peter looked genuinely remorseful.

I almost revealed myself then and there but I couldn’t risk changing the timeline. I bit my tongue and dug my finger nails into my palms as I held myself back.

   “And what did you do?” Rumple jeered. “You forgot about me,”

   “I never forgot about you!” Peter shouted. “Why do you think I call myself ‘Peter Pan’?”

   “Don’t think for a moment I believe it’s because you care for me,” Rumple growled. 

   “But I do,” Peter said softly. 

He took a deep breath and stepped closer to his son. “All you have to do is put down that box, you’ll see it’s true. We can make the fresh start you always wanted, together, just was we planned,”

Peter held out his had as Rumple glared. Rumple looked almost confused. But then his face hardened.

   “Oh I’m going to make a fresh start,” he sighed. With a half-smile he whispered, “Just not with you,”

Rumple waved his hand over Pandora’s box as Peter feigned fear.

When nothing happened Peter gave a smug chuckle.

Rumple waved his hand over the box again, desperately trying to trap Peter.

   “I don’t understand,” Rumple mumbled.

   “Because you don’t have it,” Peter revealed the true box with an angry expression.

Realisation spread over Rumple’s face as he figured out what was going on.

   “You switched them,” he gasped.

   “Follow the lady,” Peter smiled.

Rumple looked at Peter astonished.

   “Still having trouble believing?” Peter asked smugly. “In Neverland all you have to do in think of something to have it. Even something fake. but the real one? Well… Let’s see what it can do,”

Peter waved his hand over the real Pandora’s box as Rumple stepped forward to stop him. But he wasn’t quick enough. He froze and evaporated into a cloud of red smoke which was sucked into the box. 

   “Sorry Rumple,” Peter whispered. “You had your chance. The choice was yours

The box sealed shut with a squeaky little twist.

   “It’s done,” I whispered. I stepped out from my hiding place and walked to Peter’s side. “We need to get Henry’s heart now,”

Peter nodded and started walking back to where Henry was in the other side of the skull. 

   “I’ll delay the other’s as best I can,” I ran to the ledge leading up to the eye socked and climbed out.

I looked up at the half eclipsed moon and held my hands up.

I could feel the tug Emma and Regina were causing as I fought it. I pulled the shadow away from the moon. Their power was strong but Emma was still new at this so my nearly 30 years of experience gave me the upper hand. Even though Neverland’s power was weakening, I wasn’t linked to it like Peter. My magic is my own.

But it wasn’t strong enough.

The shadow covered the moon as I slumped, defeated and breathless.

I heard the Heroes running up the stairs and turned, panic across my face as I locked eyes with Peter over the edge of the skull eye.

Henry had his heart in his hand and Peter had nearly finished the task.

I shook my head sadly as he looked at me.

Then I had an idea.

I looked at Peter and mouthed “Stall them”

He seemed to get my message and he nodded slightly as the Heroes burst into the room.

I used as much power and will as I could muster and threw a huge cloud of green mist over the room, freezing everyone in place.

Then I slumped back against the outside of the Skull’s eye socket, breathless and weak.

A Knight for a Swan - Chapter 4

Summary: Lady Emma and her lands have been conquered by a Lord of the new king. As she navigates the turbulent waters of allegiance with the Lord’s knight commander (who now controls her castle and lands) in order to ward off a new threat, Lady Emma wonders which is the bigger threat. The army looming outside the castle walls, or the enticing knight within them.

Notes: Unbeta’d / Teen and Up Rating / ~5500 words

Also available of ao3 and ff.net / Ch1 / Ch2 / Ch3

Chapter 4

In the predawn hours of the morning, Killian watched as torch light drew closer, and then dotted the location of the camps that began stationing themselves outside the castle walls. Baelfire’s army had marched through the night and would be too weary to launch an attack for many hours yet. There was still time to make sure Killian’s men were rested and prepared for whatever the lord had planned, and as Killian stood watch he enjoyed the few moments of peace it afforded him.

“Have you ever had dealings with this Lord Baelfire before?” asked an approaching Sir Graham, who had apparently chosen to join Killian at the look out post.

So much for those few moments of peace, Killian thought wryly.

“Aye. We actually knew one another quite well when we were younger.” he answered, eyes still fixed on the pinpricks of light fighting against the darkness.

“You were friends?”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Killian offered flatly. “The Dark One is very protective of his son. Never would let many get too close, but Bae and I got on alright. For the most part.”

Until Baelfire started seeking out friendships with those who held greater influence and prestige than the second son of a scandalized lord, he thought bitterly.

“When was the last time you saw him?” Graham asked curiously.

“When I accompanied the emissary that negotiated the alliance between The Dark One, Lord Baelfire, and my kingdom,” Killian answered.

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OUAT 6x16 Quick Thoughts

(FYI, quick probably doesn’t mean short when it comes to how I write, just the first things that come to mind)

I loved it. I’ll admit I didn’t expect to. Not until I could watch all the episodes for this season and appreciate the bigger picture. I actually almost didn’t watch it but then settled on a 10 minute test. I didn’t watch sneak peeks beforehand either.

I’m happy to say I was enjoying myself by the 6 minute mark.

I also thought I wouldn’t enjoy Hook’s presence. Turns out I don’t mind him much when he’s being himself instead of trying to convince people he’s a changed man when he’s not actually doing much to change.

Okay, so I loved Snow’s mother~daughter bonding over murder bit. It was funny and I liked that they acknowledged that Snow and Emma lack a good mother~daughter bond. I also think it’s funny that Snow decided the best solution was to take a page out of the Split Queen parenting handbook.

I loved the Henry writer story line.

I also loved how this episode and the promo for the next seems to point to Emma dying in the final battle. I feel like everyone’s just assumed that, maybe due to her vision. It’s deliciously twisted, you have to admit. The book starting with the creation of the dark curse and all the stories leading up to the savior’s birth and beyond only to end with the final chapter, her death. Which evidently was said to break the curse. Or it’s this show alluding to it at least, as it always does when it comes to dark things.

My favorite Swan Queen thing about this episode was that Emma has magic ingredients in her shed. Regina is aware of this and she knows she doesn’t need to ask Emma for them or for permission to use them for whatever spell she comes up with. She can just ask Henry to get them. I do believe this is practically the Swan Queen version of keeping a drawer with things at the other’s place. Hell, it’s like 5 levels up. It’s “I can go through your things and use them whenever and it’s fine. I don’t have to ask.” It’s official, they’re living together. :D

I really like the Black Fairy. She owns her evilness. I certainly like her more than Blue.

I like the backstory on Gideon and the Black Fairy. Well, as much as you can like a horrible childhood.

Also, the dwarfs/stolen children parallel. Interesting. And then one of them being kept from being with a fairy. Hmm.

I loved the whole savior fight ~portal scene. Probably my favorite part of the episode. Who else thought it was Regina coming to the rescue? Even though she was trying to save their son? Like, I mean, while I would have loved that scene unfolding, I’m not mad it wasn’t her because I’m sure Emma would be the first one to say when it comes to choosing between Henry and one of them Henry is always the main priority. (Although there is also the matter of urgency.)

Also, I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere about getting caught up/being smothered by the (cob)webs of the past.

And I also couldn’t help thinking that Lana was once in a spider movie. And that it can’t be a coincidence she was talking about having pet tarantulas as a kid at the Vancouver Con when in this episode there is a pet spider.

Oh, and I loved how the portal slices were reminiscent of the hands of the clock. Also, you want to tell me the clock tower lit up gold and Rumple was the only one who noticed? How far in the woods were Regina and Henry? Even though magic seems to be supposedly not just seen, but felt by all magic users present?

Also, GOLD savior magic.

But, so Rumple’s blasting magic is light purple, like Regina’s was? Was it always that way? Or is there truth to that magic color chart post piece I wrote? That your blasting magic color reveals where your magic falls on the light spectrum when it comes to how dark or light it is? And it’s subject to change as you change? And Rumple’s just became lighter?

Ooh, the twist on Gideon though. Didn’t see that coming although I don’t know why not.

Interesting that Hook thought of home and ended up in Neverland. I know he can’t get to Emma, but still. Interesting. I mean Emma thinks of home on her way to the past and she could have ended up anywhere. Her mother’s castle, her father’s farm. Hook’s boat. Next to her mom or dad. But no, she ends up exactly where Regina is in that moment. If you can’t tell, I’m still not over that.

I also don’t understand the tear thing. But I know it’s significant. Is it that she shed that tear during heartbreak while symbolically letting go of Hook? I mean, she did say then that she had to move on? Is that why Hook can’t come back? Because it’s a decision she can’t easily undo? Or it has to be her conscious choice?

Then there’s the fact that the significant tears that have been shed on this show have all been either Regina’s or Henry’s so far. Well mostly. I mean there was Anna’s tear of turning away from darkness. Giving the Dark One dagger its power. Or at least making it usable by the Dark One. But somehow I feel that was actually also Regina’s tear. That that is the reason why Rumple had Regina’s tear in the first place. And Anna was just used for illustration.

And all these tears could be used in magic.

Snow used Regina’s tear in season 2 to connect to her. Feel what she was feeling, see what she was seeing.

Unlike with Snow in season 2, in season 5 Regina’s tear is actually the result not the source of the same experience between Emma and Regina. The thing that binds/connects isn’t the tear. It’s trust. Watching the same memory allows Emma and Regina to see the same things and feel the same things. Share in the same experience. And it leads to Regina’s tears.

Which kind of could be a metaphor for these two relationships. The thing that connects Snow and Regina is Regina’s pain. Her tears. That was the most prominent thing to their relationship for a long time. The thing that practically started it. But Regina’s past with Snow has only brought her pain.

On the other hand, the thing that connects Emma and Regina is mutual trust. Even though that has led to tears for Regina as well. Emma turning against her over a murder she didn’t commit. But now Emma literally catches those tears, talking through those moments with Regina. Which leads to healing for Regina. Which is exactly why Emma says that Regina’s tear didn’t work when they needed it to. Knew it wouldn’t. “Because she’s healed. She moved on.” And the truth is Emma was the one who started helping her do that. And still does. And the tears that are used in magic are usually those of heartbreak, intense pain. Like Henry’s heartbreak over Violet. Or even Merlin’s over Nimue turning against him. I don’t know, I’m getting poetic.

But the fact that Emma’s tear is keeping Hook away from her can’t be a good omen for their relationship. Just as his kiss having the ability to take away her magic at one point wasn’t. Come to think of it, Wish realm Robin actually stole Regina’s magic. Literally. After a kiss.

And now that I think of it her words afterwards are interesting.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

Isn’t it how we feel about Emma now? That her magic has been stolen by Hook metaphorically even after having been stolen physically and her supposedly getting it back? Without her noticing? Only, she started having problems with her magic afterwards didn’t she? From ice magic she couldn’t control to dark one magic she had trouble controlling and now her own savior magic? Coincidence?

I wonder if we’ll get healing/life restoring tears on this show like in Tangled.

Oooh, ooh another favorite Swan Queen thing of mine! They clearly showed in this episode that the magical power Emma and Regina are known for isn’t about just any two people using magic together.

They showed us it. Twice. Gideon and Emma using magic together. And after 5 seconds Emma going “Run!” You KNOW she wouldn’t have done that with Regina.

Then between Rumple and Emma’s magic Rumple actually had to pull out his dagger. The dagger that killed an entire ogre army. Shit, Regina wasn’t kidding when she said her and Emma’s magic put together is some strong stuff.

Which really and truly begs the question. If Emma and Regina both know their magic together is practically invincible, And they both know the strongest magic comes from true love, what have they deluded themselves into believing about their magic?

Given that Emma originally “said” that she started saving Regina because Henry asked her to and then the first time after that when they truly use it together is because “Love is strength” when they dismantle the diamond-and they’re partly doing it to save their son because Emma only gets the idea as Regina talks to their son-could it be they have been telling themselves all this time what part of the fandom believes? That they’re doing this all for their son, out of love for their son? Keeping each other alive only for their son? That the true love their magic draws from is only from that they feel for Henry? Because I’ve got news for them.

But seriously, it is pretty much what they said all through season 3 when anyone questioned their care in actions toward each other.

Did I mention I loved this episode. I’m enjoying myself watching this show again and that’s all I wanted. I also am really loving the promo for the next one. So we’ll see.

understand the palm of my hand, bitch || emily || until dawn

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He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again.

“Rumplestiltskin was never a hero”

This is why I hate the IMDB board for Once Upon a Time.  The moment you say anything good about Rumplestiltskin someone picks a fight with you.  I make a thread comparing Once Upon a time to Dark Shadows and a I mentioned Barnabas and Rumplestiltskin’s moments of heroism or villainy depending on what’s convenient for the writers and I got told “Rumple was never a hero.”

Oh, no?

1.   He smashed his own ankle so his son wouldn’t grow up fatherless.

2.   He, with severe limp and all, went into a burning castle to save his son.

3.  He saved the Children from The Ogre Wars before the Darkness got the better of him.  This is canonically stated.

4.   He died to save the town and those he loved from Peter Pan.   Why does everyone forget this?   And yes, it’s been confirmed he did really die.    He didn’t just “Go into the Dark One Vault” the way some people were saying.   That’s why Neal died for his Resurrection.  He was dead-dead.

5.  When he was resurrected he gave up his dagger (power and freedom and sanity) to try to save his son.

If that’s not heroic your definition of heroic is pretty freakin’ warped. 

Pottermore Wand Test 101

Hi darlings, I thought I would make this post to make it easier for all of you to find your true wand!

Many people ask me what each answer means/results to when you choose them. This is what I have gathered from mastering/studying the test.

Your wand length is determined by what artifact you choose from the chest, and your height.

Your wand core is determined by what artifact you choose from the chest, and what you fear most.

Your wand flexibility is determined by what you pride most in yourself, and if you were born on an even or odd date.

And last but not least, your wand wood is determined by your eye color, what is your most prided trait, and what path you would choose to go. 

When it comes to personality analysis, the questions you need to get the most accurate/clear within yourself are what is your true eye color, what is the path you would take, and what is your most prided trait. This is because your wand wood determines the personality of you and your wand the most. Cores have a lot to do with it too, but your wood is what you want to get the most accurate. Lengths/cores can be explained basically within any personality.. it just depends on the angle you look at it from. 

The eye color part probably seems silly to all of you, like of course you know your eye color.. but this is honestly what people screw up the most (other than their most prided trait). I used to think my eyes were blue/grey.. but after talking to people and getting multiple opinions, my eyes are actually blue. That changed my WHOLE wand personality. Not even joking. Getting the correct eye color on the test is crucial. Get multiple opinions from people on what they think your eye color is. It will make a huge difference.

When you approach what you pride most in yourself. Think about what makes you most defensive. The character trait you defend most to other people is your most prided trait, period. If you did not pride that trait in yourself, you would not bother getting defensive when people bring it up in a negative fashion. 

When you look at the path, think about how you solve problems. Do you meet them head on and don’t take time to think (forest), or do you like to go off on your own for awhile to think things through and have some peace (sea or castle)? This question isn’t just about the symbolism.. it is also about which environment you do prefer, but keep that in mind when you answer if you are really torn between two options. Do you like regal things and like to think/get advice before you solve a problem/make a decision (castle)? Do you like calming things and like to find peace in yourself before making a decision (sea)? Or do you like going straight ahead to solve your problem so you don’t have to worry about it anymore (forest)? 

When you try to figure out the artifact, think about what each item symbolizes or what that item would do if it had magical powers. Are you insanely curious and like to read/have answers to everything (scroll)? Do you like the idea of power (dagger)? Do you like looking into something and seeing who you really are or on the other side (mirror)? These are just possible interpretations for some of them. I’m not going to list every artifact.

When you try to figure out your fear, think of it symbolically again. You might legitimately fear heights, but what does heights also symbolize? The fear of lacking control, the fear of not having security, etc. If one of your literal fears isn’t on the test, you should look at the answers symbolically. 

For height to be most accurate, I would look at it from this scale.

Short for your age: Below 5 feet - to 5 foot 3.

Average for your age: 5 foot 4 to about 5 foot 7.

Tall for your age: 5 foot 8 and taller.

The easiest question to answer is your birth date, you cannot get that wrong (unless you’re not clear on what odd or even numbers are, which I doubt). The rest of them take a lot of thought. If you follow this guide, it could potentially help you. It really helped me.

Also, talking about these things with people that know you well will really help. They see things in you that you don’t see yourself. You might think you are most defensive about one trait, but you’re actually most defensive about another.. because the person that you talk to SEES what you are most defensive about.. even if you aren’t aware of the fact you’re being most defensive about it. 

I really wish you all the best of luck. Remember to use this resource so you don’t have to take the test multiple times with different accounts (I have tested the resource, it is accurate).. and remember to always follow your gut. Your gut instinct should also match what you have analyzed to be accurate. If it doesn’t match your analysis, then it is still wrong. It should all line up. It does take a lot of time. You won’t figure this out in a day (if you want to get an accurate wand). 

If any of you have any questions, my ask box is always open! I will also analyze your wands once you figure them out. Enjoy your self-discovery process. x