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“If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die historic! On the Sagolii Road!”

you bet your ass i was gonna immediately make a mad max photoset once i got this top given the fact that i am obsessed with mad max

Nerdy fact #1749: For a short time, Chronicle writer Max Landis was in talks with Lionsgate to pitch a treatment for a live-action Power Rangers reboot film, which included a version of Rita Repulsa that was actually designed to look like an extraterrestrial monster. However, Lionsgate moved forward with a different version of the project.



La APP para marcar los comercios que te atienden en catalán y poder hacer vida 100% en ese idioma.

Enviado por Max Power:

Se trata de una app para discriminar a los comercios que no hablen catalán en Cataluña, si te hablan bien en catalán los puntúas para que tus amigos indepes compren en paz alejados de los sucios españoles. Para rizar el rizo han incluido en el mapa de “Cataluña” a la Comunidad Valenciana, a Baleares y L'alguer en Italia.

P.D: Un comentario en youtube les propone una “solución final” que sea cerca más a lo que ellos quieren.


Ultra Signatures v.2

Now edited and updated with more signs from other Ultraman/TsuPro series!

Again, this list is possibly incomplete as these are what I could find and and make out from images off the net. There’s probably more out there, because every Ultra has their own personal signature as far as I could understand. You can actually get one of these if you ask a suit actor in an Ultraman suit an autograph in some live event.

update 1/24/2016 - 8:10am – added Belial’s signature

we know at least one Power Ranger has an ankle monitor, Jason, and the others might have them too they might not, but we know for absolute certainty Jason has one

so does that mean the Power Rangers have to actually take curfew and distances seriously? Because fuck Jason can’t be their leader if he’s literally in prison for breaking the rules of his house arrest, you can’t just sneak out the window to go save the world and be back in time for breakfast come morning in prison

when they were all jumping over canyons and flying around and shit I couldn’t help think “oh jeez I hope Jason’s staying in his perimeter”

are we going to get a scene where the Rangers are running along and suddenly Jason stops because fuck guys I can’t carry on that’s out of range for my monitor