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Anime Hair Ramble

I was watching a trailer for Nintendo’s ARMS, and they introduced Twintelle who fights with spiraling spring hair.  For some reason it got me thinking about weaponized anime hair, and how their should be a manga/anime that exploits that. 

In the setting, hair is magical due to its deep roots.  It not only connects the hair to the scalp, but also to a mystical/metaphysical world tree.  What we see as the shaft is but a tiny portion of a massive metaphysical tree that connects the whole of humanity and grants them power through hair.  Only the top of the scalp counts for hair magic, as the “portal” to this world tree is connected through the Chakra located at the top of the scalp (Sahasrara).  The main characters would be hairdressers and stylists, called “Barber Surgeons”, going to a prestigious school to hone their craft and their favored hairstyles.  Since hair requires another to work on it, the theme of the setting would be about trust and friendship, as a magic hair user must rely on another to maintain their hair for them, and vice versa. 

Below are some common anime hair examples, or just general or funny hair styles, and what I think each hair type’s super powers would be. 

  • Spiky Saiyan Hair:  Controls fire or launches energy blasts. 
  • Pompadour:  Cannon that fires hair balls if it has a flat front, but a more pointed front could be used like a giant sword. 
  • Ponytails and Twintails:  Become prehensile whips or appendages. 
  • Spiraling Hair such as some Twintails:  Become powerful drills. 
  • Bowl Cut:  Defensive shield. 
  • Afro:  Gravity control, or maybe explosion generation. 
  • Hime Cut:  Healing powers. 
  • Buns or Odango style:  Some kind of food related power. 
  • Mohawk or Punk Spikes:  Mohawk would be an axe blade while the Punk Spikes would be stabbing weapons. 
  • Stringy Ghost Hair:  When draped over the body, the person becomes invisible or can phase through walls. 

The Wig Party:  The villains of the setting, they are people suffering from premature hair loss, and thus are losing or do not possess hair powers.  They believe that the power of hair should belong to no one, and seek to turn the whole world bald, and sever humanity’s connection to the world tree.  To reach this goal, they capture and shave powerful hairstylists, and make wigs that allow them to channel power for a time.  However, they must replace these wigs frequently as they are no longer connected to the source of all magic.  Their leader would be Cue Ball, a master manipulator who has severed all connection to the world tree.  This has given him a reflective scalp, and should a person see their reflection in it, they temporarily cannot use their own hair powers. 

Hair magick

I already talked about tea magick, so I decided I should also discuss another underappreciated form of craft that is perfect for secret witch: hair magick.
This is very, very powerful and non suspicious form of magick which is not practiced commonly.
You could ask why I think it’s powerful? Well, hair are part of your body. They hold your energies, intentions and in some traditions even your powers. During witch trials every witches’ head was being shaved to make her weak and powerless. Some cultures do not cut their hair at all or cut them only if big accomplishment were achieved.
By adding your hair to spell you bind it to yourself, making it almost impossible to affect anyone but you.
I personally consider it as powerful as blood magick.

Ok, this is great. But how do I practice it?
Traditionally you would cut piece of hair and add it to spell you are already crafting.
But as all of craft hair magick evolved too. So, today hair magick can be adding piece of hair to spell and binding it to you, thus making it more personal and stronger or using hairstyles as a spell itself

You can also take some hair from your hairbrush, twist it into something ‘rope’ like and do knot spell on it. (I did glamour that way. It was very strong. I almost looked like goddess of some kind and have to break it bc I got too much attention.)

Now you must surely wonder: hairstyles? How? Isn’t it ridiculous?

And that’s exactly the reason I’m writing this post. As I said hair magick is very underappreciated and I find it fun and fashionable way to do my craft. Your body is your shrine and every spell made on part of your body is powerful because of it.

Hair magick spells can be (and mostly are) wordless, because focusing on your intention is all that it takes for it to work.

I don’t understand. Could you give some examples?

Hair magick is all about personal associations. Everyone has different, right? So I’m going to give you some ideas about mine associations and spells and you are going to decide if they suit you, ok? You can always make your own for your practice ;)

3 strand braids: knot spells, basically universal usage. Can be used for everything except curses.
(Twisted?) Ponytails: ‘getting things straight’, motivation, ‘getting job done’,
4 and 5 strand braids: combo spells. For example: combined good luck and money spell to help you win some money. Use for complex goals and long term wishes. Braid ribbon/s into them to connect two spells and add more power to them.
Messy Buns: ani-anxiety spells, anti stress spells, spells to make you get rid of unwanted thoughts
Braid Crowns: honoring your gods if you have ones, glamour, confidence spells
Curls: binding and curses to ‘wrap your target around your finger’ (be careful with curse to not attache it accidentally to yourself!)
Waves: honoring water element, getting hold on your emotions, emotional healing
Twists: getting rid of obstacles,
Chinese Staircase Ponytail: wish spells (this one is very effective. You can find out how to do in on YouTube)

That’s all I have for now. Hope it helped a little and opened you to new kind of fun in your practice!