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It’s A Match! [Swipe Right; part two]

a/n: I love you all so very much so I apologise in advance. I’m sorry about the formatting, I had a bit of an issue and I will fix it! Please don’t hate me too much Big thanks as always to the saints that helped me, I won’t name names, just know that I love you with my whole butt. (cause it’s bigger than my heart.) ;) Lau xoxo 

Pairing: StilesxReader // NogitsunexReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content. (Sensitive material ahead.)

Word count: .10,559

Listen to me.

Swipe Right.  

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My Lairship

Bucky x Reader

Summary: James Barnes is the strongest and youngest Laird in Scotland. He’s starting to learn his family’s trade but he can’t seem to focus with only one thing on his mind, the cute healer that’s his mother’s apprentice, you.

The word lair is a designation afforded the owner of a large estate in Scotland, it is the Scottish word for lord, but holds no nobility or power.

I also have zero knowledge on Scottish Lairship. I’m using the information I looked up on google and my imagination, please be gentle if stuff if inaccurate.

Mo ghràdh: scottish gaelic for my love.

Word Count: 2.3k+

Warnings: swearing, lil bit of angst, lil bit of fluff, brief mentions of smut & sexy times but nothing explicit.

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This was bad, very, very, very bad.

I had fallen head over heels in love with the head Lairs’ son, Lair James Barnes. I know that they technically hold no power because they don’t have noble blood coursing through their veins, but they owned nearly of the land in the Highlands, even though Queen Mary controlled the entire nation. They had money and unintentional power, and that’s dangerous. I’m just a simple girl that’s learning how to become a healer. I had no intention of falling in love with him. It just… happened.

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Being a Stark and having an affair with Petyr Baelish would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Petyr 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-The two of you exchanging gazes that hint of your intentions to one another, only to always having to pin each other against a wall before getting to your actual room

-Him having the bad habit of smirking when he sees you in the halls, reminding you of what you or him had done the last night

-Him walking pass you and telling you to join him in his establishment for the night, making you have to sneak out

-Him trying to get some secrets and information out of you, only for you to be much clever do the same to him, making you have

-Him getting jealous to see you being wanted by other men of power but brushing off like it doesn’t matter until you are both truly alone together

-Him having played around with the idea of telling your dirty little secret to your father and mother, only because he enjoys making you beg for him not to

-Him touching your foot with his under the dinner table, making you look up and concentrate on him as he gives you hints about what he plans for you

-Him always coming through with your wishes and giving you the needed help, only to usually ask you for a sexual favor in return

-Him showing his concern for you whenever you are injured by requesting to have a meeting with you and get you the needed care

-Him strangely promising to protect you from any harm he can, only because he’s starting to feel some love for you

Keeping on with the healing from the Wanda Salt train.

Tony looked up from a very intense conversation with Steve as he heard the door to the conference room open.

“I need you to take this for a while,” Wanda said, setting her phone down on the table in front of him.

Tony used his pen to draw it closer. “Does it have a virus? Do you need me to fix it?”

“Well,” Wanda began, then stopped. After a moment she continued, “Well, you remember how I told you that Vision and I joined MeetMe?”

Tony paused. “…Vaguely,” he said after some thought.

Wanda was pretty sure his flippancy was for show, especially because Steve was looking back and forth between them in confusion. “I don’t know what I said that people figured it out, but, uh… someone realized it was me and posted it on the internet somewhere?”

“Oh no,” Tony said.

“And I’m being inundated with messages.”

“Oh no.”

“And most of them are not–kind?”

Oh no.”

“So I’d like you to keep it until this dies down,” Wanda explained, and then belatedly added, “Please.” She was trying to be better about asking for help instead of expecting it, especially from Tony.

“What the fuck is wrong with peo–AH.”

Steve jumped to his feet, ready to snatch the phone from Tony’s hands. “What?! What is it?!”

Tony put a hand over his heart. “I’d just forgotten what an uncircumcised penis looks like.”

Steve looked flabbergasted.

“Wanda,” Tony said after some thought. “Did we ever get you set up with a Twitter account?”

“Yes?” Wanda answered cautiously. “I never used it.”

“Friday,” Tony began.

“She actually used it to tweet a rather sincere apology to the public but she hasn’t touched it since, Boss,” Friday replied immediately.

Tony clapped his hands together. “Great. Wanda, you just sit tight. I’ll fix it.”

“No,” Wanda blurted out, making him stop in his tracks. “I don’t want you to fix it.”

Tony stared at her for a long time before gently saying, “Wanda.”

“No!” she repeated, desperate to make him understand. “I didn’t–I didn’t bring you my phone so you could fix it. I brought you my phone because I’m trying to deal with it myself, and I–I just need a break for a while.”

Tony gaped at her. “I don’t–you can’t–what?”

Steve looked back and forth between them before sitting back down. “Wanda, he’s not saying you’re not handling it yourself.”

“I just don’t want him to think that I brought this to him expecting him to make it better,” Wanda explained hurriedly. “He’s done so much for me–I see that now, even if it’s too late.” She turned to look at Tony, who was still staring at her. “I didn’t expect you to fix anything, or get me out of a jam, or whatever. I just wanted you to hold onto it for a while so I could take a break.” She looked down at her feet, embarrassed. “Because if I gave it to anyone else, they’d get mad and make it worse. You–you’ll just hang onto it.”

“…I–” Tony blinked at her, mouth working uselessly, before he straightened his shoulders and held up her phone. “Just because I’m angry at you or don’t trust you doesn’t mean I want you to receive this–this filth. This is beyond indecent. This is dehumanizing. I don’t want that for you.”

Wanda looked down at her hands, picking at the silver nail polish she was wearing. “Maybe I deserve it,” she said quietly.

Tony slammed his hands down on the table angrily. “No one deserves the hate that you’re being sent, Wanda.”

Steve watched the phone skid over the table and checked to make sure they were distracted before drawing it toward him and peering at the screen. He blanched when he saw the death threats and the calls for Wanda to kill herself because the world would be better off.

“I’m going to fix this because you’re a twenty-seven-year-old woman being sent death threats and explicit pictures,” Tony told her sternly. “I’m going to fix this because you’re a twenty-seven-year-old woman trying her best to make amends and being told to kill herself. I’m going to fix this because I still get letters telling me that I’m the reason someone’s son or daughter or parents are dead. You think I’ve never been on the receiving end of this? You think I don’t know how it feels?”

“I–” Wanda began, then fell silent, because no, that hadn’t occurred to her. It should have. She still had to work on her empathy, she guessed. She looked back down at her hands, ashamed. “I just wanted to deal with it myself,” she repeated, voice small.

“Sometimes even the strongest of us need help, Wanda,” Steve said after some thought. “And this–this is something you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask help for. This is… This is vile.”

“Vile, yes, I like that word, Friday make a note,” Tony said, pointing at one of her cameras. Then he turned back to Wanda, frowning. “I’m not doing it because you asked. I’m doing it because no decent person could possibly stand by and watch this happen. Wanda,” he said sharply, making her look up at him. “You do not deserve this. I’m fixing this whether you want it or not. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Wanda answered quietly.

Tony took a deep breath, then let it back out in a sigh. “Please don’t think I’m just trying to fix your problems. I know you’re an adult. I know you want to learn to deal with things yourself. But this–this is something that women go to the cops for.”

“Then I should take it to them–” she began, but fell silent when Steve shook his head at her.

“The police won’t help you as well as I can,” Tony told her. “Besides, they’re pretty leery of the Scarlet Witch, too.”

Wanda took in a sharp breath, felt anger bubbling up in her, but when Steve just stared at her sternly, she felt it fall flat. She knew–she knew that she still had a lot to make up for.

“Wanda,” Tony said gently. “Please let me help.”

Wanda glared at her phone, still sitting in front of Steve. “…I–” She gulped down a deep breath. “…Thank you for your help. Tony.”

Tony reached out to put a hand on her shoulder, then thought better of it, drawing his hand back down to his side.

Wanda was hurt for a few seconds before she realized that she was glowing red. “Oh,” she whispered, embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re doing better,” Steve offered. “Just a few months ago you would have thrown us both through the window.”

“That doesn’t make it okay!” Wanda snapped, crossing her arms.

“No,” Tony agreed before Steve could say anything else. “But you should still acknowledge progress. You keep saying you want to learn to control your powers, and then you brush off any minor accomplishment you make, as if each minor accomplishment does not add up to a major one. A little progress is better than no progress at all.”

Wanda glowered at him for a minute before looking down at her feet. “I suppose.”

Tony smiled a little, then turned back to Steve, holding his hand out for the phone. “Sorry to cut this meeting short, Steve, but I’d like to handle this as quickly as possible.”

Steve gave him the phone. “I understand. We probably needed a break anyway.”

Tony offered him a nod, then turned back to Wanda. He paused, thinking of what to say, then finally told her, “Things will work out, Wanda.”

Wanda got the impression that he meant more than just the abuse she was currently getting on her phone. She wasn’t sure she believed him. Still, she offered him a tiny smile as he left.

“He’s right, you know,” Steve said, watching him go. “No one knows about things working out better than Tony. You should have seen what people were saying about him when he shut down his weapons manufacturing. I was reading old news and I was still pissed off about it.”

Wanda had seen what people were saying about Tony when he shut down his weapons manufacturing, but then was when sh’ed been part of Hydra, when she was still full of hate and poison about him. Maybe she needed to go back and look at it with fresh eyes.

Because it might be nice, seeing that things worked out for Tony. Maybe… maybe things would work out for her too.

It was a nice thought.

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