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Heel The World is an amazing new shoe company that has emerged from Ghana,West Africa. Characterized by their exquisite and simple style, this company produces sleek, eye-catching shoes for men that are of impeccable quality. Their products are handmade, making each piece uniquely fashioned for customers. By making such a buzz with their “Heel the World” beads, this young company shows promise and is sure to make great strides within the international fashion community.

Heel the World is more than a shoe company, it is a social enterprise that supports local businesses and promotes entrepreneurship. Their aim is to change the perception of the capabilities and prospects of African craftsmanship by paying great attention to detail and meticulously crafting their products.

We had the privilege of asking Vijay and Fred of Heel The World a few questions and this is what they had to say…

This is another bracelet from the “Khaleesi” line that was featured in a recent UK BuzzFeed article written by the lovely @petite.blondine !
💜Onyx beads with 24KT gold etched dragons
💜Tigers Eye
💜Crystal Accent
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