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Reading A Candle

Watch your candles closely and learn to read them to help you with your practice.

The Flame

A strong flame: It means that your energies are raised. There is a lot of power behind your spell and little to no resistance. Indicates that all your power and energy is focused on your manifestation. This is a good sign. If a candle shaped into a figure is used and has a strong flame it means that whoever it represents is either angry, winning, or using authority over another. When their are two figures the candle with the higher flame has authority over the other person.   

A weak flame: Indicates that the magick you cast is facing a heavy opposition and is a sign that you may need to recast your spell in order to overcome the opposing force. On a figure candle this may indicate that the representative may be loosing a battle or an argument. 

A jumping flame: This indicates strong emotions. There may also be some sort of resistance against you. Maybe close your circle and bring your mind back to focus before continuing. It may also mean an explosion of energy. When two figure candles are being used it often means that an energetic or a heated argument is taking place between them.  

A noisy candle: Indicates a conversation. It may may that a spirit is trying to send you a message or get in contact with you. The louder the noises get the more urgent communication must be. 

The flame catches something on fire: Someone one may be using malicious magick against you.  

A clean even burning candle: Means your spell and manifestations are likely to come true.

Fast Burn: The results of your spell will happen quickly.

Flickering Flame: If there is no breeze then it means a spirit is near by. If it is a devotional flame it means you were able to get in contact with your deity.

Cannot blow the flame out: A spirit may not be finished its conversation with you or you did not complete a spell. The spirit needs to complete its work, something may be may in the works that you do not want to interrupt. 

A flame goes out while burning: This means the spirits cannot help you and the answer you seek is already determined.  

The Smoke

Black smoke/soot: Your energy and magick is being blocked. Negative energy is being sent your way, whether as a curse or hex. You may soon be faced with tough challenges and a hard road ahead of you. 

Smoke wafts towards you: It means your call will likely be answered or your spell has been cast successfully. You will get results quickly.

Smoke wafts away from you: You must work harder in order for your calls to be answered.

Watch the direction the smoke wafts: East - Something powerful is assisting you, North - You are ready to begin your ritual and get results, South - The spell will be successful, West - A powerful interference from an outside force.

Smoking Candle: Negative energy is being burned away.

The Wax

When a candle leaves wax residue: Your spell may need to be repeated.

Look for symbols in the candle wax, like reading tea leaves.

Resources: askanthony.weebly.com, anamericanwitch.wordpress.com,   

May the Moon light you path!

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I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

ITV: Get ITV's The Halcyon a Season 2!
The Halcyon is a British TV series created and written by Charlotte Jones. Produced by Left Bank Pictures and shown on ITV. A period drama set in 1940 during World War II through the eyes of The Halcyon Hotel staff and clientèle. The show delivers a realistic representation of London in the 1940's with...

PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition. An ITV series called The Halcyon has been canceled after only one season despite its mass popularity and demand. We fans are pissed.

 Description: “The story of a bustling and glamorous five-star hotel at the center of London society and the world at war”

But this series is so much more than that:

Firstly: POC and LGBT Representation

  • It has an interracial (Indian and White) same-sex male couple: Toby Hamilton, the second son of the late Lord Hamilton who owned The Halcyon hotel which is now owned by his brother, and Adil Joshi, the Indian bartender/cocktail maker at the hotel to which experiences a racial slur thrown at him in one scene. (Spoiler alert) Both survive at the end of Season 1. Honestly, this couple was so beautifully written and groundbreaking for a period drama and their story still had much to be told. As a couple, they were treated as fairly as the straight couples in terms of screen time and that is rare within shows. Not to mention that due to the time period, the couple has to keep their relationship a secret, addressing the homophobia of the time. Unlike Downton Abbey which had Thomas Barrow treated less well (I love him though), these two are not. Toby has constant pressure from his mother to find a girlfriend and was more or less bullied by his father for not being good enough - so Toby’s realisation of what he wants and who he wants to be with is very beautiful. I don’t want to give away too much about Adil’s history but it is something that is mentioned briefly but is interesting as it concerns immigration (very applicable to today)
  • It had another interracial couple (a black man and white woman), Betsey Day, a cabaret singer at the hotel who is constantly degraded and judged by the conservative society because she “sleeps around” but never lets that get her down; she is in a band with Sonny Sulivan, a black male pianist who I think (it isn’t clear, but his accent suggests it) may have emigrated from the West Indies. He is the possibly the sweetest character who does something (not going to say what it is) for Betsey but doesn’t let her know it was him and doesn’t expect anything in return. Sonny and Betsey also keep their relationship secret, not because it was against the law but because of the judgment from society. (Spoilers) In one episode, they are found out by a man who wants to sleep with Betsey and the man is very racist towards Sonny. Sonny is a selfless character who is honestly the sweetest guy on tv ever not to mention Betsey and Sonny have amazing banter together. Their relationship too was beautiful but it is unclear whether both survived. Another reason why we need a season 2.

Not to mention it has many background POC (here are a few examples):

Secondly: The dealing with Social Issues

  • Sexism - As I said, Betsey is called a “whore” on many occasions and this “reputation” she seems to have is something that Sonny is shown not to care at all about. It also has one episode in which one of the male guests tries to force himself on one of the chambermaids, Kate and when she scratches him to get away, he hits her. Since the man is a wealthy and powerful man, his assistant tries pay her to keep her quiet. One of the young men working at the hotel called Billy confronts the man, the man says that she wanted it to which Billy says no she didn’t and what he did was wrong.
  • Homophobia - The obvious is that homosexuality between two men was illegal and so Toby and Adil can’t be open about their relationship. The villain in the show (who I am not going to spoil) finds about their relationship and blackmails both Toby and Adil and calls Adil Toby’s “disgusting little boyfriend”.
  • Racism - Both Adil and Sonny are main characters and are both called racist slurs. In the case of Sonny, he was confronted by a group of white men and called an “ape in a suit” and other things to this extent. None of the other main characters that know about this incident support this racism.
  • Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia - There is an Austrian-Jewish refugee who works in the kitchen who experience extreme bullying and xenophobia from the Head Chef because he believes that him being Austrian means that he is German. The Head Chef gets fired for this. The refugee storyline is prevalent to today. Another example is the late Lord Hamilton’s mistress Charity Lambert was a Nazi sympathizer, anti-Semitic and wanted to try and sway Britain to join Germany.

Thirdly, the female characters are great:

The series has both young and older female characters

  • Emma and Betsey's’ female friendship is amazing
  • This villainous woman, Lady Hamilton, who is complex and both love and hate

Fourthly, Matt Ryan playing an American man:

  • No need to explain

Lastly, it’s beautiful and well written, good ass show but the finale of season 1 left so many unanswered questions and we need more. I could go on and on about the many reasons but please sign this petition and watch the show (if you want). It would be much appreciated.

Please fire me. The power went out at work today, and my boss asked me if I could fix it. I thought he was joking—apparently he was serious. I’m a part-time secretary.  He’s a member of MENSA with a PhD.  

Ritual to Lilith


Perform this ritual on a night of the dark moon.

Lay out the alter with one black candle upon a dark candle stick, behind a statue or representation of Lady Lilith.

Also place upon the altar a red candle, lower in height to the black one. Where the black candle represents Lady Lilith in the mysteries of the dark, the red represents her passion unleashed.

Write for yourself a spell which incorporates something you desire: love, money, health, learning, revenge … whatever moves you and which you would like Lady Lilith to lend her vast power to assisting you with. Once you have written the spell I suggest you sign your name, or at least make your initials, with a few drops of your own blood. This bonds the spell to your life-force with literal and symbolic power.

You will need a bowl or caldroun into which you can safely cast the burning spell and a burning page of the Old Testament if you choose to use this symbolism.

Prepare the temple by burning incense you find stimulating.

Cleanse yourself. Appear before the alter skyclad, wearing only jewelry appropriate to the ritual. I have a pendant representing Lilith on a necklace which hangs at about the level of my heart.

I also wear a choker with an owl pendant fastened to it: the owl being one of Lady Lilith’s many manifestations.

Sometimes, before I begin – before I have lighted the candles – I kneel in the dark room and say the prayer to darkness: which sets the mood:

Light the candles:

Ring a bell once to purify the air about you.

With the athame draw a circle three times, moving counter clock-wise to create the circle.

As you form the circle chant:

Lady Lilith, I call to thee, dark Goddess of the night realm, Mistress of the night and consort of Lord Lucifer, divine Mistress of passions and Dark Goddess of Liberation, I call to thee and respectfully request thee to be in me.

Lady Lilith, accept my love and devotion, embrace me as I embrace thee, fill my soul with thy fire, take me to thy pleasure.

(When saying “embrace me as I embrace thee” a powerful symbol might be added by embracing yourself. Alternatively, I clasp the Lilith pendant when I say these words).

Lady Lilith, accept my love and send to me thy teachings, for I wish to learn and give thee worthy service and to be thy ally – to you my love and adoration.

When the circle is done kneel at the center and say:

Lady Lilith, Dark Goddess of the night realm, She who fires the passion of all women, I welcome thee into me and ask you to join thy powers to me and work with me that which this night I seek.

Caress yourself gently as you say the following:

Before you I am an incarnate being, in a specific body.
This is my body. My body.
My body is a joy to me
and others should see it in my step, in my smile and in me.
My body is a temple that houses the sacred Me.
My body is sacred and every way I use it is a prayer and a ritual.

This Holy night I open my body, mind and spirit before thee,
to make of myself a vessel into which the waters of thy insight might flow.

Praise Lady Lilith, for her will is strong, and her power great!
In her hands rests this world, and she has promised it for her children,
and for her children alone.

Praise Lady Lilith for she is Will, and her will is our law.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is Love, and her love is our blood.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is Power, and her power is our salvation.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is our Pride, and per pride is our inspiration.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is our desire, and her desire is our being.

Lilith is my Dark Lady – Teacher and Inspiration,
Following Her path I shall be eternal.
She guides me to oppose all Her enemies,
Who are my enemies.
She leads me into the raging waters of understanding.
She fires the passions that burn within my being.
Yeah, I wander a beast with pride on the path of my liberation,
And I my celebrate life in Her names.

Even though I walk through the world of the sheep,
Lady Lilith will lift me above the herd.
I fear the sheep not, nor their empty wrath;
In their face I spit!
For, Oh Lady Lilith, Thou art within me;
Thy desire feeds me.
For, Oh Lady Lilith, Thou art within me;
Thy rage blazens the path for me.

Lady Lilith preparest a feast of the pleasures,
Before the temples of mine enemies.
She crowns my head above them,
My cup of life overflows in Her cause.
Surely desire and passion shall arouse me,
As my pride and will shall make me free.
All the days of my life I will walk the dark path with You.
I shall dwell within Thee, Oh Great Lady Lilith,
In the power of forever.

Too Thee, Oh Great Lady Lilith, I open my soul,
Oh Dark Lady, in You I trust.
Let me not be put to shame;
Let not my enemies exult over me.
Yeah, let none that celebrate You be put to shame;
Let them be ashamed who wantonly hide or decry You.
Allow me to crush all who oppose Your way,
Oh Dark Lady!

Make me to know Thy ways, Oh Dark Lady;
Teach me Thy infernal ways.
Lead me on the path of Thy dark truth.
For Thou art the Goddes of my being;
For Thee I wait all the long day.
Be mindful of my needs, Oh Dark Lady,
From Thy dark passion emflame me,
Open the wells of my desire,
as I focus my desire upon Thee, Oh Lady Liltih.
For Thou art the Goddess of my being;
Thy embrace does set me free.

For in devoution to You, Dark Lady,
I proclaim the sons of Adam to be false,
And their prophecy is lies.
Curse them for the slander they have made,
Against thy name!

(Burning a page from the old Testament can be a highly symbolic and powerful way to invoke this curse and gain the Dark Lady’s favour)

In you, Dark Lady is the truth of life, And for this I love You, for Your sake and mine!

Dark Lady Lilith take my love, offered unto thee from the depths of my heart and soul. Thou art in me, and it is thy way that I seek and do embrace.

Dark Lady, embrace me as I embrace thee.

Take me, make me thy student, that I might better serve thee.
Guide me, that I might fulfill thy cause.
Bless me, that my mind and soul may be opened unto thy way.
Lead me, that I might further thy will within this life and beyond.
Help me, that I might be able to help thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, I lay before thee my desire, for my cause and for thine.

With love I say praise unto thee, Dark Lady Lilith,
true Goddess of my heart and soul,
that I might be forever within thee.

Praise unto Lady Lilith who teaches:
Desire sparks the flame of life,
Will overcomes the shackles of falsity,
Pride overcomes the enslaver,
Fury unleashes the power of making, and
Discord unleashes the trial of evolution.

Praise Lady Lilith who together teaches:

Self-denial is a lie,
Blind faith is a prison,
Karma is weakness,
Fear is the mantra of the dying!

Desire is the flood that overwhelms the false frontiers erected in my mind!
Through desire, I gain strength,
Through strength, I gain power,
Through power, I gain victory,
Through victory, my chains are smashed!

When my chains are smashed,
When my mind is liberated,
When my desire lives unleashed,
The Dark Lady and Lord shall embrace me,
And I shall be free within Them, forever!

With love I say praise unto thee, Dark Lady Lilith, true Goddess of my mind and soul, that I might be forever within thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, hear now my desire:

(Repeat the spell you have written for your desire as many times as you feel is necessary.

When you feel its power within you, burn the parchment upon which it is written – saying as you burn it:)

With this fire, so burns my desire, with this fire so burns my desire!
Lady Lilith take my desire to your heart,
Power of my desire become as the flame,
Burning ever hotter, ever brighter,
Until the day that I live my desire!

Dark Lady hear my cause, and find favour for it on thy path.

Dark Lady Lilith embrace me as I embrace thee.

Take me, make me thy student, that I might better serve thee.
Guide me, that I might fulfill thy cause.
Bless me, that my mind and soul may be opened unto thy way.
Lead me, that I might further thy will within this life and beyond.
Help me, that I might be able to help thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, with love I say praise unto thee,
true Goddess of my heart, mind and soul,
that I might be forever within thee.

What you see outside is what lives inside of me,
And what is inside of me what I present outside to You.
It is visible and it is my garment.
If I bring forth what is within me,
What I bring forth will save me.
If I do not bring forth what is within me,
What I do not bring forth will destroy me.

Awake, O thou whom my soul loveth, and come
Come into my garden, where the spices flow out.
Come into your garden and eat the pleasant fruits.
Come to the temple for the infernal rights of love.
Set me a seal upon thine heart.
Set your soul free; guide my soul into thee!

We are beings of emotion, both tender and strong.
We use them well and we use them badly.
They are there so we can experience the fullness of life,
both the bitter and the sweet.
As the dark defines the light,
our bitter emotions define the sweet.
The surface defines the submerged
and the submerged defines the surface.

I am all that I have experienced.
I am all that I know.
I am all of the energy within this vessel, shaped and fueled by me.
I am a person, and a becoming spirit.
I seek the Dark and yearn to be of the Lilim.
This transforms me in ways that are exciting and unimaginable.

Come to me Oh Queen of Darkness
Ancient, terrible one!
You are known by many names,
and legion are your sisters in the infernal realm.
Come to me this night, and lend your power to my will.

Great is thy Love, Oh Mother Lilith, when thou says:

“Whomsoever of thy loins that will embrace me and seek my path, and in so doing renounce the false one, in them shall I light the black flame, and take them to my bosom as if they were my own Lilim.”

Great is thy Wrath, Oh Mother Lilith, when thou smites:

“But my children, beware the upright ape who dwells in ignorance and pain. For he will tolerate you not, nor allow you peace. His is the way of ignorance, and his illusions of power prosper only when he drives you down. At his hands will you suffer; at my breast will you find succor.”

Lift me to thy breast oh Mother Lilith,
of your power give me succor,
for on your path do I seek,
and in my distress it is your name I call.
For I want not of the ignorance of the Ape,
but seek they will and thy way, Oh Dark Mother.

Praise Lady Lilith,
for Her will is strong and Her power great!
In Her hands rests this world:
She has promised it for Her children,
and for Her children alone.

Praise Lady Lilith for She is Will, and Her will is our law.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Love, and Her love is our blood.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Power, and Her power is our life.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our Pride, and Her pride is our inspiration.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our desire, and Her desire is our being.

Make a blazing fire of my soul, oh Great Mother!

Make a thundering drum of my heart, oh Great Mother!

Make a raging river of my blood, oh Great Mother!

That I, Thy Lilim, may dance Thy eternal dance for Thee, oh Great Mother!

(You can repeat all or some of the above as many times as you like to enhance the power of the ritual and the meditation within you).

Close the ritual thus: Kneel at the center of the circle and say:

Dark Lady Lilith I thank thee for thy time and the power of thy spirits. Well I bid thee into the night, that our paths might converge again and empower us all.

Lift the circle by reversing the process of creating it (i.e. three circles clockwise with the athame), saying at intervals:

In Nomine dei Lilith Excelsi!

Once this is done release any residual spiritual energy by proclaiming:

“It is done. So mote it be!” and ring the bell once.

Be sure to put out the candles!

anonymous asked:

Do u have any practical advice for strengthening inner power or witch fire as you call it ? How does one improve upon this

Foremost, practice. Practice, practice, practice. Cast more spells. Shoot higher and farther each time. Push yourself and your craft. 
Second of all, emotion. Feeling can feed the witch flame and cause it to roar. Emotion and feeling are primal. Lose yourself in them to feed the fire. 
Music can help feed it during ritual and spellwork. 
Certain spirits and deities can also be asked for help in turning a flame into a fire. Ancestral powers can assist, both witch and non-witch alike. Spirits of the land can help hone the witch flame. 
Other witches can help with it too. A good teacher or mentor can use their flame to help spark another’s. 

As a Rebellion-focused episode, I like that “Secret Cargo” deliberately casted aside Force matters...

Kanan Jarrus is not present to utilize his Force powers.

Though present, Ezra Bridger never is seen explicitly using the Force. Instead of batting out the lightsaber, he instead adopts the role of a normal Rebellion pilot, using not Jedi’s instruction but a pilot’s teachings to succeed and serve the greater cause. We see that he’s blended in as a non-mystical warrior and ordinary fighter.

Captain Hera Syndulla held her own. Just like the crew of Rogue One, who had no Jedi or miraculous Force powers to assist them.

Powered Armour

Fairies are on average smaller than Humans, and while their proportionate strength is better, they still end up being weaker thanks to the sheer size disparity. As usual, technology can compensate. Powered strength assist suits are still in experimental stages in Human hands, hamstrung by power requirements and range issues, but Fairy tech has managed to go beyond those problems. These suits come in different classes. 

  • Industrial suits are merely exoskeletons, designed to take weight far better than any unassisted organic. They can lift crates and materials and pull enormous loads in a warehouse or factory setting. They are generally unprotected, although some models come with plating to defend against accidents. They are an industry standard, built by several competing companies. Criminal elements have been known to attempt to modify industrial suits for their own use through the addition of improvised armour welded to their frames. 
  • Newer model LEP suits have a miniaturised version of the tech that only activates when necessary in order to save power and heat, making them part of the Semi-Powered class. When the suit detects that the operator is trying to lift a heavy load, it will automatically brace itself to take the strain. It can also be used to allow for much stronger blows in combat situations, or to absorb the force of attacks.
  • Heavier stuff can be found in the Riot Suppression/Battle suits, which are hulking devices that effectively make a LEP officer into a walking tank. They use modular weapons hardpoints to mount Neutrino blasters, missile launchers, particle beams, and mass accelerating Multi Munitions Launchers. These things are strong enough to kick cars around and are built to take punishment without batting an eye. Firebombs merely scorch the paint a little. Bullets bounce off or just get stuck. Energy rounds are absorbed. Riot suits are the equivalent of a mobile barricade, and one that can shoot back, no less. One battlesuit operator was able to take on a Troll in close quarters without using his weapons, due to them being damaged. This feat only served to elevate Butler’s takedown of a similar Troll in many officers’ eyes, as he had done it without augmented strength or modern armour. 
  • There are rumours of “Super Heavy Infantry” suits undergoing development and testing in the LEP’s secretive science wing. Alleged leaks describe these as being a cross between an armour suit and a walker. There has been no official response regarding such technology. 

Powered armour can move surprisingly fast, despite their sheer size. This is due to how they support their own weight while also moving quickly. If anything, someone wearing a suit could sprint for longer than someone without one. Battlesuits are often used as ‘pack mules’ for other officers, carrying excess gear with no signs of difficulty.

The newest Barbie is a smart doll you can't touch

Over her nearly 60-year life, Barbie has taken on many forms, but she’s never been a hologram.

Now, though, she is having a truly out-of-body experience, showing up in her first holographic figure, Hello Barbie Hologram. Barbie parent company Mattel unveiled the semi-translucent and chatty AI figure, which lives inside a pink plastic box, on Friday at the New York Toy Fair.

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This is far from Barbie’s first brush with AI. Mattel introduced Hello Barbie artificial intelligence inside a physical Barbie doll in 2015. She was a particularly powerful digital assistant, engaging in conversations about interests, favorite foods and telling jokes. A year later, the AI showed up in Barbie’s first smart home, The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse, where, using voice commands, you could ask the house to give Barbie a ride on the elevator and customize the lights.

Unlike previous Hello Barbie AI’s, Hello Barbie Hologram is designed to be a true digital assistant and will engage on the trigger words “Hello Barbie.” The AI offers speech recognition and is designed to answer questions about the weather, news and is ready to do “anything a digital assistant can do,” a Mattel representative said.

As we approached Hello Barbie Hologram, it was quite clear that she isn’t a true hologram. What we were seeing, a Mattel exec told us was a prototype using “just an effect, there are no lasers.” I could clearly see a 4-inch tall hologram-like Barbie dancing in the box, but it looks like a projection against a diagonal piece of semi-translucent glass. The final product will also be a faked hologram without lasers. To demonstrate Hello Barbie Hologram’s capabilities, they had us shift our gaze to a giant box on display next to the little box.

Out of the darkness emerged a person-sized Barbie hologram, which used the same technology to display as the smaller prototype. While much of the interaction between the Mattel spokesperson and the holographic Barbie appeared to be scripted (at one point, the hologram didn’t even wait for the spokesperson to finish her line), it was also clear how a child might engage with their night-stand-dwelling personal assistant.

When asked “What’s the weather in Malibu today?” the holographic Barbie walked over to a window that suddenly appeared, looked out, gave us a weather report and added that it was perfect flip-flop weather.  A child can even use Hello Barbie Hologram to set reminders. When asked to do this, the hologram takes out her virtual phone and makes a note.

Hello Barbie Hologram is also just as diverse as real-life Barbie, and Mattel demonstrated how, with voice commands, you can change Barbie’s skin tone, ethnicity and body type.

They also showed how Hello Barbie Hologram could act as a sort of playmate, dancing on command and, yes, even dabbing.

Having a Wi-Fi-connected always-listening digital assistant in your child’s bedroom might be cause for concern, and Barbie is no stranger to controversy. In 2015, watchdog groups took Mattel to task for the way it was handling the audio recordings it used to interpret and answer queries. At the time, Mattel told the Washington Post they were “committed to safety and security, and Hello Barbie conforms to applicable government standards.“ They also made it clear to Mashable that they expected children to turn off Hello Barbie when not in use. This time around, the company does not plan to store any of the conversations with Hello Barbie Hologram.

The Hello Barbie Hologram assistant, though is intended to stay on and listen for “Hello Barbie.” Mattel wasn’t clear on how long Hello Barbie Hologram will listen before she turns off.

"We are still exploring how long the listening window will be to provide the optimum conversational experience for kids,” the Mattel rep said, adding that Hello Barbie Hologram is not always listening.

But that leads us to wonder how the hologram can hear the trigger phrase. In addition, nothing will be sent to the cloud unless it’s preceded by “Hello Barbie,” according to Mattel. Hello Barbie Hologram relies on PullStrong for its AI, natural language processing and IoT connectivity to, according to Mattel, “create a safe, cloud-based platform for girls.” They will also use 256-bit encryption for all the data the AI does manage.

Parents, who set up Hello Barbie Hologram via an app, will have some customization control, but it’s too early to say if they will be able to set a listening schedule (for example, “Stop listening or responding after 8 p.m.”). Mattel says parents can turn the device off at any time via the power switch.

Hello Barbie Hologram will ship this fall. Pricing has yet to be set.

Ride 'em, Barbie

The Barbie Dream line is also expanding in the physical realm with a new animatronic horse naturally called Hello Dream Horse. 

Large enough for a typical Barbie doll to ride, the white stallion with a long-flowing golden mane can walk and even dance on its own to three different songs. The Dream Horse, which you get to name, features realistic horse sounds and can even fake eat plastic carrots (you hear a chewing sound). It’s also touch- and voice-sensitive (ask the horse if it’s having fun and it will nod its plastic head). 

Hello Dream Horse has attitude.

Image: Lili Sams/mashable

That mane is insane.

Image: lili sams/mashable

We got a quick demonstration in which a few things became immediately evident: Dream Horse doesn’t move all that smoothly and it lacks any kind of visual sensors to keep it from galloping off a table. 

Even so, it’s probably the most active toy horse Mattel has ever created for Barbie. It also arrives this fall and will list for $99.99.

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PROPERTIES OF A PYRAMID:  In metaphysical science, it is well known that the Pyramid is an energy generator.  It harnesses Cosmic Energy or Universal LifeForce Energy (Qi) which is our primal life force.  It is believed that one can harness this Life Force Energy for the purpose of achieving excellent health, a balanced state of mind and spiritual harmony.  The elements added to the Orgone Pyramid are believed to help amplify its natural effects.The shape of a true pyramid’s base must be wider than the height.

GOLD:  Gold has healing properties.  It works on the physical, mental and spiritual planes.  It is believed to benefit the nervous system and improve the ability of the nerves to transmit information in the most efficient manner. It helps with digestion, circulation, hormonal and chemical imbalances, degenerative diseases and helps the brain work more efficiently.  Gold is ruled by the sun a masculine planet and therefore imparts a more assertive energy to crystals and minerals that are mounted in it.  To those who use minerals, metals and crystals for healing, gold symbolizes the purity of spirit.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL:  Quartz is a power stone, it has been called the Universal Crystal.  Clear quartz formed into spheres has been used as crystal balls to predict the future since the middle ages.  Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting.  It also enhances thought which is a form of energy.  It is believed to be beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection and channeling.  The Power Stone, quartz, protects one by countering negative energy and is very useful on the third eye chakra for clarity of psychic vision.

BLUE APATITE:  This bold beautiful blue stone is the stone of inspiration.   It inspires one to overcome and outgrow problems while it dissipates  mental clutter and confusion.  It aids in the resolution of difficult situations and encourages uplifting and positive outlooks.  Apatite is known to stimulate lucid dreaming and astral travel.

COPPER:  Emotional Healing:  According to healers, Copper can stimulate the flow of energy and hence move psychic energies thereby helping the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies resulting in a more vitalized person with amplified thoughts. It is also believed that copper contributes to powers of communication, channeling, cleansing, purification increasing self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.  Beginning in the 1970s in the United States, copper used as a healing agent began to increase. People who believe in its power, see it as a very powerful assistant with arthritic and rheumatic diseases, but also look to it for its healing properties in improving the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving oxygen use.

For all those John Laurens lovers out there, you'll love this...

In the wake of Lauren’s death, his comrades-in-arms proceeded, as was the custom of the day, to divide his possessions among themselves. In a letter to Greene, Kosciuszko expressed his contempt for such activity which he felt appealed to “mean, low thinking” people.

Filled with indignation at their insensitivity, Kosciuszko made his position clear even in his broken English: “As to my part, I wanted to be clear of it entirely and to have nothing to do with any article whatsoever that belonged to Lt. Col. Laurence.” (out of reverence to Lauren’s memory & property).

While desiring nothing for himself, Kosciuszko did take the time to petition Greene on behalf of two other people: “I recommend to you two negroes belonging to Lt. Col. Laurence.” He explained “that they may have part of his clothing as they are naked and in want of shirts, jackets and breeches and their skin can bear as well as ours good things.”

Not only did Kosciuszko honor the death of his comrade but also was concerned with the imminent needs of two slaves who were in his power to assist. Through his position as an engineer with the Southern Continentals under Nathanial Greene, Thaddeus abhorred the injustice of slavery; a concept he was very adamant about and strove to abolish throughout the course of his life.

Sometimes referred to as the Crescent Moon — when you can see the very first sliver of light in the sky. This phase promotes new beginnings, new endeavors and new relationships. It’s a time for making positive changes, looking for fresh career opportunities and planting seeds of ideas that will be harvested later.

In this phase, the Moon appears to be growing in size, shifting from New to Full as though it’s gaining strength. This is a good time to focus on increasing things of your own — knowledge, bank accounts and relationships. It’s a time to think about pregnancy, to increase communications of all types —  business or pleasure. Deal with legal matters if you want financial gain. This phase promotes healing as well.
This is also a good time to cast spells for improving situations or for getting things going if you’ve been stagnant. When life is unchanging, it takes a little boost to amp things up a little and this phase is definitely the best time to kickstart your life. Spells that act faster during a Waxing phase of the Moon are: moving forward from depression, getting out of a rut, passing examinations and tests, finding lost objects, healing a sick animal or finding a lost pet, nurturing abundant, healthy gardens and the well-being of nature, losing weight or trying to quit smoking.

The Moon’s most powerful phase, when we see her entire illuminated face. This is a time of fulfillment, activity, increased psychic ability, for perfecting ideas, getting your act together, celebrations, or renewing commitments to people or projects.  For some reason when a Full Moon falls on a Friday, these are the best days for casting love spells. If you try casting love spells during any other day, it doesn’t mean that the spell won’t work, but the results could take much longer.  There’s a lot of other spells that benefit from being cast on a Full Moon too, for instance, protecting property or your home, adding vigor to your life, increasing self-confidence, advancing in career at work, enhancing psychic ability or clairvoyance, strengthening friendships and family bonds, performing general good luck spells.

During this phase, the Moon is decreasing in size as it journeys from Full to Dark. The Waning Moon is a time of decrease, release, letting go and completion. This is an excellent time to begin a new diet or lifestyle, breaking bad habits, breaking off relationships or dealing with legal matters.
We all face some type of trouble in our lives that is not in our control. The Waning Moon is a great time to cast spells for getting rid of the black clouds and negative energies that sometimes hang over us. It’s a time when you can draw down the strength from the Universe. If you’re surrounded by difficult people and you can’t cope or if you have to tackle difficult situations head on, you can use the Moon’s power to assist you. By casting spells during this phase, you will gain the power to take control again, strengthen your weak areas, and become more assertive in your actions. This is a good time to catch spells that deal with developing inner strength and assertiveness, banishing enemies, stopping arguments, soothing unruly children, calming anxiety, getting out of tricky situations.

The two or three days when the Moon is not visible in the sky at all. The Dark Moon and the New Moon are often considered the same phase, but for the purpose of this post, I’ve separated the two.
On an average calendar, the Dark Moon is usually indicated by a black circle because it actually occurs on the day it is marked as well as one day before and one day after. This is a good time for discarding things in your life that you do not want, contemplating what you have already accomplished and what you want to accomplish in the future. This is an excellent cycle to find time for yourself and an ideal time for seclusion.
This moon phase surrounds us with a lot of positive energy and can act as a catalyst for immediate change. Many transitions naturally happen around the New Moon like new jobs, births, moves, but if you need to change your life, casting spells at this time that deal with career changes, moving, traveling, increasing your cash flow, better health – would be beneficial.

Three days before the New Moon is what is known as the Dead Moon. It’s considered to be the most magical and potent of all the phases. I have read that some witches will not cast spells during this phase because some believe that people who practice “black magic” do so at this time which in turn could influence any spells or rituals that they might be performing resulting in confusion or a spell not working at all. (Sorry horrible sentence, I’ll try to fix that later)

If you ever find yourself interested in studying the moons patterns, you will probably find that your demeanor will change depending on what the Moon is doing. I experimented with this once for a few months, by keeping a diary about how I felt or what I noticed in the people around me. It was really fascinating to find that during the Dark Moon I was very irritable and absent-minded but once that phase passed, I cheered up and begin to feel a lot more grounded. Certain situations naturally occur during certain phases too. For example, the cable guy came to repair my cable on the first day of a New Moon, which has happened before and ended up being really frustrating.  Since it was happening on that day, I instinctively knew that he would do a good job and he did!  NO DRAMA!

Try to find out during which phase you were born on because this will also give you insight as to why you are the way you are. Animals are also affected by the Moon, especially during the Full Moon and can become a bit more rambunctious.

RANDOM FACT: The moon used to be worshiped in many early religions as a goddess and it is always been seen as a feminine symbol. On average, are big, beautiful moon orbits at a distance of approximately 230,855 miles from earth and takes about 28 days to complete its orbit interestingly, the same as the average amount of time between female menstrual cycles.

Initial thoughts on Steven vs. Amethyst

I just watched Cracked the Whip and Steven vs. Amethyst and I really liked the episodes. I mean, we’ve seen destructive self-loathing before, in Pearl’s behaviour, but I mentioned before that these were little pockets of outburst. But I know Amethyst has been consistently called out for her behaviour. That’s actually the analysis I want to bring up next. Because Amethyst is constantly struggling with feelings of inferiority and inadequacy, getting left behind. It manifests in ways that people can label rude, hurtful, or again, destructive. As always, understanding someone doesn’t mean excusing what they’ve done. It just means you can now try to reach them before they do it again.

But right off the top of my head, I think it’s a lot easier to understand Amethyst’s attitude towards Peridot’s limb enhancers. 

If you think about it, her telling Peridot she didn’t need them, is an extension of all the things the gems tell her every day. As she mentions in the episode, “If you want it enough, you’ll get there, you’ll get better” is something she’s told a lot. But similar to Peridot, Amethyst can’t surpass her physical limitations. There are some things you can’t change. But her telling Peridot this, is a reaffirmation on her part. Accepting that Peridot really can’t move past her disability without assistive technology means accepting she herself can’t get physically stronger than her smaller form allows either. And Amethyst didn’t want to believe that.

And I think coming from these two episodes, we know there’s more than one way to be strong. Amethyst tried to fight Jasper head-to-head. She wouldn’t be able to win in a battle like that. Perhaps this approach was enough for opponents like corrupted gems, who feel more vulnerable and in general can’t plan or strategise, but Jasper has both strength and strategy on her side. Jasper didn’t blindly charge into the fight. Though she displayed a lot of brute force, she also planned her attacks, used them in succession, and prevented Amethyst from retaliating. 

One last thing to bring up before the photo posts and my main chunk of analysis, is Amethyst really physically weaker than an ordinary quartz? I would say so. In Too Far, Peridot points out that Amethyst can do everything ordinary soldiers can. I believe that’s true. Her attacks, her weapons, her abilities, are things that we’ve seen Jasper do as well. It’s the degree to which she can do those things where the discrepancy comes in. I mentioned before that gems can’t really get physically bigger or stronger. They come with limited matter that doesn’t change. This was confirmed in Greg the Babysitter. Gems can’t grow. They can change their beliefs, learn new skills, but they can’t grow. And the last two episodes have showed us that Amethyst really is physically weaker. But that’s okay. She can benefit from strategy; she can learn from someone who quite literally, wasn’t built for fighting, Pearl. And now that Pearl feels a little better about herself, maybe such an exercise is possible.

We see more great development from Steven too. We know he’s been struggling with fitting in and feeling like one of the gems. That’s been his insecurity since Season One. And those feelings don’t really go away if they haven’t been addressed. So seeing the resurface of these feelings today, for me, fleshed out his character. 

Yes, Steven has come so far, but how does Steven feel about all this? Does he know the gems are proud of him? More importantly, does he feel proud of himself? That’s an important question, because we don’t really feel ourselves grow. Not only that, but as Steven discovers more of his abilities, people around him increasingly draw parallels to Rose. But I’ve mentioned many times, Steven is not Rose. And in this episode, we see that Steven doesn’t want to be her either.

And even though Steven always appears self-assured and confident, this is someone who, at every action and every word, feels he’s being compared not to Rose Quartz, his mother, but to “Rose Quartz” the gem whose life has become more or less perfect in death. This is an impossible standard and he knows it, but that doesn’t stop Steven from feeling things from it.

Steven still struggles with feelings of inferiority. If Amethyst is pegging her abilities against what a “real” quartz soldier should be, Steven is doing the same to the “idea” of Rose. I liked Steven vs. Amethyst because both were able to air out their feelings. It’s something neither would admit, but now it’s there. And yes, there are elements of destructiveness, but at the very least, the power dynamic more or less had them at equals, who could argue and call each other out, and talk, because as I’d mentioned before, this wouldn’t be possible for a character like Pearl. 

I do have more thoughts on these episodes. More about these two characters, and Jasper, and the gem monsters, and I’ll have them up later. These two did stick out to me though and I really liked the episodes. Healing is messy and as an audience, we were also hit with the reality that sometimes, people just don’t want to talk about their problems, and that there is a messy extraction before getting anywhere.

one half of my gemsona fusion, geode! they’re the embodiment of a people-pleasing doormat. 

geodes are born out of impurities/dead spaces created in kindergarten areas, which makes them pretty low-class in the gem hierarchy, & they’re treated as simple grunts made to assist more powerful gems who act as bounty hunters, though this particular geode managed to surpass the “grunt” label to become a full-fledged bounty hunter after their previous boss was shattered, before they turned on homeworld.

they usually keep their teeth covered, because they’re super self-conscious about them, & they communicate mostly through simple noises & body language.

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THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH OMG I was wondering who Chabouillet was…lol

“Javert had, in fact, rendered powerful assistance in the recapture of Jean Valjean. Javert’s zeal and intelligence on that occasion had been remarked by M. Chabouillet, secretary of the Prefecture under Comte Angles. M. Chabouillet, who had, moreover, already been Javert’s patron, had the inspector of M. sur M. attached to the police force of Paris. There Javert rendered himself useful in divers and, though the word may seem strange for such services, honorable manners.”


people talk about Amis fandom loving minor characters but slow clap for the Old Man Fandom: Police Prefecture Branch, the truly devoted

(also they do amazing research!)