power angel 2


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Happy Birthday to the man who plays my favorite character so perfectly and brings me so much joy ❤️➰❤️



006. Most Angelic Picture(s). That Makes You Feel The Most. (by Zoe)

Part 1/2

“If you had let me work on it - we would have been home a hour ago”

“Babydoll - let daddy have his pride, its all he’s got right now”

Borderlands AU where Handsome Jack is an a ok dad who drags along Angel to all the tech part of his job because he knows she’s already better than him and she’s a teenager and goshdarnit

the thing is, like, with cas as a full-powered angel it would be 2 easy to have a secret relationship with dean. don’t want to get caught doin dirty stuff? just visit dean in his dreams and do it there on the dock with all the fish watchin. or fly him to fuckin italy or somethin. have sex on the eiffel tower. guess who’s not there? sam. boom. checkmate. secret relationship achieved.