power and chaos


Major Arcana

0 The Fool – New beginnings, optimism, trust in life; Reversed: Delays

1 The Magician – Action, the power to manifest; Reversed: Misunderstandings.

2 The High Priestess – Inaction, going within, the subconscious; Reversed: Manipulations.

3 The Empress – Abundance, nurturing, fertility, life in bloom; Reversed: Neglect

4 The Emperor – Structure, stability, rules and power; Reversed: Chaos

5 The Hierophant – Institutions, tradition, society and its rules; Reversed: Hypocrisy

6 The Lovers – Sexuality, passion, choice, uniting; Reversed: Separation

7 The Chariot – Movement, progress, integration; Reversed: Defeat

8 Strength – Courage, subtle power, integration of animal self; Reversed: Fear

9 The Hermit – Meditation, solitude, consciousness; Reversed: Isolation

10 Wheel of Fortune – Cycles, change, ups and downs; Reversed: Stagnation

11 Justice – Fairness, equality, balance; Reversed: Lies

12 The Hanged Man – Surrender, new perspective, enlightenment; Reversed: Stubbornness.

13 Death – The end of something, change, the impermeability of all things; Reversed: Limbo

14 Temperance – Balance, moderation, being sensible; Reversed: Impatience

15 The Devil – Destructive patterns, addiction, giving away your power; Reversed: Freedom

16 The Tower – Collapse of stable structures, release, sudden insight; Reversed: Control

17 The Star – Hope, calm, a good omen; Reversed: Darkness

18 The Moon – Mystery, the subconscious, dreams; Reversed: Paranoia

19 The Sun – Success, happiness, all will be well; Reversed: Failure

20 Judgment – Rebirth, a new phase, inner calling; Reversed: Regrets

21 The World – Completion, wholeness, attainment, celebration of life; Reversed: Incomplete

Suit of Swords
• Other Names: Staves, arrows, spades
• Element: Air
Attributes: Active, male
Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
• Direction: West
Season: Pagan – Spring / Esoteric – Autumn
• Self: Mind, thoughts, intellect
Jungian Function: Thinking
Body Part: Head
Qabbalistic World: Yetzirah – the Formative World

Air is seen as the intellect, logic and reasoning. An active element, Air circulates and so cleanses; it carries your thoughts and dreams; is also expansive when hot and is said to be expressive. Your mind or thoughts can be seen as clear or clouded; speech requires breath, which requires air.

Swords represent logic, the mind and your thoughts. They deal with problems and troubles, planning, communication, ideas, your intellect and how you use it. They represent your daily and life struggles, problems in general. The very nature of a sword is aggressive and warlike. Combined with the swiftness of air, the combination can see situations arise quickly. The ability to see clearly means resolution is quick also. Swords people are great thinkers. You will find them in study, research, academia, the sciences, law courts and libraries. They love to learn and live to do it in any capacity.

Keywords: decisions, worries, problems, issues, tension, communication, intelligence, disagreements; arguments, logic, reason, cognition, ideas, inspirations, balance, equilibrium, the mind, mentalism, thinking, facts and figures, definition.
Reversed: vicious, ruthless, manipulative, cold, unemotional, spite and malice, accidents, inertia, indecision, confusion, mental blockages, biased, illogical, mental health issues, negative life changes.

• King – Serious, controlling, rational and mind/intellect-focused; Reversed: Foolish
• Queen – Intelligent, writer, communicative yet cold; Reversed: Ineffective
• Knight – Fierce, determined, aggressively pursues goals; Reversed: Boredom
• Page – mentally unstable or intellectually immature, acts without thinking; Reversed: Stupidity
• Ace of Swords – A fresh start, a sudden opportunity or idea, clarity; Reversed: Improbable
• 2 – Indecision; Reversed: Conflicts
• 3– Heartbreak, betrayal; Reversed: Torment
• 4 – Meditation, rest, retreat; Reversed: Disturbance
• 5 – Mind games, hostility; Reversed: Treachery
• 6 – Leaving, accepting help, going somewhere better; Reversed: Trouble
• 7 – Secret plans, abandoning ship; Reversed: Clumsiness
• 8 – feeling powerless and stuck; Reversed: Escaping
• 9 – Overactive mind, anxiety; Reversed: Martyrdom
• 10 – Feeling defeated, self-sabotage; Reversed: Sabotage

Suit of Cups
• Other Names: Chalices, Grails, Cauldrons, Hearts, Vessels
• Element: Water
Attributes: Passive, female; cold, wet
Astrological Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
• Direction: East
Season: Pagan – Autumn- / Esoteric – Summer
• Self: Emotions, love, receptivity
Jungian Function: Feeling
Body Part: Heart
Qabbalistic World: Briah – the Creative World

Water is seen as the emotions, your feelings, and your intuition. Considered passive, water can be deep or shallow; you like the ocean, are responsive to the moon; your tears can rise and fall; out of control, your emotions flood;

Cups represent your emotions, feelings, your subconscious, intuition and psychism. They deal with love affairs, all relationships, inner expression, your reactions or responses and the pursuit of happiness. Generally passive and not outwardly extrovert, creativity through expression are some of the traits of this suit. Careers are usually in the arts or creative pursuits, they are, poets, painters, florists and designers, nurses, social workers and care-givers. Cups people are happy in the background doing their own thing, though they are often actors distinguishing the limelight from private time like no others.

Keywords: creative, intuitive, clairsentient, psychic, passive, affectionate, receptive, imaginative, caring, relationships, love, dreams, sensitivity, romantic, artistic, spiritual, compassionate, tactile, nurturing, the unconscious mind, domesticity, culture, expression, flexibility, fluidity, calm motion, serenity, empathetic, aesthetics and beauty.
Reversed: needy, co-dependent, intense, neglectful, fantasists, uncaring, cold, unfeeling, moody, unresponsive, illogical, lost, negative, pessimistic, emotional, overly sentimental, tearful, selfish.

• King – Repression of deep feelings, possible alcoholism; Reversed: Selfishness
• Queen – Emotionally nurturing, intuitive, sensitive; Reversed: Ignorance
• Knight – Romantic, adventurous, following one’s heart; Reversed: Pessimism
• Page – Creative, inspired, learning artistic skill; Reversed: Gloomy
• Ace of Cups – emotional fulfillment, joy; Reversed: Indifferent
• 2 – Partnership, mutual attraction, compatibility; Reversed: Abandonment
• 3 – Celebration, fun with friends, laughter; Reversed: Jealousy
• 4 – Boredom, dissatisfaction with what is being offered; Reversed: Avoidance
• 5 – Dwelling on the negative, self-pity; Reversed: Alienation
• 6 – Sentimentality, kindness, help; Reversed: Discouraging
• 7 – So many choices, indecision, getting lost in fantasy, wishing and dreaming; Reversed: Lethargic
• 8 – Abandoning something in search of something better, vision; Reversed: Sacrifice
• 9 – Indulgence, self-satisfaction; Reversed: Disintegration
• 10 – Emotional bliss, happiness, attainment; Reversed: Disruption

Suit of Wands
• Other Names: Batons, Staves, Rods, Clubs, Staffs, Scepters
• Element: Fire
Attributes: Active, masculine; hot, dry
Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
• Direction: South
Season: Pagan – Summer / Esoteric – Spring
• Self: Will, actions, desire
Jungian Function: Intuition
Body Part: Genitals
Qabbalistic World: Atziluth – the Archetypal World

Fire is energy and action, passion, drive and ambition. An active element, it can cause permanent change; is expansive; can be aggressive; is pro-active and undeterred.

Wands represent creativity, energy, passion and action. They cover your spiritual pursuits, your career and creative projects. Leadership, self-growth and general optimism are some traits of this suit. Careers are usually in business, they are leaders, entrepreneurial & sales focused. Wands people like to get ahead and are generally pro-active in all their activities. With an unrivaled healthy vitality, they are often accomplished sports people.

Keywords: intuition; creativity; vitality; sexuality; spirituality; vision; energetic; outgoing; impulsive; motivational; pro-active; spirit and spirited; optimistic; enterprise; commerce; business; careers; opportunities; the thrill of the chase; competitive; growth; personal development; inspirational; enthusiastic; sexual; passionate; action; movement; initiation.
Reversed: rash; impetuous; ruthless; greedy; narrow-minded; hyperactive; brash; manipulative; conniving; mean-spirited; overly optimistic; risk takers; heartless; aggressive; selfish; misleading; sadistic; distrusting of others.

• King – Career focused, mature, passionate; Reversed: Impostor
• Queen – Confidant, focused, has zest for life; Reversed: Fatigue
• Knight – An adventurous risk taker who follows his passions; Reversed: Apathy
• Page – newly inspired, excited about life and work; Reversed: Passive
• Ace of Wands – New beginnings, creative spark, fertile ideas; Reversed: Unpromising
• 2 – Contemplation, assessing one’s life direction; Reversed: Dispute
• 3 – Reaping the rewards of your efforts; Reversed: Idleness
• 4 – Celebration, safety, the home; Reversed: Discord
• 5 – Competition, minor struggles or disagreements; Reversed: Timidness
• 6 – Success, accolades and achievement; Reversed: Disapproval
• 7 – Feeling defensive and on guard; Reversed: Yielding
• 8 – Speed, things manifesting quickly; Reversed: Stagnation
• 9 – Pessimism, gearing up for the worst; Reversed: Weakness
• 10 – Feeling oppressed, exhaustion, too many responsibilities; Reversed: Impractical

Suit of Pentacles
• Other Names: Disks, Coins, Deniers, Stones, Diamonds
• Element: Earth
Attributes: Passive, female
Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
• Direction: North
Season: Pagan – Winter / Esoteric – Winter
• Self: Body,
Jungian Function: Sensation
Body Part: Feet
Qabbalistic World: Assiah

Earth is seen as the material, the physical & the sensual. A Passive element, Earth allows growth & production; promotes prosperity; is the foundation on which anything is built.

Pentacles, represent all things material and physical, what you experience using your senses. They deal with your money, business deals, material possessions, your job, arts, crafts, your home & garden. Working hard & getting the job done are attributes of this suit. Pentacle people don’t mind getting their hands dirty whether that’s working with the land or in a factory. Strong & dependable, often found in the trades, removals, farming, landscaping & homemaking.

Keywords: sensual, sexual; strong; lithe; dependable; reliable; stoic; practical; skilled & skillful; artistic; common sense; traditional; regular; straightforward; grounded; sensible; lush; fertile; growth; luxury; wealth; prosperity; apprenticeships; scholarships; dull; dutiful; realistic; down-to-earth; materialistic; money motivated; domesticity; health & fitness; exercise.
Reversed: miserly; slave drivers; workaholics; pleasure seekers; neglectful; shoddy work; dullards; negative; pessimistic; superstitious; thoughtless; penny pinchers; lazy; unforgiving; selfish; greedy; covetous; moronic.

• King – Enjoys the good life (food, drink and leisure), financially secure; Reversed: Hoarder
• Queen – Healthy in body and finances, grounded and calm; Reversed: Unreasonable
• Knight – Cautious, sensible and slow to progress; Reversed: Inexperienced
• Page – Student, commitment to learning; Reversed: Rookie
• Ace of Pentacles – Financial reward, clarity of life purpose, goals; Reversed: Debt
• 2 – Balance, multitasking; Reversed: Impractical
• 3 – Meaningful work, enjoying one’s work, suitable career; Reversed: Mediocrity
• 4 – Hoarding, feeling poor, holding self-back out of fear; Reversed: Greed
• 5 – Minor money troubles, health problems, feeling like an outsider; Reversed: Helplessness
• 6 – Charity, accepting and giving help; Reversed: Cruelty
• 7 – Patience, waiting for your plans to bear fruit; Reversed: Unemployment
• 8 – Hard work, focused efforts, laying the groundwork; Reversed: Skill-shortage
• 9 – Luxury, rest, financial and material comforts; Reversed: Dependency
• 10 – Financial success, strong business relationships; Reversed: Restrictions

finished the WIP I posted a few days ago. I really love how they turned out!

I’m especially proud of J’s face.

How to work with a Ouija board and don’t end up possessed or worse... expelled!

As everything magical, it’s a tool and it requires to be used in some ways.

Just a few basic rules:

1. Don’t be scared. Whatever being you may encounter - most of them want to feed on your emotions, mostly negative ones. The most common food for them is your fear. The more you FEAR them, the stronger they get. Emotions are energy and energy is what they need to manifest. Do not fear them. If you won’t fear them, they won’t be able to hurt you. 

2. Don’t be an arrogant asshole. Beings you encounter are probably way more powerful than you are (even if they weren’t, you are the one limited by body, not them). Keep it in mind. They are worth your respect. Be polite. Don’t judge. Rather enjoy talking to someone new, something you’ve never spoken to before. 

3. Don’t let yourself get distracted by cellphones, cameras, tv, music… and other stuff. You don’t need that shit while working with Ouija board and talking to someone via this tool. First of all it’s not polite and second of all, you should ask before recording. They may not like it. 

4. Don’t ask about the date of your death and other similar scary stuff. The truth is, world doesn’t work like this. This universe is and will be full of endless possibilities. Some of them are just more plausible. The only thing that can happen is that you get just the right answer to make you scared and now we’re far from rule n.1

5. Always ask for a name. Probably, they won’t give you the right one, but always ask for it. 

6. Always START and END your session. Start your session with a little silent meditation, make yourself strong, get rid off your fears and other troubles. You don’t have to think about it now. It’s Ouija session time. Light a candle, protect yourself using its elemental power. Protect the space around you. Protect the mirrors. Be prepared. End your session with saying goodbye to whoever you were talking. Thank them for their time. Be polite. Make sure they left. Cleanse the space around you using the elemental power of fire (candles) and blow out candles. Wash your hands, your neck, your shoulders and your face with cold water (to get rid of the residual energy).

7. Keep an Ouija board diary. Write the dates, to whom you were talking to and about what. 

8. Don’t mix your Ouija board candles, diary, pen and other stuff with anything else. Keep those things together. Preferably in some kind of cotton fabric. 


A Conversation with Loki
  • As I prepared myself for a ritual in the forest, with Sirius shining bright above me, I began to worry.
  • "Should I light a fire?"
  • An immediate answer came to me. "Yes. Build it high."
  • "What if I burn the woods down?" I asked.
  • "Let it burn."
  • "But the destruction...?"
  • "Let it burn. It doesn't matter. What happens will happen. The fire will follow it's course. Whether to burn and destroy or warm and protect. Let it burn."
  • And I understood. I understood the chaotic energy I was working with. Wild and unpredictable. Like a forest fire. The woods didn't burn down, but I let go of my worry. Under the chaos star I stood and I understood.
  • //disclaimer, I am not a god phone or a god spouse, I just happen to occasionally communicate with the God I worship.

anonymous asked:

I've seen pro-anarchy sentiment on this blog, but I really don't see how it could last as a long term form of 'government' (or lack thereof). In a power vacuum, there will always be some group that wants that power. What would realistically keep them from usurping that power?

You have to understand that anarchism is about centering power in nobody, not chaos. No rulers doesn’t mean no order or direction. That is a fundementally crucial tidbit to keep in mind when looking at anarchy/ism. Its about horizontalism and self-directed, collective action, not saying “fuck it” and not dealing with shit. With that in mind, just revisit the question you asked and it will look clearer. We will still be combatting tyranny on all fronts, but in a different approach to how we take action and agree on doing things.

just because callie is Confirmed™ doesnt mean shes not dead

single player mode will have us resurrect her with the power of the chaos emeralds!!!!!!!!! This I Believe


(This is a random Natepat Fic Idea that I had, inspired by Coolest)

“Oh! Why, Hello dear all-seeing, guidance giver-”

“Shut up. We both know you and I could live without seeing each others faces ever again.”

The first one to speak sighed, leaning heavily on his large gold staff, running a finger along the gem studded, sharpened end. “Well.. These last centuries have been rather kind to me.” The male let out a deep laugh, baring his fangs at the other.

“By kind you mean full of chaos, I assume. Self entitled King of Chaos.” The other male started, sweet golden eyes narrowed at the raven haired man. If he even was that.

“And minister of Disharmony. Discord incarnate. The distributer of Madness. Curser of Man. The list goes on, dear.”

“I came here to settle this.”

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I was just a mission

(A/N): I loved this request so much? I also haven’t written Clint in ages! 

Request: Can you do one where you’re a powerful mutant with chaos manipulation and Clint is sent to keep an eye on you but you two end up falling in love and you find out that you were just a mission and even though you join the team you break up with him

Warnings: angst, swearing

Originally posted by howdoyourespond

  “Barton,” Fury marched up to the archer, a file clutched in his hand. “I need you for an impromptu mission,” Clint looked at fury with mild interest given that he hadn’t had a good mission in months.

    “Yeah?” Clint asks as he takes a sip of coffee. “What is it?" 

    "Well, it’s an escort mission for starters,” Clint raises his brow as he snatches up the folder fury offered, flipping it open with one hand while the other lifted the cup to his lips once again.

    “Chaos manipulation, huh? What side of the universe did this junkie come from?" 

    "Right here, small little town, a little rock mining accident and then suddenly this person pops up with these powers," 

    "Okay…so my mission is to?" 

    "You’re bringing them in, just to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands,” Clint nods as he flips through the papers and pictures, quickly scanning them over as he does. “So, you up for it?” Clint smirks as he hands the folder back, a mildly surprise expression passing Fury’s face as he does. 

   "When do I begin?“ 

    Clint watched from a distance as his mission entered some cafe, walking to the front of the store to order something before taking a seat by the window. When Clint had taken this mission he didn’t realize it would entail this much sitting and watching, something he wasn’t good at. But, if he wanted to get back on the better missions he was going to have to prove himself worthy on this one and if that meant sitting and watching his mission for hours on end he’d do just that. 

    Clint tried to stay true to his word but the air was getting cold and he was tired of standing outside looking creepy so rather than freeze his ass off he meandered inside, smiling lightly at the cashier lady as he got up to order some plain coffee. As soon as the steaming cup was passed into his hands he gladly took a seat by the mission, giving them an almost cocky smile when they looked at him curiously. 

    "Hi, I’m Clint,” Clint stuck his hand out for the mission to shake, smiling brightly at them.

    “Hi…I’m (Y/N),” the mission whispers as they gently shake Clint’s hand. 

    “(Y/N), that’s a really pretty name-" 

    "I’m not trying to be rude here but I’m not really looking for a relationship right now and-” Clint snorted as he took a sip of his drink, eyeing (Y/N) as though they had grown another head.

    “I didn’t say I wanted to date you, who says I can’t make acquaintances with that shy cutie in the corner of the cafe?” (Y/N) blushes a bit and Clint can’t help but crack a little albeit genuine smile at the act.

    “I’m sorry,” they whisper, “I just assumed and-" 

    "It’s completely okay,” Clint gives them a reassuring smile, since when had he ever smiled this much? “I can understand why you’d jump to conclusions, but uh- friends? Friends sound good?” (Y/N) smiles a bit, nodding their head softly. 

    “Friends sounds great," 

    After that day in the cafe Clint began spending his every waking moment beside (Y/N) and what had once started out as a mission was slowly forming into something more. Clint knew he’d stated only friends but every time he so mucked as heard (Y/N)’s laugh or saw their smile he could feel his heart flutter in his chest. In the beginning he’d befriended them for selfish purposes, to finish the mission and get home but now he didn’t even see a mission, he just saw (Y/N)- his best friend. 

    "Hey,” (Y/N) nudged Clint’s chest with their toes, smiling at him softly. “Whatca thinkin’ about?” Clint smiled softly as he grabbed (Y/N)’s foot, yanking them a bit closer while doing it. 

    “Nuna business,” he whispers, smirking when (Y/N) giggled at him.

    “Come on, tell me-” (Y/N) nudges him again, using their other foot which Clint grabs just as easily as the other one. (Y/N) squirms against his hold, rolling their ankles and shifting their hips in an attempt to get him to let go. 

   "You’re not gonna get away,“ Clint chuckles at (Y/N)’s predicament, laughing when they whined and shifted more.

    "I’m gonna kick you in the face,” (Y/N) mutters as they move their legs, putting their entire lower body into it. 

    “How can if I’ve got your feet? Hmm?” (Y/N) struggles more, a smile crossing their face as involuntary chuckles falls from their lips. 

    “Clint, I’m serious, I’m gonna kick you," 

    "Oh yeah,” Clint smiles as he grasps both of (Y/N)’s feet in one hand, using the other to creep along their soles, tickling them softly. (Y/N) squealed in surprise as they attempted to flail away but they couldn’t with Clint’s iron right grip on their feet. 

    “Clint!” (Y/N) screams as he begins to move up their leg, stopping just below their knee cap. “Stop! That tickles!" 

    "That’s kinda the point baby bird,” Clint chuckled as he moved up more, his fingers grazing (Y/N)’s hips. (Y/N) screamed more, thrashing as they laughed heartily.

    “Clint, stop!” The try to swat at him but Clint sits on their hips, keeping their legs Down as he grips their arms in one of his hands. He mercilessly tickles them for what seems like forever before (Y/N) is laughing so hard tears are streaming down their face, little breathless laughs still spilling from their lips. It was almost cliche of him to think like this but watching (Y/N) smile like that, the way they laughed ever so softly as they panted breathlessly, their hair a mess from their thrashing and screaming but Clint realized he loved them, he loved (Y/N) with his entire being even though he’d promised this wouldn’t happen, he promised that he only wanted to be friends. 

   “Are you- are you gonna tell me now?” (Y/N) asks, cracking an eye open to stare up at Clint, their smile never faltering. 

   “No,” Clint shakes his head, his smile faltering slightly. “If I did I’d have to kill ya,” (Y/N) nods a bit, still trying to collect their breath. The two were so close together that Clint could feel (Y/N)’s chest rise and fall, feel the release of air against his body as he hovered over them, he could feel (Y/N)’s eyes tracing his nose, his jaw, over his lips- 

   “Y’know how you stated that you only wanted to be friends?” (Y/N) asks, their voice steady and quiet. Clint nods, swallowing thickly as he looked down at (Y/N). “Well…Did you really mean that? That you only wanted to be friends?” Clint’s heart jumped into his throat at their words, perhaps they were implying what he thought they were implying. 

    “Um- well- that depends,” 

    “On?” (Y/N) pushes, staring up at Clint earnestly. 

   “On whether or not you still don’t want a relationship,” (Y/N) swallows the lump in their throat, staring up at Clint’s face with a somewhat scared look. 

    “What if I do want one?” (Y/N) asks quietly, their tone shaking softly. Clint smiles softly, his heart hammering against his ribs.

    The two don’t say anything for a moment, just staring at each other with those twinkling eyes and happy smiles. Even after those few moments they don’t say anything but they do put their mouths to work. With gentle movements Clint lets go of (Y/N)’s hands, trailing them down to cup their cheeks. With an adoring gaze Clint leaned down just a tiny bit more, pressing his lips to (Y/N)’s in a sweet kiss. 

   (Y/N) kisses back, making a small noise of happiness in the back of their throat. Their lips moved together perfectly, molding against each other as though they were made to fit together; it was so perfect that Clint didn’t want it to end but he could feel a small burn starting in his lungs from his lack of air and he had to pull back sooner or later. So against his ever fiber of his being he pulled back, resting his forehead against (Y/N)’s as he shakily inhaled air. 

   “Then I’d say I wanted to be much more than friends,” Clint finally replies, a small smirk curling his lips as he stated the sentence. 

    Clint and (Y/N) had been dating for months now and Clint had nearly forgotten all about their little predicament, the fact that he was supposed to be guarding them, the fact that they were his mission. The problem was he had been instructed not to get attached and here he was, holding (Y/N) as they slept peacefully against him. He knew it was wrong, they were his job and he was failing it, but he loved them so fucking much, so much it hurt, and he couldn’t stand the thought of not being with them. 

   “Whatca thinkin’ about?” (Y/N) murmurs against Clint’s neck, not quiet ready to get up for the day. Clint smiled softly as he held (Y/N) a bit tighter, burying his nose in their soft hair. 

    “Just life, work, stuff like that,” (Y/N) hummed softly as they rolled over, straddling Clint’s hips abruptly. With a tired little smirk they lean down, pressing their lips to his neck in a lazy, open mouthed kiss. Clint in turn hummed as well, his hand going up to tangle in (Y/N)’s hair as they left a line of kisses down his neck but just as things were getting good his phone rang beside him, the damn thing nearly vibrating off the table as it did. “Dammit,” Clint curses as he reaches over with one hand to grab the phone, pressing answer without even looking at the name. “Hello?” 

   “Barton? Barton is that you?” Shit, it was Fury. Clint sat up abruptly, nearly taking (Y/N) with him, luckily they had enough sense to cling to him like a koala, making it impossible to shake them off. 

    “Director Fury,” Clint’s voice took on a more formal tone, shocking both him and (Y/N); he’d nearly forgotten he was a field agent. 

   “I’m just calling to check in on the mission, I haven’t heard from you in awhile and I thought it’d be better to call, Nat wanted to come out and find you herself but I warned her against it, don’t want it interfering with your work, right?” 

   “Right,” Clint bit his lip as (Y/N) stared at him in confusion, their nose scrunched up in the cutest way. 

    “So, everything’s okay? Mission’s doing well?” 

   “Yeah-” Clint sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand. “Yeah, it’s good,” 

    “Good, You’ve only got a few weeks left Barton, I suggest you get the asset here pronto,” 

   “Yes sir,” Clint replied, his tone much heavier than it was at the beginning of the conversation. 

   “I’ll see you soon then?” Clint looked at (Y/N), studying their eyes, full of something he couldn’t quite understand. 

   “Yes, yes you will sir,” Without another word Clint clicked the phone off, tossing it to the side in exasperation. Well, this whole happy normal life had been nice while it lasted but it was no going to come to an abrupt stop, just like all happy things did in his life. 

   “Clint, what’s wrong sweetie?” (Y/N) asks, their tone laced with concern. Clint sighed, rubbing his hands down his face as he thought of some way to break this lightly to (Y/N). 

   “I know about you (Y/N),” Clint mutters, his heart aching in his chest. “I know what you are,” (Y/N) stares at him in confusion and perhaps a bit of fear, their lips parted slightly as their eyes scanned his face. 

   “What- What do you mean?” 

   “I know about your powers (Y/N),” 

    (Y/N) sat beside Clint numbly, their hands resting lightly on their legs as they stared at the bed sheet below them. 

   “I’m so sorry (Y/N),” Clint whispers, reaching out to hold (Y/N) like he so desperately wanted to do. “I should have told you earlier and-” 

    “Is that all I am to you?” (Y/N) asks meekly, their eyes clouded with tears. “Just some mission for some organization?”

   “No, god no, of course not. I mean, yeah, that’s what you started out as, but-” Clint quickly rises to fix his mistake. “But as soon as I got to know you I fell in love and then I didn’t see you as a mission anymore, you were just (Y/N), that cute kid I met in that stupid cafe-” 

    “So if you hadn’t been sent to watch me, like some circus freak or something-” (Y/N) mutters, wiping at their runny nose. “We wouldn’t even be here right now, would we?” 


   “Would we Clint?” Clint sighs once again, his heart sinking into his stomach. 

   “Probably not, I don’t know-” 

   “Okay,” (Y/N) mutters, only a hint of venom in their  words. “I’ll join your stupid team, I’ll come check out whatever this SHIELD shit is,” Clint nods, a small smile rising to his lips. “But I want you to get the hell out of my house,” Immediately Clint’s smile falls, replaced with confusion. 


   “Get out of my house. I don’t want to see you again, I don’t want to hear you again, I want you out,” (Y/N) growls, standing as they go to grab their clothes. 

   “(Y/N), please just- just give me a chance-” (Y/N) scoffs as they throw Clint’s clothes at him, not even stopping to give him a look. 

   “I don’t want to be with someone knowing that at one point I was their job. Now, get out of my house before you really start to feel sorry,” There are tears burning (Y/N)’s eyes and all they want to do is crawl into Clint’s embrace and hug him for the rest of their life but they couldn’t, not with the new information they’d just received. “NOW!” (Y/N) points to the door, their finger shaking with the effort of not crying. Clint shoots up from the bed, hurriedly putting his clothes on as he also tries to open the door. He slips his shirt over his head, stopping beside (Y/N) to say something, opening and closing his mouth again and again, thinking of something to say. He couldn’t just leave them, this was the first person he’d loved in his life and now they were being ripped away from him and it was all his fault. “Clint,” (Y/N)’s voice cracks slightly. “Just go, please,” Clint lingers for only a moment longer, staring at (Y/N) with such a pained gaze that (Y/N) was so close to breaking and jut hurling themself at him, begging to be held and loved but before they could Clint left, the door to their bedroom creaking softly behind him. 

   (Y/N) kept their composer until their front door open and closed and then they allowed themselves to fall apart. With a heaving chest and shaking shoulders they slid back into bed, sobbing against their own sheets. Clint hadn’t even been gone a minute and they already missed him so fucking much, guess it didn’t help the sheets smelled just like him. 

   Outside Clint stood at the door, trying to control his own emotions long enough to walk away from (Y/N)’s house, the house that had become his home over the last few months. But that was nearly impossibly knowing (Y/N) was inside, angry and hurt, crying because Clint had been an idiot. He wanted nothing more than to turn around and walk through the door and hold (Y/N) like his life depended on it but he lost that right- he lost every right the minute he opened his mouth. So now, with a heavy heart and heavy feet Clint trudged down the steps of his home- leaving behind the love of his life. 

Give me a Haikyuu!! dance crew!AU where the setters are the choreographers I MEAN:

  • Kageyama’s old crew disbanded bc the sets he made for them were too fast and nobody could nail them
  • And then he joins Karasuno and this little ball of lightning called Hinata has apparently watched Kageyama’s choreo and nails all of them “what like it’s hard?”
  • After Kageyama joins, Karasuno has 2 choreographers. Kageyama is the genius who thinks of all the amazing, near-impossible sets that are starting to make Karasuno infamous, and Suga is the one who ties all the choreography together into one cohesive unit.
  • Kenma doesn’t dance in actual performances but he knows production value. He takes care of everything from music to choreo to blocking and Nekoma’s performances always end up so fucking smooth like A+ work Kenma
  • Seijou is so fucking synchronized and on point with EVERYTHING and it’s all thanks to Oikawa who plays on all of his crew members’ strengths.
  • Fukurodani is all about power and chaos. Any one performance is a mix of quick, hard-hitting sets and slow-motion steps, angry and overjoyed, serious and comedic, and Akaashi is a master of making the transitions between the moods work.

This started out with me wanting to watch Iwa-chan dance but it blew up I’m not sorry


When Lily White meets BiBiBlack(?)

My first aqours fanart? XDD Since the subunit name’s undecided atm, I’ve decided to call them BBB, or BibiBlack -rolls (a blonde, a lil shit and a pianist after all)

Ganbatte, Riko!

I want Knuckles and Shadow to become friends, I want them to realize they have many things in common.

I want them to help each other when they feel there’s no one else like them in the world. I want Shadow to help Knuckles protect the Master Emerald, and Knuckles teaching Shadow how to use the Master Emerald’s energy to power up his Chaos Control.

I want both of them to respect each other as a powerful fighter because Shadow needs to take off his limiters to beat Knuckles, and Knuckles admires the strenght of the Ultimate Lifeform.