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Episode 4x01: "Echoes"
Welcome back to Meta Station, for the first of our weekly Season 4 recaps!

Welcome back to Meta Station, for the first of our weekly Season 4 recaps! We’re crazypants excited about this episode and can’t wait to yell about it with you! And don’t miss the bonus content from this episode; we talked for about 45 minutes about that Kane/Bellamy scene, and also did some giggling about Roan’s dorky crown.

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0:00 – *Octavia Blake voice* WE’RE BACK, BITCHES!
0:03 – The Jasper of It All: Dear Show, Please Don’t Fuck This Up
0:13 – Erin Gets Real About Mental Health
0:29 – Supergenius Raven + Bravenlarke Rising
0:33 – Hot Damn We Have a Lot of Jokes About Extended Warranties for Nuclear Power Plants
0:38 – We Would Like to Place an Order for One Backstory with a Side of Plot Agency for Harper
0:43 – Our Murphamy Hopes Were Dashed, But We’re Psyched About Memori
0:58 – The Polis A-Story: Or, Holy Shit It’s Great to Have the Whole Gang Back Together
1:11 – The Badass Bellarke Leader Squad Is Back on Top Where They Belong
1:25 – Clarke and the Flame: In Which the Show Does Justice to Lexa and the Reality of Grief
1:43 – Clarke & Kabby vs. Octavia & Jasper: Choosing Life vs. Choosing Death
1:49 – The Bellarke/Kabby Power Squad
1:56 – R.I.P. the Azgeda Guards Too Dumb to Spot the Ol’ Live-Person-in-a-Body-Bag Trick
1:59 – HOT TAKE: Roan Is the Lincoln of Azgeda
2:11 – Claire Hates Saying “Heavy Lies the Crown” Because Misquoting Shakespeare Makes Her Stabby; Also, See You Next Week With A SPECIAL GUEST????


Junkers G.38 diesel-powered transport/airliner, later upgraded to more conventional gasoline engines, at the time the world’s largest aircraft in service, designed to compete with the Zeppelins.

Only two units build in the late 20′s, one lost in an accident in 1936, while the remaining unit was destroyed in an airfield by RAF aircraft in 1941.

«A century and a half ago, I lived with my people, the Mapuche. My sister was Pire. Our parents named her after the snow on the mountains because of her fair skin. […]

She came to me one day in secret and told me of the angel that found her in the woods, that visited her by night. I warned her. [..]

I could not save her. The child ripped his way free of her, and she died quickly, begging all the while that I would care for her Nahuel. Her dying wish—and I agreed. “He bit me, though, when I tried to lift him from her body. I crawled away into the jungle to die. I didn’t get far—the pain was too much. But he found me; the newborn child struggled through the underbrush to my side and waited for me. When the pain ended, he was curled against my side, sleeping.»

Breaking Dawn, Chapter 38. Power.

99 Bravely Series asks!

In no particular order:

01.  - Favorite party member?

02.  - Favorite Asterisk Holder?

03.  - Favorite Job class?

04.  - Best guy?

05.  - Best girl?

06.  - Any OTP?

07.  - Any class/skill combo you really enjoyed using?

08.  - Favorite class/skill combo for a particular character? [Include character]

09.  - Ever done a challenge run?

10.  - Would you join the Duchy of Eternia or the Glanz Empire?

11.  - Thoughts on fairies?

12.  - Favorite Mage color?

13.  - Vampire or Catmancer?

14.  - Favorite map/dungeon/location theme?

15.  - Favorite battle theme?

16.  - Favorite Special Move theme?

17.  - Favorite non-human boss? (Human-manned robots count)

18.  - Most disturbing Ba’al?

19.  - Any guess on Magnolia’s real name?

20.  - Yew and Janne, bros or more?

21.  - Edea’s red outfit or blue outfit, which is better?

22.  - Best alternate outfit?

23.  - Ringabel’s pompadour or Tiz’s anime hair?

24.  - Least useful job?

25.  - Favorite weapon type?

26.  - Own any piece of Bravely merch?

27.  - In which town or city you’d like to live?

28.  - Who did you support in [insert sidequest here]?

29.  - English or Japanese voice acting?

30.  - Thoughts on “Mrgrgr”?

31.  - How did you get into Bravely?

32.  - Have you gotten anyone into Bravely?

33.  - Ever done a Bravely cosplay, or plan on it?

34.  - Best party chat?

35.  - Norende or the Moon?

36.  - Renamed any character?

37.  - Sent any particularly powerful move?

38.  - Used Bravely Second oftenly or sparingly?

39.  - Easiest Boss?

40.  - Hardest non-Final Boss?

41.  - What did you know about the series before playing?

42.  - If you had an Asterisk in real life, which one would it be? (You can make one up)

43.  - You enjoy grinding or try to avoid it?

44.  - Your setup for traversing dungeons is?

45.  - Grandship or Rubadub?

46.  - Ever had a “called it!” moment?

47.  - Thoughts on the Bravely Second opening?

48.  - Best dad?

49.  - Who’s the cutest?

50.  - Who’s the most handsome?

51.  - …Chompcraft?

52.  - Who wore the [insert class here]’s outfit better?

53.  - You checked in Agnès often?

54.  - Should Tiz get a haircut?

55.  - Saddest death?

56.  - Who would you kick in the face? (Answer as many as you want)

57.  - Defaulted often?

58.  - Braved often?

59.  - Got any protip for newcomers?

60.  - Have you made any works for the fandom? (Drawings, edits, fics, etc…)

61.  - Game most similar to Bravely you’ve played?

62.  - Have you played Praying Brage, the browser game?

63.  - Should Catmancer have been translated as Nekomancer?

64.  - Thoughts on the console port rumor?

65.  - You call the inevitable sequel Bravely Third or Bravely Sword?

66.  - What role do you think Ringabel will play there?

67.  - And Vice President Appleberry?

68.  - Any character (or Job class) you’d like to see come back after being absent in Second?

69.  - Who’s the hottest character?

70.  - Who is the most tragic villain?

71.  - What would be the ideal party in the next game? (As in, who would be in it)

72.  - Name one (1) Job class from Final Fantasy that isn’t in Bravely but you’d like it to be in

73.  - Make up a new Job class right now!

74.  - Which Asterisk Holder had the best battle entrance dialogue?

75.  - Would you like Bravely characters to be featured in FF-related crossovers, like Kingdom Hearts or Dissidia?

76.  - Who or what would you say is the mascot of the series?

77.  - Most miraculous save from a Game Over?

78.  - Most epic fail?

79.  - Opinion on Default’s chapters 5 through 8?

80.  - Ever had a combo so good you felt you were cheating?

81.  - Autosave on or off?

82.  - How often do you flee from battle?

83.  - Best change from Default to Second?

84.  - Worst change from Default to Second?

85.  - Who should do the next game’s OST: Revo, ryo or both?

86.  - If there were another Bravely spin-off, what would you like it to be?

87.  - Have you read the manga or the novels?

88.  - Which Asterisk Holders have the best relationship?

89.  - Any characters you used to like but don’t anymore?

90.  - Any characters you used to dislike but now you like?

91.  - When there’s no difference do you cast Fire, Blizzard or Thunder?

92.  - You used the “Lore” skills a lot?

93.  - Most mind-blowing plot twist? [Tag the spoiler!]

94.  - In which sidequest from Second did you have more trouble choosing a side?

95.  - And which one was the most clear-cut?

96.  - Funniest punny name?

97.  - Cringiest punny name?

98.  - If you could use any asterisk in real life, which one would you pick and what might you do with it?

99.  - What is your biggest hope for the sequel?

To commemorate the legacy that María Félix has left behind on her 100th Anniversary, we have gathered one hundred of her best quotes. Which one is your favorite?

1. “I don’t think I’m the Queen Bee… I am the Queen Bee.”

2. “I might be one more woman in your life, but you are one less man in mine.”

3. “I have never judged lesbians and gays. What they do from the waist down it’s their business, not mine.”

4. “Leave the dead in peace, the ones inside can’t get out and the ones that are out don’t want to go in.”

5. “Money doesn’t give you happiness, but it does help calm ones nerves.”

6. “It’s not enough to be pretty, you need to know how to be pretty.”

7. “I am a woman with a heart of a man.”

8. “I have been too busy living my life, that I have not had time to count,” when asked about her age.

9. “My job has been to be attractive.”

10. “My enemies are many and bad; my friends are few and good.”

11. “Don’t give me advice, I can make my own mistakes.”

12. “The stars of today don’t have the star power and actresses of today are disposable, models that don’t even know how to speak.”

13. “An original woman is not someone that doesn’t imitate someone, but the one that nobody can imitate.”

14. “Money is not happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Ferrari.”

15. “Nobody impresses me with a price, but with the results.”

16. “Talking about myself is difficult, to talk about myself is severe, because I am better than what I appear to be..”

17. “People with no ambition never get out of the hole.”

18. “I don’t like help, when I ask for it, you can help me.”

19. “Obviously I have a soul, just because someone as blind as you can’t see it, doesn’t mean I don’t have one.”

20. “Diva is something invented, but I was not fabricated, life made me and made me very well.”

21. “Women will never be like men, even though some men have a women’s heart.”

22. “In life I believe that success is inferior to a celebrity.”

23. “Success can be reached by many people, celebrity touches you and is with you forever.”

24. “Some friends tell me that pearls make people cry. The only pearls that make me cry are the fake ones.”

25. “I only have a bad memory of you, and a great residence.”

26. “You don’t need to be perfect, as long as you don’t make any mistakes.”

27. “The best way to love someone is to accept them how they are, that is what I do with Antoine, it’s not easy, but to only love idiots is easy.”

28. “If all the men were as ugly as you, I would be a lesbian,” she said when a reporter asked if she was a lesbian.

29. “Hair to women is a medium to express ourselves, it’s not true that with black hair women show their arrogance and disdain.”

30. “Beauty gives you everything, but it is not everything.”

31. “You don’t investigate an actress, you invent [something about them].”

32. “To think about existence doesn’t make what doesn’t exist, exist.”

33. “The metro in Mexico City is mine, my husband Alex Berger gave it to me.”

34. “Other’s have seen less and paid more,” was her reply when asked why she left a performance mid-show.

35. “Since the beginning of time, men have taken the best part of the cake.”

36. “Flowers are a bad business, they last for a day and you need to thank them for a month.”

37. “It is fundamental to learn the power of imagination.”

38. “A woman is very complicated and difficult; it is a labyrinth where anybody can get lost easily.”

39. “Nobody seduces me, I seduce them.”

40. “They say that men should have initiative, but in my life I’ve taken it.”

41. “Women like to kiss like men… Do business like men… And to be treated like men, but I don’t think they are correct.”

42. “Women have a place in life and when they try to act like men they look fatal.”

43. “The dirt is very close to the poor.”

44. “All of us should sweep and clean… The same way we clean the city we should clean ourselves because we are very filthy lately.”

45. “Many times I shut my dad’s mouth, why wouldn’t I tell a priest to be quiet,” she said about the time the father was sidetracked talking about the Apostles during her son’s funeral.

46. “Don’t hope for the future, when the present is not safe either.”

47. “Jealousy are the children of love, however they are bastards.”

48. “For many years, Paris and I have a passionate romance.”

49. “The most important word in the dictionary is ‘love.’”

50. “Try to go over me and you will know who I am.”

51. “Stupid people are not the problem, but stupid people that also have initiative.”

52. “Whomever has not suffered from love, doesn’t know how to love.”

53. “A mirror never lies.”

54. “We should only cry for a man three days… On the fourth, you put on heels and new clothes.”

55. “I am not nostalgic and I don’t like to think about the past, but I have unbearable memory.”

56. “I always say what I think and that has caused dislike in me.”

57. “I am not used to lying, not even to defend myself.”

58. “When I was little my mother always said to me, 'First number one than number two.’”

59. “If someone is young inside, that naturally reflects in the exterior beauty.”

60. “My selfishness has consisted in rejecting movies, friendships, marriage proposals that weren’t in my best interest. That is why we need to have cold blood take over our feelings.”

61. “I have never gotten drunk because it looks like I am drunk all the time.”

62. “Better to cause envy than pity.”

63. “Getting married so a man can buy me stockings is horrible.”

64. “Within my battles I don’t mention success because that didn’t cost me anything, although I have fought to not believe it.”

65. “With the lights off, the voice is what touches you.”

66. “I have an infinite admiration for intelligent men.”

67. “From a man I expect flattery, promises, declarations of love. What I don’t expect is for them to shine at my expense.”

68. “My first and only birth was horrible, a true massacre. No human deserves such pain.”

69. “I have never loved someone as much as they have loved me.”

70. “The worst enemy I have conquered was depression because it was inside me. It was a battle between the mind and the heart.”

71. “I can have my desires and capriciousness without affecting anybody, but the desires of a President can ruin a whole country.”

72. “The quality has been lost,” when talking about men now.

73. “I’ve always had a beautiful man’s voice.”

74. “I don’t have a voice [to sing] but I have a good style.”

75. “Stupidity is contagious.”

76. “What do you want me to do? I can’t be ugly.”

77. “If you are just as hated as admired, you are beautiful, get used to it; there are some that are only hated and they die to be admired.”

78. “Fight for a man? Why? There are too many!”

79. “Women don’t know how to drive cars because they are made to drive men.”

80. “I have been a winner everywhere that I go. I have always liked to win and it’s not easy to win in a foreign country.”

81. “If I thought all day about everything that has been said about since I could reason, I would be unhappy.”

82. “The only job that I’ve had had in life has been to learn because I started without knowing anything.”

83. “If you hang with fools, you will be saying foolish things later.”

84. “Everyone wants to know about me, even my enemies.”

85. “This is a man’s world, made for and by men. What surprises me nowadays is that women allow themselves to be abused… Dummies!”

86. “I’ve been very much abused.. mistreated, thrown from the stairs, pinched, everything… but in the movies.”

87. “A ring can’t buy my kisses. I give them when I want.”

88. “I think that he knew he was sick and he wanted to have a great year,” María Félix on Jorge Negrete’s death a year after they married.

89. “I love my country and I’ve wanted to represent it with dignity worldwide.”

90. “With so many interests in life I never get bored. That is my beauty secret, the curiosity and the joy for life.”

91. “I always have a book close by, because reading is the mental gym.”

92. “People console themselves thinking that if are not doing well here, they will have a good time in paradise. I would like for people to enjoy life, just in case there isn’t another.”

93. “A bed is a divine piece of furniture where people can’t hide who they are.”

94. “In movies and in life, to seduce is more important than to be liked.”

95. Negrete once asked her, “Who did you sleep with to get the starring role.” María Félix replied, “You have more time in the business, you should know who you need to sleep with to become a star.”

96. “Beauty is a concept forged by everyone else. They value you or disregard you, they protect you or destroy you.”

97. “Sexy is a man that one wants to make love to when you see him dressed.”

98. “I only have one message for women of my country and the world: I hope you love yourself as much as I loved myself.”

99. “My great satisfaction is to have done everything that I wanted and made them happen, not just in dreams.”

100. “Everyone will remember me being who I am, what I was and what I will be.”

temporary benchmark summary


  • tempest condi: 39.7
  • tempest power: 37-38
  • dh virtues: ~34


  • thief condi: 36.2-38.1 (human)
  • engy condi: 35.4
  • tempest condi: 34.2
  • necro condi: 34.0
  • ranger condi: 33.9-35.0 (sylvari)
  • thief power: 32.2
  • warr condi: 31.5
  • rev condi: 30.2-41.1 (100% torment)
  • d/wh ele, d/d thief, dh radiance, pow engy, etc: sub 30

Welp. RIP power.

Edit: Oh, credit to Quantify and Lucky Noobs.

Name: T-26-2014

 Origin: Soviet Union 

 Service: 2014-2037 

 Manufacturer: Bravo Tank Works (Originally 
Factory No. 174 named after K.E. Voroshilov in Leningrad, Stalingrad Tractor Factory)

 Produced: 2014-2037 

 Number Built: 600,000 

 Weight: 9.6 tonnes 

 Length: 4.65 m 

 Width: 2.44 m 

 Height: 2.24 m 

 Crew: 3 (Commander, Driver, Gunner) 

 Armour: 6 mm (bottom), 6-10mm (roof), 15 mm (hull and turret, front, rear, sides), deflector shielding (T-26-2014/17)

 Main armament: Scorpio Armoury DT-23 45mm gun (original), Scorpio Armoury DT-23 45mm mass driver cannon (T-26-2014/17), 122 rounds 

 Secondary Armament: 7.62 ZiG-52 HMG, 2962 rounds 

 Engine: 4 Cylinder Gasoline flat air-cooled RPB-34 engine; engine volume 6600 cc 90 hp at 2100 rpm 

 Power/Weight: 9.38 hp/t 

 Transmission: single disc main dry clutch, drive shaft, gearbox with five gears, steering clutch, final drives 

 Suspension: leaf quarter-elliptic springs 

 Ground Clearance: 380 mm 

 Fuel capacity: 290 L with additional 110 L fuel tank  

Operational Range: 220-240 km (road), 130-140 km (off-road) 

 Speed: 31.1 km/h (paved), 22 km/h (gravel), 16 km/h (off road) 

 Steering System: steering stick 

 Materials: Welded adamantite armour plate, stamped adamantite pieces, rubber and steel tracks 

 The T-26 was one of the two tanks originally available to the USSR during the Interwar period of the 1930s into the beginning of World War II. It served in the Spanish Civil War, the Winter War, and the very beginning of World War II. The last record of their service was in 1945 against the Japanese Kwangtung Army in Manchuria. 

 For the BEA, having just modernized, and in need of armour to deal with the Brotherhood forces, turned to older tank designs, the T-26 being one of them. Remade with adamantite plate, the T-26 remained one of the lightest tanks in BEA service, serving as an infantry support or recon role depending on the circumstances. In 2017, to improve their longevity, deflector shielding was added, and the cannon was replaced with a mass driver cannon, leading to the T-26-2014/17. 

 The T-26-2014/17 served until 2037, where the existing models were replaced by more modern designs. The surplus tanks, manufacturing equipment, and blueprints was sold off to the allies of the Bouzaculan Empire, who were allowed to build their own tanks from said designs. So far, foreign madeT-26s serve in the fight against the Scorpion’s Hand. 











Vampires of Color in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2:

Huilen, changed in 1850 around age 17, from Mapuche territory.

I am Huilen,” the woman announced in a clear but strangely accented English. As she continued, it was apparent she had prepared herself to tell this story, that she had practiced. It flowed like a well-known nursery rhyme. A century and a half ago, I lived with my people, the Mapuche. My sister was Pire. Our parents named her after the snow on the mountains because of her fair skin. And she was very beautiful - too beautiful. She came to me one day in secret and told me of the angel that found her in the woods, that visited by night. I warned her. Huilen shook her head mournfully. “As if the bruises on her skin were not warning enough. I knew it was the Libishomen of our legends, but she would not listen. She was bewitched. 

She told me she was sure her dark angel’s child was growing inside her. I didn’t try to discourage her from her plan to run away - I knew even our father and mother would agree that the child must be destroyed, Pire with it. I went with her into the deepest parts of the forest. She searched for her demon angel but found nothing. I cared for her, hunted for her when her strength failed. She ate animals raw, drinking their blood. I needed no more confirmation of what she carried in her womb. I hoped to save her life before I killed the monster.

But she loved the child inside her, She called him Nahuel, after the jungle cat, when he grew strong and broke her bones - and loved him still. I could not save her. The child ripped his way free of her, and she died very quickly, begging all the while that I would care for her Nahuel. Her dying wish - and I agreed.

He bit me, though, when I tried to lift him from her body. I crawled away into the jungle to die. I didn’t get to far - the pain was too much. But he found me; the newborn child struggled through underbrush to my side and waited for me. When the pain ended, he curled against my side, sleeping. I cared for him until he was able to hunt for himself. We hunted the villages around our forest, staying to ourselves. We have never come so far from our home, but Nahuel wished to see the child here. - Breaking Dawn, Ch.38 Power


Soldier A
Occupation : Soldier Apprentice
Sex : Man
Level : 2
HP : 18
MP : 7
Left Hand : Soldier’s Sword
Body : Soldier’s Armor
Waist : Leather Belt
Shoes : Leather Boots
Power : 11
Speed : 87
Physical Fitness : 22
Intelligence : 27
Luck : 1
Maximum HP : 18
Maximum MP : 7
Attack : 2
Defense : 5
Loyalty of Heart: 279
Ex : 14

Occupation : Magician
Sex : Woman
Level : 30
HP : 214
MP : 153
Right Hand : Wiseman’s Rod
Head : Three-Cornered Hat
Back : Jet-Black Cape
Personal Item : Jet-Black Book
Power : 38
Speed : 68
Physical Fitness : 31
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 121
Maximum HP : 214
Maximum MP : 153
Attack : 50
Defense : 62
Chuuni Level : 279
Ex : 241766

Occupation : Priest
Sex : Man
Level : 31
HP : 238
MP : 25
Right Hand : Hardcore Mace
Body : Holy Clothes
Head : Holy Hat
Personal Item: Bible
Power : 253
Speed : 60
Physical Fitness : 140
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 78
Maximum HP : 238
Maximum MP : 25
Attack : 219
Defense : 121
Faith in God : (Crossed Out (15)) (Written In (999))
Ex : 298105

Occupation : King (The Greatest)
Sex : (Crossed Out (Woman)) (Written In (Girl))
Level : 1
HP : 10
MP : 10
Head : Crown of Ramitonia
Body 1 : Cashmere Clothes
Body 2 : King’s Robe
Personal Item : Girl’s Secret Pouch
Power : 3
Speed : 8
Physical Fitness : 2
Intelligence : ???
Luck : 255
Maximum HP : 10
Maximum MP : 10
Attack : 1
Defense : 4
Financial Assets : National Budget
Ex : 0

Occupation : Demon Lord Army Soldier
Sex : Man
Level : 37
HP : 402
MP : 185
Right Hand : Demon Blade Kusanagi
Body : Armor of Legend
Back : Cloak of Curse
Power : 249
Speed : 130
Physical Fitness : 167
Intelligence : 140
Luck : 21
Maximum HP : 402
Maximum MP : 185
Attack : 320
Defense : 140
Evil Eye Power Level : 333
Ex : 417771

Some of our Favorites! (Top 20 Episode List)

Amanda’s Top 20:

  1. Ep 112: PaperMill Factory
  2. Ep 140: Running Man Virus
  3. Ep 168: Wolf Vs. Sheep
  4. Ep 42: First Survival Game
  5. Ep 74: Superpower Nametag Elimination
  6. Ep 129: Winter Olympics
  7. Ep 8: The “I Swear” video makes Appearance
  8. Ep 12: Gary Let’s Jihyo Go
  9. Ep 13: Jae Suk Solo Win (YooRuce Willis)
  10. Ep 96 & 153 & 200s: Park Ji Sung (^^)
  11. Ep 178: RM vs PD
  12. Ep 187: Cross The Han River
  13. Ep 100: God’s Power Episode
  14. Ep 38: Yooames Bond
  15. Ep 133 & 134: Macau & Vietnam
  16. Ep 138: Athletic Vs. Theatre Department
  17. Ep 155: Ghost Sisters
  18. Ep 131: Bounty Hunter (MMA Fighter)
  19. Ep 183: True Match Paring
  20. Ep 135: Jackie Chan Episode

Michelle’s Top 20, in no particular order:

  1. Ep 91: Prison Break/Yoomes Bond Pt. 2
  2. Ep 127: Busan F4
  3. Ep 74: 1st Superpowers Episode
  4. Ep 151: CCTV Episode
  5. Ep 147: Flower Boy Special
  6. Ep 104: 1st Idol Olympics
  7. Ep 69: Grasshopper Hunting
  8. Ep 25: Manhwa Episode
  9. Ep 63: SNSD Pt. 1
  10. Ep 138: Student Rivalry 2013
  11. Ep 139: This Winter, the Typhoon Blows
  12. Ep 142: Best Couple Race
  13. Ep 79: Sherlock Holmes
  14. Ep 113: Ddakji
  15. Ep 93: Nonstop Survival
  16. Ep 78: Chun-Han War
  17. Ep 86: Running Man Championship
  18. Ep 110: Target Hunting
  19. Ep 96: Park Jisung
  20. Ep 178: Han River Crossing    

Koko’s Top 20, in chronological order:

  1. Ep 42: First Best Running Man Race
  2. Ep 52: Running Man Hunting
  3. Ep 60: Tru-Gary Show
  4. Ep 69: Grasshopper Hunting
  5. Ep 74: Second Best Running Man Race
  6. Ep 77: Tasty Bingo Race
  7. Ep 91: The Return of Yoo-ames Bond
  8. Ep 96: Superpower Soccer
  9. Ep 98: Zombie Special
  10. Ep 108: Don’t Walk, Date!
  11. Ep 110: Target Hunting
  12. Ep 112: The Golden Eggs Race
  13. Ep 118: Running Man vs Hunter
  14. Ep 119: First Superpower Baseball
  15. Ep 126: Fool Choi Ji Woo
  16. Ep 140: Yoo-ames Bond Part 3
  17. Ep 144: Children’s Day Special
  18. Ep 147: Flower Boy Race
  19. Ep 148: Eating Board Race
  20. Ep 165: Search for the Little Girl

Marie’s Top 20, in chronological order:

  1. Ep 11: that one where they stamp Gary’s face without him knowing
  2. Ep 20: that one where they put Jae Suk in a lie detector test and you realize he’s the best
  3. Ep 35-36: that one where Dae Sung and Jung Yong Hwa go hide around that enormous camp ground
  4. Ep 41: that one where Joong Ki leaves (I cry everytime)
  5. Ep 60: that one where Gary becomes a spy but doesn’t but we don’t know?
  6. Ep 66: that one where Joong Ki returns as a surprise
  7. Ep 69: that one where Choi Min Soo returns
  8. Ep 96: that one where they play superpower football with Park Ji Sung
  9. Ep 98: that one where they scare themselves in a big empty hotel
  10. Ep 104: that one where they play against idols in the shows 1st Olympics
  11. Ep 127: that one where Ji Hyo realizes she’s the one everyone’s looking for later than expected
  12. Ep 132: that one where Kwang Soo outmaneuvers EVERYONE
  13. Ep 138: that one where they had a hilarious eating contest with the boys of School 2013
  14. Ep 139: that one where they go to Macau and go bungee jumping
  15. Ep 163: that one where they treat Ji Hyo the princess she is
  16. Ep 175: that one where Gong Yoo is as perfect as ever
  17. Ep 178: that one where the members negotiate their working conditions against the staff
  18. Ep 181: that one where the male guest and one member have a sweet secret mission
  19. Ep 197: that one where Suk Jin made me cry proud tears
  20. Ep 200: that one where they go to the zoo and hilarity ensues

I know it took a long time (again, so sorry!), but hopefully this still helps some of you! We weren’t able to include Beth and Ann’s top 20, but I think this is enough to get started if you wanted watch RM but not from the start, or if you’re just looking for a way to pass time with a random episode binge! :)

What about your top 20?

anonymous asked:

A post of yours ended up on my dash. I am in an age gap relationship and I am a teen and he is 38 years old. He treats me right, is respectful, and is wonderful I don't think it's fair you call that abuse. He never hits me or anything harmful.

Abuse is more complicated than just whether someone hits you or not.

When an adult dates a teenager, the adult has about a million ways to get the teenager to do what the adult wants. And since teenagers are still learning about all these manipulation tactics, it’s very possible that the teenager won’t actually notice right away when the adult is being manipulative.

Most teenagers who date adults don’t realize until years later just how fucked up the situation was, not because we weren’t smart, not because we weren’t mature, but because we were kids when it happened and learning this stuff takes time that teenagers haven’t had.

It’s not fair and it’s not safe. You deserve to make choices that aren’t influenced by the huge amount of power a 38-year-old adult has over you.

I’m an adult. All of my friends are adults. It would not occur to me to date a teenager. This is true for every single adult I know except for the ones who would take advantage of a kid.

Adults who date kids have to actually plan that out; it’s not a normal part of an adult social life. The only reason to pick a kid specifically instead of an adult you have much more in common with, is that a kid hasn’t had a chance yet to learn how to spot your bullshit, and if they do, the kid probably doesn’t have the social power to stop you.

In a healthy relationship, people have about the same level of power, so neither person can control or boss around or manipulate the other. When an adult dates a teenager, it’s automatically unhealthy, especially because the only adults who would date a teenager are the ones who want someone they can control.

I’m glad this guy hasn’t hit you so far, but that doesn’t mean he’s not abusing you. I really encourage you to learn as much as you can about what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy and please, please don’t let him isolate you.

The first thing most abusers do is to isolate you from anyone who could help you if things got really bad. Please, even if you think he’s great, maintain relationships with friends and family even when he doesn’t approve or tries to convince you that they’re bad people or that they’d never understand you.

Don’t keep your relationship with him secret, either, no matter what he says. Make sure someone you trust knows his full name and that you two are dating.

If things do get bad and you need someone to talk to, you can talk to someone at the RAINN online hotline.