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Rick Ross says he won’t sign women rappers because he’s afraid he’ll sleep with them

  • Rick Ross aka Mr. “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it” was recently asked by Angela Yee on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club why he hasn’t signed any female rappers. His response:
    • You know, I never did it because I always thought, like, I would end up fucking a female rapper and fucking the business up. … I’m so focused on my business. I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good. I’m spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta fuck her couple times.
  • Ross inadvertently spoke to a much larger dynamic that has hurt women rappers trying to make it in the industry: They are routinely sexualized and judged on their appearance, rather than their rap abilities.
  • It’s easy to dismiss Ross’ comments as a joke, but as Brooklyn-based emcee Nitty Scott said in an email, ignoring Ross isn’t good enough because he is “quite literally articulating and embodying the dominant mentality being imposed on female artists regularly.” Read more (7/26/17)

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Clue Radio Freestyle - Meek Mill

Jay-Z’s 13th studio album “4:44″ is out today! This album is only available on Tidal for Sprint users. IHeartRadio is streaming the album throughout the day on Power 105.1. at these following times:  12PM ET 2PM ET 4PM ET 6PM ET 8PM ET 10PM ET


I have to say so far I love the chemistry between No I.D. and Jay-Z, it’s always a match made in heaven when these two legends create together. The soulful instrumentals go hand in hand with the vulnerability that Hov is expressing on this album. I think Hov is at a lyrical peak at this stage in his life. He’s spitting as the teacher and the student at the same time (let me explain). While rapping about the lessons he’s had to learn in marriage, life, and business he’s still schooling the newbies on how to navigate through this game. I’m a huge Jay-Z fan and I’m sure as I listen the project will only get better. 

What’s your favorite track so far?

I’m empathetic to people that are being fed a distorted version of reality. I’m empathetic to that. You can only make decisions based on what you know. But I think also, you gotta hold people accountable and say, ‘Hey, you also have to open to new information.’