On Snowboarding lesson 3, everyone got to choose a song to snowboard down the slope with...

Jun chose: Hirose Koumi´s - Gerende Ga Tokeru Hodo Koi Shitai (I Want To Love You In A Way That’ll Melt The Ski Slopes, lol)

Sho-kun chose Arashi´s Road to Glory…always taking the chance to advertise…

Aiba-kun chose: remiorem´s - konayuki (powdersnow)

Nino chose: X Japan´s - Kurenai (I love this song <3 )

Riidaa chose: Yoshi Ikuzo´s - yukiguni (snow country)

from Arashi ni Shiyagare 29.03.2014


Mutter – back when we had this conversation
you were a Mami, with your 80s perm and all this
love for me sputtering from your irises. “Frost

was my midwife”, you said, when over and over
I asked you to tell me how I was born [not why].
I told you my first memory – The yolk-yellow

comfort of your womb, the only nearness ever
to be lost, the surgeon’s maggot fingers clasping
my torso like a second ribcage, ripping, pulling,

pulling me into the harshness of vision: Sunlight
on a mantle of powdersnow, tears, my own and
those of strangers I had kept a close, inchoate

eye on. When my shriek ate through the blizzard
to huddle up to your eardrum I caught a glimpse
of my miscarried brother – his anthracite body

like chewing gum covered in road grit, his eyes
that would never reveal their color we imagined
to be malachite. In my mind we wept hydrogen

cyanide when we decided to name him Daniel
and sent him off into a blank more desolate than
space, a bald freighter with a gouged starboard.

Mami, now I can tell you’re alive by your world’s
constant diminishment and it’s been thirty years
since I was your child instead of your daughter –

let me unteach you to reap pests when it was idle
wishes you sowed, and I’ll be the first to depart
and widen the sac that will contain us as sisters.