Animal print prompt for #teebeejunenailart! This is my first real attempt at leopard print. I used #Ulta3 Black Satin and #PrettyandPolished Galax-e for the accent nail and Ulta3 Earl Grey, #Essie Sand Tropez and #PowderPerfect Aquitaine for the gradient with #Illamasqua Swinger and black acrylic paint for the spots. #nails #nailart #leopardprint

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😍 Another amazing shot from @polishedelegance ! The beauty is Elation from the #PowderPerfect Euphoria collection. This is a dense microglitter in a deep teal jelly base. Available tomorrow 6.22!!! 💅 💅

#PowderPerfect now available in the U.S. We have a select few colors ready for shipment now. (We have a sale running, check the last post!)


We would love to hear which shades our ladies are interested in so we can bring the mos t wanted colors in for our next shipment! So feel free to let us know what YOU want to see from #PowderPerfect. (at www.lacquerchic.com)

Macro of @powderperfect Deceptively Sweet. I heard it’s sold out at @meimeisignatures but she does have a 30% off clearance sale going on so you might still want to check out her site.
#dreamwanders #powderperfect

Rockin @powderperfect Jealousy this weekend (available at Harlow, link in our profile) - holy holo batman!!! 😻😻 What is on your nails this weekend?!? #harlowandco #powderperfect #nails #notd #nailstagram #nailsofinstagram #ignails #indiepolish #holographic #ilovenailpolish #nailpolishaddict #barbienails #oohlalanails #nailfeature #nailitdaily



Thank goddess for Mei Mei’s!  I was able to get this GORGEOUS Powder Perfect polish, when normally Australian polishes are well out of my shipping-price range….  and I am SO glad I bought this one.

I must say that - somehow - these pictures looked A LOT better when I took them, but now look quite blurry and I couldn’t really seem to adjust that issue.  So, suffice it to say that, even if my pictures are crappy, the polish is amazing and wonderful - and you should buy it immediately!

Widow’s Walk (in the shade) is a deep violet-plum, on the warm side, but really a stunning depth to the color.  In the sun:  WHOA!  You can see how the red-violet tones come zooming out - and the sparkle is to die for…. I wore this polish for several days and really didn’t want to take it off.

Visit Mei Mei’s or another Powder Perfect retailer and get a bottle of this beauty!