Chevrons using Powder Perfect Polish Mr Cheap Skate and Bella Belle Tinsel @powderperfect @bellabellenailcouture #powderperfectpolish #bellabellenailcouture #nails #nailart #chevron


Here’s a quick tutorial for my galaxy manicure!! 🌙 I’ve got the FULL TUTORIAL WITH TIPS AND TRICKS on YouTube now, link is in my bio so make sure you watch it and subscribe so you can see my new videos (im getting ready to film me q&a now!) ⭐️ The main polish I used is @powderperfect Treasure Chest, and all other polishes are from @hbbeautybar 🌌 This manicure was sooo easy! Find out what I used and how I did everything on YouTube! 🎵 Song is “Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys 🎵 #TNPCvideo

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