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simon and tHE MAGE!!!!!!!!!!1!

Prank Wars (2/4)

Chapter 2

O N E |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The prank war has begun in The Avengers tower, your partner is Steve Rogers. None of The Avengers are safe, mostly if you and Steve are the ones paired up.

Word Count: 1,397 

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Tags: @allison-rosewood-maximoff@chrisevans-imagines 

Warning: Fluff

A/N: Glad to see all the support you guys are giving me! Love you all! I hope you enjoy ♥

Night finally came and you and Steve were in your bedroom, planning the next prank for Tony. Now, there were a few things about Tony, he was stubborn, rich and a deep sleeper. And the fact that he was a deep sleeper, gave you two the advantage for your next prank. You spoke for a while, but when you heard the whole tower fall silent, an idea popped into your mind.

‘’Steve, do we have itching powder?’’ you ask, smirking.

‘’Actually.. I do.’’ steve says, rushing to his room.

You waited there for about three minutes, when he returned he had a packet of itching powder in his hand. Steve smiled at you, it seemed that he read right through you. Your next prank was towards Tony, and it was going to be quite interesting.

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I've been seeing a lot of posts about people talking about cultural appropriation in magic. Is it not acceptable to use practices from any other culture, even if to just learn? Like people saying non blacks shouldn't do any hoodoo or voodoo. Non native Americans shouldn't use any native American practices, etc.

So, this is a complex question. 

At base, cultural appropriation is about power dynamics in that a majority group (most often white and/or European folks) hold power over minority groups in any number of arenas–social, economic, professional, legal, religious–and utilize that power by adapting and adopting what they think is most useful to them from that minority group. In a religious or magical sense, it’s an outsider taking from a religious or magical practice they have no grounding in or license in, and using it for their own gain. 99% of the time, this is gain in the form of financial gain; someone creates objects or offers services they have no business dealing in, and try to claim legitimacy of practice because their intent is pure/clean, etc.

Is it not acceptable to use practices from any other culture, even if to just learn?

If we operate from a place of truth and recognize that practices from culturally-based magical and/or religious traditions have culture and learning woven into those practices, then no, it is not acceptable, and here’s why: for practices that come from a culturally-based environment, there are very specific reasons why certain things are done certain ways and those reasons are a) specific to that practice, b) are passed from teacher to student within that practice, and c) make no sense and/or cannot be created outside of that environment.

With that in mind, it is impossible to learn from those practices without going to the source. I can teach you how make lamp wicks how my mother taught me to make them based on how our spirits and tradition dictate the process, but if you aren’t operating in that setting, it won’t mean anything to you and it won’t carry the same weight. I can teach you how to trace a veve, but if you don’t have the ritual heat in your hands and the ritual license on your head to trace one, you are just messing with powders in pretty patterns with no purpose or reason. If you aren’t serving the spirits we do it for, the ritual turns and motions we use in ceremony are empty and mean nothing. If you haven’t gone through the process to earn the knowledge and learn how to use it, it’s empty–there’s nothing to learn in it because the learning doesn’t exist without the process.

To flip that, it would be the same as me trying to bring outside practices into vodou because I know they work in other settings. Like, if I busted out (for example) a Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in the middle of a ceremony because something was not going right or brought out some black tourmaline because a spirit told me I needed to work some healing on my digestive track, it would be super foreign and incredibly awkward and the spirits (nevermind the people) would squint at me because we have the tools to do all that without going elsewhere.

If the problem is that you don’t have tools to do what you need to do, there are three options: find the tools in a way that isn’t taking from a minority practice, go to the minority practice that has the tools you think you need and see if you can be taught, or decide that tools are nonsense and avoid the whole mess. A need for learning or a desire for knowledge doesn’t create the open door for license to pick and choose.

And, in that way, picking up things from practices/religions that have a gate to pass through without going through the right channels is inherently dangerous. There are reasons why folks in culturally-based religions say, over and over, that you need a priest that you develop a relationship with to instruct you. Cherrypicking is dangerous and the magic and spirits that speak in a culturally-based religion are not cuddly. They take offense and they strike back. They don’t like everyone and they can be pretty damn unforgiving of mistakes, even ones that are done unknowingly. Mistakes can carry real life, life threatening consequences, and I don’t know one priest in my religion that hasn’t had a client show up with terrible consequences laid on them because of mistakes made in some respect. People get what they get as a result of their actions, but no priest celebrates that or wants to go deal with angry, potentially murderous spirits. If you don’t have the instruction to act in a responsible manner and are just picking what looks good and useful, then you run the risk of ending up as one of those people.

Like people saying non blacks shouldn’t do any hoodoo or voodoo. Non native Americans shouldn’t use any native American practices, etc.

Generally, people feel all kinds of ways about majority individuals being involved in minority religions. Native Americans as a whole have made it pretty clear that they do not appreciate non-Natives ripping pieces out of their religious practices and passing it off as authentic Native stuff. I know non-Natives who are involved in Native American religious practices in a legitimate manner, which involved years of study and out and out grunt work to prove that they were not the same as every other basic white person at Coachella with a ‘war bonnet’ and a ‘spirit animal’.

Many African-Americans feel strongly about non-African-Americans utilizing conjure/hoodoo, and that is largely because some white folks are so damn awful about it–ripping what looks like it will serve their needs and then throwing whatever else on top of it (crystals in mojo hands, a honey jar for every occasion, invoking Wiccan concepts, etc) before turning it out to sell and make a profit. There are ways to engage in conjure work as a non-African-American, but it’s less about magical skill and ability and more about unpacking systemic racism, working on your inherent white supremacy, and not trying to be the loudest voice in the community.

Regarding vodou, vodou is a Haitian religion and is attached to a culture, versus being attached to a skin tone. White folks in vodou have a TON of work to do around unpacking whiteness and learning how to move in a culture where whiteness and white people are not the center of attention or the center of the universe. A lot of folks who are not in the religion have a lot of feelings about that. 

At base, cultural appropriation speaks to HOW knowledge is accessed or attempted to be accessed. Appropriation is thinking you can take or learn something because it is there, versus going through the actual process that exists to learn these things. Unfortunately, an unpleasant amount of majority/white/European folks want easy access when, in minority culturally-based religions, there is no easy anything.

crossdressingr/genderfluid Eren headcanons

Eren always felt like he lost more than just his mother, he lost everything about her. No mementos, no familiar rooms or places or smells. The only thing he has of hers is his looks. Her dark skin and wide eyes. Soft dark hair and her smile. He’s got it all.

One day he finds himself with access to some of Mikasa’s casual clothes, that she wears on rare days off of training. He hesitates at first but he doesn’t want to pass up the opportunity since he believes every day might be their last. So he puts on Mikasa’s only dress and admires himself in the mirror for a few minutes. He feels a little ridiculous but when he turns to take the dress off, he catches a glimpse in his peripheral that makes it look like Carla is in the mirror.

He does this again a few times until he saves up enough to buy a simple dress for himself. Throughout his trainee days his collection grows. He even acquires a wig that looks a lot like Carla’s hair.

Then one day he sneaks out on a day off, dressed (and passing) as a woman. He wanders the nearby town and the glimpses he catches of himself in shop windows are comforting. He feels so connected to her when he’s dressed like this. He feels peaceful, for once.

Armin and Mikasa find out eventually and when Eren gets arrested after he first turns into a Titan they gather his belongings before the Military Police can take them. When they join him in the Survey Corps he starts cross dressing again. Not as often since he’s so busy, but often enough that he ends up with a bottle of perfume too.

Eventually Eren’s body develops too much for his to pass as female in public. He stops wearing women’s clothes outside and starts spending time putting on a little makeup and sitting around his cell in his dress. Of course Levi ends up walking in on this and finding out. After a very awkward explanation from Eren, Levi gives him a fond smile and tells Eren he should feel free to dress however he wants on their days off. Trust Levi to accept it without question.

Eventually the entire squad finds out and Levi kicks Jean so hard when he goes to make a snarky comment that he realises the seriousness of the situation and never gives it much thought ever again.

Later when they finally reach the basement, Eren finds some of his mother’s belongings. Some jewellery and a pretty powder compact. He finds a scrap of her dress trapped in the ruins and sews it to the inside of his uniform jacket, so that he can finally carry her with him, always.

He still likes to dress like her though.

stop the car

standalone; NC-17; fluff and smut; Scully/Reyes; post-Improbable; Monica and Scully have a girl’s night. 

A/N: happy Valentine’s Day! I’m gonna try and get the last part up to love you but you’re green but here’s something else. This is more romantic than I’d care to be but they’re too cute


“Why not go a little wild with it? Hot pink,” suggests Monica. Her brush strokes are focused and precise, because she will not screw this up, even though she kind of sucks at it.

“Agent Reyes,” Scully warns.

“Or maybe a pretty powder blue.” Her tongue pokes out at the corner of her mouth as she lifts Scully’s right hand to inspect her work. “ Or a sexy Camaro red.”

“Too distracting while I’m carving up the dead.” Scully pulls her hand back and hums appreciatively. “You colored inside the lines.”

“Gross.” They both laugh and Monica recaps the tan polish sitting between them.

It’s a Friday night and William is improbably, blessedly asleep in the nursery. They’d gone through Monica’s bottle of wine and pulled a little something from Scully’s stash before Monica had offered to help her with a much-needed touchup.

“No time to get a manicure with my class schedule,” Scully had explained, holding her hands out gratefully.

This thing where they dress up in their comfiest pajamas and talk about stuff they never really paid any mind to in real life, like Bureau gossip and celebrity crushes, has been going on a little bit, and neither of them knows just how much the other needs it. Scully cannot remember the last time she had another woman as a friend, and had never had one quite so much like herself, unmarried and ambitious and a little turned on whenever she gets to take her gun out. Monica knows she’s never had a friend like Scully, so radiant and mind-numbingly intelligent it rubs off on her in small and large ways, inspires her to be a better agent, a better person.

And so began a new weekly routine, a droplet of normalcy in a drought of the truly bizarre.

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Companions react to Sole being really into makeup?

I LOVE THIS PROMPT <3 thank you anon omg <3

Cait: She teases sole over her passion, telling her she looks really girly and it’s a waste of time in the commonwealth. She does begin to learn an appreciation for sole’s love when she teaches Cait a way to cover up the scars she’s secretly self conscious about, although still not sure in the beauty aspect, she’s grateful and respectful of the cover up techniques she’s be taught. 

Curie: She helps sole create natural new palettes of eye shadows and lipsticks from the flowers they have grown, the pair will spend hours in the lab creating the perfect shades to match sole’s outfits. Curie teaches sole her favorite eyeliner and eyebrow routines while sole teaches her contouring and blending. 

Codsworth: Although he didn’t understand the need for makeup or what it really added to sole’s appearance, he’d complement her every-time she tried something new, “Good work Mum! you look positively smashing!”

Dogmeat: Why is sole angry with him, all he did was roll around in the pretty colored powders he found? wasn’t he colorful like her now? 

Danse: He’d told sole a million times, lipstick is not part of the brotherhood uniform especially in blood red. He didn’t mind her passion but not when she was representing the brotherhood, worried he might have insulted her though he gifted his friend with an assortment of orange and black eye products. “If you want to represent the beauty of the Brotherhood, I’d much prefer you use uniform colors”. 

Deacon: He was beyond impressed and supportive of sole’s makeup obsession, the fact this contouring thing could change your whole face without the need of a scalpel was revolutionary to him. He began having sole teach him how to add new features, freckles, scars, slimmer nose ect, eventually using them himself when undercover. He even carries around his own little “tool kit” as he likes to call it. 

Hancock: It made him proud to see the confidence that sole would blossom when spending a good hour or so perfecting her makeup, the smug smile and also vain vibe she gave off always made him light up. “Strut it baby!!”, “oh girl you know how to make the glitter work, show me that supermodel pout”. He’d constantly egg her on and tell her how’s she the real jewel of the commonwealth. 

Nick:  He’d often tell sole she was pretty and didn’t need the makeup, not realizing how offensive it sounded towards her passion, he’s and old sole and didn’t realize how his statement came across. After being yelled at by piper he apologized, telling her he didn’t mean to offend her, he began purposely going out of his way to call sole “A beautiful doll” and could “easily be hung up in a gallery” trying to show support for her talents. 

Maccready: Sole tried and tried again to explain the importance of makeup and grooming to him, he never could quite understand it, he told sole it didn’t really bother him. Trying to get her point across a night before a trip to the third rail sole sculpted Mac’s beard and brows for him. He had no choice to admit the power of grooming and makeup to her after the amount of “chicks” wanting a peace of him. 

Preston: Preston himself loved to be prim and proper so fully understood sole’s passion, the two would secretly swap techniques that they loved, sole careful to keep Preston’s secret, she even on occasion would use his face for practice, knowing he wouldn’t mind and loved to be of assistance, he didn’t dare leave sole’s room with it on though.  

Piper: She believed the freedom to express yourself was empowering, sole’s passion and skill for makeup made her almost proud to be female, she’d tell sole how much of an artist she believed them to be, and awkwardly ask them to give her a makeover on occasion, the confidence it gave her with perfectly winged liner made her feel lucky to have a make up artist in the family. 

Strong: When sole tells him red lipstick is the blood of her enemies, she expected him to be impressed,she did not expect him to be impressed to the point he greeted her one morning, her favorite lipstick smushed all round his mouth. “Strong ready for battle!!!!”

X6:88: “What do you mean you’re beating your face?! Sole are you hurting yourself in there!”. X6 kicked down sole’s bedroom door to find her applying makeup, “you said you where beating your face not painting it”. Sole couldn’t help but burst out laughing as she explained what she meant and how she wasn’t exactly painting her face either, slightly understanding he offered to help, telling the others “he couldn’t wait to help beat sole’s face”, he didn’t understand why they where so horrified. 

Poor Person Fitness Hacks

WE ARENT LESS MOTIVATED, we just live in a real world!

- Run to mcdonalds on your 15 minute lunch break grab that salad ask for no dressing.

- Get grilled chicken sandwiches instead of fried. add mustard instead of mayo.

- Swap the fries for a fruit cup, fast food fruit cups SUCK but hey its something.

- Drink your water, STOP saying “Ill just get a diet coke”

- Add a dash of lemon or lime juice to give your water a little taste

- When your studying for that exam do some squats during your break.

- Park further back in parking lots, adds more cardio to your day.

- Try and pack your lunch, and NOT Chips and Soda!

- Try grilled, sauteed, or oven roasted vegetables, if your not a salad eater

- Dont be afraid to season your vegetables with garlic, onion powder, pepper, Italian seasoning, pretty much anything you would use for your meat.

Let me know if you guys want more simple and easy everyday things for everyday people???

* Because not all of us have time to meal prep, we dont all have 1 hour for lunch, we dont all have money or means to buy pure organic whole foods, and lastly we cant all find the time or money to go to the gym. 

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E- easiest person to talk to?

I’d say my two beautiful friends @koitoshi and @multicolouredfairylights are!! But then again everyone I talk to on here are really easy for me^^

O- one wish?

To have a dog??? Or to get rid of my anxiety?? Or all of my fears to never become true??? Or to become a great screenwriter and director??? OR–