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Get Lost and Far Away!

Lost and Away Powder has various uses, in addition to banishment. It’s also used to establish personal and psychic boundaries, as well as to prevent someone else from encroaching on these boundaries.

  1. Write your target’s name thirteen times on a square of paper.
  2. Sprinkle Lost and Away Powder on this paper.
  3. Fold the paper up, always folding away from you.
  4. Seal it with sealing wax, preferably red.
  5. Bury this paper but mark the spot.
  6. Leave it buried for thirteen days, watering daily with War Water.
  7. On the fourteenth day, dig it up and burn it.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes) 

Laurence vs happiness

Recently, I was re-reading His Majesty’s Dragon right after Blood of Tyrants and I was struck by how much Laurence smiles in the first book. So, being me, and having shiny new digital searchable copies of the series, I did some checking.

I searched for the word strings ‘smile’, ‘laugh’, and ‘grin’ (which included any variations thereof) in relation to Laurence and got a generally accurate idea of his mood throughout the series:

  • His Majesty’s Dragon: smiles 14, grins 2, laughs 6
  • Throne of Jade: smiles 5, grins 1, laughs 3
  • Black Powder War: smiles 1, grins 1, laughs 0
  • Empire of Ivory: smiles 0, grins 0, laughs 0
  • Victory of Eagles: smiles 0, grins 0, laughs 0
  • Tongues of Serpents: smiles 0, grins 0, laughs 0
  • Crucible of Gold: smiles 0, grins 0, laughs 0
  • Blood of Tyrants: smiles 0, grins 0, laughs 0.5
  • League of Dragons: 1.5 smiles , 0 grins, 1.5 laughs 
    • (.5 = when Laurence ‘almost’ does the thing)

This makes Temeraire’s surprise at Laurence laughing “quite out loud” in LOD that one time EXTRA HEARTBREAKING, GOOD WORK NAOMI NOVIK.

temeraire moodboard // lung tien lien

« i will see you bereft of all that you have, of home and happiness and beautiful things. i will see your nation cast down and your allies drawn away. i will see you as alone and friendless and wretched as am i; and then you may live as long as you like, in some dark and lonely corner of the earth, and i will call myself content. »
black powder war ; naomi novik

… to Laurence’s great relief, the captain in the lead lifted his speaking-trumpet to his mouth to bellow at them, at some length.

‘He says to land,’ Tharkay translated, with improbable brevity; at Laurence’s frowning look he added, 'and he calls us a great many impolite names; do you wish them all translated?’

—  Black Powder War, Chapter V

IIl. Black Powder War
~by Naomi Novik~

Out ahead of them, Arkady began something very like a marching song, chanting lines answered by the other ferals, their voices ringing out across the sky, each to each. Temeraire added his own to the chorus, and little Iskierka began to scrabble at his neck, demanding, “What are they saying? What does it mean?”
“We are flying home,” Temeraire said, translating. “We are all flying home.“

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The Greatest Itching Powder Prank in History

During World War II British intelligence and Secret Services were probably the best at spying and clandestine warfare in all of history.  Almost every major Allied operation had a good amount of deception and trickery which made the Germans chase their own tails on a number of occasions.  Often, their operations depended on advanced technology, a complicated network of spies and double agents, and a great amount of luck.  However, some British spy operations seemed less like James Bond missions and more like childhood mischief.

During the war, the British SOE (Special Operations Executive) began a program to smuggle itching powder into the Third Reich.  The itching powder developed by SOE was no common joke shop itching powder, but a powder so potent that exposure could be excruciating, with some needing hospitalization if exposed.  The itching powder was smuggled into Germany from Switzerland in foot powder tins, where resistance groups working as laundresses and clothiers sprinkled the powder on military uniforms.  The hardest hit was the German Kriegsmarine (navy), when in October of 1943 25,000 U-Boat crew uniforms were contaminated with the itching powder.  What resulted was a massive epidemic of severe dermatitis that swept through the U-Boat fleet.  The epidemic was so bad that one U-Boat crew had to turn around and return to port for medical treatment. 

German uniforms were not the only target for itching powder attacks.  Other targets included bedding, underwear, and toilet paper.  When a sizable amount of itching powder was smuggled into Norway, the Norwegian resistance made especially effective use of it by sprinkling the powder in condoms.  As a result in Trondheim throughout the war numerous cases of German soldiers being hospitalized for extreme pain from their private parts were reported.

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“Temeraire!” Laurence said, scarlet with comprehension.
“Yes?” Temeraire looked at him, puzzled. “Well, do you not find it more pleasant to be with Jane, than to—”
Laurence stood up hastily, saying, “Mr. Granby, pray call the men to dinner now,” and pretended not to hear the unsteady stifled mirth in Granby’s voice as he said “Yes, sir,” and dashed away.

Finally finished my drawing of the ~nice smooth rocks~ scene from Black Powder War. It took me long enough that I am now well into Victory of Eagles. 


Ran some quick camera tests with our black powder revolver this afternoon. Gearing up for the civil war feature film we’re shooting this August. Stay tuned!

Check out my instagram to see the video @_jls (thats a J)