powder slap

Why…why DO white people “dress up” as Mexicans for Cinco de Mayo?? Like, you ever just step back and wonder? Like, that’s really fucking weird. Could you imagine if everyone who isn’t white slapped baby powder on their faces and put on a white t shirt complete with barbecue stain and trucker hat for the 4th of July?

things about my "natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812" experience

-before the prologue, the main cast (minus josh, denee, and nicholas) came out and danced around saying hi to people

-THE PROLOGUE, everybody came up and around the aisles (i had an aisle seat). one of the ensemble dudes came up real close and sang right next to me -pierre raises his fist at the end of “pierre”. and when he sings “i’m different from you”, he doesn’t cry it out, and says kinda said it softly 

-during Moscow, denee and brittain were teasing around and making fun if marya’s entrance my bowing around and giggling when they said each other’s name

-during Moscow, Marya literally waves off Sonya’s intro; they also keep in the squeak 

-during “the private and intimate life of the house”, when bolkonski says “powdered wig”, he kinda slaps the wig, and powder flies up around him from it

-also in “tpailofh”, mary is basically crying the entire time. when she sings wondering if she’ll ever be anyone’s wife, she pulls up someone from the stage chair, and kinda shows him off to her father. and when bolkonski is looking for some “young french thing”, he too finds someone from the audience and kisses them all sloppily 

-during “natasha and bolkonskis”, gelsey and denee take stools from the side of the stage and manuever them into a table around people and pretend to be kind to each other 

-during “no one else”, denee didn’t sing as sharp as she does on the soundtrack, she sang it a lot softer and solemn. i cried at the “you and i"s. she’s bathed in blue “moonlight” the entire time. 

-when denee says “and flying away…like this,” she seems to lift herself up and somehow float down to the next step all gracefully 

-after pierre says “no i am enjoying myself at home this evening” in the opera, he fistbumps the air like he did in “pierre” 

-the opera scene is absolutely terrifying. someone in a black cape came down the aisle and scared the shit out of me

-also, after the main opera scene ends, everything is frozen and denee and brittain are up center stage, and denee jaw is open in awe

-when anatole walked in and stopped, he snapped his head with each beat, and then started walking down the stairs. he also kissed a woman’s cheek as he passed. 

-when dolokhov starts saying “drink, drink” he has glasses on a tray and a bottle, and he spins the tray and just pours the drinks and it looks pretty cool 

-during the duel, the fucking strobe lights are so intense, it was hard to see and it was fucking awesome, and a bunch of the ensemble laid down in the aisle. they were all wearing glow sticks and stuff like that 

-when pierre says “i used to love, i used to love, i used to be better”, he walks across the front mezzanine aisle, and i freaked out because josh was so close

-when helene says “he will kill you stupid husband”, she cries it out loudly and its kinda sad and intense 

-dust and ashes is absolutely beautiful 

-during “sunday morning”, when denee talks about how she sees a man in shadow, pierre is directly behind her in shadow 

-anatole sits on the piano during “the ball”. the ensemble dancers go around between the front and rear mezzanines. and girls/girls dance with each other and boys/boys dance together. and most of the ensemble have metallic animal heads on and it looks pretty cool 

-during “letters”, the ensemble passes out letters to some of the audience, and then they just sit down where they are. one of the ensemble members tried to give one to a lady and she didn’t take it so he just gave it to the lady next to her 

-also during letters, natasha and pierre sing “i see nothing but the candle in the mirror, no visions of the future, so lost and alone” and they stare at each other the whole time, and i died 

-when anatole says "just say yes…” before the last one, because natasha hasn’t answered yet, he does that impatient and “c'mon” motion with his hands

-the “whoa, whoah, whoah” that anatole does at the end of “balaga” was fantastic (i didn’t see lucas, it was josh canfield, and he was so good)

-the fucking abduction scene, so much better than the tony performance, it was so intense, the whole cast was there, it was awesome

-denee smashed the painting over balaga’s head again, but she was somehow cuter than the tony awards, which i didn’t think was possible

-marya and helene made out

-when anatole tells everyone to sit down, we could hear him whisper “here, here, scooch over” as he sat down next to one of the ladies on the stage

-when josh began his verse in “the abduction”, everyone paused, and he just chuckled before he continued

-when marya caught anatole coming in, the stage turned red, and she came through the big door at the top of the stage

-denee’s “don’t touch me”s were heartwrenching

-during “pierre and anatole”, pierre knocks over the fucking chair in anger, and knocks a bunch of books off his desk as he shakes anatole. then, towards the end, anatole, like a child, swipes all the rest of the papers off his desk. 

-after natasha drinks the poison, she screams in pain several times and runs for sonya, and it’s absolutely gut wrenching.

-during “pierre and natasha”, pierre is sort of following behind natasha as he says “open your heart to someone, not now but when your mind is clear, think of me…” and natasha turns around suddenly, and natasha and pierre are standing face to face really close,  and pierre says “pierre grew confused” pretty softly because it’s WHEN HE REALIZES THAT HE LOVES NATASHA

-denee’s cries were so fucking sad

-during the spoken bit in “pierre and natasha”, his voice broke when he said he wasn’t free, and he just barely whispered that he offered her his love (someone’s phone went off TWICE during this song and i wanted to kill them, i was so angry)

-in the final song, pierre is not fully illuminated under the comet, he is just barely illuminated by the light emitting from the comet. it looks like he’s outside. and he sang so softly.


-when she was getting passionate, denee would have a wide stance and kind lean forward, kinda like wonder woman’s stance minus the arms

-pierre followed denee a lot during her scenes when he was in the orchestra pit

If you’re a whiskey drinker, this version of the classic Georgia Julep from @holidaycocktaillounge is the perfect #covcocktail to kick off your weekend:
2 oz Redemption Rye
½ oz simple syrup
½ oz Giffard Creme De Peche Liqueur
10 mint leaves (smashed)
peach slices
powdered sugar
One> Slap 10 mint leaves to release aroma.
Two> Add all ingredients to shaker and fill with crushed ice.
Three> Shake vigorously.
Four> Pour into chilled shaker top and fill with more crushed ice.
Five> Garnish with peach slices, mint, and a dash of powdered sugar.
📷: @alec_kugler http://ift.tt/2uTQ2Ep

Brandon remembers times when they’d seemed in love.  Before Lya had been born, and before Ned could walk, he remembers his father bending down over his mother’s chair to kiss her before riding off to Torrhen’s Square, or maybe to Hornwood.  Lord Rickard had squeezed her shoulder, and his mother had said, “Come home soon to me, my love,” and he’d promised he’d return to her in all haste.   

More, though, Brandon remembers shouts.  

They begin after Lya is born, but grow more frequent after Ben.

“Would that Jocelyn had thrown someone else in my bed!” 

“You know as well as I that Joss had little to do with it.  It was all you, you feral bitch.”

Brandon remembers the sounds of slaps, of powder coming off his mother’s face at the end of a day to reveal yellowing bruises sometimes.  “I walked into a door, love.  It will fade soon,” she’d whispered to him before kissing him goodnight. 

Brandon remembers his father’s stern expressions, ones that Ned never understood but tried to replicate because it was father, after all. He remembers his mother’s icy eyes when she went to pray in the godswood.  Most of the time, Brandon has to stay with his father.  He is the heir to Winterfell, Lord Rickard’s firstborn son.   

Brandon loves his mother.  He loves her fiercely.  It’s Lady Lyarra who teaches him to ride, who sings him to sleep, her voice low and rough, who tells him stories her mother had told him—stories from the mountains, of winter winds that blew harder than even those that battered the walls of Winterfell, for winter is always harder in the mountains.  It’s Lady Lyarra who watches him train to fight.  “A good lord must always be bold, lest winter take the heat away from him.”  So he trains harder, and when he isn’t training, he decides that he will be bold, for if he’s not, then his mother will think less of him.

“You encourage him too much, Lyarra.”

“And you encourage him not enough, Rickard.  He is your son and heir.  Act like it.”

“And what do you know of ruling Winterfell?”

“Am I not a Stark as well?”

“A lady knows nothing of a lord’s business.”

“Then you must be the lady of Winterfell, for you seem intent that your son be in skirts.”

That is the last time that Brandon hears them fight.  A week later, he rides south to Barrowton and Lord Dustin’s castle.  “You will learn the ways of the North,” his father says, “That one day you may rule wisely and well in the King’s name.”

Brandon’s eyes flick to his mother’s.  She’s watching his father, and her expression is cold like ice.  Ben is in her arms, and little Lya is toddling at her side, clinging to her skirts.

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That’s one way to shut a bitch up. LOL


A petition to save an iconic cinema landmark…

Save Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho House!

“THE PSYCHO HOUSE” as it has come to be known was constructed in 1959 on the Universal backlot for ALFRED HITCHCOCK’s most famous film and the grandaddy to all modern horror movies, “PSYCHO” (1960).

Sadly however, it has been over a decade since the hollywood legend last had a nip n’ tuck or a fresh slap of powder and paint.

We urge UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD to listen to our pleas to undertake a complete and total restoration of the building and in the process preserve an iconic piece of Hollywood history".

You can read and sign the full petition HERE.


Let’s just say the public ass whooping that ended with me shoving my heel so far up Snoop Dog’s wonder twin’s ass, that I strummed a banjo beat drop that had a few men in blue doing a Elaine shuffle; was all in self defense of course. Specially when I literally cracked Tyrone Biggums cracker jacks open when he still attempted to dive into the deep end to tried and to dip his creepy crawlies into my snixx of the sea. My night has ended with the glorious satisfaction of dehumanizing a man and slapping the powder off of the literal shit stains crawling ‘round in this town.

And to my surprise he wasn’t even carrying 'round the title as a Soc with all that 'class’.