powder run


Lower Gate 7 // Annupuri, Japan

When the upper mountain backcountry gates are closed due to extreme risks of avalanche from all the over night snow… You explore and find a super fun powder jib section. Pillow drops, tree rides, perfect wind blown lips to slash, tons of little hits to air off and this fun flat powder run out before it funnels to the valley below. Finding this powder playground, had all of us feeling like kids in a candy store.

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Spell for Recovery from Abuse:

you will need ~ 

green candle - good fortune, success, renewal, healing

white candle - protection, cleansing, healing 

peppermint - cleansing, happiness, healing, protection, release, renewal

ginger - power, healing

tobacco - protection from negative energy

dried mugwort - treats depression, wards off psychic attacks, removes negative energies, protection

obsidian - absorbs and transforms negative energies

abalone shell - protection from negativity, anger, depression, fear, and sadness

apple seeds - love, healing

mortar and pestle

1. place obsidian, abalone shell, and candles at the four corners of the bathtub. 

2. combine peppermint, ginger, tobacco, mugwort, and apple seeds, and grind into a powder.

3. while running a hot bath, light the candles and sprinkle the powder into the water.

4. begin repeating the following statement (out loud or in your head) as you lower yourself into the bath. continue chanting for the entirety of the bath.

“I will not allow ______’s abuse to dictate the way I feel about myself.”

5. the spell is finished when the water is drained and the candles are blown out.