When Doug Hegdahl - a Vietnam War POW - was captured, he pretended to be illiterate to fool his captors, who, believing him, gave him almost free rein of the camp. During his stay there, he was able to secretly memorise the details of 256 other prisoners to the tune of “Old McDonald Had A Farm”, which he remembers to this day.

me: wow i can’t believe steven gerrard retired from football today
you: he isn’t retiring he’s going to the mls
me, an intellectual: wow i can’t believe steven gerrard retired from football today

Pickles are great, we love pickles, but if we had just one complaint it would be that they tend to just lay there when you eat them like some kind of boring old cucumber. You deserve more pizzaz with your pickle! This particularly peculiar pickle-flavored candy explodes in your mouth, releasing pockets of pickle piquancy

Exploding Pickle Candy!

A soldier from the Das Reich Division interrogates a wounded Soviet prisoner during Operation Zitadelle in July 1943. Information of immediate tactical value such as unit designation, strength, types of weapons, morale, and immediate plans were sought.

Trump reached peak Trumpness during his speech today. Here are the 11 best moments.

At Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Bluffton, South Carolina, today, things got a little, well, crazy, if you will. Here are the best moments:

1. On John McCain’s comments about Trump’s followers being “crazies”: “I know crazies. I know crazies.”

2. On the Iraq War: “I’m the only one who said don’t do Iraq and I’m the most militaristic person ever.” Followed shortly by: “I will build a military and they will say, ‘I’m not messing with that guy!’”

3. On getting criticized for donating to Democrats: “Of course I do.”

4. On fellow GOP 2016 contender Sen. Lindsey Graham: “I watched this idiot Lindsey Graham on TV today and he says I’m a jackass.” Trump then proceeded to read Graham’s personal phone number on air and encourage the audience to “try it.”

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