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Incomes in south-east of England 'are 25% higher than in West Midlands'
TUC urges government to act as IFS report highlights growing north-south divide and regional concentration of poverty
By Larry Elliott

I don’t think people realise that deindustrialisation is still having a terrible impact on areas in the midlands and the north


The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda

Trump’s First 100 Day agenda includes repealing environmental regulations, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act, giving the rich and big corporations a huge tax cut, and putting in place a cabinet that doesn’t believe in the Voting Rights Act or public schools or Medicare or the Fair Housing Act. 

Our 100 days of resistance begins a sustained and powerful opposition. Here’s what you can do (it will take about an hour of your time each day):

1. Get your senators and representatives to pledge to oppose Trump’s agenda. Reject his nominees, prolong the process of approving them, draw out hearings on legislation. Call your senator and your representative and don’t stop calling.

2. March and demonstrate. The Women’s March on Washington will be the day after the Inauguration. There should be “sister” marches around the country. And then monthly marches against hate. Keep the momentum alive and keep the message going.

3. Make your city and state sanctuaries that won’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities in deporting undocumented immigrants, especially people who have been here since they were very young.

4. Boycott all Trump products, real estate, hotels, resorts, everything. And then boycott all stores (like Nordstrom) that carry merchandise from Trump family brands.

5. Write letters to the editor of your newspaper and op-eds, with a steady flow of arguments about the fallacies and dangers of Trump’s First 100 Day policies and initiatives.

6. Contribute to social media with up-to-date daily bulletins on what Trump is up to, and actions in your region in opposition.

7. Contribute to the most effective opposition groups. The American Civil Liberties Union, Common Cause, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Economic Policy Institute, Inequality Media, MoveOn, and others.  

8. Make the resistance visible with bumper stickers, lapel pins, wrist bands.

9. Push progressive causes at your state and local level – environmental reform, progressive taxes, a higher minimum wage, ending gerrymandering, stopping mass incarceration. Make your state a model of what the federal government should do.

10. Start a move in your state to abolish the electoral college by committing your state’s electors to vote for the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote.

11. Reach out to independents and even Trump supporters who agree with this agenda, and get them involved.

12. Your idea goes here. Meet with family and friends this weekend, and decide what you’ll contribute.  

The First 100 Days Resistance Agenda. An hour a day. Send a powerful message. We aren’t going away.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of this fundamental flaw in poverty policy, i.e., the assumption that there is an ample supply of perfectly good jobs out there that poor people could tap if they just wanted to do so. To this day, this misguided notion underlies the conservative policy agenda that views anti-poverty policy as a narcotic that weans people away from the jobs awaiting them. Kill the programs, and they’ll get out of their hammocks (Rep. Paul Ryan’s term for the safety net) and get to work.

After Obama was elected I was immediately asked if “black people are going to get over it now” the person who asked this seemed blissfully unaware of how racist the question was. This is a problem I encounter frequently. People are walking around with their mouths open who are blissfully unaware that they hold racist views. I’m not racist I just don’t know why black people are so angry. First of all you are racist and second of all that’s why black people are so angry.
Nothing like seeing black people behaving badly on tv to bring out the Archie Bunker in everybody.
Oh look there’s a black person stealing toilet paper let me quote Martin Luther King JR. That’s what works on you blacks isn’t it?
Throwing rocks at the police? After you take personal responsibility for your actions I’m gonna blame your behavior on the President who just “happens to be black”. Lighting cars on fire “you people"should not burn down your own neighborhoods. Those rioters should be shot no not those kids at pumpkin fest the other ones the “urban ones”
How did we get to the place where it’s worse to call somebody racist then it is to be racist?
We “black people” are not a unit. We don’t get along with each other and have very little in common with each other most of the time. What we do have in common is living in a racist society. A society that has done such a good job over the last 400 or so years convincing everybody that “we” are inferior that even “we” believe it.
People want to blame “black” problems on poor parenting. Conveniently forgetting that the disintegration of black families was started by slave holders by design to keep us weak and was continued by mass incarceration that followed the emancipation proclamation and continues to this day.
People blame “black” problems on a lack of education but refuse to spend the money to educate black children.
People blame “black” problems on poverty but continue to support policies that keep people in poverty.
People blame"black” problems on drugs because lord knows white people don’t do drugs.
People blame “black” problems on a lack of respect for the law but let the biggest criminals in the country (Wall Street) of without a single prison sentence.
America does not have a “black people” problem black people have an America problem. Yes that means you too! Everybody black white or otherwise needs to wake up in the morning and make this shit stop. Over 200 years ago it was proclaimed that all men are created equal. Let’s start living up to that dream today.
If you see a black man walking toward you “don’t clench your purse” there is nothing in your bag worth more then that mans dignity. If you see a black person on tv looting don’t ask your one black friend why (because I don’t know)
If you see a black person walk into a store you work at don’t automatically start following them around ( I noticed)
If you see a black person driving down the road don’t pull them over because one of their license plate lights is out ( they will remember that crap 30 years later)
If a a black person does something you don’t like don’t find a quote from a famous black person to hide behind ( especially not Bill Cosby)
If you do things like this and a black person points out that your racist don’t get mad at them and say “I’m so tired of you people playing the race card”
It’s not a card! Your racist!
Stop whining that somebody called you out on it and fix it!!!!

One of the great myths of the war on poverty, and  the only bit of empirical data that most Liberals will use to argue for its  success is the 1960′s drop in the  poverty rate from 20% to a rate that has hovered just above 10% ever since. .

Of Course one of the most important issues when studying statistics is context .

During the entire  post World War 2 era (or from the 1940′s to the end of the 1960′s ) America  experienced the greatest economic growth It ever had, becoming the the Super Power that it is today.  As we can see from the chart, the poverty rate was  above 30% in the late 1940′s and had fallen into the teens, below 20 percent by 1964 when the Great Society began. This means that the decline in the poverty rate before those policies began was greater than the decline afterward, and also indicates that a significant amount of the decline afterward was simply a result of it being the tail end of the post-world war economic expansion. We will give the benefit of the doubt and only say a “significant amount”  

Whenever you are given a statistic about anything  always take a look at what preceded the signature event.. 

How Medicaid forces families like mine to stay poor: "You'll have to get rid of everything"

I didn’t know how broken America’s safety net was until my sister-in-law became paralyzed.

A lot of disability sites have been passing this around lately, but I have not seen it here yet.  If you are someone who thinks and says rude things about people using the social safety net, recognize these systems for what they are: agreeing to a long, miserable arranged marriage with poverty because it is the only alternative to having literally nothing, not even the medical care these people need to survive.  No one would learn of the rules and still accept this without dire need.  If you are not for improving these systems, ask yourself if this is how you want to be treated in the event that you are hit by a car through no fault of your own later today.


What Rio doesn’t want the world to see

Ahead of the 2016 Olympics, Rio is going to great lengths to hide its poor residents from view. Watch Vox’s @johnnywharris explore how the city is doing this. 

Vox Docs is a series of field documentaries focusing on human-driven stories around the globe that shed light on broader trends in policy, culture, society, and technology.

Girl Builds Small Shelters For Homeless People Because 'Everyone Should Have A Place To Live'

Hailey Ford is putting the “power” in power tools by building small homes for a big cause.

The 9-year-old from Bremerton, Washington, is creating individual shelters to distribute to homeless people in her community. After receiving a grant, Hailey plans to make 11 of the small homes for the town’s permanent Tent City, which is expected to open later this year, KING 5 News reported.

“It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people,”

Hailey told the news outlet.  "I think everyone should have a place to live.“

"It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people,” , she said. A little 9-year-old Woman totally gets it. She totally understands that there are people , who need help , who struggle every day to see another. 

More than 222,000 people who had a family experienced homelessness in 2013, and nearly 71,000 entire families found themselves on the streets. We should help each other, not ban feeding of the poor homeless people.

The government is about to screw over 1 million of America’s neediest people 

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, also known as “food stamps,” is a vital anti-poverty policy that helps keep millions of struggling Americans fed as they endure economic hardship. 

The number of Americans receiving SNAP benefits soared in the wake of the economic crisis — one in five Americans made use of them in 2012 — but has fallen as unemployment has decreased. There will be a big drop-off in recipients in 2016, but it won’t be because they’ve entered greener pastures: It will be the result of federal government policy with little patience for the nation’s neediest citizens.