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Good -Jungkook- *smut*

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Title: Good
Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Plot: Giving Jungkook, heir to the Jeon Empire, the ‘best orgasm of his life’ (and him paying you back ofc he isn’t evil)
Warning: Oral, Jungkook gets blown in front of his dad who doesn’t realise, swearing, petnames, gang au, disapproving dad
A/N: Not requested but controlled by my Jungkook thirst

Namjoon in the gif is me @ life

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Ah I am so relieved that I got to finally finish this and share this with you all! I also want to apologize for anyone who has been waiting on me; thank you for your ‘patience’ (; haha. Thank you and I hope you all enjoy! - M x.

Harry was grumpy.

And he had every right to be, he thought. It started when he was woken up to the sound of your alarm and your body constantly shifting underneath him. He frowned because you didn’t accept his kiss as you rubbed at your tired eyes. “Morning gorgeous,” he mumbled, his eyes blinking so fast as they were desperate to awaken.

His arms pulled you closer to him as he rolls you over onto your back. The vibrations of his deep hums tickled your neck as his lips lazily traced your skin. You laugh at the pecks of kisses that press all along your jawline. “Oh, Button. Dreamed of you all night last night and I want ya’,” he whispers along your collarbone. Your hands find themselves tangled into his hair as you watch him lift his Stones shirt that you wore to bed. A giggle comes from you as he cups your breasts under the fabric, you shake your head as you see the smile that appears on his face. “Babe, we can’t, not right now,” you say, your fingers massaging his scalp as he continues to give you gentle touches with his mouth.

“Why not?” he whines as his mouth continues to give your body wet, hot kisses.

“Got lots to get done today, you know this.”

Harry shakes his head, “Just a few more minutes, Bug. Wanna love on you.” He pulls your body even closer to him. The smile that was planted against your neck disappeared as you start to wiggle your way from his grasp. “Not now, Harry. Maybe after, but we have lots to do today,” you whisper, planting a small kiss on his forehead before you  completely wiggle out of his hold.

He groans as he watches you make your way to the master bathroom, pouting to himself because he couldn’t convince you to stay longer. And by the way you walked so nonchalantly and closed the bathroom door shut, he knew that there was no sign of invitation for him to join you in a steamy shower.

So yes, Harry was grumpy.

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Nari (Eldest)

  • so composed 
  • gets shit done™
  • seems really cold on the outside but really squishy on the inside 
  • most likely to inherit the company 
  • b o i  she’s been preparing since she was like three
  • only one that pays attention when Jumin takes them down to the office 
  • here and Jumin are so alike it’s unbelievable 
  • she gets really intrigued by mundane things too
  • it’s honestly so cute
  • hates anything remotely girly 
  • makeup, clothes, shoes all of it
  • gets really embarrassed when she has to talk about ‘girly stuff’ with MC
  • MC highkey lives for it tho
  • hella stubborn 
  • can’t deal with no to being right 
  • clashes heads with her sister a lot

Joong Ki 

  • golden child honestly 
  • Peacemaker 6000
  • hates confrontation 
  • loves baking 
  • MC and Jumin don’t know where he got it from but they ain’t complaining 
  • joined at the hip with MC
  • MC is a proud mother™
  • really respectful to elders 
  • the type to help walk the elderly across the street 
  • just really nice to everyone 
  • lowkey lives for praise tho
  • doesn’t take constructive criticism well 
  • probably cause he hardly gets it
  • will be accepting on the surface 
  • but really bitter on the inside 


  • b o i  this child 
  • the opposite of her sister 
  • really sweet and dense on the outside 
  • lowkey the devil on the inside 
  • really good at manipulating people 
  • has mastered the pout to an art at this point 
  • hella mischievous under the surface 
  • she’s not mean per se 
  • she’s just hella shady
  • messy bitch who lives for drama 
  • always want her parents attention 
  • it’s really cause she’s kinda insecure 
  • quite smart but can’t do domestic stuff for shit
  • don’t let her near the kitchen 
Just There

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You pout as Frerin lifts you over his shoulder. All you were doing was running away from Gildoron. You didn’t see the harm in that.

“Rin! Why are you taking me away?” you ask, slamming your fist into his back. “Because I don’t want his grubby hands touching my little sister!” he exclaims, hoisting you more over his shoulders so that your face is near his butt. 

“We were just playing tag! There is nothing wrong with that,” you exclaim as you watch his feet. You could feel the blood slowly rushing to your face, but your big brother didn’t seem to care.

“You are a princess! You should not be running around like that,” he retorts and you reach down to pinch his butt. He lets out a rather unmanly shriek and puts you down, glaring at you.

“I am seven! Why can’t I have fun?” you pout, stomping your feet. “Because you should not be running around with men. Especially the Princess of Erebor!” he explains, kneeling down to your height. 

“But he’s lord Girion’s son!” you defend and in the distance you see Thorin. You dodge your brother and run over to the oldest of your family. He catches you easily and lifts you up. You wrap your arms around his neck and glare at Frerin as he stands. 

“What’s wrong now?” Thorin asks. “Rin doesn’t want me playing with Gildoron!” you explain, burying your face in his neck. 

He chuckles and looks at his brother. Frerin looks away ashamed. He didn’t like sharing his little sisters. Especially to any species of the male gender. Thorin remembers quite vividly when Dis, accidentally or purposely (no one knows), kneed Frerin in the jam bags because he didn’t let her go to see Vili. Frerin had let Dis go since then and now he had moved onto you.

“Frerin just wants you to himself that is all. He hasn’t been able to play with you in a while because you’re to busy with Gildoron,” Thorin explains and you let loose a bit. “Really?” you ask, looking at Frerin.

“Of course! I always want to play with my baby girl,” he says, tickling your stomach. You giggle and latch onto his neck, transferring from one brother to the other. The three of you leave Dale to find Dis so you could play together, not knowing that all of your happiness would soon be wiped away by Smaug.

“Dis! You can’t let them go!” You exclaim, running into your sister’s quarters. “They have to go y/n! It is what is best for our people,” Dis replies, moving around you to put a kettle on the fire.

“But what if they don’t come back?” you exclaim. “It is more than likely that they will not come back,” she says. “Do you not care about our brothers?” you ask. “They are not the only ones going there! Father, grandfather, and Vili are going as well! If you think that I do not care you are highly mistaken!” she exclaims, looking at you with tear filled eyes.

You sigh and pull into a hug, knowing that it takes a lot to let her One go. “I fear that they will all perish and I do not want that for them,” she says and its then that you decide that your brothers will not be going alone.

You keep your head down as Thorin walks by. You had snuck away and had joined the dwarves in the armory to get ready. It took a few months but now Moria was just a day away and you were not about to get sent home now.

You see a pair of boots pause in front of you and you raise your head to meet the eyes of Dwalin. He takes you to the side, away from the camp that you had made.

“You should not be here, y/n,” he whispers angrily. “I can’t just let my brothers die without at least trying to help them,” you argue, “I am nearly 12 years older than yourself. I belong here as much as you do.”

You don’t think you’ve seen Dwalin so angry. You remember running after your little cousin when he was stark naked and with a smile on his face and now he had the biggest frown to have ever existed. 

“You are a dam. A princess no less. You should not be here!” he tries again. “There is also dis,” you tell him.

“And what if you three do not make it? How am I supposed to tell Dis that she is now the only child left out of the four that was created?” he ask tersely. “You will not have to do that. I promise,” you say and he sighs. “Fine, you stupid, stubborn dam. If you die, I will raise you from the grave and kill you myself,” he says and you laugh, giving him a light headbutt.

You look around frantically for Frerin. You had seen Thorin fight off a couple of orcs at the time, but you had lost sight of Frerin through the throng of orcs. You see Frerin fighting off an orc as another creeps up behind him.

“No!” you shout, slashing through orcs trying to make your way to your big bro. As soon as you get there, you chop the head off of the sneaky orc. “Thanks– y/n?” Frerin exclaims as he looks at your face. You smile at him.

“Come on big bro, we don’t want you dying. Let’s finish this together,” you say, beheading another orc and you do. You both finish it together, but not without the loss of your king and the disappearance of your father.

“Frerin! Where are you?” you hear a deep voice shout from your spot on the ground. You and Frerin had need to sit after seeing the aftermath of the battle. You could not hold it in and began upchucking with Frerin holding your hair. 

“There you are. I thought I had lost you,” the voice you recognize as Thorin says and you look up after wiping your face. You expect to see shock radiating off of your brother’s face. Shock and anger, but you see none of those emotions. All you see is joy as he brings the two of you into a hug.

“You’re not mad?” you ask him as he lets you go. “Now is not the time to be angry. It is the time to rejoice that I still have you two by my side,” he says, smiling slightly. How he managed to smile throughout everything confused you greatly, but you did not care. As long as you had your two brothers by your side.

“Besides, Dis will have a lot to say when we return,” Thorin says and you wince, knowing the wrath of your older sister.

“You are not going!” Thorin, Dis, and Frerin exclaim from their spots at the dinner table, making you, Fili, and Kili jump.

Thorin will be heading out to reclaim Erebor in a year and you wanted to go along. It has been far too long since you’ve seen home and wherever your brothers went, you went as well.

“What? But why? Kili and Fili are going along!” You exclaim earning a “hey” from your nephews. 

“Because it is dangerous! I simply will not allow you to come,” Thorin says. Ever since the Battle of Azanulbizar, he had been afraid to lose both you and Frerin. He had seen you protect Frerin and nearly get killed in the process and his heart has never sunk so low.

“I am 177 years old (a/n: i’m going with book ages, well ages according to peter jackson, but movie looks) and I have more experience then these two chuckleheads! Erebor is my home too! I have every right,” you say. 

“No, y/n. You need to stay with the people. Our people need you,” Frerin replies. “They’ve got Dis! I’m the youngest of you lot. I am nothing! I am expendable,” you say, making your siblings frown. 

You have thought about it a lot while growing up. You were the last child, therefore not important. If Thorin were to fall, Frerin would be there. If Frerin were to fall, Fili and Kili would be there. You were just the person left out of everything. The person that was just there.

“You know me, Thorin. Even if you tell me no, I will follow you. I have done it when we tried to reclaim Moria and I will do it all over again,” you say. He sighs and looks at Frerin.

“Very well. We will begin during Spring of next year,” he says and you cheer along with your nephews. That causes Dis to not speak to you for four months.

When you had joined this journey, you did not expect to be on the brink of death, but here you were. Lying on the ground with a sword sticking out of your chest with Thorin and Frerin frantically calling for help. 

“Remember all those years back, Frerin? When you swept me away from Gildoron because you were over-protective?” you ask laughing. He smiles tearfully at you. “That was over 171 years ago. You still remember that?” he ask. “Yes and I quite remember pinching your butt after you threw me on your shoulder,” you laugh again, but your laugh turns into harsh coughing as blood spurts out of your mouth.

“Y/n, please do not speak anymore. You need to save your energy,” Thorin says, laying your head in his lap. 

“I have always been jealous of you three, you know. You two and Dis were the best of friends when we were growing up and I wanted that, too,” you say, looking into their eyes.

“We were close to you as well. You were our favorite,” Frerin says, tears running down his face. “And yet, the only person I could play with was Gildoron. Thorin was always busy beside father and grandfather. You were always training as well and Dis. Dis was too busy with her other friends to play with her little sister,” you say, mournfully. 

Your siblings always had times for everyone else, but never for you and that hurt you a lot. You never let them know though and through your pain, you had found Gildoron and he was the light at the end of the tunnel. 

You wince again as you move slightly. 

“Why did you never say anything?” Thorin asks quietly. “Because you were too busy and Gildoron was there for me. It’s painful to see so much of him in the bargeman,” you say, “do you think, you could tell Dis that I love her? With every fiber of my being?” 

“You will tell her yourself,” Thorin says sternly and you smile sadly. “That is not going to happen, dear brother,” you say and for once in his life, Thorin chokes up. 


“Do you think, father would be proud?” you ask, your breathing becoming labored. 

“Of course. And so are we. We are very proud,” Frerin says, clutching your hand tighter. 

“Really? Then I can finally say that I am happy and dying happy has to be the greatest thing,” you say, giving them one last smile. 

Your smile fades and so does the light in your eyes and your brothers cry for the life that they could not save no matter how hard they tried. The life that had save them countless of times physically, mentally and emotionally and they hope that one day you will forgive them for their failure.

A/N: This turned out sadder and longer than I initially wanted.

Master: Did you do you Maid chorded today?
Maid Kitten: *silence*
Master: What did you do today, Kitten?
Maid Kitten: Not much just chilled. *playing it cool but knows what is coming*
Master: Kittteeennn… *firmly grabs one wrist and my neck*
Maid Kitten: I’m sorry, sir! It’s just- *is cut off by masters hand over my mouth*
Master: You know what this means yet, every so often you are naughty. *hand still over my mouth and grasping my neck*
Maid Kitten: *nods and looked away*
Master: You know what time in is, don’t you Kitten? *Takes hand off mouth so I can reply*
Maid Kitten: Yes Sir… It’s punishment time… *sort of fake pouts*
Master: But this time it’ll be more severe.
Maid Kitten:*Looks genuinely surprised* Y-yes Sir…
Master: Come to the bed room. It’s time to learn your lesson.

Dominating Him When You’re Jealous (M) (KBTBB Version)
  • Featuring: Eisuke Ichinomiya, Soryu Oh, Ota Kisaki, Mamoru Kishi and Shuichi Hishikura from Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
  • Warnings: Mature

A common thing to see around Eisuke, were groupies: forever swarming around Eisuke like moths to a flame. You weren’t exactly thrilled about their presence but it wasn’t until that particular moment when their very existence infuriated you. Watching as a particularly bold groupie brought her lips to his ear and slid her hand down his front, resting teasingly on his belt made you see red.
But you didn’t act on your anger immediately.
No, you waited, lying on Eisuke’s bed, and let your anger boil inside you until Eisuke returned home. Candles lit and the lighting dimmed, the atmosphere didn’t exactly scream ‘I’m mad’ but your intentions were devious.
“You’re still awake?” Eisuke chuckled when he finally walked into his bedroom. “What a good girl, waiting for me like that.” He shrugged off his blazer and only then seemed to notice the candles and your position on the bed. Eyebrow arching, he undressed slowly, savouring the sensation of your eyes following his every movement.
When he was only in his black boxers, he joined you on the bed, immediately going to get on top of you but you shoved him, pushing him back so hard that he almost slammed his head back against the headboard.
“What the hell are y-” Eisuke began to growl, his expression irritated, but you pressed a finger to his lips, positioned yourself over the bulge in his boxers and slowly began to grind.
“I want to make something, very clear.” You whispered, staring down at the perplexed Eisuke. You had never taken control before, knowing Eisuke’s need for dominance made you think he wouldn’t like it. But tonight, he didn’t have a choice. Reaching for a candle that had nearly burnt out completely, you smiled innocently at him. As you reached for the candle, Eisuke made quick work of both of your underwear and positioned his growing erection so that when you straddled him again, he slid into you.
Not fully wet enough to take him painlessly inside, you were gasping at the sensation of him pushing inside you, your body shook and you fought to gain control of your hands so that when you slowly reached out and dripped the melted candle wax onto his chest, your movements were steady.
Hissing, Eisuke’s eyes snapped open and glared at you, but a forceful hand on his shoulder kept him down.
“Stay still.” You urged, moving your wrist as you poured the wax across his chest. The discomfort on his face was evident, but with the slow thrust of your hips, the pain only added to his pleasure, as made clear from his eyes rolling back into his head and the string of obscenities leaving his thick lips. Slowly pouring out the wax, Eisuke looked down at his chest in curiosity and smirked through the slight burning pain.
“Feeling a little jealous are we?” He asked, his voice hoarse, he moved his hands to travel up your sides as you put the candle back in its original position.
“No.” You denied with a small smile. “Just making sure that you remember who you belong to.” You teased, using his words back at him. Chuckling, Eisuke grabbed your hips and encouraged your movements against him, forcing you to ride him faster. He liked it when you submitted yourself to him but he had to admit, seeing you writhing on top of him as you dictated your own pleasure was pretty sexy too.
It was only after you’d finished, when you were lying in the crook of his arm, his fingers trailing lazily up and down your spine, that you peeled off the dried candle wax letters you had poured onto his chest. Giggling slightly, you relished in the red imprint you had branded him with, a single world marring his otherwise perfect skin.

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Family Picnic

“Nya!” It was about the seventh time Minimoose’s shrill chirp rang loudly in Zim’s antennae as his nubby antlers nudged against their Master’s face. “Nyanya!”

“Yeah, what Minimoose said!” Meanwhile, a certain little robot child had clung himself firmly to Zim’s uniform, leaning against it as he pouted up at his master. “You said you’d take us on a picnic when it got warmer!” He had said it to placate the two and get them to shut up, but neither were going to let him forget his promise.


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After seeing Yoda's reaction to Mace unfucking the timeline I kind of have to wonder how Qui-Gon responded

I can’t help but assume Qui-Gon was actually THRILLED, frankly, Qui-Gon was like “oh my god you want to raise a padawan with FEELINGS? you want to say fuck neutrality and go to Naboo and throw down? hell yes, COUNT ME IN”. Like Qui-Gon always seemed pretty Gray to me, lbr, Qui-Gon is probably about as Gray as a Jedi gets without leaving the Order altogether and I cannot help suspecting that he only stayed because all his friends were there anyway and packing is suuuuch a paaaaiiiiinnnnn, ugh, Obi-Wan, such a PAIN, please put away my bag for me. Please? Pleeeease–”UGH FINE JUST STOP POUTING, MASTER, YOU’RE A VENERABLE JEDI KNIGHT AND THIS IS BENEATH YOU.” 

Seriously, though, Mace wants to interfere in shit, ignore the Senate’s crappy non-ideas, and draw a hard line with the rest of the Council? Mace wants to go haring off halfway across the galaxy to a war zone with the nine year-old Chosen One and blow up droids and kill a murder-minded Sith? 

“Did we just become best friends?” Qui-Gon asks gleefully. 

“No,” Mace growls. 

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How about Lucy and Levy have their time of the month and Gajeel and Natsu try to consul them.


This will be in two separate parts.


Natsu wasn’t sure what was going on with Lucy. In the course of a few days, she had suddenly holed herself up in her room with chocolates, ice cream, romantic movies, and lots of Kleenex. Either she had dumped him and he didn’t know about it or she was just very emotional, and the thought of either scared him.

Gray had just chuckled and told him to go visit her, and Natsu decided for the crazy idea.

When he got there, he knocked on her apartment door and was met with a large wail.

“Luce?” he asked, and he pressed on the door and found it unlocked when he turned the knob. He crept inside, not wanting to disturb her. He looked around for a few moments before finding her in a pile of blankets with tears in her eyes.

“Lucy! What’s wrong?” Natsu scooped her up in his arms and cradled her close to his chest.

“They’re just so beautiful,” she sniffled, and Natsu looked at her, confused.

“What are so beautiful?”

“The stars! They’re so bright up there, and did you ever think that they have no one to talk to? They must be so lonely!” Lucy said before dissolving into tears once more.

“Whoa, whoa, Luce!” he held her as she cried, and she sobbed into his chest for a few minutes. What the hell was wrong with her?!

“I’m sorry that I’m this emotional,” she said, starting to explain, “I’m on my period, and–”

“You’re on your period? Oh, that makes sense! Don’t you lay an egg then? That’s probably why you’re in so much pain!” Natsu understood then, and it was Lucy’s turn to look confused.

“I’m not an animal, you idiot! I don’t lay an egg when I’m on my period! What moron told you that?” Lucy asked, smacking him on the arm.

“M-Makarov told me when I was a kid that women lay eggs,” Natsu said, rubbing his hurt arm with a pout. Was master wrong?

“I’m going to have a talk with that old man. There’s some things old men don’t understand, and periods are one of them.”

Lucy then began to help Natsu understand periods.

And boy, was he ever wrong about laying an egg.


On the clear end of town, Gajeel sniffed the air softly and his nose picked up the scent of blood. He was on his way to pick Levy up for a job that they were going on together. But now he had to be doubly as quick: Levy was in trouble.

Hiking up his knees to run faster, he peeled out of the guild hallway and ran to Fairy Hills. When he finally made it there, he ran past Erza who was groaning about him being inside past open hours. He paid the woman no mind for once and made way to Levy’s room.

“Levy!” Gajeel burst in the door.

“Gajeel!” Levy smiled, running toward him with a smile and tackling him to the ground.

“Are you hurt?” he asked after hitting the ground, checking all of his fiancee’s vital signs.

“No. Well, except for the soreness in my chest and the pain down below,” she said sheepishly, cowering slightly.

Down below what? Was she dying?

“You’re speakin’ madness, Shrimp,” he said, flicking the tip of her nose with a finger. Levy covered her nose with her hand and groaned and laid a hand close to her–

Well, Gajeel was surprised that women even got pain there.

“Tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it!” he practically snarled, and Levy giggled at his harsh tone.

“It’s nothing you can fix, Gajeel. It’s just my period. If you wanted to get me some chocolate I wouldn’t complain, though,” Levy said softly, rubbing her abdomen.

“Chocolate, huh? I guess I could go get some and cancel our job for today,” Gajeel stood and rubbed the back of his neck, easing the kink that was left there from being tackled.

“Y-you know about periods?” Levy said, surprised.

“Shrimp, I lived with Juvia for years. She basically told me everything about all of her damn bodily functions,” Gajeel answered honestly, and Levy grimaced.

As Gajeel went to get the chocolate, Levy smiled and read a book.

She had such a loving boyfriend…

There ya go, friend!

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Unacceptable // S.W.
Anonymous requested:
Can you do a imagine where Y/N is Nate’s sister and Sam and her always flirt but Nate doesn’t like it so they flirt lowkey when Nate’s there

“Yo, Maloskis, I’m home!” Sam’s voice carried through the apartment, painting a smile on my face as I stepped out of the guest room to meet him downstairs. When I reached the last step, I saw him draped over the couch with his attention on his phone. I admit, he was looking extra cute today.

“He went out to run errands with Swazz.” I spoke up, pulling his focus towards me. A sort of lopsided grin curled on his lips as he locked his phone and chucked it to the side.

“So how much time does that leave us?” He hummed, sitting up and quirking a suggestive eyebrow. I let a little giggle slip past my lips as I pattered over to the couch and took a seat beside him. This certainly wasn’t the first time we’ve been left home alone, but it sure felt liberating to be able to get comfy without Nate breathing down our necks.

“I’d say.. an hour tops.” I grinned before a small squeal left my lips as he lifted me onto his lap. He laughed, tucking my hair behind my ear then brushing his thumb over my cheek.

“How can someone so cute be so bad?” He asked.

“I am not bad.” I denied with a shake of my head. My physical appearance might have screamed innocent but anybody who knows me could beg to differ. Well, everybody except Nate, who refuses to believe that I’ve grown past the age of twelve. He just can’t accept that I’ve matured in more ways than he’d like.

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