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whoa ok step back, daedalus built a cow suit for a woman who wanted to fuck a bull and that's why the minotaur WAS A THING? I DID NOT KNOW THIS

I honestly think that I’d be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t tell you about the time Daedalus enabled rampant bestiality, so allow me to clear this gap in your knowledge. 

Anyone who doesn’t want to read a poorly retold myth about a man who built a cow suit so realistic that it totally fooled a magic bull into laying down some absolutely quality homo-bovine dick and siring a minotaur should probably press J on their keyboard right now, but honestly if that synopsis doesn’t do it for you then you should probably just quit Greek mythology all together.

So, Minos is this guy who manages to achieve the dual feat of being both King of Crete and an incorrigible asshole. Also, the first achievement is a really tenuous one, because Minos has like a billion brothers and he’s basically Malcolm in the Middle and all his brothers are better looking than him and they have way better abs and it’s really awkward every year at Christmas because they’re all “could you pass the stuffing, Minos? Also you’re totally stuffed because I’m going to be king one day haha suck it, right on” and so Minos starts to get really worried that he’s going to lose the throne to one of his more lustrous-locked brothers and then he’ll be stuck with just the one achievement of being an incorrigible asshole and so he has a little brood and he comes up with a plan. 

One day, he goes up to Poseidon, god of the sea and all things wet (or at least that’s what he tells girls at the Olympus nightclubs) and he’s like “hey, Poseidon, could you do me a solid?” and Poseidon is like “no bro but I can do you a liquid” and they have a little manly giggle and then Minos says “no but really, I need a favour” and Poseidon is like “well, you just gave me a golden opportunity to mock the states of matter, I’m 100% up for doing any favour you want” and Minos says “well, you know how I have loads of brothers” and Poseidon is like “you mean the better looking ones?” and Minos pouts and says “looks aren’t everything, but yes, those ones” and Poseidon is like “go on” and Minos says “well, I need them to stop trying to steal the throne because it’s getting really annoying and also I can’t sleep at night any more and it’s driving my hot wife insane, could you maybe show that you totally support me being King of Crete? That way, they’ll definitely stop being dicks at Christmas” and Poseidon just nods and says “I have a great idea for how I can do this”

and Minos is like “wow, are you going to send down an army of merpeople and slaughter all my brothers in a righteous and watery battle?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “are you going to conjure up a giant tidal wave and make it destroy all my brothers’ homes but leave my palace totally intact?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “well, are you going to turn all my brothers into mermen?” and Poseidon is like “look, I’m going to send you a bull”

and Minos just blinks and says “a bull” and Poseidon nods and grins and says “yes, a bull” and Minos says “THAT’S bull” and Poseidon points behind him and says “no, THAT’S a bull” and then he brings out this fucking phenomenal bull. Like, this bull puts all other bulls to shame. It’s glowing white and it’s as big as two ordinary bulls and probably twice as virile. It’s basically overcompensation in taurine form. Anyway, this bull is so bitchin’ that immediately, all of Minos’ brothers are like “wow, nope, you can keep that throne, we don’t want Poseidon to sic his sick bull on us” and basically Minos lives happily ever after with his incredible bull.

Until eventually Poseidon shows up at Minos’ palace and says “hey, Minos, you know that really awesome bull I lent you a while back?” and Minos is like “what bull” and Poseidon is like “the magical snow white bull which gleamed in the Cretan sun like limestone and Apollo’s cheekbones” and Minos is like “oh, THAT bull” and Poseidon is like “yes, that bull, now where is it because I’m having a bull party next week and I really want it back” and Minos says “well, here’s the thing, and it’s kind of a funny story really and I’m sure we’ll laugh about it later, maybe we could even laugh about it now, ha, but anyway all jokes aside I’m keeping the bull” and Poseidon is all “like fuck you’re keeping that bull, it’s my best bull, this is bullshit” and Minos is like “that’s one of the hazards of keeping a bull, maybe you’re not cut out for it” and Poseidon says “you haven’t heard the end of this, Minos, you have made a very powerful and watery enemy” and he leaves and Minos goes and, like, pets the bull or something, I don’t know what you do with bulls.

So, Poseidon goes back to his soggy lair and formulates a plan, and he eventually comes up with something straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s brie-induced nightmares. He goes to find Aphrodite, the goddess of love and afternoon delight, and says “hey Aphrodite, first of all you look delectable and secondly I need you to help me make a woman bang a bull” and Aphrodite is like “I honestly hate this job sometimes, but you’re right, I do look delectable, tell me more” and Poseidon is like “I had this really sweet bull and I lent it to Minos so he would think I liked him and now he won’t give it back and so I need you to make his wife fall in love with the bull, it’s a foolproof vengeance plan” and Aphrodite says “you are a god” and Poseidon says “yes” and Aphrodite says “why can’t you just, you know, take back the bull with your divine power?” and Poseidon is like “look, are you going to make this woman fall in love with the bull or not” and Aphrodite is like “fuck yes, that sounds hilarious, consider it done and I want front row seats” and Poseidon is like “you are my favourite niece and occasional lover, I owe you one”

Back to the palace at Crete, where Minos’ wife, Pasiphaë, is lounging about on a contemporary equivalent to a chaise-lounge when she suddenly gets this unmistakable urge to do the do with a bull - but not just any bull, her loins quiver only for the bull in her husband’s barnyard. Instead of doing what most people would do when they realise they have an insatiable urge to make tender love to a bull and immediately committing herself to months of therapy, she thinks “I know what I have to do” and she picks up the contemporary equivalent of a phone and calls Daedalus, inventor and architect extraordinaire.

She’s all “hey, Daedalus, we have patient confidentiality, right?” and Daedalus is like “I’m not your doctor, so no” and she’s like “well, I’m your Queen, so how about you say ‘yes’ instead and I tell you what I want?” and Daedalus is like “my lips are sealed, tell me what you need” and she’s all “well, there’s this really rad guy and I totally want to just lay him down and lick chocolate sauce off his body, but there’s a hitch in my plan” and Daedalus says “yeah, you’re married” and Pasiphaë says “yes, and also he’s a bull” and Daedalus is like “do you mean he’s well hung or” and Pasiphaë is like “look man you gotta help me on this, I need me some sweet bullocking and only you can help me” and Daedalus says “I’ll do what I can, but I hope you have a damn good shower at your palace because I may need to use it for about 6 weeks afterwards” and she’s like “done, now get over here and get me some”

So Daedalus turns up and helps her, and in the blink of an eye, he’s built her this monstrous wooden cow suit. Now, the myth is not exactly clear on the mechanics of this bovine sex toy, but it’s established that Pasiphaë gets into the cow suit and goes to find her bullock beau and they make sweet, sweet cattle love all day and all night. I do not know how she manoeuvres herself inside this wooden furry abomination and frankly I do not want to know, but whatever she does is 100% successful because 9 months later she gives birth to another furry abomination. The good news is that he’s a healthy, bouncing baby boy. The bad news is that he is half baby and half bull and also he has this really annoying habit that most newborns don’t have of eating people, which means that Minos is the definition of Not Impressed with his new stepson, so he does what any sane human would do in this situation, and he calls Daedalus. 

Daedalus says “I’m in the shower, what do you want?” and Minos is like “look, my wife has committed a slight indiscretion and I need you to take care of the result” and Daedalus is like “she fucked a bull and she’s had a grotesque hybrid baby, hasn’t she” and Minos narrows his eyes and says “how do you know?” and Daedalus says “just a stab in the dark, mate, I had no hand in this at all, literally none, just let me wash my hands a minute and I’ll be right back” and Minos is like “just build something to trap that devil spawn, because it’s started to eat my servants and I never even wanted a stepson anyway, it’s just one more claim to the throne isn’t it” and Daedalus is like “dude, give me a week and it’ll be done”

and so Daedalus constructs this impenetrable labyrinth that’s so impregnable that Daedalus nearly gets lost on the way out, and they lob the minotaur tot right into the middle of it, and that’s that.

Except then the minotaur starts demanding the sacrifice of seven young men every year, who are tossed into the labyrinth and forced to play a fatal game of cat and mouse with a grotesque superpowered man-bull creature that will ultimately devour them, flesh from bone, at the heart of a labyrinth that only he can navigate, but that’s a story for another myth. Or The Maze, starring Dylan O’Brien, out in a multiplex near you.

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Imagine Dating Peter and Also Being a Hero

request: Headcannons for dating peter but also being a superhero? If that makes any sense whatsoever. Also your blog is amazing!!!!


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- you were made an avenger before him because you were less of a wild card

- him complaining that he is an on-call but you are a permanent member

- “yes peter, but if i want to do something i just tell tony ahead of time”

- “tony just likes you better” he pouts

- “i mean, i’m not arguing” tony interjecting

- natasha and clint being your mentors

- you have telekinesis so you get along with wanda pretty well

- you were in an explosion in a chemistry lab

- you were in a foster home but when your powers were discovered you were brought into the avengers

- sleepovers with wanda

- peter being afraid that you didn’t like him too

- him asking wanda to help him ask you to homecoming

- they make an entire poster and peter takes you to the roof one night only for wanda to raise the poster

- “oh my god”

- peter getting nervous, “oh um-i’m sorry if you don’t-”


- at school one time flash was being a jerk to peter so you slammed an open locker in his face

- “what the..?”

- peter looking at you incredulously

- shrugging “he was being mean to you”

- discovering that you can make yourself fly

- you and peter having your first date together on the roof again and having a picnic

- peter is like the best boyfriend ever, he opens every door for you and is the kind of “pick you up to take you over a puddle” guy

- the first time you guys go on a mission after you’ve started dating you notice him constantly covering you

- asking him about it after, “i always cover you, i guess you only noticed it this time”

- “peter i am an able part of the team, and we- me and you- are a team that has to work together”

- him conceding that you are right

- he gets injured in a battle and you sprint over to him

- “peter, peter!”

- everybody is busy so you lift the side of a metal truck and curl it with your mind, and set it over him and continue to fight in front of him

- when you are no longer needed you lift him and ask tony where the nearest hospital is

- flying him there and sitting by his bed the whole time

- peter being ok with just a sprained ankle, broken rib, and concussion

- admitting you love him while he’s unconscious

- you weakly hear “i know” and then see a smile spread across his lips


- hugging him lightly and not letting go until the team walks in

- peter holding your hand the entire time

- when you get to take him home you take care of him and help aunt may

- aunt may knowing your powers so you don’t have to hide them

- putting away his clean clothes with your powers while you talk to him

- “Y/N don’t help him. he’s lazy and doesn’t deserve it.” aunt may scolding you

- you look at him and smile mischievously and then toss all the clothes back into place in a hurricane of laundry

- peter telling you every time you see him that he loves you before saying anything else and making sure it’s the last thing he says, because he knows it could all come crashing down in one second and he wanted to make sure you knew

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"I need you, though." Chlonette or Maribee? If you can! Love your fics btw they just keep getting better!

Ok… I had an idea… and I ran with it… and… yeah…. that escalated quickly.

most of this will be under a read more because its about 3k words long… 

(Also some mention of unrequited Chloe/Adrien and Adrienette) Hope you like it.

“You’re probably wondering what I am doing here.” 

“Yeah!” Marinette said, clutching her covers to her chest as she tried to process the sight of the super heroine sitting cross legged on the edge of her bed. “How did you even-” 

“I came in through your skylight,” Queen bee said cutting off the question with a wave of her hand, “Chat mentioned a while back that you usually keep it unlocked and I needed to talk to you.” 

“I am going to kill that stupid cat,” she muttered under her breath. 


“Nothing,” Marinette said quickly. “So, what are you doing here?”  

“Well you see, the thing is… wait are you naked under there?” Bee gasped, her eyes going wide and her face flushing an obvious red even in the semi-darkness.

“No! Why would you say that?!” Marinette shot back, her own face coloring. 

“Well you are doing the whole, blanket clutchy thing!” 

“Because a stranger has shown up out of nowhere in my bedroom in the middle of the night and I am in my pajamas!” 

“But I’m not a stranger I am a superhero. And I know that Chat visits you.”

“He doesn’t come in when I am sleeping!” 

“Oh. I guess you have a point there,” Bee said looking thoughtful. “Anyways I need your help.” 

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Bitty doesn’t usually get possessive or jealous, but when he does, Jack loves it. Because then Bitty is extra clingy, and wants to mark Jack, and tells Jack that he’s Bitty’s and no one else’s, and loves on him. Sometimes Jack kind of wishes that Bitty can show more of that possessiveness, but he knows that it’s not possible due to the private nature of their relationship and how innately nonaggressive Bitty is.

When he found out that Bitty sent a passive aggressive fruit basket to the reporter who was flirting with him throughout an interview, though, Jack almost dropped to his knees right then and there and told Bitty to take him. 

Neither of them restrict each other from going anywhere, although Bitty has asked Jack to text him and let him know if anyone was dragging him to a strip club or something, and Jack asks the same. Jack actually enjoys getting jealous over Bitty, which reassured Bitty because he was getting worried about Jack being unhappy whenever people flirt with him in public. 

“I mean, the only thing about it is that I can’t publicly come and wrap my arms around you. But I like seeing you wanted, and knowing that they can’t have you because I do. I think its, uh, a thing.”

“But I don’t like feeling jealous over you, it makes me feel mean and clingy,” Bitty pouted.

“I like it when you’re mean.” 

“Oh, you sly little pretty boy!” 

Tell Me

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Tell Me
[You need alittle reassurance from Zico]

Jiho groaned and rolled over on his side. You two have been in bed for the last few hours and every time he finds himself finally falling asleep, you would find it absolutely necessary to roll over and it would wake him up. That and he’d often find a mass of hair tickling his face, but he’d grown to find that part comforting. He couldn’t really complain about a slight discomfort when it oddly smelled like warmth and home.

However, each one of your little flops were followed by a very huffy grunt.

It wasn’t that you never moved around in bed, it was just that you never moved around so much. He glanced at his alarm clock and sighed, rubbing his temples. He had work in a few hours and knew that you wouldn’t just offer up what was bothering you. “Jagi please” he wrapped his arms around you, stopping you from turning again. “What is it?”

“…Nothing” you mumbled pouting.

He knew that pout, that was the I don’t wanna say it, but I’ll be even angrier if you don’t keep asking me pout. “Come on, please just tell me.” he yawned. “I gotta get some sleep and whatever it is, is clearly bothering you.”

“I don’t wanna tell you.” your pout deepened.

“Well why the hell not?”

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husband! Mingyu

anon requested: “Can you do a husband mingyu? Love your blog!”

admin seri: this is really late ack school and other things just got me

  • can you say perfect housewife husband material
  • the guy cooks
  • cleans
  • changes light bulbs
  • he can do it all
  • probably wakes up earlier than you in the morning to make eggs, bacon, pancakes, anything you want or can imagine for breakfast
  • and brews coffee amazingly too
  • and sits there with his cup of coffee at the dinner table sipping the brew, wearing a large cardigan
  • and when you wake up to the blissful scent of food and coffee
  • and walk out to the dining room
  • he gets up still wearing pajamas, his cardigan, and fluffy bunny slippers
  • towering tall but still hecka cute dad look
  • and gives you a hug and a kiss on the forehead with a “Morning, beautiful”
  • lots of playing with your hair
  • you’ll both be sitting on the couch watching a drama or movie
  • and he’ll braid your hair without even looking
  • and it’ll turn out amazing
  • but he was staring at the tv screen the whole time
  • never have to ask him to clean anything
  • does laundry and cleans dishes
  • always leaves the toilet seat down because you asked him to
  • if he has the time,
  • he’ll pack you your lunch for work everyday
  • healthy and nutritious meal always
  • getting you this cute arse lunchbag and leaving a note in there like, 
  • “make sure you eat every last bite wifey <3″
  • oml and you’re pretty much his taste tester
  • he’ll come up with all sorts of things, random doing weird food combinations
  • sitting at the table, you’ll sit and wait for mingyu to bring out the food
  • “Mingyu what is this”
  • “sshh that doesn’t matter just try it!!” he says sitting next to you
  • looks at you with wide puppy eyes as you put the spoon in your mouth
  • “its alright,” you say casually, even though in your mind it was mother effing delicious 
  • like how does he do it
  • “just alright?” he asks his eyes getting a tiny bit sad, “i swear i tried it and it was so good!”
  • you hide the smile coming out quickly and lean over to press a kiss to his cheek
  • “just kidding~” you say leaning back and grinning 
  • “YAYAYAY’ 
  • he’ll grab a spoon and give you a giant spoonful
  • “too much” you try to say through the food
  • “what? you want more?” he was teasing you
  • and gets hit with a pair of chopsticks
  • he’s really playful when it’s time to be playful
  • like you’ll be standing in your shared bathroom brushing your teeth and he’ll come in and start doing some weird dances looking at you through the mirror
  • and like the smooth person you are, you choke on your toothpaste for a minute
  • and he’ll be laughing and just patting your back
  • “i hate you” you say with foam around your mouth
  • he wraps his arms around your waist snuggling his head into your hair
  • “why are you mean to me like this,” he pouts
  • “okay baby i’m sorry do you need me too tuck you in?” you tease 
  • as soon as you look at his facial expression, you knew you should’ve thought about your words a little better
  • “you could do something else besides tucking me in,” his smirk slowly getting more prominent
  • “kim mingyu go away” you swat at him
  • “i’ll be waiting for you Mrs. Kim~” 
  • he’s serious when it’s time to be serious
  • one day you’ll come home like really stressed our from work
  • and just drop your purse or bag on the ground let yourself sink into the couch
  • while just staring at the ceiling,
  • you can see and feel Mingyu settle next to you, wrapping his arms around you
  • “tell me about your day?” he asks softly, almost whisper like
  • everything just spills out letting all the stress and anger out
  • with Mingyu listening, comforting, and giving his own advice
  • and he’ll cook you dinner after, or order your favorite take out
  • just whatever you want
  • totally just cuddling on the couch and stuffing your faces
  • and oh my god
  • there’s not enough words to describe the boys
  • you guys still get calls from the boys who are staying at the dorm 
  • because the dorm is like a place all the guys can rest at after practice
  • meaning they want food
  • and Mingyu for sure rather cook for you 
  • not because of the number difference or anything
  • “noona we want our housewife Mingyu back”
  • you’ll just look at Mingyu, who’s sitting next to you, and start cracking up with him
  • “Seungkwan, me and MIngyu both work so no housewives here”
  • “FINE. OKAY. then how much you want for us to get you to come over because I won’t live through any more Hansol ramen.”
  • you guys are just like, to be lazy or to not be lazy
  • Mingyu still as sweet as always so he caves sometimes
  • and you guys go over and the first thing that happens in Chan shoving bags of ramen in front of you guys like
  • “hyung if you don’t do this you’ll have to pay your part in the fire fees okay”
  • pretty much you guys are just dancing in the kitchen together
  • unwrapping ramyun packages
  • he tells you to sit down and just wait until he’s done
  • so you sit at the counter and watch him cook with your head resting on your hand
  • which he knows because you’re pretty much staring blatantly
  • so he does little things to try to ‘impress you’ 
  • even though he obviously doesn’t need too because you guys are married
  • but whatever gotta keep it interesting ;)
  • and when Mingyu’s serving the ramyun he’ll give you the most
  • which gets all the boys triggered lol
  • and Mingyu just shrugs like, “I gotta keep my baby healthy” 
  • everyone’s just like …
  • you’re like ‘wait’
  • “YOU’RE HAVING A KID?” Seokmin screams
  • and then it’s chaos from there
  • Mingyu’s just like ????
  • “HEY STOP NO WE ARE NOT HAVING A KID” you yell over them, shaking your head
  • “you gotta be careful with what you say Ming,” you laugh 
  • he scratches his head sheepishly, “whoops”
  • yup just as clumsy as always
  • ooh and he always makes sure there’s date nights
  • they’re not spontaneous or anything because Mingyu likes too plan
  • except he also doesn’t really like to tell you anything either
  • but you read him really well so when you get some texts at work, even more than normal,
  • ‘how’s your day going bb?’ and ‘i love you have a nice day <3′
  • you know something’s up
  • as soon as you walk through the door he’s there, ready and grinning
  • “get ready we’re going on a date!!” 
  • you break out into a smile and laugh, “dress attire?”
  • “hmm fancy” he says wiggling his eyebrows
  • he’ll walk you out and open the door like the gentleman he is, setting the vibe
  • and you’ll giggle at this Mingyu, date MIngyu that you haven’t seen in a minute
  • Mingyu’s a romantic so he’ll take you guys out to your favorite restaurant, maybe watch a film or musical, whatever you’re into
  • and then drive out to a park or river maybe, and just enjoy some fresh air and have talks
  • unlike the fun and exciting dates you guys had while dating, married dates are more relaxed and comfortable
  • but of course there’s still the fun and exciting moments too ;)

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Daniel Bad Boy Au Part 2

Admin xion 💕

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- you ring his doorbell
- no answer
- …
- so you ring it again
- no answer
- …
- so you decided to ring it in the tone of shinee’s ring ding dong until someone would answer
- and lord have mercy
- daniel opened the door with messy hair and his eyes are still closed
- “wahtthefu-”
- “oh yeah i invited you over,” he said
- and his voice was hella raspy due to the fact he just woke up from a nap
- “come in, come in,” he said lazily
- and u blanklessly followed him to his room as within the blink of an eye he disapeared and you could hear tap water running
- so you helped yourself down to the table in the middle of his room and sat down on the floor, taking your books out
- and he came back out, with a more awake face as he sat right next to you, strecthing his body to grab his bag at the side of his bed
- getting his books out you turned to the page where the math project assignment was on
- and he was on that page as well
- the page was filled with math questions and the project was to answer the following questions then teach the class how to do it in the most simplistic way as possible that at 3rd grader can understand it
- “let’s begin with answering the questions first, then we’ll get to the actual project,” you spoke softly breaking the silence
- he nodded cutely
- few questions into your mummbling of math
- you noticed how he was stuck on the third question and was getting a bot fustrated
- so you took his book and scooched a bit closer towards him
- “okok, so to do this question, what you do is place x over y and then divide it by 6,” you spoke as you wrote the following formula on the booklet
- “how do you remember to put x over y on questions like these?” he asks as he scratches the back of his neck
- “well, in questions that ask you shit like "samantha wanted blank but tyler wanted 69 the amount of blank,” you’d then put x over y,“ you replied as a natural small smile creeped ur face
- "and how do you know it’s x over y and not y over x?” daniel questioned
- “well cause y over x is like saying you’re shoving a baby up a girls vagina and bam she’s pregnant. x over y is like saying, bam shes pregnant and the baby came out of the vagina,” you spoke bluntly as you were quite proud of the analogy you made
- daniel laughed as he nodded his head and thanked you
- mid way into questions, you noticed how daniel was getting bored and did nothing but just pout and play with his pencil
- it was almost 8 and you wanted to get this project done as soon as possible
- you sighed
- “okay, what if for every question you answer, we play a round of truth or dare?” you suggested

- daniel instantly nodded like a kid as he quickly grabbed his pencil and began writting away
- you were a bit at ease seeing a different side to daniel
- and lowkey lowkey found his kiddy personality kinda cute
- “bAM ANSWERED IT,” he yelled out of joy. you took his booklet to see if his answers matched with yours. and it did.
- “truth or dare?” he asks with a gummy smile acorss his face
- “truth,” you replied
- “is it true you don’t find me attractive? i mean- even i find myself attractive,” he said in a child like tone as he pouted
- “i mean- if you say it like that i’ll feel bad for saying you’re not,” you murmured under your breath
- “oOO SO THAT MEANS YOU DO FIND ME ATTRACTIVE!” daniel blurted as he began to smile widely
- “hHHHH CALM DOWN,” you snapped as a small smile appeared on your face
- “truth or dare?” you asked back
- “truth,” he replied
- “is it true you lost your virginity at the age of 14?” you blurted as the words you said slowly processed through your mind and instant regret came boiling
- “nope, i lost it 2 years ago,” he replied, leaving a small smirk across his face
- “why you ask?” he said in a low tone as the kid act suddenly vanished, raising an eyebrow
- “n-no reason,” you replied as you found yourself stumbling on your words
- “aNYWAYS BACK TO THE QUESTIONS,” you blurted as you picked up your pencil and answered the last question
- daniel was on his second last question as he was having trouble again
- “uhh, can you help me with this?” he asks
- you nodded as you grabbed his booklet and began explaining the question and how to answer it. he’d humm a yes every here and then when you’d ask if he was getting it. but midway you didn’t hear anything from him.
- “danie-”
- you looked at him as you noticed he was just looking at you blanklessly almost as though he was star strucked
- “heLlo?” you blurted ruining the moment
- “oh yeah, can you explain that part again?” he asks as his attention went back to the booklet. you sighed as you explained it again and he seemed to understand it easily which suprised you.
- forgetting about the truth or dare, daniel answered all the questions and they all matched with yours as you at relief, and was slightly doozing off.
- you checked the time as it was near midnight
- “i should head home,
- let’s work on the presentation part tomorrow?”
- “yeah sure, lemme walk you home,” daniel spoke
- “nah itsokay,”
- “no it’s not. it’s near midnight and unless you wanna get raped then fine by me,” he replied making a good statement
- “plus, a princess should never walk home alone without a guard or her prince,”
- “who said you’re my prince?” you bluntly asked
- “you’re gonna be saying that in just a few weeks, watch,” he replied with a smirk on his face. this is the daniel you knew. the daniel you’d see in the hallways picking up on girls.
- “we’ll see about that,” you confediantly replied as you gathered all your stuff and shoved it into your bag
- daniel still walked you home
- and throughout the way he kept on teasing you like making fun of your height
- and would call you “shorty” non stop
- before you knew it you were already at the front of your house
- you were lowkey sad but were thankful nothing major happened
- he dropped you off as you guys said your goodbyes

Part 1  Part 3 Part 4  Sequel

Wolverine x reader

Originally posted by geekybasket

Quick info: While I was writing this around the midway point I started watching the first X-men movie for the first time ever and realized that this relationship I created is really similar to the one Logan has with Rogue. I apologize for this, wasn’t my intention at all.

(the Professor X mentioned is Steward’s age so the story takes place pretty recently. Around ‘the last stand’)

You were sitting on the couch, looking at the sexy lumberjack from afar and fumbling with your levitating pendant. It was moving in the air between your fingers by itself. Well… Not exactly by itself, you were still using your powers but it was there.

Logan was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, reading some newspaper and you just so happened to be bored and ready to annoy him again.

You stood up from your place, walking over to him, swinging your hips as much as you could. You yawned loudly and jumped onto he counter, sitting your ass down just inches away from his newspaper.

“What are you doing?” He asked, emotionless.

“Sitting.” He looked up at you for a split second before returning his gaze down again.

“Get your ass off the counter.”


“Because it’s not a seat.”

“Is your lap a seat cause I’d sit on that.” You replied, boldly. Logan looked up again, looking rather annoyed.

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A lover’s memory. (Jeff x Reader)

A/N: He. deserved. better. And this is surprisingly long.

Warnings: Use of alcohol.

Words: 1,693

Prompts: #42 “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”, #51 “Those things you said yesterday… did you really mean them?”, #56 “I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.”, #221 “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and- Oh screw it!”

Originally posted by wkom

You still couldn’t believe how someone as nice and perfect as Jeff Atkins existed, sitting in your bedroom you were looking at some old pictures from you when the two of you had started dating, smiling at the memory of how you two meet.

You were at the coffee shop, talking with your best friend about a school project, you were worried because you were on the verge of failing the subject, and your parents had already threatened you with not letting you go out with your friends for the rest of the year, and you were flipping.

“C’mon y/n, you just have to study a little more, I know you can make it” your friend patted your shoulder, trying to sound encouraging.

“It’s not about how hard I study” you pouted “it’s just that I really suck at it”

“You don’t suck at anything” they frowned at you, grabbing your coffees from the counter and handing you one of them  “please, don’t give up”

“Too late, I’m giving u-”

“I’m sorry” a voice interrupted from behind you when you were walking out of the place “Uh, sorry to interrupt but I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.”

You looked at the boy in front of you, recognizing him almost immediately:

You had seen him before at school, he was pretty damn popular and you couldn’t deny he was awfully cute, he also had an amazing reputation, a good guy, you just couldn’t remember his name.

“Are you sure?” You frowned, looking at the cup in his hand.

“Yes, you’re y/n, right?” He showed you the cup, your name was on one of the sides.

“Yes I am” you looked at him a little bit surprised that he actually knew your name, you grabbed the coffee and smiled politely “thank you…”

“Jeff” He replied “My name’s Jeff”

“Thank you, Jeff” You nodded. 

You were about to turn around when he walked to you again “You know I heard you need help with certain subject and if you want… if it’s not too weird I could help you with it”

“Are you serious?” you raised your eyebrows “that’d be great, if is not much trouble of course”

“It is not, a friend helped me a while ago when I was doing not so well myself, so I know how to tutor someone in need” He chuckled “Can you give me your number, maybe? that way I can call you so we can agree time and place?”

“Sure” you smiled, you proceeded to give him your number and once that he gave you his, you left the coffee shop, your friend staring at you in a weird way.


“You just gave your number to Jeff Atkins, one of the most popular guys at school?” they stared at you with shock “what the hell just happened?”

“I don’t know?” you chuckled “is not a big deal, he said he could help me, and you asked me not to give up, I’m just doing what you want”

“So you’re just doing it because I asked you?” they raised an eyebrow skeptically “really?”

“Really” you shrugged carelessly.

One month later you and Jeff were really close, you talked a lot in your study sessions and discovered that you were a great team. You got to a point where you knew everything about each other, and it was a matter of time before you realized how much you really like him. That happened exactly a month and a half after you met him.

“Hey, you” you jumped, taking him by surprise “How are you today?”

“Hi y/n” He smiled “Great, what about you?”

“I’m amazing” you smirked, “You know, I was wondering, what are your plans for tonight?”

“I have a date tonight,” He answered like it wasn’t a big deal “a girl from my English class, we’re going to the movies.”

“Oh” you felt your heart getting smaller in your chest, not sure of what to answer “that’s cool”

“I guess, though it’s weird you know, it’s the first time in a while I go out with a girl that is not you” He commented casually, looking at you “are you okay? you look like you wanna throw up”

“I-I’m good” you stuttered “just hungry.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” you said slowly, a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach “I should get going, I have class.”

“Okay” He frowned “see you later?”

“Don’t know” you mumbled, walking away as fast as you could.

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Maybe I Was Wrong

Pairing: Loki/Reader

Prompt:  Ok then! Could you do a story with the reader and Loki. The reader has worked for the Avengers and is really close with all of them, except for Loki. They know all of the bad things he’s done to the city and has a loathing for him. They are also insomniac so they don’t fall asleep. One night where she is awake she has just come back from the gym into her room when Loki appears. He offers her a trade, she gains mutual respect for him, he will help her sleep. she questions it until she agrees.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1,366

A/N: I believe this is my first Loki fic, oooo~ Lmao, that’s cool. And I hope you guys like this.  😘

Originally posted by cotedepablosass

Your footsteps softly padded across the carpet hallway, quietly passing many doors before turning left, reaching your bedroom door and sighing as you opened it and slipped inside.

This was the third night in a row now. Three nights of being so tired, you wanted nothing but sleep, but you weren’t able to get comfortable enough to actually fall asleep. You wouldn’t sleep until the sun had already risen, and you wanted to scream ‘cause you would just have to get up again in a few hours.
You had tried everything. You laid perfectly still, eyes closed, waiting for sleep to consume you. You tried counting sheep, even though it did nothing but make you embarrassed that you even tried. You drank chamomile tea before sleep, you read, you listened to the radio. And nothing, nada, nope. You laid awake staring at the ceiling. So, you reverted to use this time for something useful.

And this is how you walked back into your room from the gym, tired but not enough that it would change anything. You were honestly running out of ways to make you fall asleep, you were afraid you would just be like this forever.
You were so lost in your own little world you didn’t notice the figure in the hallway. It wasn’t until the person softly tapped his knuckles against your door that you jumped and turned around. Your eyes meeting Loki’s, and you immediately tensed up, your lips curving into a frown.

See usually, you were a nice person. Got along with almost everyone you met. So when you started working for the Avengers, it didn’t take long to get along with everyone, except Loki. You didn’t understand how they would let someone who was trying to rule the world, who almost destroyed Manhattan, and who tried to break up the Avengers before they actually became the Avengers, become an Avenger. You usually would give second chances to people, but him? No. How could you? He was a trickster.

“Hi?” Your greeting mixed as a question as you rose your eyebrow at him wondering why he was awake.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked, looking hesitant but concerned. You weren’t sure how to react, not knowing why he would care if you couldn’t sleep or not. But either way you answered him.

“Yeah, I’ve been having a hard time the last few days…why- am I waking you up?” You questioned eyebrows furrowing and your lips pouting even more. Even though you didn’t like the guy, that didn’t mean you wanted to keep him up too.

“No, uh, I’m usually- I tend to stay up late. Reading.” He answered and then it was silent. The air thick with awkwardness since you didn’t know what to say after that. As you tried to find a polite way to kick him out, he spoke again. “I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry.” He repeated, sounding genuine and a little sheepish.

“It’s not your fault I can’t sleep,” a ghost of a smile forming on your lips as you tilted your head at him.

“No, I’m sorry you hate me.” He said and you were taken back. “I understand why, I’ve given you many reasons to hate me and I’m sorry. And I hope, there was some way I could change your opinion of me. I’ve made mistakes-”

“You brought aliens to Earth.” You said with a look and he nodded his head, rubbing the back of his neck looking sheepish again.

“And I’m sorry about that. I was foolish, revenge had consumed me, and-” he stopped himself short. “I’m here to give you a proposition.” Now you still didn’t trust him even though he had apologized, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t curious.

“Okay?” Prolonging the word so he would continue.

“If I can help you fall asleep, will you start liking me?” He asked and again you were taken back.

“Well, I can’t just flip a switch and suddenly like you because you use your magic or whatever and make me sleep.” You said and he nodded his head.

“I know, but if I can help you, will you just get to know me? I promise I’m not that bad.” He said giving you a small smile.

You didn’t say anything right way, your eyes squinting as you wondered if this was some trick. But he looked completely serious, even, maybe, a little hopeful.

“And you can help me fall asleep?” You asked and he nodded his head. “It’s not like anything you did to Clint?” You then asked and watched as his face fell and he shook his head.

“No mind control, I just can make you relax enough that you’ll fall asleep faster.” He informed and you nodded your head still not sure.

“And all you want me to do is get to know you?” You confirmed and he nodded his head agreeing. You stared at him again, taking a moment to think about it before you found yourself nodding your head. “Okay.”

three weeks later

You made a noise, resembling a mix between a groan and a scream as you flopped face first into the bed. “Yes?” Loki asked, a smile playing on his lips as he sat against the headboard of his bed. A book in his lap.

“I am going to shoot Tony in the face,” you grumbled into the mattress before rolling on your side and looking at him with a pout.

“What did he do now?” It had been three weeks since you made a deal with Loki and your relationship with him had totally changed. He was now the person you were closest too.

“He existed. That’s what he did,” you glared and Loki rose a brow at you, beyond amused. “And…he ate the last of my favorite snack.” And Loki’s smile grew as you finally confessed the real reason. But before he could say anything you jumped further up the bed, bouncing to lay closer to him. “Make me sleep?” You asked and he rolled his eyes sighing.

“You know, I thought I was demanding-” he teased and didn’t get any further since you hit his side playfully.

“Shut up, I’m tired. Training with Natasha is like asking for death.” You whined and Loki rolled his eyes again.

“And they say I’m dramatic.” He joked and you gave him glare.

“You literally tried to rule the world,” you countered, “you can’t judge me.”

“Fine,” he sighed but smiled nevertheless. His hands going to touch your head, so he could use his manipulation to make you fall asleep as requested.

“No,” you huffed jerking your head back. “Read to me.”

His eyes showed his happiness, and he quietly nodded his head, leaning back as you got comfortable. He waited patiently until you stopped moving about, and gave him a smile. He picked up his book again, and began to read.

Four months later

“Maybe I was wrong,” you mumbled your head hidden in the crook of Loki’s neck.

“What was that, Love?” He asked his fingers mindlessly tracing random patterns on your back, as you two cuddled on the bed.

“Maybe I was wrong,” you repeated louder this time, looking up at him with a soft smile. He quietly raised a brow, silently asking you to further explain causing you to sigh dramatically but give him a peck on the lips. “I should have given you a chance to prove yourself right in the beginning. When we first met? I judged you from your past mistakes.”

Loki hummed, nodding his head in understanding before looking down at you. “Well to be fair, I brought aliens to Earth.” He smirked using the same words you used against him long ago.

Your smile grew and you rolled your eyes at him. “Yeah, and no one will ever let you forget that.”

“Especially you,” he teased and you nodded your head.

“Yeah 'cause that’s my winning argument.” You countered, the both of you sharing a smile before you nuzzled your head back into the curve of his neck.

 Now you could only sleep if you were in Loki’s arms.

Crazy, how things change over time.

anonymous asked:

Can you do 12 & 18 for Shawn or harry, whichever one you have more inspo for

Authors Note:

Requested || Based off of #12 & 18 prompt found here 

“I’m pregnant.” .. “It’s okay to cry…”

He lives for being free, touring the world, singing, and doing what he loves the most, performing to his fans, there is absolutely nothing he would rather be doing. Even after five long years, five albums, and many achieved awards, he is still as lively, and as happy as ever, not to mention— married and loving it. 

You’re always jet setting to many places around the world, it is at a point where you spend more time in other countries and cities than you do your own. 

You and Shawn have joked about selling the house because the two of you spend more time in airports and in hotels that you are barely at the house, in fact, his little sister has basically moved in, taking the guest bedroom and making it her own when the two of you are away. Shawn was apprehensive about her being on her own, but he had to learn how to loosen up and not be the over protective older brother, at eighteen, you assured him that she would be fine house sitting the house. You both always managed to call her daily to check up on her despite her parents doing the same thing. 

You also quite like that Aaliyah has taken over the guest room, you love having her around when you are actually home, she is like your adopted teenager that you love to death. 

The hotel room is quiet and cosy as you stay curled up between the white duvet, snuggling into the freshly scented covers, Shawn’s figure standing at the window that has the view of the city—a view he has struggled to pull his eyes from. 

“I think we need an apartment with a view like this, what do yeh say?” He peers over his shoulder to look over at you with his darling smile and bright eyes, “Breakfast on a patio, overlooking the Eiffel tower, I think that is a wonderful idea. Wouldn’t you like to wake up to crepes, strawberries, croissants, Tartine, and a café au lait?” He names off a few of the wonderful choices of foods’ he has managed to taste in the short time he has been in France. 

You screw your nose up for a moment, burying your nose into the covers, the thought of food not settling too well with you. 

“Mhm, lovely.” You lie, not wanting to even think about Croissant aux abricots, Pain au chocolat, or whatever other kind of buttery pastry and jam that Shawn is more than likely thinking of at the moment. 

He shuffles away from the extended window, striding towards the bed, “Okay, what’s up with you? Usually, you are begging me to go with you to try new breakfast things. You don’t even seem remotely interested at the moment.” Shawn stands at the foot of the bed, cocking his head to the side as you continue to snuggle up to the covers. 

“Just tired,” you mumble, 

His brows knit in a frown, “Hmm, you sure? You kinda look a bit… off." 

With a heavy sigh you speak, "Thank you for saying I look terrible, Shawn.” you mutter, watching as he instantly shakes his head, “Don’t bother justifying yourself,” you chuckle, calmly amused by the expression painted across his face. 

He sighs and curls his lips into a pout, “I didn’t mean it like that, you know I always think you look beautiful." 

"You have to say that, you married me. Don’t you have a Q&A to get to?” you change the subject, not wanting to really discuss the fact that he always thinks you look stunningly beautiful, even when you are dressed in nothing by a pair of pyjama pants, and an oversized t-shirt, with your hair a mess. 

To him, you are everything he loves, no matter how you look. 

“I do,” he nods, “You trying to get rid of me?” he raises a brow, crossing his arms over his chest, 

“Nope, just askin’.” You respond, watching as he moves away from the foot of the bed and makes his way over towards his jacket that is draped over the chair. 

He hums as he grabs his jacket, sliding it up his length arms, “You wanna come? It is a short Q&A before my concert, I don’t even have a meet and greets today.” He informs you, flashing you his bright eyes that denote that he really wants you to attend, even if he won’t say it. 

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The One With The Black Lingerie

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: After Jace leaves, you’re a total mess and while Alec does want to ask you out, he feels it’s too soon. He and Izzy come up with the genius plan of setting you up with a mediocre guy just to give you a little push until Alec’s ready to swoop in but you know Alec - all jealous and brooding - there’s no way he can watch you with another guy from the sidelines.

A/N: hey followers! i would love to know what other tv show/character imagines you’d like to see on here since both shadowhunters and teen wolf are on hiatus! so, drop me an ask with ‘tv show/character’ (not a request/prompt!) and i’ll write one for the most requested or liked! 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Oh god, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?!” Alec groans as he climbs into your bed.

“Go away,” you grumble, pulling the sheets over your head. Alec pulls them back down, “You’re going to have to get out of bed sooner or later. It’s been almost 3 months.”

“It’s not like I haven’t left my bed in that time,” you mumble.

Alec rolls his eyes, “Leaving your bed to take a shower and stock up on snacks doesn’t count.”

You huff, turning over to face Alec, “Your point being?”

“Jace is gone y/n…”

“I know that.”

Alec’s fingers delicately play with your hair, his eyes filled with sympathy, “You need to move on.”

“Yeah,” you sigh, sitting up and pulling you hair into a ponytail. Since that night that Jace had disappeared with Valentine, you felt like you had been losing your mind. It had been exactly 11 weeks and 4 days. Whilst you had spent the first month searching frantically for him, each day felt like he was getting further and further away. It got harder and harder to leave the institute knowing you would come back empty handed – knowing you wouldn’t be able to find him. You and Jace had grown up together and even back when you were crawling around on all fours, you had always stuck together. You went from best friends to what you thought was soulmates but he had still chosen to leave you.

“I’ll get dressed, let’s go kill some demons on something,” you laugh lightly, climbing out of bed and Alec catches you by your wrist, “No, like move on – move on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since Valentine got the cup, a bunch of Shadowhunters have come here from Idris. Izzy kind of picked one out for you…”

“Alec, I’m not-“

“-Ready. I know, but how long are you going to stay hung up over Jace? First you drunk yourself into oblivion, then you turned into like a sloth-“


“Well, it’s true!”

You suck in a deep breath, staring down at your pyjamas that you didn’t care to admit how long you’d been wearing, “Fine.”


“One date and then you get off my back. Same goes for everyone else.”

“I’ll let Izzy know,” Alec smiles. Alec was the only thing that had kept you from going insane over the months. He spent days and nights by your side, making sure you were okay and despite wanting you to be up and about, he made sure all your favourite chocolates were always stocked. On nights he wasn’t at the institute, by your side, you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing – the same way you had felt after Jace had left you.

“You have yourself a deal,” Alec grins, holding a hand out. You reluctantly shake it and Alec looks you up and down, “Make sure you hop in the shower before you come downstairs and meet him.”

“No shit,” you grumble, shoving past him and into the bathroom. As you shed you clothes and climb in, you hear a knock on the door, “I restocked all the soaps and shampoo’s and stuff.”

“Thanks,” you mumble under your breath, looking around the bathroom to find everything had been restocked and there were even fresh flowers at the sink, “What a sly piece of shit,” you laugh to yourself knowing you would now owe Alec for taking so much care of you.

You take time to do your makeup and look good before you go downstairs and you had to admit, looking so attractive after spending months in sweats and barely washing your hair, it really boosted your self-esteem.

“You must be y/n,” a voice says behind you and you turn to find a gorgeous blonde haired boy grinning at you, “I’m Isaac,” he grins, holding a hand out. You shake it, your eyes studying him and very obviously so, since he towered over you.

“So I guess Izzy told you that I wanted to take you out, huh?”

“How did you even know about me I mean I’ve barely left my room,” you laugh nervously.

“I saw you sneaking out to get the fried chicken you ordered at like 3am. I was walking to your room to ask you for some and I saw you watching Star Wars-“ he pauses, not wanting to comment on the fact that you had also been crying, “Girl after my own heart.

You blush in embarrassment. You remembered that night clearly. You had been craving fried chicken so much that you had asked Simon to come drop some off for you. When you were sneaking back through the institute you looked terrible and in the hopes of avoiding bumping into anyone, you had taken to the staircase. Unable to see through your tears or regain balance with all the food in your hands, you tumbled down the stairs halfway up to your room and as ridiculous as it was, your only thought was ‘thank god the bag was tied up and my food Is safe.’

“You’re wondering if I saw you fall down the stairs…”

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” he chuckles, “I was going to see if you were okay but you just bounced right back up.”

“That’s me,” you swing an arm, trying to look enthusiastic.

“Well, I’m about to spar with Alec but what do you say we go out tonight around eight?”

You nod. You weren’t entirely sure about dating someone you barely knew but you were sure about one thing: you had to get over Jace. He wasn’t coming back.

“Oh, and Isaac,” you call out and he jogs back over to you, “Go for Alec’s ankle. He twisted it this morning,” you whisper, winking at Alec as Isaac steps onto the mat. The fight lasted about 40 seconds with Isaac kicking at Alec’s shin and then his ankle, sending him straight to the floor. Alec growls at you as he hobbles off that mat, “You totally sold me out!”

You shrug innocently and Alec scowls, nudging your shoulder as he storms past you.

“Oh come on, don’t be so petty,” you giggle catching up to him.

“Two minutes with the new guy and you’re already changing sides?” he pouts, ruffling your hair, “So what? Did you like him?”

“I mean, he’s pretty and he’s nice,” you shrug and Alec stares at you, “He’s not a doll, y/n.”

“Well, he is tonight,” you smirk, elbowing Alec playfully and his eyes widen, “You can’t be serious.”


“You aren’t going to sleep with him on the first date!”

“You’re the one who said the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!”

“I DID NOT SAY THAT!” he almost shrieks and your eyes widen.

“Okay,” you laugh, “Calm down,” you suck in a sharp breath, “Well, someone said it. And they’re right.”

“Well, I think that’s stupid,” he grumbles.

You furrow your brows together, “You’re the one who told me to go on this date!”

“Yeah, to move on a little – you know, realize there are more fish in the sea. Have a nice date, maybe have a drink.”

“And I’m going to do all of that… just a tad more,” you wink, unsure of why Alec was mad at all. The entire thing had been his suggestion.

Alec stays silent, “You know what? Do whatever you want.”

You throw your hands up as he walks off, his long legs carrying him much faster than you could catch up with.

“Which one?” you ask Isabelle, holding up lingerie and she frowns, “That’s a tough choice,” her lips curl into a thoughtful frown, “Red says ‘slow and romantic’ and black say mhmmhmmhm,” she mumbles, wiggling her brows and you nod, “I think I need black.”

“Black what?” Alec’s voice interrupts you in the doorway and you stare at him wide-eyed as he spots the lingerie in your hands before his eyes travel to your dress.

“Whoa, you look so beautiful,” he whispers and you look down at your dress, “Beautiful? I was going for more hot-“

Well that too,” he mumbles, stepping closer to you. His eyes travel between your dress and the lingerie, “But you know what’s really hot? Ankle length, turtle neck dresses.”

“Shut up,” you laugh, “Well since you’re already here and have already seen, black or red?” you jiggle the hangers around and Alec sighs, “Black.”

“Good to see you’re over your hissy fit,” you smile and Isabelle raises a brow. You sit down beside her to explain, “So Alec tells me to go on a date and then gets pissed when he finds out that on this date I’m going to sleep with the guy after.”

Isabelle’s eyes widen and Alec shakes his head. Isabelle knew about Alec’s feelings for you whether he cared to admit them or not. As many a times that Isabelle had tried to convince him of them, he had just continued to deny it.

“What?” you ask, looking between the two of them.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Isn’t it a little too soon after Jace? You don’t want to jump into things,” Isabelle blurts out.

Before you can answer, Isaac appears in the doorway, clearing his throat to make his presence known.

“You look so pretty,” he pecks you on the cheek, slipping his hands into his pocket nervously, “Are we ready to go?”

“Where are you taking her?” Alec interjects, stepping between the two of you. You look to Isabelle in disbelief but she simply shrugs.


“Sounds awesome. I was in the mood for shots,” you grin.

“Me too, how about you Izzy?” Alec asks, pulling his jacket on.

“Me too!”

You stare at the two of them, Isaac looking even more uncomfortable than you.

“Okay, then I guess we’d better leave… all three of us,” he mutters under his breath.

By the time it hits 1am, you’re storming out of the club, Alec chasing after you, “I’m so glad you finally decided to leave, that Isaac guy is such a bore!”

You glare at him, gritting your teeth, “Well you would know!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that any time me and him get close to talking you’re right in the middle! I mean, do you not like him or something?! You and Izzy are the ones who picked him!”

“Well, maybe I changed my mind!”

“About what?!”

“I don’t know!” he sighs, running his fingers through his hair, “I don’t like the way he runs his hands all over you and whispers in your ear! I don’t like that you’re ready to climb into bed with him even though you don’t know him!”

You inhale deeply, “I know you’re just looking out for me, but I’m okay Alec. You don’t have to get all big brotherly on me,” you laugh, Punching his arm playfully and he stiffens.

“That’s not what I-“

“Say no more! I promise, I won’t sleep with him. We’ll just talk tonight,” you smile and Alec shakes his head, “I don’t mean-“

“Come in when you’re ready!” you call out over your shoulder, disappearing into the crowd.

Your eyes search for Isaac and just when you’re about to give up, your pulled backwards by your arm into one of the VIP rooms.

“Not bad,” you laugh, looking around as your eyes land on Isaac, “How did you clear out the whole room?”

He shrugs, placing his hands on your waist, “I feel like we haven’t spoken a word to each other all night…”

“Well, maybe we should catch up,” you whisper.

“Okay – well, so far, how have you-“

You cut him off by pressing your lips to his. He pressed you up against the wall, his hands moving from your waist into your hair.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” he yells and you feel the heat of his body tear away from you.

It takes moment for your eyes to focus on what they’re seeing but surely enough, it was Alec beating the crap out of him.

“ALEC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you yell, pulling him off. Alec tries to lunge at him again and you shove him back by the chest, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“YOU!” he yells.

Before you can answer you hear Isaac groaning behind you and you turn to find him grimacing, still on the floor.

“Izzy,” you sigh in relief as she walks in, clearly confused by the situation, “Can you take Isaac back to the infirmary at the institute?”

Isabelle nods, hauling Isaac up and pulling his arm over her shoulder, “What about you?”

“I’ll be there soon,” you state, stilling glaring at Alec.

Once they both disappear you rub you temples, “What is wrong with you today?”

Alec stays silence, his breathing still heavy. His eyes wouldn’t leave yours.

“Alec!” you snap your fingers in front of him face and he catches you by the wrist, “Don’t,” he hisses through gritted teeth.

“You’re pissed at me?” you laugh sarcastically, “What did I do wrong? You’re the one that dragged me out of bed to make me go on a date with some guy I didn’t know or care about and then you ruin that date – and not only do you ruin it, you actually beat up the super nice guy who was taking me out!”

“I wanted you to move on a little – I was just trying to give you a little push in the right direction!”

“And I took it!”

“THE RIGHT DIRECTION TOWARDS ME!” he yells before slumping, “I wanted you to come to me…”

For a moment you stay silent and between then and the moment you speak, a million thoughts occur to you. You think of Alec, your friend, the one who had got things going between you and Jace. The one who you complained about everything to. The one who always had and will always have your back. The guy who had seen you naked at least 10 times and whose only comment was ‘do you even own clothes?’
But then you think of Alec, the guy you always cried to. The guy who would literally kill someone for you. Die for you. And you would do the same. You think of how he had taken care of you, not only after what happened with Jace but with everything. Always. And then you think, ‘Why didn’t I pick Alec?’

“Then why did you set me up with Isaac?”

“Because you’re Jace’s girlfriend! Or at least you were!” he sighs in defeat, “And you’re my best friend…”

You stay silent and he steps closer to you, pulling your hands into his, “I was scared if I asked you, you would say no or that you wouldn’t be ready. I thought that if you went out with this guy, you’d get over Jace and then I could tell you – But it’s too hard watching you be with someone else when I’ve already been doing that all these years!”

“Tell me what?”

“That I love you…”

“Alec,” you stare at him, but he avoids eye contact, his gaze fixated on the floor.

“I always have. But the feelings subsided when I saw how great you were with Jace. I wanted you to be happy but then he left and at first I was just doing what I had always done – taking care of you and being your friend, but after a while I realized that if I saw Jace I’d probably kill him after seeing what he did to you. Because I love you and seeing you hurt, it hurts me. And seeing you happy, it makes me-“

“Happy,” you mumble, finishing for him, “Alec…”

“Tell me you don’t feel the same. Tell me there isn’t one beat in your heart that’s for me,” he asks sincerely, tilting your chin with his index finger so your eyes meet his.

You weren’t the most articulate person in the world. And in this situation, you really had no idea what to say. All you knew was that our heart was beating so fast, you weren’t sure of anything other than the fact that you wanted to kiss him. And so you did. Your hands tangled in his hair and your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Wait,” he whispers against your lips, slowly pulling away from you, “Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you love me.”

You smirk, “You know, if you keep teasing me, you might be the one seeing my black lingerie tonight.”

Alec steps away from you, half amused and half serious, “As tempting as that is, we’re not doing anything until you tell me how you feel.”

“Alec, seriously? It’s not prom night. And you’re not my date. We don’t have to do the whole ‘Say you love me and then I’ll put out’ thing’!”

“Well, I’m gonna,” he scoffs playfully.

You knew you did. From the minute you felt his lips against yours. Maybe it was wrong. Maybe it was too soon and maybe it was going to ruin your friendship. But you did.

“Fine,” you smirk, poking a finger into his chest, “I…” you trail your finger down his chest to the waistband of his jeans, “Love…” you fingers dance across it and you stand on your tiptoes, your lips grazing his ear, “You.”

“I love you,” you repeat, pulling away from him, “Of course I love you.”

“And you’re not just saying that to get me into bed?” he teases.

“No, of course not,” you grin, “Don’t expect a call in the morning though.”

“We should get going,” Alec looks at the time, pulling you alongside him.

“But we didn’t finish what we were doing…” you pout and he laughs before his expression softens, “Maybe we should take things slow.”


“You know – you let me take you on a date and we start off right so this all goes well.”

“Well, what happens if we go fast?”

“I don’t want to. If I had asked you out all those years ago, I would’ve taken you on millions of dates and kissed you millions of times and I want to do all that. And considering Jace will kill me when he finds out, I want to do it properly.”

“Well Jace isn’t here anymore,” you sigh, the sinking feeling in your stomach returning.

“Yeah, but I am,” Alec smiles softly, “And I love you. And I want to be with you.”

“It should’ve always been you,” you whisper, pressing your lips to his, “And if that’s what you really want, we can do that,” you pause, “But… I’m not going to have to wait for our millionth date for us to-“

“Oh, nooo,” Alec chuckles, “I’m a patient, controlled guy but not that patient.”

Ours - 02

Pairing: BTS x Reader
Genre: Smut
Rating: Mature
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

On the outside of your sleeping form Hoseok was taking care of you first with Yoongi coming in when he finally got the urge to see what’s taking so long.

“It shouldn’t take this long.” Yoongi said to Hoseok as he crossed his arms over his chest as he stood at the foot of the bed.

Hoseok was cleansing your body as he looked down at you in worry. “I know, but this is what she wanted.” Hoseok stated to Yoongi.

There was a long silence as they watched your sleeping form but from the inside they didn’t know you were in pain.

On the inside of your sleeping form you were screaming and squirming as it felt like every bone in your body was breaking itself and rebuilding itself to be immortal. Your heart was barely beating. Then flashes of all your memories with your seven lovers came into your head letting the new you aware of who owned you.

First memory was when you saw Hoseok for the first time. “I’m your Hope~!” He had said cheerfully causing you to stifle a giggle at him.

Second memory was of Yoongi and Namjoon. “You should be more careful.” They had warned you as you were trying to provide a meal for them before you knew they were vampires.

The third memory being Jin and Jimin as they were eating noodles confusing you.

The forth and fifth memory was with Taehyung and Jungkook.

“Don’t wear that, wear this instead.” Taehyung had advised you.

“Don’t call me Kookie or you’re going to get hurt.” Jungkook told you.

The memories ended as your body wanted to jerk but on the outside it looked like you were still sleeping.

The last stage of your transition was when your blood froze and died away.

On the outside Hoseok and Yoongi took notice that your features started to change. Your complexion started to lighten and your lips were rose-y. They both looked at each other and back at you.

On the inside you were fully transitioned and you took your first gasp of air when you opened your eyes and sat up. You looked at Hoseok and Yoongi.

“I’m thirsty.” You say to them as you go to get but Hoseok and Yoongi stop you. You look at them as if they’ve gone crazy.

“You should stay in bed Y/N.” Yoongi demanded.

“Why? I’m just going to get a drink.” You scoffed even in your new transition you didn’t feel the change.

You got up from the bed incredibly fast but Hoseok pulled you back. “Yoongi told you to stay here and so you will stay here. Go get her some from the fridge, ask Jin.” Hoseok instructed Yoongi and Yoongi didn’t need to be told twice.

You flipped Hoseok back and sat on top of him. “Why are you being so mean~?” You whined to him.

“You will regret it if you leave this room.” He said to you as he let you kiss him all over.

You pulled away. “But all I wanted to do was get a drink of water.” You pouted and you miss the look on his face that says ‘you won’t be drinking water babe’.

Yoongi came back with your drink a few minutes later. “Here jagi.” Yoongi said as you climbed off of Hoseok to take a drink.

You downed the red substance. “More.” You stated

“That’s enough for now.” Yoongi said to you as he gave you a kiss.

You realized then that you only wore a silk nightgown smirking to yourself. You grew extremely needy. “Daddy~” you try to provoke Hoseok but he doesn’t budge not falling for your tricks. As much as he wanted to take you, he didn’t because he knew you were a lot stronger. You got up and stood in front of Yoongi and pouted. “Daddy~” but he only glared down at you.

“Same rules apply Y/N.” he said glaring at you. “If you do what I think you are planning…” Yoongi threatens narrowing his eyes at you.

“Plan what daddy?” You ask innocently but it’s far from innocent.

Hoseok stood up then and toward over you. “Don’t start misbehaving Y/N.”

You look at both of the older males and looked at the bedroom door. “I’m not doing anything, I just want to play with someone and you won’t play with me so-” you started to say but Hoseok shut you up by kissing you. You smirked into the kiss but he didn’t let you get comfortable. Instead, he pulled away from you and the two of them left you in the room.

You pouted.

After waiting for some time, of course you weren’t going to listen. This was your house too. The one who you really wanted to ruffle feathers with was Jungkook. You took a peek from your door and walked casually to his room.

He was asleep on his bed but you knew all vampires never really slept. He didn’t move however so you closed and locked his door. You started with the nickname he loathed as you sat on top of his backside. “Kookie~” you whisper to him. “Come play with me~” you whine. “Hobi and Yoongi are being mean~” you pout like a little girl. He grunts as he shifts underneath of you.

“You’re supposed to be resting Y/N, not playing.” He says to you in a stern voice. A voice he used that always hit your core.

It only caused you to entice him more. “But Kookie~” you teased. “Don’t you want to see how wet I am for you?”

He grew silent but he didn’t move. It frustrated you. “Fine!” You yell at him before leaving his room and slamming the door to prove your point.

You try to find to Taehyung next. He was sitting in his room down the hallway reading a book. You smirked as his back faced you. “Tae~” you pout as you back hug him. “Come play with me~” you suggest. “I’m bored.”

He chuckles at your pouting. “Oh you are huh?” He asks you.

“Uh huh~” you say like a little girl but he doesn’t face you.

“Shouldn’t you be resting Y/N?” He asked you again but it sounded like a statement. “You should go back to your room.” He turns around to face you then and pecks your cheek.

You pull your sad eyes that always works on him but it was like he was resisting you or he was fighting his control. “Just play with me~”

Taehyung picks you up and smacks your butt before throwing you out of his room.

“You don’t have to be so mean!” You shout through his door. If Hoseok, Yoongi, Jungkook, or Taehyung wouldn’t play with you; you find the other three.

No one else was upstairs so you went downstairs and found Namjoon and Jimin talking in the kitchen. “Daddy~” you say excitedly as you skipped to them before looking at the two of them playfully. “Come play with me~Everyone is being so mean to me~” you say playfully. Jimin and Namjoon share a look before smirking down at you.

“Baby-girl you should listen to Hoseok and Yoongi. You can play with us later.” Jimin says to you with Namjoon agreeing with him.

“But I want to play now~” you pouted. “Don’t you want to see how wet I am?” You taunted. The both of them stiffened.

“Y/N, you need to rest.” Namjoon says to you in the same tone Jungkook had.

“You need to rest..” you mocked with your back turned to the both of them.

“Y/N..” Namjoon warned.

“Y/N.” you mocked him facing him daringly.

“Why are you being a brat?” Jimin asked you.

“Why are you being a brat?” You mocked Jimin.

You knew where being bratty would get you but no one would play with you.

The both of them sized you up and towered over you. “Go to your room!” Namjoon said loud enough for you to hear.

“No.” You said to him. “If you won’t play with me. I’m not going anywhere.” You say him to daringly. “I will just go find Jin.” You taunted as you went to touch yourself and brought a finger to your lips to taste yourself in front of them. Provoking them.

Before they could react you walked away and headed to find Jin. But instead of finding him, he found you. “Y/N. Why are you up? You are supposed to be resting. Where is Hoseok and Yoongi? They are supposed to be watching you.” He says to you as he drags you back to your room.

“Well, I wanted something to drink but Yoongi was being mean and said one cup was enough but I’m just so thirsty~” you start to whine. “And they left me and was gone for a really long time~” you say but you weren’t finished. “So I went to look for them but I found Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin and Namjoon and they wouldn’t play with me~” you pout as you start to sniffle.

Jin didn’t say anything and he knew what you were trying to do. Like all new vampires, you want to play and drink but you could easily be overwhelmed. With all new vampires your sex drive is heightened which makes you more thirstier than the average.

“If you ask nicely, I’m sure Hoseok and Yoongi will play with you. But you need to rest and listen to your Daddy Yoongi and Daddy Hoseok.” He states to you as you finally get to your room to see an agitated Hoseok and Yoongi with their arms crossed over their chest. Jin leaves you and you are now alone in the bedroom.

“What?” You asked innocently. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

They gave you the silent treatment putting you on edge. “You should be punished.” Hoseok says to you.

“You should be punished.” You mocked playfully setting them off.

“You are such a little brat!” Yoongi yells at you frusterated. “You need to rest and if We have to make you then we will.” He threatened.

You mocked him too as you made it to the bed. “Then come make me.” You provoked them.

When Jooheon confesses to you

Thank you so much for requesting~ ^^ I enjoyed writing this! Also, I hope you don’t mind that I changed it so that it happens at the reader’s group’s dorm~ ><

okay so i’m extremely sorry if the ending is awkward i didn’t know how to make it natural idk i hope it’s not too weird ;-;

Words: 2035

Slight angst, fluff idk, is this fluffy? not really, you tell me

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by honeypup

[Are you still planning on coming over to our dorm today?] You texted to a close friend of yours who happened to be Jooheon from Monsta X.

[Yup, I’ll be there around eight o’clock or something] he texted back.

Your group and Monsta X were close all together, mostly thanks to the fact that you were under the same agency. Your group had also been given the opportunity to do a reality program with Monsta X shortly after your debut, which led to your groups becoming closer. You all were friends, some closer than others, take you and Jooheon for example. Befriending the charming rapper had been quite easy, easier than one would imagine. After the reality show had ended, you two just kept hanging out together like friends would, sometimes accompanied by some of the other members but usually it was just the two of you.

[I’ll see you then] you texted him, smiling a little.

It had been a few weeks since you last saw Jooheon so you were more excited than usual.

“What’s with the grin?” the leader of your group asked and sat down next to you on the couch, smiling. “I haven’t seen you this happy in ages.”

You shrugged. “I’m just happy because we get to rest for a few days,” you told her.

“Ah, me too,” she exclaimed and stretched her arms into the air. “It’s been so long since we got a weekend off.”

“I’m sorry you couldn’t go see your family,” you said to her, knowing that her family was on a vacation in Japan. All the other members of your group had left on the day before to go visit their families.

“It’s okay,” she said, still smiling. “I get to see them often. You, on the other hand…”

“Don’t worry about me,” you said. “I’ll get to see them in a few months anyway.”

She wrapped her arms around you and hugged you. “Why are you so strong? Can’t you spill a few tears every once in a while?”

“You want me to cry?” you asked jokingly.

“It sounds mean when you say it like that,” she pouted and let go of you. “What I mean by it is that it’s okay to cry at times.”

You smiled. “Yes, yes, I know. I’ll cry a little more often from now on,” you chuckled, earning a nudge from her.

She settled down next to you and leaned on you, resting her head on your shoulder. Your phone vibrated when Jooheon sent you a new text.

“Is Jooheon still planning on coming over today?” she asked once you opened the chat.

“Yeah,” you said.

[I can sense your overflowing excitement through the phone, _____] the text read.

“I’m envious of how close you two are,” the girl beside you whined and shook you a little after grabbing your arm.

“But you’re close with Hyungwon,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but we aren’t close like you two are. It’s almost like you two are dating,” she gave you a look when you looked at her.

“We’re not,” you gave her a nudge.

Not that I would mind, you thought subconsciously and shook your head when you realized what you were thinking. You didn’t want to admit that sometimes your stomach was full of butterflies when you were with Jooheon. Dating and such didn’t really sound appealing to you thanks to a past relationship that ended in a quite nasty manner.

[Your excitement makes me blush >///<] Jooheon sent another text and brought you back from your thoughts. You snorted seeing it, knowing he was joking around.

[Oh my >///<] you texted him, smiling. You two joked around like that a lot.

“If that’s not cute then I don’t know what is,” the leader let out a somewhat frustrated sigh and stood up. She smiled when you looked at her. “This place is a mess. Maybe we should clean up before he comes?”

You didn’t even have to look around before nodding. “Sounds like a good idea,” you said.

Even though you all tried your best to keep the dorm clean, it was almost impossible thanks to your busy schedule. Whenever you guys had time to clean, you were way too tired to do it.

After a few hours the dorm looked a lot tidier. You two had cleaned all the rooms, even the bedrooms of the members who weren’t there. You took a deep breath and looked at the clock. It was almost eight o’clock. You were pretty much done cleaning the room you shared with a few other members, only one task was left: putting your folded clothes that had been on the floor in the closet. You had folded the other members’ clothes too but since you didn’t know who they belonged to, you had piled them all on one bed.

“Let’s see…” you opened the closet.

You tidied it up a little before putting in the clothes you had found on the floor. It didn’t take long before you were ready. You looked at the tidy closet with a smile. Then your eyes stopped on something on the top shelf of the closet. It was a box.

Oh, could it be?

You reached for it and managed to pull it out.

“Ha!” you grinned widely.

Back when you had moved in to the dorm during your trainee days you had had three things with you: a suitcase filled with your clothes, a small backpack that contained your phone, wallet and such and then the box that you were now holding in your hands. It was a cardboard box that had some random stuff in it. You hadn’t opened it after moving in so you couldn’t really remember what was inside.

You opened the box after crouching down and placing it on the floor in front of you. The first thing you saw was your favorite book that you had packed in to the box, thinking it would help you with homesickness.

That plan didn’t really work out, huh? I totally forgot I had it…

You took the book out and placed it on the floor. You looked through the box, finding things like an old diary, a plushy and a few CDs in there. What really caught your attention though was the small pile of polaroid pictures on the bottom of the box. You took the pile out and smiled, looking at the pictures. There were pictures of you with your friends and family, pictures of you smiling widely with your friends back home. You could feel tears stinging your eyes.

I miss them so much…

There was one picture that caught your attention and made you take a shaky breath. It was a picture of you and your boyfriend of that time. He was kissing your cheek and both of you were smiling widely.

“______,” you heard the leader’s voice yell from somewhere. “I’ll go buy some soda from the store!”

“Okay,” you said as loudly as possible while trying to sound normal.

A painful lump had already formed in your throat when the first tear rolled down your cheek. Seeing the picture triggered a strong emotional reaction in you. It brought back all the memories you had tried hard to forget. How he had not trusted in you after you had moved. How he had gotten mad at you even though you did nothing wrong. How you had eventually decided to break up with him after he had not believed even though you kept telling him that you weren’t cheating on him.

We could have just talked it out… I was such an idiot for breaking up with him, he knew how to be an asshole but we still loved each other… I was too sensitive…

A pair of hands suddenly landed on your shoulders and you flinched, your heart almost stopping.

“Got you,” Jooheon’s familiar voice said with a chuckle and you got up and turned a little to look at him.

For a second you forgot the tears in your eyes and when you remembered, you turned away and started wiping them away. “You sure did,” you said, trying to sound normal.

“Were you crying?” he asked with a concerned voice and moved to see your face but you turned away.

“What? No,” you denied.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked and kept trying to see your face but you kept turning away.

“I…” you started but stopped when you heard your broken voice.

“Hey,” he grabbed you, making you stop. “Look at me,” he said and gently grabbed your wrists, pulling your hands away from your face.

You avoided his worried gaze. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“You don’t want to tell me?” he asked and let go of your wrists. “Why?”

“I don’t want to make you feel like you have to comfort me,” you mumbled.

“I’m already feeling the need to comfort you,” he stated, making you look at him. “You can tell me.”

You gulped, trying to get rid of the lump in your throat and looked at your feet. “I… found some old pictures. One had me and my ex in it and… I was reminded of our breakup.”

He just quietly looked at you, waiting for you to continue. You remembered telling him about this ex and breakup before but you doubted he remembered it.

“I think we… we broke up because I was too sensitive…” you took in a shaky breath and tears rolled down your cheeks. “We could have made up by talking about it… But I was too sensitive and chose to break up with him…”

He pulled you closer and gently wrapped his arms around you, hugging you comfortingly.

“You’re so silly,” he said with a warm voice.

“How is anyone going to love me when I’m this sensitive?” you sobbed, unable to control your emotions anymore. “How is anyone going to love me when I’m like this?”

“I know one person who loves you, no matter how sensitive you are,” he quietly said.

“You don’t count,” you mumbled, knowing he meant himself.


“Because you’re just a friend. You love me like a friend. It doesn’t count.”

“Who said I don’t love you more than that?” he asked and you grew silent. “Who said my heart doesn’t flutter for you?”

“Don’t joke around,” you gently pushed him away and looked at him.

“You think I’m joking?” he gave you a look and you nodded.

He looked at you for a bit before placing his hands on your shoulders and slowly pushing you against the closet behind you. Your stomach was slowly starting to fill with butterflies. You two looked at each other quietly for what felt like forever. You could feel your heart beating faster than normally.

“Forget him, would you?” he said, his voice as quiet as a whisper. “If I remember correctly, it was him who was too sensitive. You deserve so much better.”

“But-“ you were cut off when he leaned closer to press a heart-fluttering kiss on your lips. The kiss was warm and loving, and you found yourself unable to pull away.

Eventually the kiss turned into many more. After a while Jooheon pulled away and observed your expression.

“Are you the “so much better” you were talking about?” you asked quietly and looked at him.

“No, no one is good enough for you,” he said, looking in to your eyes with a gaze that made your heart flutter. “I might not be the best one for you but I’m still a lot better than him.”

You couldn’t stop looking at each other.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

Your eyes moved to look at his lips. Then, without thinking much about it, you closed your eyes and leaned in to kiss him. This time the kiss was more passionate and so were the ones after it.

“I see,” Jooheon said with a smirk, slightly out of breath after you pulled away to catch your breath.

“Don’t tease me,” you mumbled, trying to lighten up the mood a bit. “I’m sensitive.”

He couldn’t help but smile and soon you felt his lips on yours once again.

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could you do one where the reader wants a pet and barry keeps saying no by eventually gets her a puppy or something cute??? thanks!

A/N: This is merely a little blurb because it would be too short for a full blown imagine. Tell me your thoughts and if you like these types of shorter-blurbs and maybe the future may hold more.

“What about a dog?” You asked, your head hanging off the couch, legs sprawled out over the back of the couch, while you watched Barry type away on his laptop.

“A dog?” He glanced over from his seat at the counter, an eyebrow raised questioningly.

“Yeah! I mean, I’ve always wanted a huge dog, like a Saint Bernard or a Shar Pei but I don’t think that’d work in this apartment; might have to stick with a small dog. Something like a Charles Spaniel or even a Dachshund! Those are too cute.”

Barry jokingly rolled his eyes as you had basically begun rambling to yourself about what type of dog would be best, completely disregarding the time and care that went into having a dog.

You, however, caught that eye roll and were quick to call him out. “What? Are you more of a cat person because I will honestly be so shocked because I cannot at all picture you with a cat. As soon as one of them accidentally scratched you, you’d be ready to return him–I can picture it perfectly.”

Barry abandoned his work (hopefully he wouldn’t get sidetracked and forget about it again, unlike last time), and came to sit beside you, motioning you to flip over correctly and face him. “First, you’re definitely correct, cats are my natural born nemesis and all of them despise me. And second, how would we even care for a dog, doll? We’re barely home and if we are it’s usually just to sleep or eat.”

You pouted, realizing that he was right. But that didn’t mean you liked that conclusion. You spent more time in this apartment than he did and you knew for a fact that it was lonely wandering the hallways in an empty house. And having a dog would definitely solve that problem.

“Oh c'mon, doll, put that pout away,” he smiled, leaning forward to suck on your pursed bottom lip. “You gotta understand that it’d be unfair to get a dog if we can’t give it our full attention, right?”

You nodded in defeat, slightly brushing your lips against Barry’s while doing so, causing him to seal his lips to your for one final kiss before pulling away. “Maybe one day, when things settle down we can get a dog but I don’t think it’s best right now…”


That was nearly three months ago and you hadn’t given that conversation a second thought. Why would you? All Barry’s points made complete sense and at least he agreed that maybe the decision would change in the future when thing calmed down a bit.

However, returning home for work, you fumbled with the key before you managed to unlock the door and push it open.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; all the lights were off so you had assumed that Barry had yet to get home and you quickly headed to the bedroom to begin your nightly routine.

While brushing your wet hair after your shower, you heard the front door click shut and quickly finished your hair and left to greet Barry.

What you didn’t expect to see was him struggling with a small English bulldog puppy who had managed to wrap it’s leash around his ankles. “Cmon, pumpkin, gotta unhook you first so you don’t get tangled like this,” he huffed in a hushed tone, crouching down to untangle the poor thing. “There ya go, now you can go find mommy.”

Barry was slightly surprised when he stood back up and saw you staring at him with wide, questioning eyes. A puppy? The man who was adamantly against getting a puppy had now just set one free into your apartment. “Uhhh,” He shrugs, smiling as if he had gotten caught doing something wrong. “Surprise?”

“Surprise?” You sputter out, glancing down to the puppy who was now pulling on your pajama pants leg, demanding attention. “Weren’t you the one who argued against a dog yet you’re the one who caved and brought one home?”

He cracked a smile as his arm lifted up to awkwardly rub the back of his neck as if he was caught red handed. “Was against it at first for all the reasons I argued but you did get some good points in there and I guess I kinda saw the light and thought I’d surprise you for your birthday or Christmas. You see, long story short, I was on the way home when the pet store had all their puppies outside and this little girl was so nervous she was in the corner shaking. All the other puppies were barking and vying for attention so no one really noticed the little runt in the back, but I set my eyes on her and knew that she’d be so loved with us and would never have to feel anxious or left out with us.”

During his whole spiel, you had snatched the puppy up into your arms, wiggling your fingers as she gently gnawed on them. Barry spoke as if he waited to be reprimanded by you but that apprehension faded as he watched you happily play with the puppy–knowing that he had made the right decision to adopt the small puppy into your family.

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I might be late to the party but if you're still doing drabbles, may I request #20 with Jaehyun? Thanks for all your hard work! :-)

“come home with me” send a number + member for a drabble ☼

thank you for requesting ! sorry it took so long !!

The warmth of the sun and Jaehyun’s chest against your back contrasts with the cool water lapping at your legs. His legs gently bump your own though you can’t tell if it’s intended or not. He hooks his chin on your shoulder humming along to the song playing from your phone a few meters back which breaks what would be silence. The vibrations on your shoulder make you smile softly as they travel down your arm. The intimacy of the moment makes your heart swell with a bittersweet happiness. 

Heat from sun pricks at your skin but you find yourself enjoying the feeling, knowing you won’t see this weather for a while. It seems to be too much for Jaehyun as he peels himself away from you, standing clumsily before easing himself into the pool. He situates himself in front of you, a smile gracing his face, water dripping from the ends of his hair. 

The tips of his fingers graze your exposed thigh, letting water roll off back into the pool below. “I don’t want to leave.” You tell him, smiling back sadly. He sighs gently in agreement.

His face rests against your calf momentarily, lips grazing your skin. “I don’t want to leave either.” He presses a kiss to your skin, and your eyes drift upwards to the clear blue sky. It’s difficult to look at him knowing you only have three days left together. “Come home with me.”

Your eyes snap back to him. “What?” 

He answers with a goofy grin, splashing you with water. “Come home with me, back to Korea. I’ll smuggle you in my luggage.” If you didn’t know him well, you’d think he was serious, but the playful glint in his eye and the way the corner of his mouth tugs upwards you know he’s joking - even if he really did want you to. 

“I like that plan.” You giggle. It’s still for a moment until he’s pulling you into the water with him with a roar. You aren’t expecting it and glare at him when you resurface, despite the water being shallow enough to stand comfortably. “You’re lucky I like you.” You pout but there’s no real meaning behind it.

His hands find your waist, the water allowing him to pull you close with ease. He kisses you slowly, smiling against your lips. “Yeah, I am lucky.” 

I really want to see more tsukki and Hinata interactions that don’t involve being extremely passive aggressive like just give me the little things like maybe Hinata and tsukki have to stay after to clean up after practice and Hinata naturally tries to make conversation because he’s a sprite and needs to be protected and tsukki eventually ask him “do you ever shut up honestly…” and Hinata scowls and pouts all like “you’re so mean tsukki it’s a good thing you are a really good player else I’d have to blah blah blah” he’s rambling on but that last part makes tsukishima stop like… what?… good player?

“You think… I mean I’m not that… good…or anything”

And Hinata stops rambling to do that little GWAHH thing and is like “ARE YOU KIDDING YOU WERE SOOOO COOL AT THE SEMI FINALS I WISH I COULD BLOCK LIKE THAT BUT-” and he kinda gets quiet and stuff “… but I guess I’m too small for that stuff I guess”

And it suddenly got really quiet and they are practically done cleaning up so in reality tsukki can get up and go home and he has no idea why he’s still here with this annoying goblin and he has no idea why he says: “tch…that shouldn’t… stop you…. you’re still a great player…. I guess” and it’s really quiet and uncomfortable until Hinata practically beams face red as all get out stutters out a broken “T-THANK Y-OU! I-…. YOU ARE STILL MEAN THOUGH” and tsukki scoffs and throws a ball at him.

So tsukki is about to leave for real to go home until Hinata awkwardly calls behind him like “do you… do you think that you could m-maybe like… I mean… show me how to… expect a block maybe…” and tsukki is just looking at him and he has no reason to be here like he can really go home they’re enemies right? He’s his rival why on earth would he teach this annoying shrimp how to- “Tch… yea whatever”

Hinata is LIVE

And that’s what they do for 20 more minutes and it’s so sweet and tsukki is such a great teacher and such a great friend and is actually pretty tolerable when he’s not a salty condescending bastard. Hinata even walks him to the bus stop, and they ACTUALLY talk the whole way through like WOW.

don’t know where I’m going with this but just give me more of my brotp please I will pay cash money