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whoa ok step back, daedalus built a cow suit for a woman who wanted to fuck a bull and that's why the minotaur WAS A THING? I DID NOT KNOW THIS

I honestly think that I’d be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t tell you about the time Daedalus enabled rampant bestiality, so allow me to clear this gap in your knowledge. 

Anyone who doesn’t want to read a poorly retold myth about a man who built a cow suit so realistic that it totally fooled a magic bull into laying down some absolutely quality homo-bovine dick and siring a minotaur should probably press J on their keyboard right now, but honestly if that synopsis doesn’t do it for you then you should probably just quit Greek mythology all together.

So, Minos is this guy who manages to achieve the dual feat of being both King of Crete and an incorrigible asshole. Also, the first achievement is a really tenuous one, because Minos has like a billion brothers and he’s basically Malcolm in the Middle and all his brothers are better looking than him and they have way better abs and it’s really awkward every year at Christmas because they’re all “could you pass the stuffing, Minos? Also you’re totally stuffed because I’m going to be king one day haha suck it, right on” and so Minos starts to get really worried that he’s going to lose the throne to one of his more lustrous-locked brothers and then he’ll be stuck with just the one achievement of being an incorrigible asshole and so he has a little brood and he comes up with a plan. 

One day, he goes up to Poseidon, god of the sea and all things wet (or at least that’s what he tells girls at the Olympus nightclubs) and he’s like “hey, Poseidon, could you do me a solid?” and Poseidon is like “no bro but I can do you a liquid” and they have a little manly giggle and then Minos says “no but really, I need a favour” and Poseidon is like “well, you just gave me a golden opportunity to mock the states of matter, I’m 100% up for doing any favour you want” and Minos says “well, you know how I have loads of brothers” and Poseidon is like “you mean the better looking ones?” and Minos pouts and says “looks aren’t everything, but yes, those ones” and Poseidon is like “go on” and Minos says “well, I need them to stop trying to steal the throne because it’s getting really annoying and also I can’t sleep at night any more and it’s driving my hot wife insane, could you maybe show that you totally support me being King of Crete? That way, they’ll definitely stop being dicks at Christmas” and Poseidon just nods and says “I have a great idea for how I can do this”

and Minos is like “wow, are you going to send down an army of merpeople and slaughter all my brothers in a righteous and watery battle?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “are you going to conjure up a giant tidal wave and make it destroy all my brothers’ homes but leave my palace totally intact?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “well, are you going to turn all my brothers into mermen?” and Poseidon is like “look, I’m going to send you a bull”

and Minos just blinks and says “a bull” and Poseidon nods and grins and says “yes, a bull” and Minos says “THAT’S bull” and Poseidon points behind him and says “no, THAT’S a bull” and then he brings out this fucking phenomenal bull. Like, this bull puts all other bulls to shame. It’s glowing white and it’s as big as two ordinary bulls and probably twice as virile. It’s basically overcompensation in taurine form. Anyway, this bull is so bitchin’ that immediately, all of Minos’ brothers are like “wow, nope, you can keep that throne, we don’t want Poseidon to sic his sick bull on us” and basically Minos lives happily ever after with his incredible bull.

Until eventually Poseidon shows up at Minos’ palace and says “hey, Minos, you know that really awesome bull I lent you a while back?” and Minos is like “what bull” and Poseidon is like “the magical snow white bull which gleamed in the Cretan sun like limestone and Apollo’s cheekbones” and Minos is like “oh, THAT bull” and Poseidon is like “yes, that bull, now where is it because I’m having a bull party next week and I really want it back” and Minos says “well, here’s the thing, and it’s kind of a funny story really and I’m sure we’ll laugh about it later, maybe we could even laugh about it now, ha, but anyway all jokes aside I’m keeping the bull” and Poseidon is all “like fuck you’re keeping that bull, it’s my best bull, this is bullshit” and Minos is like “that’s one of the hazards of keeping a bull, maybe you’re not cut out for it” and Poseidon says “you haven’t heard the end of this, Minos, you have made a very powerful and watery enemy” and he leaves and Minos goes and, like, pets the bull or something, I don’t know what you do with bulls.

So, Poseidon goes back to his soggy lair and formulates a plan, and he eventually comes up with something straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s brie-induced nightmares. He goes to find Aphrodite, the goddess of love and afternoon delight, and says “hey Aphrodite, first of all you look delectable and secondly I need you to help me make a woman bang a bull” and Aphrodite is like “I honestly hate this job sometimes, but you’re right, I do look delectable, tell me more” and Poseidon is like “I had this really sweet bull and I lent it to Minos so he would think I liked him and now he won’t give it back and so I need you to make his wife fall in love with the bull, it’s a foolproof vengeance plan” and Aphrodite says “you are a god” and Poseidon says “yes” and Aphrodite says “why can’t you just, you know, take back the bull with your divine power?” and Poseidon is like “look, are you going to make this woman fall in love with the bull or not” and Aphrodite is like “fuck yes, that sounds hilarious, consider it done and I want front row seats” and Poseidon is like “you are my favourite niece and occasional lover, I owe you one”

Back to the palace at Crete, where Minos’ wife, Pasiphaë, is lounging about on a contemporary equivalent to a chaise-lounge when she suddenly gets this unmistakable urge to do the do with a bull - but not just any bull, her loins quiver only for the bull in her husband’s barnyard. Instead of doing what most people would do when they realise they have an insatiable urge to make tender love to a bull and immediately committing herself to months of therapy, she thinks “I know what I have to do” and she picks up the contemporary equivalent of a phone and calls Daedalus, inventor and architect extraordinaire.

She’s all “hey, Daedalus, we have patient confidentiality, right?” and Daedalus is like “I’m not your doctor, so no” and she’s like “well, I’m your Queen, so how about you say ‘yes’ instead and I tell you what I want?” and Daedalus is like “my lips are sealed, tell me what you need” and she’s all “well, there’s this really rad guy and I totally want to just lay him down and lick chocolate sauce off his body, but there’s a hitch in my plan” and Daedalus says “yeah, you’re married” and Pasiphaë says “yes, and also he’s a bull” and Daedalus is like “do you mean he’s well hung or” and Pasiphaë is like “look man you gotta help me on this, I need me some sweet bullocking and only you can help me” and Daedalus says “I’ll do what I can, but I hope you have a damn good shower at your palace because I may need to use it for about 6 weeks afterwards” and she’s like “done, now get over here and get me some”

So Daedalus turns up and helps her, and in the blink of an eye, he’s built her this monstrous wooden cow suit. Now, the myth is not exactly clear on the mechanics of this bovine sex toy, but it’s established that Pasiphaë gets into the cow suit and goes to find her bullock beau and they make sweet, sweet cattle love all day and all night. I do not know how she manoeuvres herself inside this wooden furry abomination and frankly I do not want to know, but whatever she does is 100% successful because 9 months later she gives birth to another furry abomination. The good news is that he’s a healthy, bouncing baby boy. The bad news is that he is half baby and half bull and also he has this really annoying habit that most newborns don’t have of eating people, which means that Minos is the definition of Not Impressed with his new stepson, so he does what any sane human would do in this situation, and he calls Daedalus. 

Daedalus says “I’m in the shower, what do you want?” and Minos is like “look, my wife has committed a slight indiscretion and I need you to take care of the result” and Daedalus is like “she fucked a bull and she’s had a grotesque hybrid baby, hasn’t she” and Minos narrows his eyes and says “how do you know?” and Daedalus says “just a stab in the dark, mate, I had no hand in this at all, literally none, just let me wash my hands a minute and I’ll be right back” and Minos is like “just build something to trap that devil spawn, because it’s started to eat my servants and I never even wanted a stepson anyway, it’s just one more claim to the throne isn’t it” and Daedalus is like “dude, give me a week and it’ll be done”

and so Daedalus constructs this impenetrable labyrinth that’s so impregnable that Daedalus nearly gets lost on the way out, and they lob the minotaur tot right into the middle of it, and that’s that.

Except then the minotaur starts demanding the sacrifice of seven young men every year, who are tossed into the labyrinth and forced to play a fatal game of cat and mouse with a grotesque superpowered man-bull creature that will ultimately devour them, flesh from bone, at the heart of a labyrinth that only he can navigate, but that’s a story for another myth. Or The Maze, starring Dylan O’Brien, out in a multiplex near you.

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"I need you, though." Chlonette or Maribee? If you can! Love your fics btw they just keep getting better!

Ok… I had an idea… and I ran with it… and… yeah…. that escalated quickly.

most of this will be under a read more because its about 3k words long… 

(Also some mention of unrequited Chloe/Adrien and Adrienette) Hope you like it.

“You’re probably wondering what I am doing here.” 

“Yeah!” Marinette said, clutching her covers to her chest as she tried to process the sight of the super heroine sitting cross legged on the edge of her bed. “How did you even-” 

“I came in through your skylight,” Queen bee said cutting off the question with a wave of her hand, “Chat mentioned a while back that you usually keep it unlocked and I needed to talk to you.” 

“I am going to kill that stupid cat,” she muttered under her breath. 


“Nothing,” Marinette said quickly. “So, what are you doing here?”  

“Well you see, the thing is… wait are you naked under there?” Bee gasped, her eyes going wide and her face flushing an obvious red even in the semi-darkness.

“No! Why would you say that?!” Marinette shot back, her own face coloring. 

“Well you are doing the whole, blanket clutchy thing!” 

“Because a stranger has shown up out of nowhere in my bedroom in the middle of the night and I am in my pajamas!” 

“But I’m not a stranger I am a superhero. And I know that Chat visits you.”

“He doesn’t come in when I am sleeping!” 

“Oh. I guess you have a point there,” Bee said looking thoughtful. “Anyways I need your help.” 

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Wolverine x reader

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Quick info: While I was writing this around the midway point I started watching the first X-men movie for the first time ever and realized that this relationship I created is really similar to the one Logan has with Rogue. I apologize for this, wasn’t my intention at all.

(the Professor X mentioned is Steward’s age so the story takes place pretty recently. Around ‘the last stand’)

You were sitting on the couch, looking at the sexy lumberjack from afar and fumbling with your levitating pendant. It was moving in the air between your fingers by itself. Well… Not exactly by itself, you were still using your powers but it was there.

Logan was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, reading some newspaper and you just so happened to be bored and ready to annoy him again.

You stood up from your place, walking over to him, swinging your hips as much as you could. You yawned loudly and jumped onto he counter, sitting your ass down just inches away from his newspaper.

“What are you doing?” He asked, emotionless.

“Sitting.” He looked up at you for a split second before returning his gaze down again.

“Get your ass off the counter.”


“Because it’s not a seat.”

“Is your lap a seat cause I’d sit on that.” You replied, boldly. Logan looked up again, looking rather annoyed.

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Tell Me

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Tell Me
[You need alittle reassurance from Zico]

Jiho groaned and rolled over on his side. You two have been in bed for the last few hours and every time he finds himself finally falling asleep, you would find it absolutely necessary to roll over and it would wake him up. That and he’d often find a mass of hair tickling his face, but he’d grown to find that part comforting. He couldn’t really complain about a slight discomfort when it oddly smelled like warmth and home.

However, each one of your little flops were followed by a very huffy grunt.

It wasn’t that you never moved around in bed, it was just that you never moved around so much. He glanced at his alarm clock and sighed, rubbing his temples. He had work in a few hours and knew that you wouldn’t just offer up what was bothering you. “Jagi please” he wrapped his arms around you, stopping you from turning again. “What is it?”

“…Nothing” you mumbled pouting.

He knew that pout, that was the I don’t wanna say it, but I’ll be even angrier if you don’t keep asking me pout. “Come on, please just tell me.” he yawned. “I gotta get some sleep and whatever it is, is clearly bothering you.”

“I don’t wanna tell you.” your pout deepened.

“Well why the hell not?”

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73, jimin

I hope you like it! I’m still practicing my writing so it might not be the best <3

drabble post 

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#73 : “Im pregnant.” 


The cool tile floors of the pharmacy squeaked under my vans as I hurriedly made my way down the aisle. Familiar, brightly colored packages of feminine products lined the shelves and I sighed, hoping and praying that I would still be using them in the near future. I came to a halt when I reached them: the pregnancy tests. My eyes widened at the price, why did it cost so much to find out if there was a little fetus growing inside of me? But with two short glances to either side of me, I grabbed 3 tests and shoved them between my elbow and torso, almost to conceal them. I couldn’t have anyone know about my pregnancy scare, especially since my boyfriend was in one of the world’s most influential kpop groups in the world.

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I really want to see more tsukki and Hinata interactions that don’t involve being extremely passive aggressive like just give me the little things like maybe Hinata and tsukki have to stay after to clean up after practice and Hinata naturally tries to make conversation because he’s a sprite and needs to be protected and tsukki eventually ask him “do you ever shut up honestly…” and Hinata scowls and pouts all like “you’re so mean tsukki it’s a good thing you are a really good player else I’d have to blah blah blah” he’s rambling on but that last part makes tsukishima stop like… what?… good player?

“You think… I mean I’m not that… good…or anything”

And Hinata stops rambling to do that little GWAHH thing and is like “ARE YOU KIDDING YOU WERE SOOOO COOL AT THE SEMI FINALS I WISH I COULD BLOCK LIKE THAT BUT-” and he kinda gets quiet and stuff “… but I guess I’m too small for that stuff I guess”

And it suddenly got really quiet and they are practically done cleaning up so in reality tsukki can get up and go home and he has no idea why he’s still here with this annoying goblin and he has no idea why he says: “tch…that shouldn’t… stop you…. you’re still a great player…. I guess” and it’s really quiet and uncomfortable until Hinata practically beams face red as all get out stutters out a broken “T-THANK Y-OU! I-…. YOU ARE STILL MEAN THOUGH” and tsukki scoffs and throws a ball at him.

So tsukki is about to leave for real to go home until Hinata awkwardly calls behind him like “do you… do you think that you could m-maybe like… I mean… show me how to… expect a block maybe…” and tsukki is just looking at him and he has no reason to be here like he can really go home they’re enemies right? He’s his rival why on earth would he teach this annoying shrimp how to- “Tch… yea whatever”

Hinata is LIVE

And that’s what they do for 20 more minutes and it’s so sweet and tsukki is such a great teacher and such a great friend and is actually pretty tolerable when he’s not a salty condescending bastard. Hinata even walks him to the bus stop, and they ACTUALLY talk the whole way through like WOW.

don’t know where I’m going with this but just give me more of my brotp please I will pay cash money

The One With The Black Lingerie

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: After Jace leaves, you’re a total mess and while Alec does want to ask you out, he feels it’s too soon. He and Izzy come up with the genius plan of setting you up with a mediocre guy just to give you a little push until Alec’s ready to swoop in but you know Alec - all jealous and brooding - there’s no way he can watch you with another guy from the sidelines.

A/N: hey followers! i would love to know what other tv show/character imagines you’d like to see on here since both shadowhunters and teen wolf are on hiatus! so, drop me an ask with ‘tv show/character’ (not a request/prompt!) and i’ll write one for the most requested or liked! 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Oh god, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?!” Alec groans as he climbs into your bed.

“Go away,” you grumble, pulling the sheets over your head. Alec pulls them back down, “You’re going to have to get out of bed sooner or later. It’s been almost 3 months.”

“It’s not like I haven’t left my bed in that time,” you mumble.

Alec rolls his eyes, “Leaving your bed to take a shower and stock up on snacks doesn’t count.”

You huff, turning over to face Alec, “Your point being?”

“Jace is gone y/n…”

“I know that.”

Alec’s fingers delicately play with your hair, his eyes filled with sympathy, “You need to move on.”

“Yeah,” you sigh, sitting up and pulling you hair into a ponytail. Since that night that Jace had disappeared with Valentine, you felt like you had been losing your mind. It had been exactly 11 weeks and 4 days. Whilst you had spent the first month searching frantically for him, each day felt like he was getting further and further away. It got harder and harder to leave the institute knowing you would come back empty handed – knowing you wouldn’t be able to find him. You and Jace had grown up together and even back when you were crawling around on all fours, you had always stuck together. You went from best friends to what you thought was soulmates but he had still chosen to leave you.

“I’ll get dressed, let’s go kill some demons on something,” you laugh lightly, climbing out of bed and Alec catches you by your wrist, “No, like move on – move on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since Valentine got the cup, a bunch of Shadowhunters have come here from Idris. Izzy kind of picked one out for you…”

“Alec, I’m not-“

“-Ready. I know, but how long are you going to stay hung up over Jace? First you drunk yourself into oblivion, then you turned into like a sloth-“


“Well, it’s true!”

You suck in a deep breath, staring down at your pyjamas that you didn’t care to admit how long you’d been wearing, “Fine.”


“One date and then you get off my back. Same goes for everyone else.”

“I’ll let Izzy know,” Alec smiles. Alec was the only thing that had kept you from going insane over the months. He spent days and nights by your side, making sure you were okay and despite wanting you to be up and about, he made sure all your favourite chocolates were always stocked. On nights he wasn’t at the institute, by your side, you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing – the same way you had felt after Jace had left you.

“You have yourself a deal,” Alec grins, holding a hand out. You reluctantly shake it and Alec looks you up and down, “Make sure you hop in the shower before you come downstairs and meet him.”

“No shit,” you grumble, shoving past him and into the bathroom. As you shed you clothes and climb in, you hear a knock on the door, “I restocked all the soaps and shampoo’s and stuff.”

“Thanks,” you mumble under your breath, looking around the bathroom to find everything had been restocked and there were even fresh flowers at the sink, “What a sly piece of shit,” you laugh to yourself knowing you would now owe Alec for taking so much care of you.

You take time to do your makeup and look good before you go downstairs and you had to admit, looking so attractive after spending months in sweats and barely washing your hair, it really boosted your self-esteem.

“You must be y/n,” a voice says behind you and you turn to find a gorgeous blonde haired boy grinning at you, “I’m Isaac,” he grins, holding a hand out. You shake it, your eyes studying him and very obviously so, since he towered over you.

“So I guess Izzy told you that I wanted to take you out, huh?”

“How did you even know about me I mean I’ve barely left my room,” you laugh nervously.

“I saw you sneaking out to get the fried chicken you ordered at like 3am. I was walking to your room to ask you for some and I saw you watching Star Wars-“ he pauses, not wanting to comment on the fact that you had also been crying, “Girl after my own heart.

You blush in embarrassment. You remembered that night clearly. You had been craving fried chicken so much that you had asked Simon to come drop some off for you. When you were sneaking back through the institute you looked terrible and in the hopes of avoiding bumping into anyone, you had taken to the staircase. Unable to see through your tears or regain balance with all the food in your hands, you tumbled down the stairs halfway up to your room and as ridiculous as it was, your only thought was ‘thank god the bag was tied up and my food Is safe.’

“You’re wondering if I saw you fall down the stairs…”

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” he chuckles, “I was going to see if you were okay but you just bounced right back up.”

“That’s me,” you swing an arm, trying to look enthusiastic.

“Well, I’m about to spar with Alec but what do you say we go out tonight around eight?”

You nod. You weren’t entirely sure about dating someone you barely knew but you were sure about one thing: you had to get over Jace. He wasn’t coming back.

“Oh, and Isaac,” you call out and he jogs back over to you, “Go for Alec’s ankle. He twisted it this morning,” you whisper, winking at Alec as Isaac steps onto the mat. The fight lasted about 40 seconds with Isaac kicking at Alec’s shin and then his ankle, sending him straight to the floor. Alec growls at you as he hobbles off that mat, “You totally sold me out!”

You shrug innocently and Alec scowls, nudging your shoulder as he storms past you.

“Oh come on, don’t be so petty,” you giggle catching up to him.

“Two minutes with the new guy and you’re already changing sides?” he pouts, ruffling your hair, “So what? Did you like him?”

“I mean, he’s pretty and he’s nice,” you shrug and Alec stares at you, “He’s not a doll, y/n.”

“Well, he is tonight,” you smirk, elbowing Alec playfully and his eyes widen, “You can’t be serious.”


“You aren’t going to sleep with him on the first date!”

“You’re the one who said the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!”

“I DID NOT SAY THAT!” he almost shrieks and your eyes widen.

“Okay,” you laugh, “Calm down,” you suck in a sharp breath, “Well, someone said it. And they’re right.”

“Well, I think that’s stupid,” he grumbles.

You furrow your brows together, “You’re the one who told me to go on this date!”

“Yeah, to move on a little – you know, realize there are more fish in the sea. Have a nice date, maybe have a drink.”

“And I’m going to do all of that… just a tad more,” you wink, unsure of why Alec was mad at all. The entire thing had been his suggestion.

Alec stays silent, “You know what? Do whatever you want.”

You throw your hands up as he walks off, his long legs carrying him much faster than you could catch up with.

“Which one?” you ask Isabelle, holding up lingerie and she frowns, “That’s a tough choice,” her lips curl into a thoughtful frown, “Red says ‘slow and romantic’ and black say mhmmhmmhm,” she mumbles, wiggling her brows and you nod, “I think I need black.”

“Black what?” Alec’s voice interrupts you in the doorway and you stare at him wide-eyed as he spots the lingerie in your hands before his eyes travel to your dress.

“Whoa, you look so beautiful,” he whispers and you look down at your dress, “Beautiful? I was going for more hot-“

Well that too,” he mumbles, stepping closer to you. His eyes travel between your dress and the lingerie, “But you know what’s really hot? Ankle length, turtle neck dresses.”

“Shut up,” you laugh, “Well since you’re already here and have already seen, black or red?” you jiggle the hangers around and Alec sighs, “Black.”

“Good to see you’re over your hissy fit,” you smile and Isabelle raises a brow. You sit down beside her to explain, “So Alec tells me to go on a date and then gets pissed when he finds out that on this date I’m going to sleep with the guy after.”

Isabelle’s eyes widen and Alec shakes his head. Isabelle knew about Alec’s feelings for you whether he cared to admit them or not. As many a times that Isabelle had tried to convince him of them, he had just continued to deny it.

“What?” you ask, looking between the two of them.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Isn’t it a little too soon after Jace? You don’t want to jump into things,” Isabelle blurts out.

Before you can answer, Isaac appears in the doorway, clearing his throat to make his presence known.

“You look so pretty,” he pecks you on the cheek, slipping his hands into his pocket nervously, “Are we ready to go?”

“Where are you taking her?” Alec interjects, stepping between the two of you. You look to Isabelle in disbelief but she simply shrugs.


“Sounds awesome. I was in the mood for shots,” you grin.

“Me too, how about you Izzy?” Alec asks, pulling his jacket on.

“Me too!”

You stare at the two of them, Isaac looking even more uncomfortable than you.

“Okay, then I guess we’d better leave… all three of us,” he mutters under his breath.

By the time it hits 1am, you’re storming out of the club, Alec chasing after you, “I’m so glad you finally decided to leave, that Isaac guy is such a bore!”

You glare at him, gritting your teeth, “Well you would know!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that any time me and him get close to talking you’re right in the middle! I mean, do you not like him or something?! You and Izzy are the ones who picked him!”

“Well, maybe I changed my mind!”

“About what?!”

“I don’t know!” he sighs, running his fingers through his hair, “I don’t like the way he runs his hands all over you and whispers in your ear! I don’t like that you’re ready to climb into bed with him even though you don’t know him!”

You inhale deeply, “I know you’re just looking out for me, but I’m okay Alec. You don’t have to get all big brotherly on me,” you laugh, Punching his arm playfully and he stiffens.

“That’s not what I-“

“Say no more! I promise, I won’t sleep with him. We’ll just talk tonight,” you smile and Alec shakes his head, “I don’t mean-“

“Come in when you’re ready!” you call out over your shoulder, disappearing into the crowd.

Your eyes search for Isaac and just when you’re about to give up, your pulled backwards by your arm into one of the VIP rooms.

“Not bad,” you laugh, looking around as your eyes land on Isaac, “How did you clear out the whole room?”

He shrugs, placing his hands on your waist, “I feel like we haven’t spoken a word to each other all night…”

“Well, maybe we should catch up,” you whisper.

“Okay – well, so far, how have you-“

You cut him off by pressing your lips to his. He pressed you up against the wall, his hands moving from your waist into your hair.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” he yells and you feel the heat of his body tear away from you.

It takes moment for your eyes to focus on what they’re seeing but surely enough, it was Alec beating the crap out of him.

“ALEC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you yell, pulling him off. Alec tries to lunge at him again and you shove him back by the chest, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“YOU!” he yells.

Before you can answer you hear Isaac groaning behind you and you turn to find him grimacing, still on the floor.

“Izzy,” you sigh in relief as she walks in, clearly confused by the situation, “Can you take Isaac back to the infirmary at the institute?”

Isabelle nods, hauling Isaac up and pulling his arm over her shoulder, “What about you?”

“I’ll be there soon,” you state, stilling glaring at Alec.

Once they both disappear you rub you temples, “What is wrong with you today?”

Alec stays silence, his breathing still heavy. His eyes wouldn’t leave yours.

“Alec!” you snap your fingers in front of him face and he catches you by the wrist, “Don’t,” he hisses through gritted teeth.

“You’re pissed at me?” you laugh sarcastically, “What did I do wrong? You’re the one that dragged me out of bed to make me go on a date with some guy I didn’t know or care about and then you ruin that date – and not only do you ruin it, you actually beat up the super nice guy who was taking me out!”

“I wanted you to move on a little – I was just trying to give you a little push in the right direction!”

“And I took it!”

“THE RIGHT DIRECTION TOWARDS ME!” he yells before slumping, “I wanted you to come to me…”

For a moment you stay silent and between then and the moment you speak, a million thoughts occur to you. You think of Alec, your friend, the one who had got things going between you and Jace. The one who you complained about everything to. The one who always had and will always have your back. The guy who had seen you naked at least 10 times and whose only comment was ‘do you even own clothes?’
But then you think of Alec, the guy you always cried to. The guy who would literally kill someone for you. Die for you. And you would do the same. You think of how he had taken care of you, not only after what happened with Jace but with everything. Always. And then you think, ‘Why didn’t I pick Alec?’

“Then why did you set me up with Isaac?”

“Because you’re Jace’s girlfriend! Or at least you were!” he sighs in defeat, “And you’re my best friend…”

You stay silent and he steps closer to you, pulling your hands into his, “I was scared if I asked you, you would say no or that you wouldn’t be ready. I thought that if you went out with this guy, you’d get over Jace and then I could tell you – But it’s too hard watching you be with someone else when I’ve already been doing that all these years!”

“Tell me what?”

“That I love you…”

“Alec,” you stare at him, but he avoids eye contact, his gaze fixated on the floor.

“I always have. But the feelings subsided when I saw how great you were with Jace. I wanted you to be happy but then he left and at first I was just doing what I had always done – taking care of you and being your friend, but after a while I realized that if I saw Jace I’d probably kill him after seeing what he did to you. Because I love you and seeing you hurt, it hurts me. And seeing you happy, it makes me-“

“Happy,” you mumble, finishing for him, “Alec…”

“Tell me you don’t feel the same. Tell me there isn’t one beat in your heart that’s for me,” he asks sincerely, tilting your chin with his index finger so your eyes meet his.

You weren’t the most articulate person in the world. And in this situation, you really had no idea what to say. All you knew was that our heart was beating so fast, you weren’t sure of anything other than the fact that you wanted to kiss him. And so you did. Your hands tangled in his hair and your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Wait,” he whispers against your lips, slowly pulling away from you, “Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you love me.”

You smirk, “You know, if you keep teasing me, you might be the one seeing my black lingerie tonight.”

Alec steps away from you, half amused and half serious, “As tempting as that is, we’re not doing anything until you tell me how you feel.”

“Alec, seriously? It’s not prom night. And you’re not my date. We don’t have to do the whole ‘Say you love me and then I’ll put out’ thing’!”

“Well, I’m gonna,” he scoffs playfully.

You knew you did. From the minute you felt his lips against yours. Maybe it was wrong. Maybe it was too soon and maybe it was going to ruin your friendship. But you did.

“Fine,” you smirk, poking a finger into his chest, “I…” you trail your finger down his chest to the waistband of his jeans, “Love…” you fingers dance across it and you stand on your tiptoes, your lips grazing his ear, “You.”

“I love you,” you repeat, pulling away from him, “Of course I love you.”

“And you’re not just saying that to get me into bed?” he teases.

“No, of course not,” you grin, “Don’t expect a call in the morning though.”

“We should get going,” Alec looks at the time, pulling you alongside him.

“But we didn’t finish what we were doing…” you pout and he laughs before his expression softens, “Maybe we should take things slow.”


“You know – you let me take you on a date and we start off right so this all goes well.”

“Well, what happens if we go fast?”

“I don’t want to. If I had asked you out all those years ago, I would’ve taken you on millions of dates and kissed you millions of times and I want to do all that. And considering Jace will kill me when he finds out, I want to do it properly.”

“Well Jace isn’t here anymore,” you sigh, the sinking feeling in your stomach returning.

“Yeah, but I am,” Alec smiles softly, “And I love you. And I want to be with you.”

“It should’ve always been you,” you whisper, pressing your lips to his, “And if that’s what you really want, we can do that,” you pause, “But… I’m not going to have to wait for our millionth date for us to-“

“Oh, nooo,” Alec chuckles, “I’m a patient, controlled guy but not that patient.”

since everyone calls Yamamoto by his last name, I figured that would be hard to break at some point so here is that scenario.

You leaned against the balcony railing, staring at the setting sun over the ocean.  “I’m glad you picked this location for the honeymoon, it’s gorgeous.  Not as much as you though,” Yamamoto said, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist.  He gave your shoulder a kiss before resting his chin on it.  

“I’ve been thinking,” you said, turning some to face him.  You felt him stiffen slightly at your words.  “Don’t worry, nothing bad,” you said, giving his stubbly cheek a kiss.  “I have to find something new to call you,” you pouted.

“What do you mean?” Yamamoto asked, confused.  “Like a pet name or something?  Hubby is now an option,” he said, flashing you a smile.

“I’ve always called you Yamamoto, but since that’s your last name, and now mine, it’s weird.  I can’t call you by our last name,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck.  “And I’m just not used to calling you Takeshi.”

“That is a problem,” Yamamoto acknowledged.  “I don’t think you’ve ever called me by my first name, except those couple times you were made and called me by my full name,” he said, pulling you closer.

“I guess I’ll have to start saying it, but it’ll take awhile till it rolls off the tongue as easily.  Might mix in a pet name to help me adjust,” you mused.

“Well then Mrs. Yamamoto, while you settle with that new change, how about we get back to opening our wedding presents, or we can take another dip in the giant tub?” Yamamoto suggested with a grin.  

Sighing at his antics, you allowed him to pull your back into the hotel room.

Imagine introducing Steve Rogers and Thor to EDM

(Gif credits to owner)

“Here, try this one,” you yell over Right On Time by Skrillex.

Thor and Steve jump at the loud noises and the deep voice repeatedly saying “right on time”.

“How is this music!?” Thor yells over the music.

“Shush! Listen to the beat drop!” you yell just before the bass drops, causing you to dab.

“What was that?” Steve asks, judging whatever it is you just did.

“I dabbed,” you reply.

“You what?” Thor asked.

Steve turns down the music.

“So, do you like it?” you ask them.

“There weren’t even any instruments,” Thor laughs.

“It just sounded like power tools and yelling,” Steve adds.

“You two really are old men,” you pout.

“Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t like it,” Thor says, not wanting to upset you.

“Yeah, exactly,” Steve agrees.

“So, you like it?” you ask hopefully.

“I don’t know if we’d go that far yet…” Steve chuckles awkwardly.

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how well a relationship between GOM and a medicine student could go? Like, the s/o not having much free time, because they study lots and all that

This one hits me hard

Kuroko: Kuroko is a very patient person so your lack of time doesn’t frustrate him much, albeit he does miss you at random times. He knows how hard you’re working so he doesn’t mention it a lot, though. Overall, he’s a cinnamon bun who makes sure to use the free time you have together wisely.

Kise: He pouts a lot, but you know he means no harm. He likes you very much and being the person that he is, he’d want to spend a lot of time with you. It would take a lot of patience on both ends because you’re always busy and he is a man-child. He is very supportive though, I’ll give him that.

Aomine: He just constantly sleeps. When he can, he makes sure he’s in the same room as you as you study, sleeping or otherwise. Probably ends up distracting you with his snoring though. You’d try to kick him out but not even a hurricane can wake him, so you eventually get used to it. Be prepared for the times when you have free time though.

Midorima: Being a medical student as well, you two see each other pretty infrequently. You’d meet on campus for a cup of coffee in between classes, sitting in silence, simply enjoying each other’s company. Not that you have the energy to do otherwise.

Murasakibara: He doesn’t understand why you torture yourself so much. Constant studying and having barely any time to eat goes over his head. He doesn’t, however, pout as much as he usually would when he’s being neglected, simply because he doesn’t want to put more pressure on you. Who would’ve though he could be so caring? He does cling to you a lot, though. There’s no escaping that.

Akashi: Ah, yes. The prince himself only graces your presence when he knows he isn’t getting in the way of your studies. However, if he feels like you’re pushing yourself too much, he will put his foot down. He takes time out of his own schedule to make sure you’re not overworking yourself. Takes you on low-energy needing dates and overall makes sure he himself doesn’t waste much of your energy.

Taming the Virus

As always, this is a story in collation with @stitch-xiu-up‘s story Lay with Me. You don’t have to read both, but it is recommended that you do!

Chapter 1|| Chapter 2||

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Chapter Three

Do you ever get that feeling, the one that makes you feel so empty and lost? That gut wrenching feeling when you question where you are in your life and if you’re really enjoying it? Min-ah sighed, running her hands through her hair as she looked down at the page she’d attempted to drag her pencil across for the last twenty minutes. Her assignment wasn’t getting any easier, and nothing around her was giving her inspiration.

Her assignment was to creatively explore something she’d never seen before, but where was she supposed to find such content? The depths of the internet were even against her, and he heart was sinking with each look she stared at her blank piece of paper. Writing had been her passion since she could read and write as child. Studying the art of literature in university became her dream. Her first year ran like a fantasy novel, but this year? She’d never hit rock bottom so hard in her life. Everything was much harder, her lessons were boring, and it was hard to concentrate when your brain keeps running unfocused every second.

“What’s up, buttercup?”

Min-ah almost jumped when she looked up to see Chanyeol’s face inches from her own. He grinned at her startled response, and it didn’t shift, even when she shoved him in the chest.

“I’m fine, I’m trying to concentrate on my work.” She told him exasperatedly, wanting him to just leave her alone.

“Really? Because anyone would have thought you’d seen a puppy being shot.” He teased.

“I’m fine, alright?” Min-ah snapped.

Chanyeol pouted, but it only lasted for a moment. He grinned, swiping her phone off the desk and started typing at the keyboard. “What’s the password, Min-ah?”

“Hey, give that back!” Min-ah protested, leaping to her feet as she outstretched her arm in attempt to get it back from him. It was no use, Chanyeol was the size of a giant, and her only standing at 5ft 3” had no chance.

“I want to know who’s upset you, buttercup.”

“No one has upset me, and stop calling me that!”

Min-ah was about to shove him in the chest for a second time as he mindlessly punched random number combinations into her phone in attempt to unlock it, when the dorm room door slid open. The two of them looked over, but Min-ah was the quickest to respond, taking Chanyeol’s distraction to her advantage and grabbing the phone from his hand.

He tutted at her, shaking his head until two figures made their way into the room, and Chanyeol had forgotten about it in an instant. How typical of him to be so easily swayed.

“Baekhyun, Sehun!” He exclaimed happily, then his face dropped, “Where’s Kyungsoo?”

“He said he had to study for a test with Jongin.” The man Min-ah assumed was ‘Sehun’ responded.

“Yah! I doubt they’ll be studying much, unless it’s each other.” Baekhyun joked. The three of them laughed.

Min-ah had seen Baekhyun before, and obviously (most unfortunately) she knew Chanyeol, but she’d never encountered Sehun before. He was tall, like Chanyeol and had naturally bronzed skin with dark eyes and blonde hair. She assumed it was dyed, but it looked so natural it was hard to tell. Undoubtedly, he was gorgeous.

“Ah, this is my roommate I wanted you all to meet. Min-ah, this is Baekhyun and Sehun.” Chanyeol introduced her, his arms directing her to the two men as he said their names in turn. They both bowed respectfully, and Min-ah did the same in a more half-hearted way. With all the pressure of class, she’d completely forgotten Chanyeol had forced her into his plan for her meeting his friends last night.

“Pleasure.” Min-ah spoke, nodding her head as they both returned similar greetings.

Baekhyun then turned to Chanyeol and started up a conversation about music and Min-ah could feel herself building up stress. All she wanted was to finish her assignment, or at least start it.

“Min-ah, creative writing major, correct?”

Min-ah face Sehun, who seemed to have a look on his face that read the same as hers - as if he didn’t want to be here either. Though he did  have a certain glint of interest in his eyes as he sat on the edge of Chanyeol’s bed, looking at Min-ah as if she was vaguely intriguing.

“That’s right. Yourself?” Min-ah responded, deciding it would be more respectful to respond to him than to dismiss him, plus he wasn’t exactly unattractive. It seemed insignificant to worry about her assignment when Chanyeol would have probably ended up distracting her anyway with his pestering.

“Art major. Second year.” He told her, his answer short and straight to the point.

“So, you’re good at drawing then?” Min-ah asked stupidly, mentally slapping herself as he chuckled.

“Well yeah… funnily enough I am quite good.” He teased.

“Sorry, my brain doesn’t function when I’m tired.” Min-ah smiled, trying to play it off as coolly as she could.

“I’m not surprised, you’re living with Chanyeol, it’s a wonder he hasn’t kept the whole corridor up with his loud mouth.” Sehun joked, and Min-ah found herself smiling.

“Give it time.” She responded softly, feeling somewhat embarrassed under his brown eyed gaze.

Sehun laughed again, drawing the attention of Baekhyun and Chanyeol.

“Min-ah are you laughing? Sehun, you must have magical powers to crack her emotions.” Chanyeol said, poking fun at the way Min-ah barely faces him with much feeling or emotion.

“Are you surprised, he’s an ice prince himself. A match made in heaven.” Baekhyun winked at the pair, and Min-ah found it hard to look harsh as she rolled her eyes when her cheeks were matching the crimson of a blood-red rose.

“Yah! She’d never date someone like him!” Chanyeol burst, an expression of annoyance plastering his face, but the expression vanished as soon as it had landed, and then, he grinned. “You’re more into bad boys, aren’t you Min-ah? More specifically those who are a music major and have extremely good looks and charm - and whose name is Chanyeol”

“I’d rather throw myself under a bus.”

“Why are you always so mean?” Chanyeol mockingly pouted.

“I like to be consistent.” Min-ah responded wittily, causing Baekhyun and Sehun to laugh at her sarcasm as Chanyeol threw his hand to his heart in a dramatic indication that he’d been shot.

“Ah, you hurt my heart. I’m heartbroken.”

“Spare me the violins.”

It wasn’t until later that night that Baekhyun and Sehun departed back for their own dorms, but Sehun hadn’t left without leaving Min-ah with his number. It seemed the two of them had more in common than Min-ah would have ever expected from one of Chanyeol’s friends, but he hold her to text her if she ever had a writer’s block, because he faces them too.

She supposed art block wasn’t too different from writer’s block really.

Either way, she had the phone number of a not-so-bad looking guy, and Min-ah couldn’t help but smirk to herself as she thought of proving to Mei that she was actually capable of perking male interest.

“You look happy… are you feeling okay?” Chanyeol sarcastically remarked, that usual lopsided, goofy grin crossing his face.

“You’re the worst.” Min-ah shrugged as she lay back in the comfort of the mattress.

||The one you hate to love||

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You glared at your phone, his teasing words taunting you. Turning off your phone your hands found their way to your temples trying to relax the headache that was already forming. “I can do this,” you mumbled. “It won’t be so bad.” You wanted to assure yourself that this won’t be the end of the world, and that maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. 

But who were you kidding

HE was going to be HERE tomorrow.

Although, if you had to admit, you quite excited despite the fact that he got on your nerves


The next day came strolling by and faster than you expected. It was still early the sun was almost done rising but your curtains blocked any source of light from seeping into your room. You were in a state of being asleep and awake, zoned out and not really aware of what your actually doing. Which was nothing. The loud buzzing of your phone seemed to have echoed within your room but you payed no mind to it just thinking it was alarm and forgot to turn it off. 

You lay there almost fully asleep again but your eyes shoot wide open when you hear the loud knocking coming from your front door. 

You grumbled in annoyance and throwing off your blanket, swinging your legs over the bed and marching your way out of the comfort of your room. The knocking was endless and was getting on your nerves. Swinging the door wide open you tired eyes glared at the culprit behind the door. And it was none other than park jimin, the fuckboy himself.

“Why the fuck are you here so god damn early!” you scowled. “Well good morning to you to sunshine,” he muttered. You rolled your eyes more annoyed than ever at the moment “I called you earlier by the way.” He welcomed himself in brushing past you with a stupid little smirk on his face. “Nice house,” “who said you could come in! how did you even find my place” 

“I asked your friend, and no not y/f/n it was someone else.” 

Slamming the door you stomped past him and into your kitchen grabbing a glass of water and grabbing the bottle of ibuprofen. He hasn’t even been here for five minutes and he was already giving you a migraine. 

Jimin was leaning against the wall looking at you as you downed the pill and water. His eyes wandered you body and smirks from the small pajama shorts and crop top you were wearing. “Are you wearing that for me sweetheart?” you looked at him as he cocked a brow and seductively bit his lip. 

You looked down at you attire and blushed. “Don’t be an idiot,” you scoffed. Ok so maybe you did. You head back to your room and  being to lazy to change you threw on a sweat shirt. “You know you don’t look so bad in the morning,” you jumped surprised by his voice and turn to see him leaning against the door frame. “Get out of my room!” you pointed toward the hall. “But I’m not in your room,” “just go dammit!”

This is going to be a long day.


You two were sat comfortably on the couch working on the notes and what not. You, for the first time ever, were working hard to get what you could done just so the day could done and over with already. But jimin wasn’t making it easier for you. 

Every now and then he’d whine,or sigh loudly, or do just about anything to distract you. “Fuck jimin if you’re so fucking bored why don’t you leave. You’re hardly doing any work anyway.” You continued to write down on your note book only to have it snatched away from you along with your pencil. “What the hell-” “entertain me.” You blinked a few times, your cheeks flushed red “e-excuse me, what?” “Entertain me,” he says again. “Entertain yourself;” you tried getting up but he grabbed your arm pulling you back down. With a yelp you tripped over your own feet as you were practically spun around and fell on-top of him. You held yourself up with your hands on either side of his head. You glared at him but the blush that covered your cheeks only made you seem cute. His hands hugged at your hips giving you butterflies. “Let me go,” you tried pulling away from him but he wasn’t having any of it. “I know you like me,” “what?”

Yes he was an annoying fuckboy but that didn’t stop you from thinking that he was very attractive and maybe develop some feelings along the way. “As if I would like someone like you.” you lied

He pouted “you’re so mean to me.” you rolled you eyes and tried getting off of him once more but he held you down. “Y/n” he began, “why do you hate me?”
“What do you think,” you said bluntly. “Just answer my question y/n” he sounded a bit irritated. “Do you really hate me that much?” His voice was sincere almost, you felt guilty “Jimin.”

Your thoughts were jumbled and trapped into your mind, you couldn’t quite find the words you wanted to say. 

“I don’t hate you,” you admitted. “Yes you can be irritating and make stupid choices but I never said I hate you.” You felt embarrassed almost and hid your face on his chest. “Then why do you treat me the way you do?” “because…I like you, I guess I got jealous because of the damn girls you get with.”

He sits up with you still on him, you lift your head up to see him staring down at you. “Prove it then, prove you like me.” you sit up “how?” “kiss me.” Shocked by his request you shake your head. “I can’t do that.” his brows furrowed “why?” “How could I kiss someone that doesn’t feel the same.” Jimin’s lips falter into a small frown. He could see it on your face how upset you were. How was it that you were never able to tell how he felt? he would ask himself but roll his eyes for the obvious answer. “I’m sorry,” he let’s out a small breath. “I never meant to make you upset.” You sigh and shake your head “It’s fine it does’t matter anyway.” In an instant you felt a pair of lips locked with your yours. Not hesitating for even a moment you wrapped your arms around him. He breaks the kiss staring lovingly into your eyes. “I never said I didn’t feel the same.” 

“Give me a chance?”   

Fuckboy!Jimin scenario requested by anon☺ 

It’s not the best but I hope you liked it❤❤

Much love~💖

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Imagine Bucky's little girl brushing m his hair, putting in all these bright and glittery bows and hair clips, all these elaborate hairdos and braids. The one time Sam and Tony walk in and give him crap, Bucky's daughter pouts and her eyes get all watery. "You mean you don't like it? Did I do a bad job on my daddy's hair?" And Bucky just gives them the deadliest glare, growling "apologize to her. Right. NOW."

im crying i love this so much omg omg omg omg omg 

Daddy Day™

Starry Night Kisses (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Jung)

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do a Wang Jung (Scarlet Heart) imagine like a first kiss where the reader is slightly shy also. Thank you!!💕

He smiled at you while you two sat calmly outside, it was late but not too late. The night was just the perfect temperature. You stared off into space while Jung stared at you before he cleared his throat. “Y/N” he says making you chirp a sound and turn to see his face very close to yours. You shoved him away for the sudden scare of him there, that close. “Oh so sorry that was invasive” he spoke scolding himself in his head. He was scared to kiss his own fiancée and you were just a shy person so you never took the leap to do it yourself.

The past week he’s been freezing up to make his move even though he knew he wanted it to happen. His brothers teased him after more than one failed attempt. There was either someone who interrupted or you two ended up getting distracted by something else. He wanted to do it tonight before you two got married which was in about 2 days.

He stretched and yawned wrapping his arm around your shoulders. You smiled as you turned to look at him before you laid your head onto his shoulder. He continued to look of into the distance you looked up at him before you grab his chin pulling him in for a kiss. His eyes widen in shock before he pulled back “why did you do that?” he asks in a stuttered tone. “I thought you wanted to do that” you say confused.

“I wanted to do it” he pouted “would you like to do the second?” you ask “it doesn’t mean the same” he tells you as you looked disappointed. “Y/N it was really nice don’t worry” he quickly says “I made you sad” you say as his eyes got wider. He grabbed your chin lightly pulling you in for another kiss. It may have not been the first but it was more memorable to the both of you than the first.

Nice Guys Finish Last pt 3

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Nice Guys Finish Last pt. 3 — (SMUT) 


Butterflies filled your stomach, and nervousness racked your mind. You had only ever seen the aftermath of a night with him from countless girls, but now it was finally going to be you, the only girl he ever loved.

Kim Taehyung was taking you to his bed.

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long live the king


michael and y/n


he was dead. his eyes were never to be opened again. his chest will never rise and fall with each breath. his heart will never best in time with the woman he loves and calls his queen.

michael was dead as well. maybe not in the same way as his father, but michael was surely dead. his eyes were dull, and probably will never be full of life again. it hurt to breath. the weight of his father’s death was pressing down on his lungs. his heart beats, but michael surely wished it didn’t.

it was time for him to marry a woman he most likely will never love. he needed to find his rightful bride so he could finally step up to the throne and live out his full potential. but was anyone good enough to satisfy michael’s needs? he needed someone to save him from his own mind—someone to fill the gaping hole inside his heart.

but it was hard.

queen karen has found many girls who fit the profile of the next queen. michael was bitter though, never liking the girls and always finding some type of flaw to point out. if he was going to rule a kingdom with a woman who would always be by his side, he should at least like her as a friend, maybe even an acquaintance.

the realm of a far away kingdom that was surrounded by a forest of enchantment intrigued michael. villages were full of people who were so kind to one another. the weather always seemed to be happy and bright. all of the optimism and positivity convinced michael that something had to be up. someone must be as sad as he was inside.

“queen karen, prince michael, we have arrived,” a man said through the partition of michael’s carriage.

the door opened and with that, it revealed a kingdom of such beauty and grace that took michael’s breath away. the vibes from this place seemed off. everyone had smiles on their faces and it just didn’t seem right. michael’s scowl most likely did not fit in a world like this.

as the michael and his mother were escorted to the doors of the palace, commoners were scattered around to get a glimpse of the mysterious prince no one ever sees. he was beautiful, and everyone seemed to notice. girls were smiling stupidly and swooning. michael didn’t like the feel of the attention.

“mother, what is the name of this princess?” michael whispered, leaning closer to his mother’s ear. he didn’t want to seem uneducated, but michael truly was. he could barely speak english correctly, let alone run a kingdom. michael couldn’t even remember this princess’s name.

karen laughed quietly. “there are two. the eldest goes by the name cora and the younger one is y/n. you are here for cora,” his mother explained.

michael and karen entered the entrance hall and michael had to conceal the small gasp that escaped his lips momentarily. the mural on the walls were extravagant and the chandelier swinging above was pulchritudinous. this place was more beautiful than the palace back in michael’s realm. he was jealous.

now, as they walked farther and farther into the edifice, four figures stood at the top of the stairs. as the four walked down altogether, michael was smothered by a cloud of confusion.

there stood the king and queen. their clothes were made from satin and wore the royal crest on the right side of their chests. colors that represent the kingdom adorned their body, and of course, they had that sickening smile everyone seemed to have in this place.

beside them was a pair of two siblings. one of a male and the other a female. the brother had eyes that seemed cynical, as if he was not to be trusted. the girl beside him seemed just as wicked with a smile that could kill. they looked happy, but they seemed off.

there wasn’t a second sister. that’s what threw michael off. where was this y/n? sure, cora looked gorgeous with the red lips that looked so sinister and lustful,yet she didn’t seem like someone michael could love. she looked wicked and evil beneath her layers of pretty looks and inviting lips.

“prince michael,” cora welcomed, curtseying slightly at michael’s feet.

“princess cora,” michael replied. he bowed and she smiled even wider. all of the smiles were starting to rub michael the wrong way.

extending her arm out to michael’s she said, “would you do the honors of leading me towards the dining room?”

after allowing her to wrap her cold hands around his arm, he escorted her towards the dining room. he followed the path his mother and the rest of cora’s family—excluding the unknown y/n—towards the dining room.

michael pulled out cora’s chair, and then took a seat himself. the meal was nice but michael was bored. so instead of staying with the annoyingly positive family, michael promised to walk cora back to her chambers and then he promised himself to get the hell away from any other human.

while the two walked back to the chamber, cora attempted to strike up some sort of conversation. he didn’t want to be rude, so he did force a smile that felt wrong in every way and nodded along to each word she said.

“michael, you’re awfully quiet,” cora said. they reached the chamber doors. michael nodded again and she frowned. it was the first frown besides his own he’s seen all day. cora’s bitter look looked more like a playful pout. “i mean, i could help you be a little loud. i’m good at that.”

her nimble and cold as ice fingers trailed up michael’s blazer and he felt his breath catch in his throat. “i’m tired from today’s journey, princess. i must rest for tomorrow’s events,” michael lied, bowing once more in the presence of cora. “good night.”

and with that, michael was speedily walking down the corridors to find safety in his bedroom. cora was gorgeous, he thought. but there’s something off about her. it seemed as if there was something off about everyone here. michael just couldn’t place his finger on it.

soon, he was wandering about, not knowing where he was heading or where he was in that moment. after turning a corner quickly in hopes of running into a guard, he did run into someone, or run over someone. her body was on the floor in one of those pretty, patriotic dresses everyone was wearing tonight. michael didn’t remember seeing this woman from dinner. it was a high possibility that she was a maid who wasn’t present during dinner.

“shit, shit, shit,” she mumbled. michael’s forest green eyes widened in shock, confused as to why someone would use such a language in front of royalty. he hasn’t heard words like that ever since the king passed away. now, the king was a great and respectful man, but when he stubbed his toe on the corners of every piece of furniture on the planet, curses would just spew from his lips like a volcano.

“i’m so sorry, miss. i wasn’t looking—” michael said while extending his hand out to her. when their skin made contact, michael felt tingles in his hand and an unsettling feeling in his stomach. hopefully, the mysterious lady felt it to.

as he hoisted her up and gripped her hand tighter, he looked straight into her eyes. “oh fuck,” she whispered. she ripped her hand out of his grip and frowned. the girl actually frowned and michael was amazed by her unfiltered vocabulary and nonexistent aura of positivity.

“look, miss—”

“you don’t have to be so formal. it’s just me.”

“but who are you exactly?” michael asked. she twisted the ends of her hair between the pads of her fingers.

then, she frowned again. “i really can’t say.”

“and why is that?”

“i have to go.”

with that, she was running down the halls again, her feet slipping on the slippery, smooth surface. “wait!” michael shouted and she stopped running to pivot her head to look over her shoulder. “will i see you again?”

the girl wanted to frown again, knowing that she probably will never see the handsome boy in the fancy clothes, but she instead smiled at him. michael realized that this was an off smile, but it wasn’t like the others’. this smile was sad and forced, but michael already adored her smile, her vulgarity, clumsiness, and her.


“do you have a sister?” michael asked right when he saw cora enter one of the many rooms in this building.

“um, we used to. princess y/n hasn’t been seen for ages, and we surely do miss her.” cora looked down at her hands as she spoke and walked to the garden. “how was your sleep, prince?” cora inquired, attempting to change the subject. she plucked a leaf off of a bush in the royal garden. this place never ceased to amaze michael. the garden was colorful and full of life and he would love to sit in this garden and just be. “michael?”

michael snapped out of his daze and looked deep into cora’s eyes. they seemed as dull as everyone’s did in this area, but he remembered that the girl’s from last night were absolutely full of wonder.

“i’m sorry, princess, but my mind has been racing all night.”

cora smirked. “is there a reason as to why?”

over cora’s shoulder was a figure sitting among the flowers. her hair was the same color as the maiden’s from last night.

“princess, i must escort you back to the castle. there are things i must do.”

michael quickly ushered her towards the palace, lightly shoving her inside with a guard. once he was sure that cora was inside and no one else was around, he began to slowly stride over to the girl among the daisies.

when michael was finally close enough, he saw her plucking each individual petal from the center of the daisy.

“why hello,” michael said, catching her attention instantly.

as if it were a reflex, she shot up from the grown and dusted the nonexistant dirt off of her dress. her attire was different—a dress of white adorning her body. it made her seem more angelic, which matched her fair features.

“um, hi?” she replied. it was awkward and michael found it endearing. “i gotta go.”

before she could escape michael again, he swiftly gripped her forearm, preventing her from leaving. “please don’t go. sit back down and we can talk.”

confused, she slowly sat back down in the flowers and michael sat beside her, crossing his legs like a child would at school. it was odd seeing a boy in such fine clothing sitting on the ground.

“talk about what?”

“i don’t know. maybe we can start off with names?” michael suggested.

her expression remained stoic and her breathing ceased. “y/n.”

“y/n? as in the y/n?”

“i’m guessing you’ve heard of me,” she frowned. “what have you heard?”

“not much really. i kinda thought you were dead,” michael mumbled.

“hm, so my family’s still going with that lie?” michael’s eyes furrowed in confusion and y/n’s face fell. “they’re ashamed of me. i know they are. i’m not even supposed to be out here, like, i always have to stay in my room and it’s all because i’m not the queen’s child. i’m a child of an affair, a-and i’ve said too much. i’m sorry.”

with that, michael watched her get up and run away twice in the span of twenty four hours.


now that michael knew why y/n was never present for any events that went on in the castle, he was even more restless. he truly wanted to spend time with her instead of cora who always had to be touching him in some type of way and her brother who sat around and moped all day. it seemed as if he didn’t have a vocabulary and it bothered michael. he thought that cora and y/n’s brother would get along better with him.

the past two days were hell. he hated how peppy and cheery the banquet hall was. because it was the brother’s birthday. everyone was running about and michael wanted to just slam himself into one of brick buildings to avoid everyone. still, queen karen insisted that he must spend time with cora. michael never even agreed to marrying cora. it was just a big no in his mind.

yet, here he was, walking around the castle for what felt like the thousandth time with her hand wrapped around his bicep. they stopped for a break because cora had to go to the bathroom, so michael walked farther away and waited for her at the end of the hall. as soon as his back hit the chill of the stone, he heard voices.

“father, i am literally on my hands and knees begging you to let y/n come to this party,” michael recognized as the prince’s voice said. after hearing this, michael wanted to rush over and beg as well, but he stayed in place with clammy hands and quiet breathing.

the sound footsteps drew nearer but then the sound stopped. “you know how your mother feels about her. we mustn’t upset her.”

the prince groaned. “but, my goodness she is literally always in that room. just please, let her out to come join the banquet as a mere commoner.”

“i’ll see what i can do.”


the banquet was normal. there were fancy dresses and expensive suits and endless tables of every food imaginable. michael watched cora greet her guests whilst chewing on a cookie he found lying around on a plate with others. it was chewy and michael liked it.

when michael grabbed a glass of champagne from a tray a servant was holding. he almost choked on the liquid he was drinking when he spotted y/n a few feet away with the prince, looking extremely awkward. y/n saw him too and her eyes widened in shock.

she mouthed some words to her half brother before making her way across the room to michael. when she reached the spot in front of him, she greeted him softly. y/n mumbled a, “so i heard you’re a prince who’s planning to marry cora. interesting choice i must say.”

michael immediately shook his head. “i’m not marrying her. she’s not someone i’d like to marry.”

“well that probably sucks for her because she’s kinda glaring at me. i feel her hatred for me from across the room,” y/n laughed as her and michael turned towards cora at the same time. it gave away that they were obviously talking about her.

cora’s heels began to click against the floor, a mean look on her face. “oh shit,” y/n said, her heart falling into the pit of her stomach. “fuck, i gotta go.”

michael quickly grasped her hand, intertwining their fingers so they interlocked. y/n looked up at him, extremely confused and slightly nervous. “c’mon, let’s get out of here before we’re brutally murdered,” michael suggested before tugging her along towards the doors.

she smiled at him, and then afterwards, they ran away from the banquet and an infuriated cora.

both of them ran fast through the halls. y/n tugged him along, make a sharp left turn into a stairwell. after giggling and stumbling upstairs, y/n smiled at the view from the balcony. the tall boy beside her was amazed at the lights and the music and laughter he heard below him. cora was yelling at her brother who was yelling right back at her.

“you look really happy right now,” michael stated as y/n stopped looking at the crowd and turned towards him. “it’s really cute.” he stepped closer to her. “can i do something?” he asked.

she nodded her head slowly before michael continued to walk over to her. once his hand reached up to caress her cheek, y/n’s breathing slowed. “are you about to do what i think you’re about to do?” michael nodded leaning his head forward so their foreheads are touching. “fuck, michael. you’re making me nervous.”

“don’t be.”

michael crashed his lips into her and she instantly captured his lips with hers. her lower back was pressed against the edge of the balcony as michael softened the kiss. it was light and less eager than before, but it still had the two of them gasping for air.

y/n pulled away. “okay, what the fuck?”

“i’m sorry. was that weird?” michael asked, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“no. actually, it was okay.”

“how would you feel about being my queen?” michael asked.

y/n’s jaw dropped. “michael—”

“i’m going to be a king and i want you to be my queen. it just wouldn’t be the same if there was somebody else by my side. so what do you say?” he questioned as the sound of laughter and music seemed to still in that moment.

“i say, long live the king.”

Silly Accidents

Owen x Reader

You walk in the door and drop your bag on the floor.

“Owen?” you call out, surprised that he wasn’t out front with his bike or sitting in front of the tv.

“Here,” he mumbles from what you guess to be the kitchen.

You walk towards his voice and into the room and see him bent over the counter with his face in his hands. Quizzically you go up behind him and wrap your arms around his chest.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Instead of answering, he flinches at your question. You let out an exasperated sigh and let go, backing up against the table. “Owen, seriously it’s-“

“Do not say it’s not a big deal.” He cuts you off, “I could have gotten you killed!”

With a heavy sigh he straightens up and turns around. He glares at your stomach crossing his arms to match your posture. You see it in his eyes that he’s battling with himself, but before you can think of the right words to say his face softens. Crossing the space between the both of you in two steps, he wraps his calloused hands around your hips. He slides his right hand under the hem of your shirt just high enough to feel the small bandage on your side covering your four small stitches. You frown slightly as he leans his forehead down to yours and closes his eyes as he rubs it gently with his thumb.

“I’m sorry,” he says wholeheartedly as if he’s committed some horrible crime against you. You let out a soft laugh as you smile.

“What are you sorry for? It was my idea Owen. I’ve been working alongside you for months now. I thought they would be ready.” Leaning away from him, you place your hands on either side of his face willing him to open his eyes. When he finally does he shakes his head, “Still, It was dangerous to even try. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Owen,” he continues to shake his head as if scolding himself and refuses to look at you. You smirk as you get an idea and snap your fingers by your face.

“Hey, Eyes on me.”

He eyes snap up to yours and you see the corner of his mouth turn up just slightly and, well, that’s a start.

“It’s not like they attacked me, Owen. It was tail, not teeth.” You smile encouragingly trying to make him smile.

When you think about it, it was really just a silly accident. You went in the cage as usual beside Owen, holding the treat bucket. Everything was going fine as he barked out commands, until someone slipped on the catwalk above. Blue, Delta, and Echo ignored it, still focused on Owen, but Charlie spun around at the sound, her tail knocking you to the ground. Her tail made a small cut through your shirt, that didn’t really hurt all that bad, but at the first sight of blood, Owen freaked out.

“Charlie gets distracted easily.” You continue, “You know that. She didn’t mean any harm; she just turned around too quick for me to move.”

He takes a deep breath and lets it out in a sigh as he runs his hand down his face, “Well-“

“Besides,” you continue to talk, trying to distract him. “I thought you took command in there really well.” You wrap your hands around his neck and pull yourself up onto your tip-toes pouting slightly. “I mean, after all this time, hearing you talk like that, all dominant and powerful, I still just…” you bite your lip and the shiver that runs through your body says everything you wanted to say. You lean the few inches to his lips and very softly kiss him. His lips turn up into a smirk as you pull away and his thumbs slip into your belt loops, pulling your hips closer to his.

“Well,” he leans in close and whispers, in a seemingly much better mood, “ It’s all about showing who’s really in control,” and you could swear he growls at the end of the sentence. The goose bumps that cover your arms and the kiss that he places on your neck let you know that he’s going to get over this little incident. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you might even get to try the whole thing again.

Thanks for reading! If you have any headcanons or prompts please send them my way!