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Before/After Earlobe Repair

Patient Testimonial:

From the age of 15 to 25, I had plugs of some size in my ears. Over time, my career path changed and extreme body modification was no longer conducive to this. At one point, my ears held 1" ¼ (35mm) plugs/gauge/eyelets, etc. I had torn my fistulas(the ear hole itself) and had also “blown out” my earlobes( severe irritation/disfiguration based on too much stretching) It was time. I had my fun. Looked like a freak, but I had further aspirations and it was to time to close up the actual holes. They looked awful, sagged, and got made fun of occasionally. Because of Dr. Pousti’s work, you’d never know I even had them. But that was the ultimate result I desired.