pousse cafe

Annual tradition: Layering beverages of differing alcoholic contents, taking photographs of them in the snow and then giving them to Fuiru so he can knock them back and comment on their similarity to mouthwash.


Drinking For Keeps: The Ultimate Pousse Cafe

Today we’re taking our elementary school science class and using it to make drinking FUN! (You know, because it wasn’t already).

The drink, a pousse-café is a layered drink. We take it to a whole new level. Its easy to layer drinks, you just need to know the density of all the liqueurs you are using. You can google a chart easily. The ingredients I used can be subbed out for whatever you want, as long as you layer it in order of the most dense on the bottom, with the least dense on top.

Union Jack

Grenadine - ½ oz

Maraschino - ½ oz

Green Chartreuse - ½ oz

Layer the three liqueurs in the order given in a liqueur glass, or pousse-café glass.

Found in The Savoy Cocktail Book. Now, unless you have been living in a cave since you were born, you would know the colour of the Union Jack. It’s red, white and blue, not green, so what’s going on there? I assume either blue curaçao wasn’t available at the time or it doesn’t float very well on top of maraschino. Like all the other pousse-cafés, it’s not the flavour that matters but the presentation (I doubt many people enjoy sipping liqueurs neat), and flavour is not great: the green Chartreuse is too strong (55% ABV), maraschino is too rich, and the grenadine is too sweet; mixing them up doesn’t help.