i might as well stop fucking around and just pour this coffee right onto my fresh new white vans cause thats whats gonna happen anyways hahahaha why would i think i could own white shoes like everyone else 

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He may be the moon but his eyes are the sun. (Brown eyes arent my favorite, bc they're hard to his eyes were so bright that day, I swore Mars reflected them. Like pouring creamer into coffee and watching it change from a dark brown to a light brown. He has the most captivating brown eyes ever, I think brown eyes are my favorite now.

yeah mine too

The Lafitte Cousins (and Mardi Gras)


“Everyone up at ‘em!” Benny’s voice rang through the cabin “we gotta get to the city before the first float hits the streets today!”
Balthazar crawled out of his cocoon with Cas with a kiss on his partner’s cheek and a promise to fetch coffee. Then he made his way to the kitchen where Benny was starting breakfast—hot cakes by the looks of it (hot cakes with King Cake colored sprinkles).
“Bonjour Cuz” Benny smiled at him “you ready for today? I sure am, only wish we’d gotten here last week to celebrate longer.”
Balthazar poured a cup of coffee “Are you sure this is wise? Bringing two war veterans to New Orleans during Mardi Gras?”
Benny flipped a hot cake “They’ll be fine. They wouldn’t have agreed if they didn’t think they could handle it.”
“You remember what happened at the last parade we went to.”
“Nobody got hurt.”
“Only because Cas and Dean didn’t have weapons on them.”
“And they won’t have weapons now. Bally they want to go, you know that.”
Balthazar sighed “I know but I’m allowed to worry.”
“Well you don’t have to. I finally got through to Uncle Pierre and he’s letting us come to apartment in the Quarter and you know his balcony has one of the best views of the route.”
Balthazar stared at him “Uncle Pierre? Uncle Fashionista? Mr. ‘I used to work for Hermés and Louis Vuitton’? The one who avoids family gatherings like the plague because the bad fashion gives him hives?”
“That’s the one” Benny nodded.
“He’ll drive our boyfriends crazy with unwanted fashion advice. I’ll barely scrape by unscathed and you know he’ll have something to say about how you dress like it’s 1925.”
“Don’t be so paranoid. We’ll be fine.”
Balthazar sighed and held up the coffee mug “I better go take this to Mr. McGrumpy-Pants.” He ran into Dean in the poor excuse for a hallway “Morning.”

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Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

Pretend Animal Is Something Learned

my throat goes dry
is the pen truly mightier than the bomb?

almost ambushed by trash bag animal
fences can be mended to protect sanity

yesterday i learned something new
today not so much

if at all a shiver
pour sleep into a coffee mug