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A fic where Frank is arrested? Love your blog btw <3

Thank you!

They both knew it was coming. They never expected to have a life together. But that didn’t change what happened. It didn’t change their feelings or the fact they had spent months together pretending this day was never going to come.

Especially when it happened on a day that felt so normal.

‘’You’re up early,’’ Frank yawned as he pulled on his shirt, leaning against the door frame of the bathroom and watching Karen zip up her skirt.

‘’I have a meeting,’’ she sighed, fixing her shirt before heading out into the kitchen.

Frank followed her into the room as she poured the freshly brewed coffee into two mugs, handing one over to him as he leaned back against the counter.

As she turned to once again begin rushing about the apartment, Frank caught her hand and tugged her back.

‘’You’re gonna make me late,’’ she warned, wrapping her own arms around his body as he pulled her closer.

‘’Mm, I don’t think you’ll mind,’’ he smirked, leaning down to press his lips to her neck.

Karen’s eyes fluttered closed at his touch, letting out a long breath in content. He was right, she wouldn’t have minded one bit if she was late. Or if she just didn’t go.

‘’But I have to go,’’ she spoke, arguing with herself mostly.

‘’Okay,’’ he pulled back, arms trailing down to the sides of her hips, his breath still on the skin of her neck. ‘’So go,’’

Karen bit down on her lip as he began to kiss her once again after a pause, knowing that he had won this round. Whenever he kissed her, all of Karen’s senses were gone.

Pushing him back, Karen crushed her lips against his and pushed him back further against the kitchen bench. Snaking a hand around his back, Karen gripped the coffee cup and stepped away.

‘’I really do have to go,’’ she smiled cheekily as he stared back at her in annoyance.

They didn’t have time to banter. Frank couldn’t entice her to stay again, he couldn’t make a comment or give her a grin in response. Neither of them knew that would be the last time their lips touched.

There was a loud marching sound coming from the hall outside the apartment, and Frank could recognize exactly what it was, but it was too late. The door was knocked down, pieces of wood and hinges flying around the room.

A special response team raided the apartment, bursting in as if they were in a war zone, rushing straight over to Frank Castle, standing silently and defeated in the kitchen.

‘’No!’’ Karen screamed as they forced him to the floor.

There were two men holding him down, securing his hands in cuffs and holding guns by his body as a warning.

Karen knew this was the law. She knew the things Frank had done, and in the eyes of the law, it didn’t matter his reasoning. The law couldn’t see him like she saw him. And right now Karen couldn’t see the law.

‘’Get off him!’’ Karen shouted as she watched the two officers hold him down forcefully as if he was going to attack them.

Karen didn’t make it one step closer to him when her arms were held back by another officer, pushing her down onto her knees and securing her as they lifted Frank Castle to his feet.

‘’Hey!’’ Frank growled. ‘’Don’t touch her! I will end you, do you hear me?’’

‘’I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you!’’ the officer threatened.

Frank turned to him with wide, vicious eyes. This was the feeling he got right before walking into a firefight. Pure rage. Rage that he didn’t know how to control.

Behind all the response team officers, Foggy Nelson rushed inside. His eyes were darting all around the room in search for Karen, hurrying to her side once he spotted the blonde.

‘’Hands off my client!’’ he ordered.

‘’We’re in the middle of an operation!’’

‘’An operation where it was agreed my client would remain innocent,’’ Foggy warned.

Karen couldn’t hear what else was said between Foggy and the officer, her eyes on Frank as he was escorted from the apartment.

Everything felt like it was moving a hundred times slower than usual. Karen watched his face stare back at her in concern, in apology. Just before he was pushed out of the door, Frank gave Karen a nod that only she knew the meaning too.

It was the nod he gave her when he left and didn’t think he was going to come back. A nod that meant he loved her.

‘’Foggy,’’ Karen stood, gripping the lawyer’s shoulder. ‘’They’re going to kill him,’’

‘’No, they’re taking him to prison because he’s a wanted man,’’ he explained.

‘’They want him dead. If he goes to prison, he’s dead Foggy!’’

‘’Right now I’m your lawyer Karen, not his,’’

Karen took a moment to recall Foggy’s earlier words. He knew about this operation, he knew they were coming for Frank.

‘’You didn’t tell me,’’ Karen shook her head.

Foggy looked at her with pain and guilt in his eyes.

‘’Karen, they were going to take both of you,’’ he told her. ‘’They still could take you,’’

‘’I don’t care,’’ she shook her head, stepping away from him. ‘’You know he’s not the man they think he is,’’

‘’He kills people-’’

‘’You know I love him!’’

Foggy stood silently, hands at his side and briefcase by his feet.

‘’You love him, huh?’’ he nodded. ‘’He really got to you, didn’t he?’’

Karen wanted to scream at him, she wanted to hit him and let him know what he had just taken from her. She didn’t even care that as of right now everyone knew Karen had been with Frank this whole time. She didn’t care that they knew about them.

Sinking down to the floor, Karen buried her head in her hands and cried. She cried so hard her body was shaking, even her breathing trembling. Foggy tried to put his hand on her shoulder but Karen batted it away, turned away from him to look over at the kitchen.

Sitting on the kitchen table, surrounded by officers frantically searching the apartment, was Frank’s coffee. Still steaming.

Karen’s fingers ran along her lips, desperately trying to go back to minutes earlier when Frank’s were against hers. When her arms were around him, when they had their last moment of normal together, their last moment at all.

I’ve never had a deck before. I love it. But the problem with having a deck that is on the east side of the house is it makes me want to throw on some sweats, pour a cup of coffee, and watch the sun rise rather than go to work.

Oh well, maybe this weekend.

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