pouring rain

Wet is Wet

Request: Wonwoo + 17 (without smut please)

17) You and your bias get stuck in a storm.

Member: Seventeen’s Wonwoo x Y/N

Type: fluff

Wonwoo grumbled to himself as he looked out of the window of the cafe and checked his watch again. The barista lifted her brows as she continued to watch us, standing awkwardly near the doorway, but still not leaving. 

“We closed half of an hour ago,” she said quietly, placing her hand on her hip. 

“It’s also pouring rain,” Wonwoo muttered, motioning to the stormy weather outside. 

The barista continued to stare at us, her expression already reading “and I should care, why?” 

“Wonwoo, we can both try to fit under my umbrella,” I nodded, giving him a hopeful smile. 

“I don’t know if you notice how tall I am,” he sighed, already salty with the situation. He glared at the barista who was still eying us. 

“We can’t camp out in a cafe…they would’ve closed already if it wasn’t for us,” I whispered, sneaking a glance at the barista myself. She huffed as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. 

“Says who? Personally I’m enjoying the sour expression she keeps giving us,” he mumbled, squinting into the rain again. 

“You’ve been hanging around with Mingyu too often,” I chuckled. I wrapped my arms around myself and waited, giving Wonwoo a look not too different from the one the barista had on her face. 

Wonwoo lifted his brows as he looked down on me, trying to fight the small smirk appearing on his lips. He straightened out his expression again as we continued to stand in the doorway, still not leaving the cafe. 

“Look, you have to leave,” the barista finally spat, throwing her hands into the air. “I don’t care where you go, you just can’t stay here.”

“Customer service these days,” Wonwoo clucked, shouldering the door and walking onto the sidewalk. The sudden sound of rain was deafening and he motioned for me to step outside. I pushed open my umbrella and looked back to the barista. 

“Thank you,” I nodded quickly with short bows. “I’m sorry.”

She rolled her eyes, promptly pulling the door shut the rest of the way, and locked it. She pulled the blinds down for a final touch, plunging Wonwoo and I into near darkness. 

“Perfect, just how I was hoping this evening would go,” Wonwoo groaned. I lifted my umbrella as high into the air as I could without standing on my tiptoes, attempting to shield us both. I immediately realized why Wonwoo had been so adamant about the height difference. As soon as he was shielded by the thin umbrella, I was plunged into the rain that was blowing sideways. 

“No,” he said quickly, lowering my hand and stepping out of the radius of my umbrella. The rain attacked his features, causing a steady drip to slide down his fringe and off of his nose. The water pooled around his jaw and he took a deep breath as he continued to look at me. 

“I’m sorry,” I sighed, shuffling in my spot. “You don’t have to walk me back to my apartment if you want to make a run for your dorm.”

He chuckled. “Wet is wet. Once it hits my skin it can’t go any deeper.”

I looked to the ground, trying to hide the smile on my face. I felt terrible for Wonwoo getting drenched by the rain, but he still managed to make me smile with how he was always putting me first. 

“Really though…I should be apologizing to you,” he sighed, beginning to walk forward. I trailed behind him, careful to shield him with the umbrella when I could. 

“Why do you say that?” I asked. 

“Night dates all the time,” he said quietly. “I know it’s not fun to have me come around ten p.m. to pick you up for some kind of breaking and entering scheme.”

“That was the botanical gardens, and it was only once, and I loved it,” I smiled, remembering the midnight date fondly. “It was when you confessed.”

He nodded, a smile forming on his lips. He looked away, into the night before us. His thoughts were louder than the rain shattering the silence, so he stayed quiet most of the way. I was comfortable with the silence though. It was a regular situation for us. 

After a few moments of us continuing our walk, he reached his dripping hand down to mine and interlaced our fingers. “You know, I could’ve gotten you in trouble that night.”

“You did, I agreed to start dating you after all,” I giggled. 

“Yah!” Wonwoo whined, releasing my hand again. 

We continued quietly as he splashed before me. The sound of his wet denim hurt my heart as I watched the water drip from nearly every angle of his body. We were still roughly a block away from my apartment and he would have to return home shortly after he escorted me there. The thought of him splashing along, rain soaking him to the core, travelling back to his dorm, hurt me even more. 

“Oh hell,” I sighed, pulling down my umbrella and placing it at my side. The rain hit my shoulders and scalp immediately, causing a shiver to ripple through my body. I made a small squeak and giggled as I felt the water seep through the cotton of my t-shirt and cling to my skin. 

“Yah! What are you doing?” he gasped, yanking at my hand holding the umbrella and trying to lift it up again. I giggled as I twirled away, skipping through a few puddles before returning at his side. 

“Wet is wet, once it hits my skin, it can’t go any deeper!” I laughed. 

“Not you,” he said, shaking his head quickly. “You’re sugar, you’ll melt.”

“Oh god,” I cackled, stopping to grip my sides. “You have been hanging out with Mingyu too long.”

My body stiffened as I felt Wonwoo wrap his arms around me from behind and began to swing me around. HIs already cold and wet sweater stuck to my newly wet t shirt. His low, rumbling laugh filled my ears, and I could only close my eyes and completely live in the moment. Most people would not even begin to consider getting caught in the rain with their boyfriend as being something romantic. As the rain pounded on our skin, and Wonwoo’s heart pounded near mine, I couldn’t be any happier than I was right then.

He set my feet back down onto the pavement and continued to hold me, nuzzling his face into my damp skin and humming. His deep voice vibrated through my body, causing me to shiver again. He chuckled and set a gentle kiss near my collar bone. “If you catch a cold, I won’t forgive myself,” he said quietly. 

“If I had to watch you walk alone in the rain any longer, I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself either,” I smiled, spinning in his arms. I cupped his jaw with my hands and sighed happily. “Is kissing in the rain too cliche?”

He smiled, slowly leaning his face to meet mine. “What’s wrong with a cliche? They got popular for a reason, didn’t they?”

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I love this old pic of me bc it was from when I got out of the psych hospital and I was so excited to ride my bike again but it was pouring rain! so I went anyways and smiled and listened to flatsound for hours while riding around town


sylvan kind by Kindra Nikole
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41/52 “Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? - Nora Roberts Headpieces: Casstronaut [I just got back from a trip to Tennessee to visit with my precious friend Cassie, who is hands down one of my favorite people ever. We always have such wonderfully goofy times together. Whether we’re tromping through woods in the pouring rain with stormwatch towers screaming hysterically at us or wearing garbage bags on legs or footie pajamas by a creekside or grappling with my undeniable distractibility and mile-a-minute thoughts and nonsensical garbled sentences that tumble out of my mouth, there truly is never a dull moment. I feel grateful for the friendship I have with her, and for the unquantifiable allowance to simply be who I am, unabashedly, when we spend time together. Okay okay, enough of the squishy writeup about friendship and its value. We shot this on the last day of my visit–I really wanted to have a nice portrait with her and I where she wasn’t wearing a sheet for a dress or I wasn’t flapping my arms like a walrus. What. Walruses have arms that they flap.] Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr

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☢ for my muse’s reaction to yours abandoning them ( I am probably the worst)

You are correct! You are, in fact, the worst, lol.

The rain poured and she knelt in the mud, plated boots pressed to the earth at the knees. Blood poured from between articulated plates, but she wasn’t done, not yet.

She tried to stagger to her feet, but the exhaustion had crept in. The field was awash in flames, but her enemies had fallen. She just needed to get back on her feet.

That’s what she told herself, anyway. The sound of heavy boots crunching mud and dirt caught her attention through the swimming in her head. Her eyes snap up to catch the face of her right hand, striding up to stand beside her where she knelt.

“We did it,“ he said quietly. His shades were missing, and his eyes didn’t, couldn’t, meet hers. “Congrats, Nam.”

Her lips flicker a smile. “Aye, but it’s not my victory,” she replied softly. “We ought regroup, prepare for the next–“

His hand touched her shoulder and she stopped, her chest going tight. “I’m tired, Nam,” he murmured. They remained in those positions for several long minutes in utter silence, listening to the roar of the volcano overhead, washed in wind and ash. “You’re tired too.”

“Nowhere near it,” she returned. “Just need to catch my breath–”

He shoved her, hard, sending her falling like bricks onto her back. He took two steps before pausing. “You should stay down, Nam. Been enough, hasn’t it?”

“Spades what–”

“Just… stay down, okay?”

He strode through the flames. Was he broken? She tried to push herself up but the wound in her chest stopped her dead, spilling blood into the small space between her breast and her plate. “Spades!” she called after him, scrambling frantically to her feet. She tried to step and collapsed to her knees.


He didn’t look back.


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Anyway here’s a summary of my day so far