pouring rain


So Chicago is basically freaking out right now. Pouring rain, crazy ass lightning and golf ball sized hail. I just pray my car survives the night. I feel like I’m in a horror movie.

Teen Wolf Preferences : Dancing

Scott :

The two of you spent your afternoon making dinner at his house since his mother was at work.
“I love this song” you say slowly swaying your hips to the slow beat.
You feel Scott’s hand touch yours and he suddenly turns you around so your facing him “I know” he says placing his hand on my back, your hand on his shoulder, and your free hands finally met. Together, you danced to the music, hips swaying and feet moving to the beat

Stiles :

You and him sat at home watching movies while the rain poured outside when an idea came to your head.
“Stiles” you ask stopping the movie making him shift his attention towards you “Remember the ‘cliché things we need to do’ list?”
“Yeah, why?” he nods not sure where you’re going with this
“Well one of them was dancing in the rain” you say standing up and going to get your shoes
“Hell no” he says
“Hell yeah” you defend back “we both promised to finish the list before graduating”
“Fine” he finally says and puts on his shoes.
The two of you left the house and Stiles placed a song on his phone then put it in his pocket.
The warmth between you grew more powerful by the second. Your heartbeat was growing steadily along with it. Your dance was perfect; everything from your breathing to how your feet moved stayed in sync.


You were so scared of messing up at your audition next week, so you spent every minute practicing alone as your dance partner had other things to do.
But dancing alone was hard and so you called your boyfriend, Liam to help you with it.
And that’s how you ended up teaching him the dance.
“Left foot, right foot, front, back, turn around” you say as you move with Liam.
You two would laugh every time he’d mess up or he’d accidentally step on your foot.
And by the end of the day, the two of you shared many kisses and had many cute selfies together.


The two of you walked in the park with Brett’s arm slung around your shoulder when you noticed a guy playing the violin, he had a hat next to him.
“this guy’s talented” you tell Brett putting a few dollars in the Hat “I almost feel like dancing”
He laughs and turns you around, and as it caught you off guard you stumble and he catches you by placing his arms around your waist.
“Brett ,” you whispered, “everyone is looking at us.”
He squeezed your hand slightly and smiled. “Really,” he chuckled softly, “I haven’t notice.”
And at that moment, you didn’t care about anything but him and him alone.

Theo :

Theo would usually avoid dancing at all costs, but tonight was prom and as his date he had planned a surprise for you
He had waited for the perfect slow song to come when he asked you to dance.
“May I” he says faking a posh accent which made you chuckle slightly
“You may” you reply taking his hand.
He led you across the dance floor, his eyes looking at nothing but you. Yet he managed to move swiftly across the crowd.
Every moment, every angle seemed to be planned in advanced. Nothing felt forced; You literally thought I was floating
“Someone’s been practicing” you laughed as the two of you continued to move in sync.
“Look at it as me making up for every time I refused to dance” he smiled.


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My aunt told me that if shooting runs late, call her so she can give me a ride home and I dont have to ride public transit

Which btw I have no problem doing late at night, I’ve always had to so its normal for me

So shooting doesnt end until 11. I call her, mainly because its storming and pouring outside, and she gives me attitude because its late

Wtf???!!!! Isnt that the purpose of you offering to pick me up

Now I’m soaking wet down town walking in the pouring rain alone. In a dress and flip flops. Only one on the street.

Why do people even offer help if they just gone get mad at you for tryna utilize it and shit.

have you ever tasted pouring
anything at all, besides cold and bitter tears?
have you ever prayed so hard for a storm
that the need breaks you into
                               a thousand
(hundreds and hundreds of pieces of
                                                 and sins)
do you know how many
                    deafening thunders are that?
how many cries of help and fear
                  get lost in them?
do you know the feeling when
you are beneath them
                                        all at once
inside them,
               with them
                            yelling at
             no one
can save
                              i’m sorry
         i am
            no longer
                                     hear my voice
                         above the water
   there is no forgiveness
                no life
                        without breathing
                              there isn’t
               a chance
                            for rain
                 to love
the sun
          and kisses
                                 all at once;
do you know the sound
                         of the ocean calling your name
                                                                                           is near",
                                                                                it sings
the waves wash away the pain
                                             and your name
                              and if i could
i wouldn’t dare
                        to take a breath of
                                                         fresh air
                                     if it meant
                   that you too
would drown
                                     no more

i bear it, so she doesn’t have to


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Dan grasps at Phils waist and pulls him into a kiss. Phil wraps his arms around dan and pushes him down on the sofa. Phils slender hands move up and down dans back and he begins to tug hungrily at the hem of his shirt. Dan frantically gets up and starts to move towards the door. "Where are you going??" Phil asks gently. Dan looks at the floor, avoiding his gaze. "I'm sorry Phil. I can't do this." Phils eyes begin to tear up as he watches Dan walk out the apartment door. (Part one)

Before dan is completely gone, Phil catches a glimpse of something wrapped tightly around dans chest. “Oh god..” Phil whispers to himself. He gets up off the couch and runs down the hall and into the street after dan. He finds him walking quickly through the pouring rain, his tears flowing down his face. Phil catches up to him and turns him around. “Daniel I don’t care what gender you are. I love you no matter who you are and I’m not leaving you” (Part two)

dans watery eyes search Phils pale face. He leans down and kisses him, with all the love in the world. (Part three) Just wrote this now, I know you said headcanons but why not do a quick fic for my fave blogger ^-^


Send me your trans!phan headcanons!

Ari knocked on the door quiet loudly, it was pouring rain outside and she didn’t know if she could stand it much longer. It wasn’t suppose to rain in the summer, it made no sense, but yet here she was. As she saw the door open, her eyes lit up a bit, but she tried not to get her hopes up. “I know you don’t owe me anything, but can I come in?”

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Thunderstorm [Niall Horan Wedding Series, extras]

So, I have some parts written down that aren’t in the original twenty-one part series, so these are just extras that will be posted at random points. They won’t necessarily be in chronological order with the rest of the series. Anyway, enjoy!

A loud crash of thunder made you jump as it started to pour down with rain. Grabbing a blanket from your bed, you cuddled yourself into it, shaking. You’d always hated thunderstorms, they made you feel uncomfortable. All of the loud noise, pounding rain and lightning. You squeezed your eyes shut, wishing Niall was here but he was out with the boys and then he said he was going to sleep at his place tonight so he didn’t wake you up.

When a bolt of lightning flashed from outside, you yelped and grabbed your I Pod, pressing play on your playlist, the sound of your boyfriend’s voice filling the room which made you relax a little. You squeezed your eyes shut and focused on not panicking when you heard the door open. 

Jumping off the bed, blanket still around your shoulders, you grabbed your phone and went over to close your bedroom door. You could hear footsteps approaching fast and could hear you heart pounding on your chest as somebody opened the bedroom door.

“Princess?” You jumped up and ran to Niall, wrapping your arms around him tightly which made him chuckle lightly. “Sorry if I scared you Y/N, I left the boys, I didn’t really feel like it anyway so I thought I’d come here because I know you’re not the biggest fan of storms.”

“Thanks Ni,” you mumbled against his neck. He smiled, holding you a little tighter before carrying you over to the bed, getting under the covers with you. Another clap of thunder sounded and you jumped, snuggling further into Niall’s side as he ran his fingers through your hair and kissed your forehead softly. The two of you lay like that for a little while before Niall shifted so he was balancing on his elbow and looking back at you.

“Come outside with me.”

“Out there? Niall, are you crazy?” He laughed and shook his head, taking your hand and dragging you towards the front door despite your protests. “I’m not going out into the storm plus it’s almost eleven,”

“Just come on Y/N, you’ll see, it’s beautiful.” With a sigh, you gave in, knowing that he wasn’t going to give up on this. The two of you walked outside and stood under the shelter your building gave and watched the storm in front of you. You shivered, rubbing your hands over your arms so Niall took off his jacket and gave it to you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest.

You had to admit, the storm was definitely beautiful. You enjoyed standing there, watching the rain pour down and the lightning lighting up the sky and the clouds. Niall’s chin rested on the top of your head as thunder sounded again which always made you jump and you squeezed your eyes shut until it was over and some more lightning flashed which made you smile. Niall yawned from behind you as he pulled you in a little tighter. 

“You tired Ni?” You asked, turning around. 

“Yeah,” he whispered, half asleep. With a giggle, you took his hand and dragged him back towards your flat and to your bedroom. 

“Come on you, let’s sleep,” you said. The two of you got changed before crawling under the covers and snuggling into each other’s arms. “Goodnight Niall, you were right, that was beautiful.”

“Goodnight Y/N, I love you.”

“I love you too.” You heard soft snores from beside you as you rested your head on Niall’s chest and closed your eyes. The storm was still going on outside but you weren’t so scared now, you saw a beauty in it, even if the thunder still made you jump but you were thankful Niall took you out there. You soon slipped into darkness to the sound of the rain against the window.

The conclusion of my WWI fic. 

Part 1 // AO3 // FF

Months before the war…

“Love is a dangerous-”

“Oh please, Sherlock, not this speech again,” Mary interrupted as she walked over to hand him a teacup.

The four of them had ended up stranded at Baker Street after the pouring rain put a damper on their dinner plans. Though the kitchen had been shockingly lacking in food (but full of other surprises), with the help of the landlady, Mrs. Hudson, they had managed to pull together a decent last-minute meal.

Despite the change in plans, it had not been an altogether unpleasant evening. In fact, Molly found it more enjoyable than a normal night out. The small flat was quite cozy with the fire roaring and the smells of cigarettes and old books adding to the homey atmosphere. The rain could keep up all night, she didn’t mind one bit.

She had only met him briefly a couple times before. Most of what she knew about him had come as secondhand information from Mary. Her best friend was dating his best friend and roommate John and from Mary’s hints the relationship was taking a more serious turn. It had only been a matter of time before she found herself in the presence of Sherlock Holmes and given the ability to determine his character for herself.

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based off of this

Camila knocked on the door quiet loudly, it was pouring rain outside and she didn’t know if she could stand it much longer. It was obvious that she was catching a cold, she kept on coughing and felt hot even though it was somewhat freezing outside. It wasn’t suppose to rain in the summer, it made no sense, but yet here she was. As she saw the door open, her eyes lit up a bit, but she tried not to get her hopes up. “I know you don’t owe me anything, but can I come in?”

I told you I love you
in the pouring rain
here we shared
and we lost and gained
then you said goodbye,
you destroyed my brain
that was the day
I went insane
‘cos I asked why,
you said I’m to blame
when you walked away,
my energy was drained
they say let you go
but it’s not that plain
it’s like I was slain,
they don’t know the pain.
—  The Lunatic, The Lover, and The Poet
Darling please don’t take me too literally

Imagine singing Jump (for my love) and Thorin literally jumping every time he walks past you in an attempt to show that he loves you. Imaginexhobbit

Fluff? xD

“If you want to taste my kisses in the night then, jump jump, for my love!” You sing and then keep humming the rhythm of one of the most catching songs on Middle Earth. One wouldn’t think today was the day the make dwarves, and one woman, want to sing as they do something as simple as cut mushrooms for soup.

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I really want something horrible to happen to Ivan’s father ASAP. Like being eaten by a gator or have a giant plank with nails fall on his face. 

Not only is he ‘punishing’ the gang by making them heft firewood back and forth in the pouring rain all night (WTF! Marcos may be an orphan-sort-of and Ivan’s father is satan’s cousin who ordered the punishment in the first place, but the three other kids presumably have parents who’d raise holy hell if their child came down with pneumonia), he also decides to fuck with Ivan’s head by giving him ‘evidence’ that Maria is not his mother but a delusional lunatic. The amount of pleasure he takes from fucking up his kid is pretty much epic and will certainly give him that coveted ‘worst villain of the decade’ award.

I also loved that Marcos was all ‘I will never stop but you guys don’t have to put up with this’ and Ivan was all ‘I’m with you till the end of the road bro’ and there was manly hugging.


I will love it even more when Papa Noiret will get eaten by rabid weasels though.