pouring rain

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The highlight of my day was watching my dog eat a leaf while in the pouring rain.

Mine was tripping over air and landing on my face. Looked up and my cat was staring at me I think he’s evil and has the ability to use the force

After you left nothing was right. The weather in Oklahoma has been nothing but pouring down rain and tornados isn’t that ironic? That’s how I feel inside like my head is full of water and I’m drowning and that I have tornados inside my stomach that’s making me not want to eat. I just want you to come back. But I’m just a mess of emergency alerts about flash flood warnings and I bet she is like Missouri and that’s why you left because she smells like home. She doesn’t have tornados in her stomach and rain in her head. I’m sorry I was a mess I really am. But I still love you and I miss you.
—  it’s been a month since I talked to you last and I have a feeling my summer is going to be full of drinking all of the memories of you away

I think we worked hard to get to where we were in the 3rd period with a 3-1 lead and then, ah, you know, I guess when it rains it pours in some moments especially for us today in that third. I think a lot of teams wouldn’t feel too good about themselves but I think we did a great job of collecting ourselves, and just staying calm, and knowing that it is what it is.

You can’t change that, you gotta move forward and you gotta find a way to get yourself back in the game. Uhm, I think its moments like that that things just dont go your way, they swing the other way, for a minute there its looking pretty good and you know I think we have the character and the poise to relax and calm ourselves down. And make a game of it and find a way to get back into it.

And obviously when we get into late overtime periods I think we just have a feeling as a group that we’re gonna find a way to win.

—  Jonathan Toews

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can you write amelia telling derek about unicorn baby?

I’m not sure if you meant Derek alive, but I decided to write it canon. Here’s a short little sad moment.

“Hi,” Amelia breathed. The air around her was fresh, clean, the temperature a perfect Spring moment found in the cascade of pouring rain in Seattle. A breeze rippled through her hair, and she pulled the ends stuck to her mouth away and looked down. “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say, exactly. It feels sort of late, you know? It feels stale.

“I guess I was waiting for the right time,” Amelia laughed bitterly at the sentiment. “I guess there isn’t really a right time. You know, maybe I wouldn’t have ever mentioned it. I didn’t want to think about it ever again, that’s for sure. When would have been the right time? As we sat down for coffee together? After I kissed your kids goodnight and you talked about how lucky you were for your family, how it was everything you always wanted?

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Aleece stood outside the Stilinski home in the pouring rain. She was drenched but she had had a nightmare about him, the storm had come out of the blue and with the horrible images that had played through her mind and the thick taste of blood in her mouth she just had to see him, to make sure he was alright. "Stiles? Stiles please if you're home open up!" she called over the thunder as she banged again on the door.

Stiles was woken by the hammering on the door and he yawned as he climbed out of bed and trudged downstairs, frown on his features. He opened the door and his frown only grew. “Aleece? What…? You’re soaking wet…”

At 6am I’m woken up by thunder and lightning and heavy loud rain and the only thing that comes to my mind is the rain came pouring down when I was drowning that’s when I could finally breath and I listened to clean

im craving being in a street restaurant while its pouring rain and it’s kinda cold out but your coats are warm and it’s a little muddy and slippery but the tables and seats are clean and smells muggy and metallic-y but really hot food is placed in front of you and the steam is warming you and you can sleepily people watch and idk I can’t describe it right but I know what I’m wanting

It’s raining here in England now. If it continues to rain during Taylor’s set it would be so awesome if she performed Clean. Think about it Tay! Natural rain pouring down as you sing ‘the rain came pouring down’. Plus isn’t England the birthplace of Clean!

“Don’t go out in the pouring rain you might get wet” YOURE REPRESENTING THE UK YOU DONT THINK YOU’D KNOW THAT FOR SURE

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Prickman just stood there, in the rain, staring at Joanne. She was sobbing wet, and he just burst out of his home with a raincoat and flashlight. Suddenly, he wrapped one arm around her waist and another around her back, and gently but firmly kissed her. He whimpered a little as he did it, and he moved his hand wrapped around her back to her head, bringing her closer to him. He released her, then stepped back, as though he were taken aback by his own actions. Then he blushed and started laughing

This was it, the moment of truth. She had told Alan how she felt the week previous and hadn’t heard from him since. So now here she stood, in the rain, waiting to hear his answer.

For a moment Jo thought she was kidding herself to even begin to think that he’d feel the same way. But when she felt his lips against hers out there in the pouring rain, she knew she wasn’t alone in her feelings.

She smiled against his lips as her leg rose up off the ground. “Can we go inside,” she breathed as pushed her soaking wet hair out of her face.

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How about a scenario where Midorima's s/o came to his place after a rain, needing a shower and he asks her to stay the night :D you can do fluff or nsfw anything you like! ps good luck on new blog! <3

“What are you doing out in the rain at this hour?” Midorima said after he opened the door for his s/o.

“I’m really sorry! My parents are out of town and I went out to buy things for dinner when the rain came pouring down! Your house was the closest place that I could think of!” they said, “can I…. use your shower please?”

Their white clothes are soaking wet that Midorima does not dare to stare at anywhere but her face, to avoid any inappropriate thoughts or erection. “Come in then, you can dry your clothes with the hair dryer or I can lend you some of my mother’s clothes?”

“Ah, thank you, Shintarou! I’ll just try to dry my clothes then. I don’t want to be a bother so I’ll be heading home after this,” they said.

Midorima stood in silence for a while, “the rain doesn’t seem like it’s gonna subside anytime soon. Um.. My house doesn’t have any spare rooms but you can sleep in my room if you want? I-I’m not asking you this because I want you to stay in my room or anything, nanodayo.”

i think the most jane austen-y thing that’s ever happened to me was around the time i graduated high school

my friend (who was also really good friends with my brother) called and asked if he could come over, and at first i thought he wanted to hang out with my brother, but he said he wanted to talk to me and he wouldn’t say why and he was very mysterious about it. so of course i assumed he was going to tell me was in love with me. so i dressed all cute and told my mom to go upstairs and NOT to come down for ANY reason and she was like okay sure thing ;)

and he comes over and i’m breathlessly waiting for him to tell me that he’s madly in love with me

and he gave me a graduation card and a photoshopped poster with an inside joke and told me he was going to miss me and i was one of his best friends

and then he left

in the pouring rain

and it wasn’t a confession of love but it was still pretty great