This is a cake I made for a Fan Meet up. I was really inspired to do something like this, since I love the show so much and I am so looking forward to the last episode.

When my Mom saw the cake she asked me if somebody had gotten married, and I was like ‘No, they just got engaged, but soon :D’

The cake is a six layered rainbow cake with pudding-butter cream and a white fondant layer. I used edible glue to put tiny sugar snowflakes all around the base and silver sugar orbs around the top. The silver stuff are little silver sugar crystals I just poured around on the plate.

I formed the fondant shoes and medal out of fondant using glittery sugar writing stuff to colour the medal and the blades on the skates.

The ultra cute cake topper is art done by @kamapon . I wanted to make it look like Victor and Yuri were skating/standing atop the cake

I covered the whole top of the cake, the folds on the side and the cake topper in edible silver glitter ♥ If you looked at the actual cake it would really glittler and sparkle a lot.

I Won’t Forget (Newt Scamander x Reader)

“Honey, do you know what day it is?”

“Ah, Tuesday?” Newt replied as he flicked though his novel. He was sitting on the couch reading, while you cooked chocolate chip pancakes.

“No, I mean the date.”

“14th of February?” He cocked his head to the side, similar to that of a confused canine.

“Do you know what that means?” You urged him, hoping he would remember. You flipped the pancake cooking the other side.

“It’s about half way through the month?” His nose scrunched up as he thought. Shaking your head, your hope deflated. Placing the now golden pancake onto a plate you poured more batter into the pan.

With a sigh you told him not to worry. You weren’t surprised he had forgotten that today was Valentine’s day.

“Did I forget something?” Newt had walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind with his head on your shoulder.

“No, it’s nothing,” even you could hear the sadness in your voice. Sliding the last pancake onto a plate, you turned it his arms. A huge smile on your lips, although a fake one.

“Breakfast is ready,” you gave him a quick peck on the lips before grabbing the plates and walking to the dining table.

You both ate breakfast, making small talk about unimportant matters. Then you went your separate ways, each of you going through your mundane routines.

Night fell, and you are headed home after meeting Jacob at his bakery. He needed some help dealing with the customers because it got so busy. So you volunteered to help him out for a few hours…although it ended up being a lot longer.

Tired and spent you wandered through the front door, ready to head straight to bed. Your mouth hung open in shock when you reached the dining room.

Newt had fallen asleep at the table, red rose petals scattered across a white table cloth. Candles were lit around the room, glowing a warm yellow. Dinner had also been made and sat on the plates.

Tears threatened to spill out of your eyes. He hadn’t forgotten. You had gotten back so late he had fallen asleep. You had ruined it.

Giving yourself a few moments to pull yourself together, you walked over to Newt and shook his shoulder lightly. His eyes shot open, and his head darted up as he glanced around the room in shock.

His eyes landed on you and a small smile graced his lips, his eyes still hazy with sleep.

“Welcome home, I made dinner.” He glanced at the table and his smile slipped. “I guess it’s gone cold now.”

“I’m so sorry, work just ran late at the bakery. How can I make it up to you?” You wrapped your arms around Newt, his head resting on your stomach.

“It’s okay love, just you being home, safe, is enough for me. Now how about we head to the bedroom, we can clean this up tomorrow.” Giving him a slight nod, you both headed to your bedroom, hands entwined.

Removing your jacket you felt the small package in your pocket.

“Wait Newt, I have something for you!” You spun around to find him removing his shirt. A blush graced your cheeks but you still pulled out the package. Placing it in his hands, he started to unwrap it carefully.

Inside was a small leather journal. Flipping through the pages he saw pictures of you two together, his animals. All memorable moments you two have shared since you started dating.

His smile grew wider with each page he turned.

“I love it,” he whispered as he reached the last page, “But I love you more.”

He reached for your waist, pulling you into him. His lips crashed into yours as he kissed your passionately. He broke away first, resting his forehead against yours.

“I actually got you something too,” he pulled out a tiny box wrapped with a white ribbon. Opening the box you found a small heart pendant necklace. Inside the heart was filled in with a shiny stone.

“It’s Occamy eggshell. Now turn around and let me put it on you.” You complied and he clasped the necklace around your neck.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, you thought I’d forgotten didn’t you,” he winked at you after you turned around.

“I might have.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget anything relating to you.”



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!!

Chili Lime Hex for a back-stabbing friend

Note: hexes are a little different from curses in that they are often less severe, and dissipate once the victim learns their lesson.

Okay! So you want your estranged friend to feel the pain they caused you, the full horror of their actions being revealed to them in such a way that will leave them very alone and crawling back, begging for forgiveness. You will need:
-something representative of the victim (a paper cut out, a doll, I personally used a clay figure they made me since it’s got their fingerprints all over it)
-a plate
-a black candle
-black thread/cord
-chili powder, lime and salt (figured I’d go for a theme, lol)
-quartz crystal to amplify the effect (optional)
Tie your cord around the poppet and set it on the plate. Pour your hurt and desire for revenge into the candle, then light it. Form a ring of salt (for binding) around the poppet, then chili (to cause pain and strife), then lime (to make their lives bitter). Cup your hands and imagine a black orb made of the sorrow they caused pooling in your hands, growing to appropriate size, then blow it in their direction. Say,
By the time you realize
It’s your fault our friendship died,
You’ll have cried a hundred times,
And we’ll have left you all behind.
Learn your lesson through and through,
And maybe again I’ll accept you.
Until then, I guess we’ll see.
As I will it, so mote it be.
Visualize them full of remorse, knowing full well that their life was much better with you as a friend until the candle burns out.

Not a Morning Person. (MGG)

Warnings: 0

*matthew isn’t a morning person, y’all get in a fight*

Your pov:

The cool autumn morning woke me up in a good mood. I loved the coolness of the weather in the morning. It gave me a feeling that I can’t even describe. I danced downstairs to the kitchen in one of Matthew’s sweaters. I started a pot of coffee and then started to make breakfast for the both of us. When the coffee had finished I poured some in a mug with some half and half. I continued working on the pancakes and bacon. I pulled out two plates, another mug for Matthew and two forks. I put the food on the plates and poured him some coffee setting the food down on a tray. ‘Breakfast in bed sounds good to me.’ I quietly made my way back up the stairs and pushed open the door. I sat the tray down on his night stand as I was about to wake him up. “Matt. Matthew, wake up.” I asked him shaking his shoulder a bit. He groaned out a no and turned over. “Come on baby, wake up I made us breakfast.” I told him rubbing his back and slowly shaking him a bit. “No.” he said forcefully. “Matthew come on. You need to get up. You have a scene early today.” I told him in a monotonous voice. He mumbled something into the pillow that was hard to understand. “What babe?” I asked him “I  said fuck off.” he roared and turned around knocking the tray of food on the floor. I looked down at the broken glass and teared up as I backed away from him. I saw his eyes turn from anger to worry. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” he said getting up walking towards me. I backed up and frowned at him. “I’ll just go, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad.” I said quietly walking out of the room. “Wait Y/N, I didn’t mean to spill that onto the floor and I’m sorry that I told you to fuck off.” I just nodded my head going into hiding. 

His pov:

Fuck me. Fuck my life. Fuck everything. Why did I have to be so rude to her. I didn’t mean to I’m just not a morning person. I went back to our room when she went into hiding and cleaned up the food and coffee. I frowned and got ready for work. I felt so bad making her feel upset. I pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt making my way to the front door to leave. “Y/N, um I’ll be back later. I’m really sorry.” I yelled throughout the house walking outside to my car. When I made it to set I heard Shemar come up behind me and pull my hair. “Fuck off will you.” I told him angrily. “Woah what’s your deal.” I sighed “Just fuck off, I’m not in the mood.” “Are you and your fine little lady having issues?” I pushed him “Fuck off Shemar. Don’t fucking say that about her.” “Geez, whatever.” he said walking away rolling his eyes. I sighed and got to set getting on my Spencer wear. My mind was so preoccupied with her that I could barely think about the lines I had to say. After I was done shooting the scenes I had, I pulled back on the clothes I had on before. I drove to the store and sat there for a few minutes just relaxing. I turned off the car and sighed getting out. I went to the flower section picking out some autumnal colors thinking Y/N would like them. I then went to the snack section getting her favorite snacks. I got up the cash register and waited for the woman to ring me up. “So what happened?” she asked me looking at the flowers and snacks. I looked at her confused, “What happened with your significant other?” she asked again, “Oh you mean my girlfriend. Um, I’m just not a morning person, lets just put it at that.” I said frowning a bit. “I understand honey. It can get to you sometimes.” I nodded as I gave her my card letting her swipe it. She bagged the snacks and gave me the flowers, “Good luck sweetie.” she told me as I walked out of the door. ‘I was going to need it.’ 


I soon got back and opened the font door. It was silent, the lights were dimmed low and Y/N was nowhere to be found. I sighed and sat the things I got for her on the counter grabbing a vase for the flowers. I unwrapped them from their plastic wrap and put them in the water. I unbagged the snacks and sat them also on the counter. I quietly walked up the stairs searching for Y/N. “Y/N? Where are you?” I yelled out. The faint sound of music echoed through my ears. ‘Ah, the bath.’ I walked into our bedroom going the the bathroom door. I quietly knocked on the door. “May I come in?” I asked through the white door. She quietly said a yes and I pushed the door open to see her in the dark in the bath. “Why are you in the dark?” I asked confused, “It just makes me feel better.” She said timidly. “Can I get in with you?” She coughed a bit. “I’d rather you didn’t, I’m about to get out anyway, its getting cold in here.” she said “Oh.” i frowned a bit and turning back towards the door. “Matthew?” she asked me in her fragile voice. I turned back to her and raised a brow, “Will you get me a towel?” she asked pointing to the closet. I nodded and smiled a bit happy that I was finally doing something for her. She stood up and I wrapped the soft towel around her delicate body. I brought a hand up to her hair tucking the stray piece behind her ear. She leaned into my touch and kissed the palm of my hand. I helped her step out of the tub bringing her into my chest resting my chin on top of her head. I rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. “I’m really sorry about this morning, I didn’t mean to dump our food in the floor. You were just trying to be nice.” she nodded into my chest and sighed. “I bought you some flowers, and your favorite snacks.” I told her as I felt her smile into my chest. “Can we watch some movies?” she asked looking up into my eyes with her beautiful ones. I smiled at her and nodded. “Can I borrow a shirt too?” “Of course, I love you in my shirts.” 

This would always be my favorite plate.

I poured my whole heart and soul in making this thinking I’ll get 100.

Guess what? I didn’t. I got 90 instead and it broke my heart, since then, I stopped pouring my devotion into it.

The moral lesson of the story is, we must develop our intrinsic goal rather than extrinsic ones. What I mean is that we must put passion into what we are doing because we are happy that we are learning things, not because we need to ace the subject and get that A+. We must remember that you could work very hard and give everything you have – and lose.

rodstar  asked:

Alors rebonjour, c'est encore moi o/ Dans mon message je parlais bien des forums. Ma question portait sur les moyens de communications entre les membres. La plupart des forums sur lesquels je suis ont leur propre convo Skype, voire leur propre serveur Discord. Ce qui fait que les nouveaux ne sont intégrés "que" lorsqu'ils arrivent sur ces moyens de communication. Je m'inquiétais de la relative disparition des chatbox et je me demandait si c'était partout pareil et ce que tu en pensais. Voilà o/

aaaaaah d'accord j'avais pas compris ça comme ça :’)

2ème service de uselessitude de la tata : j'ignorais que des forums laissaient carrément tomber la CB pour skype ou un autre support de communication… je n'ai pas l'impression qu'il s'agisse d'une pratique si répandue que ça, mais je me trompe probablement, puisque tu me racontes que tes forums ont basculé sur d'autres plate-formes pour communiquer, c’est donc bien une réalité…

hum. ça me laisse perplexe. j'ai beau me creuser la tête, je ne trouve aucun avantage à skype & co qui justifierait l'abandon de la chatbox. une chatbox, c'est très bien non ?  pourquoi se prendre le chou à aller ailleurs ? je ne vois vraiment pas l’intérêt. je crains que ça ne provoque des discordes, qu'un club des membres vip se forme et exclut les autres… 

une façon de mieux intégrer les newbies ? surtout une façon de mieux discriminer et de créer du drama. se faire une place dans une communauté, c'est déjà un peu le parcours du combattant, alors s'il faut en plus être présent sur une seconde plate-forme pour espérer devenir un membre à part entière… 

bonjour la galère. ça m’épuise d’avance.  et puis, certains joueurs n'ont pas forcément le temps ni l'envie de s'investir sur ça, alors qu'est-ce qu'il va se passer, ils vont être exclus?? j'ai connu des masses de rôlistes qui étaient les plus actifs du forum sans jamais foutre un pied dans la CB, et ça se passait très bien, ils étaient parfaitement intégrés. 

verdict : ça pue la fausse bonne idée. pouce rouge. je ne prédis pas une longue existence à ce genre de système, ça va vite s’essouffler, tout simplement parce que c’est trop compliqué. je partage ton inquiétude par rapport à la disparition des CB, c’est une calamité, un forum sans CB c’est sinistre. alors comment tu t’en dépatouilles de ça ? tu participes ou tu regardes de loin ? même si tu as l’air sceptique, tu penses que ça pourrait marcher ?

Under the Stars


“This looks like a good spot,” said Szayel.  

He squeezed Shunsui’s hand that he’d been holding, as they walked under the night sky in the emptiness of the outer Rukongai.  They were on a small grassy hill, far from civilization, and Szayel pulled the heavy quilt out of the bottom of the picnic basket, laying it down on the ground for them to cuddle up on.  Szayel had readied up everything into the picnic basket; a feast of onigiri, a bottle of wine, sweets to share and everything else he could think of. Pulling Shunsui down with him, he snuggled with his love on top of the quilt.

“There’s nothing quite as romantic as being with a loved one under the stars,” said Szayel.  “As it gets later, it will get darker, and we’ll see more and more stars.”

He opened the basket up and pulled out a few flavors of onigiri, arranging them on a plate.  He poured the wine into the two glasses he had packed and handed one to Shunsui.  Szayel cuddled as close to his love as he could and planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Does everything taste good to you, love?”

The Types as Odd Food Habits/Preferences

Yeah, I’m saying it.

ENFJ - forgeting to eat while looking at food porn…

INFJ - Eating Oreos one layer at a time.

ESTP - Ketchup poured directly over the plate of fries

ISTP - Salsa, extra chunky.

ENTJ - No finger licking, apparently it’s unsanitary.

INTJ - Sunny side down eggs.

ESFP - biting right into ice cream

ISFP - whipped cream instead of ice cream

ESTJ - Buttering bagels (cream cheese be damned)

ISTJ - scrambled eggs with crunchy bits.

ENFP - pancakes with skittles instead of chocolate chips

INFP - chewing on pencils, many many pencils

ESFJ - Orange Juice with extra pulp

ISFJ - An aversion to crust of any kind.

ENTP - Adding peas to Kraft mac and cheese

INTP - Cheese whiz, cheese whiz on everything.

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Can you please write an imagine where the reader and Sebastian Stan spend their first wedding anniversary in a really cute way? Your imagines are amazing, by the way!! <3

You woke up to the smell of bacon frying. You let your nose carry you out of bed and into the kitchen where your husband stood at the stove in his boxers and a t-shirt with crazy hair. You hugged him from behind. “Good morning and happy anniversary, Mr. Stan,” you cooed. He could hear the smile in your voice. “Same to you Mrs. Stan,” he turned and kissed you, “Happy anniversary,” he kissed you again.

“Hope you’re hungry,” he fixed you a plate and poured you a glass of orange juice.

“Starving.” You two ate in a comfortable silence for a while.

“So, I was thinking, today we could go to a couple places.”

“What kind of places,” you asked not liking his secretive tone.

“That, my dear wife, is a surprise. I’ll take the dishes and you go get ready.” An hour and a half later you two were walking out to your car, his present hidden from him in your purse. “Put this on,” he handed you a blindfold.


“Just go along with in it.” You obeys and wrapped the fabric around your eyes. After, you weren’t sure how long, you felt the car come to a stop. “Wait here,” he lept out of the car and opened your door. Leading you out, still blindfolded, you held on to his arm for support. You could tell he was leading you into a building and noticed his absence and the swing of doors once more when you were inside the building. “Ready?” You nodded. “Happy anniversary, babe,” he took the blindfold off. After your eyes adjusted you saw it was a large empty theater.

“Remember our first date? We went to the movies and saw The Lucky One and went to dinner after,” he reminded you; not that you needed it, your first date with him went through your mind all the time. “Since I’m the lucky one getting to wake up every morning next to you I thought we could see it again.”

“You rented out the whole theater for our date,” you smiled. “That’s the sweetest thing,” you wrapped your arms around and kissed him.

“Where would you like to sit, Mrs. Stan?”

“I don’t know. Not many places to choose from,” you sarcastically states. You two got seats right in the middle and sat down cuddled up next to each other in the reclining theater seats.

“Before the movie starts I want to give you your gift,” you laughed a little and pulled out the small rectangle from your purse.

He excitedly took it and unwrapped it. His cute laugh erupted when he saw what was inside the wrapping. “I guess great minds think alike,” he said between laughs showing off the ‘The Lucky One’ DVD in his hand. “Thanks. I love it almost as much as I love you.”


The summer heat hadn’t quite set in yet as Luise set out small plates and poured water into them. The booth wasn’t large but there was enough room on the bar if she staggered the plates, allowing more people to see her spell at work.

“I’m ready, are you?” she asked Ivan

I love the scene where Luke is showing Simon how to “adapt” so he can stay fed without raising any red flags for the mundanes and he has the raw meat on the plate and pours the blood from the plate into the water glass and Simon’s like “I think it might actually look less weird for me to take a bite out of my waitress than if I ordered a slab of raw meat and an empty glass” and Luke’s like “well you could ask for a wine glass????” and the both kinda realize it wouldn’t work but they both pretend it’s something he could get away with

Murder Husbands Things (that are now probabally canon)

-Hannibal only allowing Will to set the plates and pour the wine because he has to show him how to cook.

- Hannibal and Will wound care, cleaning, and comfort. 

- Hannibal picking out Will’s clothing.

- Hannibal and Will traveling around together.

- Hannibal and Will in Europe.

- Hannibal helping Will with his murders and displays.

- Will sending Jack notes thanking him for helping him realize what life he truly wanted to live.

- Will smirking at Bedelia as he takes a bite of her leg and critiquing how she tastes.

- Hannibal being happy, peppy, and proud that he has this person to do terrible things with now.

Sweet Thing

Baileigh arrived early to open up the bakery for the breakfast crowd, yawning softly as she flipped on the lights. It was getting cooler out, she noted, and of course being so close to the beach didn’t help so much. She turned on the heater in the café before padding back into the kitchen, warming up the machines to start baking. She called soft greetings to those who padded in for a simple cup of coffee, smiling slightly as she recognized her regulars.

She chatted in between pouring coffee and serving plates of breakfast, stretching slightly as she went back and forth between the kitchen and the café. At the sound of a new arrival, Baileigh looked up and called a soft “good morning,” waiting for them to sit before passing them a menu.


Jay had dressed up in some of his.. well, better clothes, anyway. He didn’t own anything too fancy for outer wear, yet. The table was set up all nice, even including some candlelight. He dished out the pasta dish he made on each plate and poured out a non-alcoholic beverage for both of them. “Dinner’s ready, Babe,” he called out.




“Must be shit,” Eggsy observes, handing Harry the plates before pouring himself more wine.

“Hm?” Harry asks, opening the pizza box.

“‘avin’ to work on New Year’s Eve. I bet that poor delivery bloke ‘as to deal wiv loadsa drunk losers tonight.”

Harry grins at Eggsy, showing him the heart-shaped pizza. “At least someone has a sense of festive spirit.”

“That is aces,” Eggsy smiles. “‘ang on, I just thought of a brilliant pun.”

Eggsy’s reluctant to leave JB alone while they go see the fireworks.

“He’ll be okay, Eggsy.” Harry promises, carrying the pug down the stairs.

“But what if the fireworks scare ‘im?” Eggsy worries, chewing his bottom lip.

“Don’t you worry about that.” Harry smiles, and JB yaps quietly. “JB and I have got it covered.”

Eggsy frowns as Harry carries JB to the wine cellar. “You ain’t lockin’ me pug in the cellar Harry.”

“No, I’m taking JB to the den he and I built last week for this very purpose.” Harry replies, and Eggsy relaxes when he sees JB trot to the pile of blankets in the corner.

“You built me dog a den so ‘e wouldn’t get scared?” Eggsy asks softly, spotting one of Harry’s shirts in the pile of material. “And you gave ‘im your favourite shirt?”

Harry shrugs, watching JB settle. “Google said that giving him some of our clothes might keep him calm. I let him choose which ones he wanted.”

“But tha’s your favourite shirt, Harry. You love it.”

“Yes, but JB is more important than that shirt.” He replies casually, heading back up into the house.

They watch the fireworks on the bank of the Thames, Eggsy wrapped up in Harry’s coat, his back pressed against his lover’s chest.

“Happy New Year, Eggsy love.” Harry whispers, then kisses him softly.


Much better || Lindsay x Peter

Lindsay was through the roof excited that Peter was coming over and bringing Joe. It wasn’t a secret to anyone that Phil wasn’t around much due to work and when Peter was gone at work; Joe was the only companion she had for most of the day. Joe and her had developed their own little routine when they were left to their own devices. And despite everything, she did miss Peter quite a bit too. 

Setting out a fully made Nemo plate for Joe at his little table along with his little forks and spoons. Lindsay went and unlocked the front door before starting to make Peter and herself a plate and pouring them both some wine. “Come in!” She yelled, recognizing the foot steps.



Dalea foliosa update! 

Rachel Goad and Alex Seglias at the Chicago Botanic Garden - using their superior plant brains - poured the agar plates and gave each ancient DALFOL seed its own new little moisture house today. They’re first going to see if the seeds take on moisture without scarification, since they’re so old maybe the seed coat has changed enough to no longer require scarifying. If the seeds don’t take on moisture, they’ll delicately rub them on sandpaper and put them back on the plates.

Here’s a little background on the project if you’re confused about what this means.

Essentially, WE HAVE SET THE GERMINATION WHEELS IN MOTION AND THERE IS NO TURNING BACK NOW. These seeds have traveled atop our planet as it careens through space for over a century’s worth of trips around our sun and they’ve patiently waited for their cue. This is it: curtains up, spotlights on, showtime little buds. DANCE!