DIY Holton Rower Inspired Rainbow Pour Painted Vase Tutorial for Kids from Growing a Jeweled Rose. This kids’ project is fun and easy using acrylic paint and Dollar Store or free glass vases. Top Two Photos: Holton Rower “Pour” Series and video here, All Other Photos: DIY by Growing a Jeweled Rose.


If you’re in New York City, we recommend you head on over to The Hole (until May 26th) where you’ll be able to experience an amazingly colorful exhibit by Holton Rower. The first New York solo exhibition for the artist, Pour Paintings is just that, a collection of paintings created by carefully pouring paint over plywood. The result is incredible color combinations that are stunningly psychedelic. 

Photos via The Hole and Scott Lynch

If you enjoy these paintings, visit My Modern Metropolis to watch a video of Holton Rower at work and learn how this beautiful art takes shape. 


Holton Rower, this is so cool.

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DIY Princess Peach Cosplay Earrings

What You’ll Need:

-2 ping pong balls

-2 clip-on earring backs

-2 small bowls

-blue paint (medium-dark)

-clear varnish


-newspaper or paper towels

What You Need to Do:

1. Lay out newspaper or paper towel on your workspace.

2. Pour blue paint into one of the bowls.

3. Roll one ping pong ball in the paint.

4. Allow painted ball to sit on paper surface until nearly dry.

5. Roll ball in paint again for second coat. (NOTE: ball will have bare area where it was sitting on paper; this is where earring backs will go.)

6. Allow ball to dry on paper completely. (NOTE: place ball onto the paper where bare area was previously.)

7. Once completely dry, roll ball in varnish.

8. Allow varnish to dry, bare side down.

9. Roll ball in varnish again for second coat.

10. Allow varnish to dry overnight, bare side down.

11. Once dry, glue backs onto ball on bare side.

12. Allow to dry.

13. Repeat steps 3-12 for other earring.