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what are some Classic Fics? like fics everyone has heard about or are most popular? any ship :)

lemme just, dig through my bookmarks LOL

Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka [Namjin, M, 123k]

Out of My System by xxdevilishxx [Yoonmin, M, 101k]

Boys who Talk Shit™ by internetpistol [Yoonmin, M, 26k]

House of Cards by sugamins (orphan_account) [Taekook, E, 394k]

cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley [Taekook, E, 64k]

when you’re in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless [Yoonmin, T, 36k] (this fic is my all time fave)

Inc. by minverse [Yoonjin, E, 43k]

Conflicting Arrangement by PrettyBoyKiller [Yoonmin, Not Rated, 162k]

Pour Up (Drank) by mindheist [Taekook, E, 41k]

Side Dishes by Elemir [Yoonmin, M, 10k]

I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby by witheredleaf (micooled) [Yoonkook, T, 31k]

Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl [Taekook, T, 41k]

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by mindheist [Taekook, E, 20k]

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [Vmin, T, 22k]

A Wonderful Institution by bazooka [Namjin, T, 30k]

Stop My Heart by wowoashley [Taekook, E, 104k (ongoing)]

I got carried away there LOL

Hope you enjoy these~

- Admin Ange

I was unsure whether to call this a follow forever or a fic rec post, since it is somewhat a combination of both? Shit, I don’t know. But I reached the 3,000 follower milestone today and honestly, I cannot thank all of my readers enough. I know I always say that I write for myself, because I do – but every single one of you helps me to push on and pursue my writing dreams with your wonderful comments, likes and reblogs. There is no feeling greater than seeing your personal opinions on my pieces, no matter if it is a detailed review, or if it is incoherent, caps lock screaming.

Thank you for supporting me, whether you have been here from the very beginning of my persona journey, or if you have only just discovered me now. I think, throughout all of my blogs, I have never created a follow forever so I believe now is about time that I show some appreciation back to the writing community of the BTS fandom. They never cease to amaze me, and I am absolutely positive they will floor the rest of you whom may have not happened upon some of these incredible writers just yet.

As a writer, your greatest source of inspiration, support and encouragement can not only come from your readers, but your fellow writers. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favourite writers who have always, without a doubt, left my hands overflowing with infinite inspiration and have left me awestruck, laughing from the pit of my belly, and even in tears at times over their phenomenal works. Feast your eyes!

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Hey, it seems you have strict tastes on fics, because I do too! I was wondering what are your fav fics and what you would recommend?

since my fic tolerance has gotten so low lately I barely have any that I like but here are a few I love w my whole heart

1) some killer king you are by lethallergic. 

taekook. 55k. ym so small u have to really be paying attention. amazing characterization and a plot I’ve never read before. super cute, realistic, and my fave fic to date

2) hickory by rix

taekook w side ym. 48k. sick descriptions, sick plot, sick feeling development. (and theres this really small but soft ym moment that happens that I still think about)

3) pour up (drank) by midheist

taekook. 41k. nothing really to say except this is So Good n i really love reading taehyung n jungkook falling in love in a college setting

4) objects in motion by mediest

yoonmin. 2k. in this house we love canon fics, realization of feelings, and touching

5) where the heart is by 10cm

yoonmin. 15k. I used to hate kid fics until I read this one. the way they wrote jimin was so nice and believable and the last scene ? nothing better

6) warehouse kings by rix

yoonmin. 29k. friends to lovers plotline in this is just Too Good. also the last scene of this left me feeling more satisfied n content than any ym fic has ever. im teary just thinking about it

7) cold water by mnsg

yoonmin. 2k. this fic just really hits home i guess

8) for a good time, call by moonsuns

yoonmin. 10k. this shit made my chest hurt but like in a good way

Pour Up (Drank)

Pairing: Taehyung/Jungkook
Rated: E
Author: mindheist
Length: 41k

If you can read this, take another shot.


Reccer’s Note:
One of my all-time favorite Taekook fics! It’s incredibly well-written and it’s such a good fucking read. I am completely in love with this one and I hope everyone gets to read it at least once in their life because this fic is a fucking pleasure. 


Spaghetti and Balls  - { Chaptered, Fluff with slight angst}

“You’re the I want to punch your lips kind of cute”

aka the blind dateau where taehyung ends up emptying jungkook’s wallet after a blind date and other food related dates and jungkook is whipped.

Pour Up (Drank) - {One-shot, smut}

If you can read this, take another shot. 

Hate Me, Love Me (Everybody Wants to Kiss Me) - { One-shot, FAVE.}

Jeon Jeongguk’s never wanted to kiss someone while knocking the living daylights out of them so badly before.

(or: jeongguk is stuck between saying ‘fuck you’ and 'fight me’ and ends up saying 'fuck me’ to taehyung in the middle of a fight)

maybe we’re all just fools - {One-shot, fake relationship au*hnnng weaK* }

Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before. 

cut out all the ropes (let me fall) - {Chaptered, completed, Hate to love *again hnnng weaK* and model au }

Being Korea’s most successful model has been working pretty well for Taehyung. That is, until Jeon Jeongguk appears.


aYE those are it for today~

I am stressed and taekook are the only thing keeping me away from a mental breakdown lmao

Anyways, till tomorrow~

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can you give any vkook fic recs? ty!!


Pour Up (Drank) by mindheist - I AM NEVER GONNA GET OVER 40k GOODNESS OF FRAT BOYS FALLING IN LOVE. I laughed so many times reading this and my heart squeezed cos of all the romantic tension this fic is a blessing TBQH.

Actually can I just rec mindheist in general her writing is humorous and so fluid (please check out Rich Bitch and Kiss Me Hard Before You Go aka the fake dating au)  

Also not a fic but nikkumeul’s nsfw is… HooOOOoo 🔥🔥her writing is amazing as well I’m such a fan 

♠ We’ll find a way to make it right by fitzgarbage - indie musician!Taehyung and college student!Jungkook.. this pulls at your heartstrings because their concerns and emotions and actions all felt very real to me? Idk. I think the writer handled the angst very well and the sweetness of the ending was worth it

 Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl - !!!!! I think this was one of the first taekook fics I read and it will stay with me forever asdfkl; so taekook meet in university and they help each other realize each other’s dreams and become a writer-actor combo.. OKAY MY DESCRIPTION SOUNDS BORING AF BUT THIS IS SO GOOD I loved the characterizations and my heart did the clench thing so many times 

♠ The Absolution of Jeon Jungkook, Slytherin by yeoubi - Hogwarts!AU, obviously. I’m still very curious about Jungkook’s backstory and I’m a sucker for slow burn 

♠ Take Me Home (Take It Slow) by buttstrife (stormfall) - Chaebol!Taehyung is BTS’ sponsor, Jungkook’s to be more exact. I really like how the author writes Taehyung - still an oddball but there’s a depth to him - and she references actual events which are like little winks to the readers and I love it personally!

♠ ce monde est une tempête by astringxnt - This is another author whose writing I’m in awe of, it’s so poetic and beautiful. The romantic tension in this one had me very weak 

♠ i’ll be a man (of you, you, you, babe) by monsterplaza (aesthesiae) - Taekook are bffs in this and I’m crying from all the tears.. of laughter.. they are ridiculous (Taehyung is ridiculous) and it’s a super fun read  

♠ Hit The Lights by lethallergic - texting and snapchat!!!! screenshots!! (it has a sequel too BLESS) This fic has images of taekook’s heavy heavy flirting via text and I zyoomed through it I love it a lot 

I’m sure I missed many great fics but those are my personal favorites!! I think you’ve heard of them before though :’) (Feel free to rec me too!) 

Surprise Date

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Prompt: How long have you been standing there?

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 2811 (it was supposed to be a drabble… but that didn’t happen)

This one is for you @daveedish Love you Trizz 

@imaginebeinghamiltrash @imagineham @butlinislin @crazypurplebananas @secretschuylersister @icanneverbesatisfied @musicalmoriarty @diggs4life@tempfixeliza


The offensive sound of your cell phone’s alarm pulled you from your slumber. As you slowly sat up you were greeted with a pounding headache that confirmed that you had indeed drank a little to much at the party last night. Why you had let Rafa talk you into going to the Clipping show and the subsequent after party, you had no idea. He somehow always could talk you into going out and socializing.

Jumping into the shower you thought about the previous night. The concert had been amazing. You had listened to the music before, you were a fan after all, but the show was electric. It was unlike any of the concerts you had ever been to before. The soreness your legs and arms were reminded you of all the dancing you had done. At least everyone was to wrapped up in the shirtless well built man spitting fire into the microphone to notice your lack of dancing skills. After that the details of what happened the rest of the night became hazier and hazier.

After dressing and wandering into the kitchen to find aspirin, you sat at the breakfast bar staring into your bowl of cereal trying desperately to dredge up the memories of what had happened once you were at the after party. You couldn’t help but feel something important had happened…

“Rafa! Raaaaffffa! That was amazing! This is literally the best concert I have ever been too!” You were shouting over the excited people in the crowd. 

“Thank you for making me come tonight!”

“Don’t thank me yet the night is just getting started,” Rafa laughed before taking a swig of his drink.

“What are you talking about? The show just ended. What are we going to do now?”

You were weaving your way through the crowd to keep up with Rafa and were starting to get nervous about what he could possibly had planned now.

“After party (Y/N), after party! We are going to hang with the guys and get lit!”

“I don’t know man… the guys are your friends..” you tell him nervously.

“Bullshit, you are coming. You’re my friend too and you are going to have the best damn night of your life. I’m not taking no for an answer,” Rafa exclaimed dramatically.

You rolled your eyes at his antics and thought about what he had said. It had been a long time since you let yourself go out and just let loose. Work kept you busy and stressed and you were having the best night you’d had in months. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s just an after party with Clipping. and you trusted Rafa.

“What the hell, let’s do it!”

Rafa’s apartment wasn’t far from the venue so friends from the show were already starting to arrive as the cab pulled up and you both jumped out. Music was playing and everyone was drinking, dancing, or socializing. You made a beeline for Adrienne and she handed you a shot of tequila.

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I love this account a lot, and I just started getting into reading fic for this ship so I was wondering what your all time favorite Taekook fics are ❤️

Ahhh, I love all TaeKook fics but here are some of my all-time faves:

Our Red Scarf (Keep Me Warm) by MirreRover [rated E, 42k] 💜

Paper Umbrellas by matchatae [rated G, 2k]

whoops my hand slipped (into yours) by chahans [rated T, 14k]

Some Killer King You Are by lethallergic [rated E, 55k] 💜

Infinity On High by Incadence [rated E, 23k]

Riptide by novilunar [rated E, 12k]

Rich Bitch by mindheist [rated E, 28k] 💜

Pour Up (Drank) by mindheist [rated E, 41k] 💜

i’ll be a man (of you, you, you, babe) by monsterplaza (aesthesiae) [rated E, 18k]

cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley [rated E, 64k] 💜

Will you be my Forever? by flywithtaetae (kimtaehyungs) [rated M, 15k]

Honestly these are all some of the best TaeKook fics I’ve ever read, 10/10 would recommend, 10/10 would read again!!!

-Admin Nana

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I saw one of your answers to what makes you happy was "reading really, really good fic" so I was wondering what some of your faves are? sorry if you've already answered this before! ^^ I know you've said you're a taekook fan, so I'm curious! :)

i don’t read much scenario fic anymore but i really loved mystline / btswriter’s work (she deactivated tho), but i highly recommend @jespere-hope not only bc she’s my buddy but also her writing style has gone through a lot of changes and i’m loving what’s she written lately! she’s definitely improved a lot from when she first started and now im proud to call her one of my favourite writers :) 

specifically for scenario fic tho i love @versigny‘s ceo!yoongi, @imaginethisbtslust and errors, @jeonseok’s spellbound and unsaid and @baeseoul‘s a friendly favour

for ship fic i really love anything and everything by @uziregar, particularly beta tau sigma and a sociolinguistic analysis of epenthesis in academic convergence (i actually loved the prof!namjin one so much i made a graphic for it….)

specifically taekook fics tho i can rec u a TON but my ult fave is pour up (drank) by mindheist (i think she has a joint tumblr with a few other really amazing writers? check them out @nikkmonoxyls), i also love pick me up, buttercup by vppa, some killer king you are and hit the lights by lethallergic, comeback kids and hickory by rix aka @crossfilth, king of the library, knight of his trade by madigraye (who i believe is @homoterrors), and finally, maybe we found love (right where we are) by wowoashley (she’s @that-jeon-guy on tumblr)

but yeah coolios check ‘em out! i read a lot more ship fics these days cuz i find most scenario fics aren’t written very well (sorry) but ofc there are many talented scenario fic writers as well!!!! appreciate yo writers guys!!!! also pls lemme know if some of the links dont work lol i was in a rush

Taekook Fic Recs

Thought I’d do an updated one because I literally have 100 fics in my bookmarks on AO3. I seriously spent my entire summer just reading. :’) Obvi, i’m not gonna add all 100, maybe like 30 or something though.

1. Lupus Tales by kpopismydrug

-three amazing works so far (Lupi, Just Us, Us vs Them) and more to come

-201k words of pure adorableness 

-whipped and pining jungkook!!!!!!!

-college student taehyung!

-slow build so it’s not too rushed. totally worth it.

2. i’ll be a man (of you, you, you babe) by monsterplaza

-university au!

-blind dates that jungkook doesn’t wanna go on and taehyung hilariously saving jungkook each time


-literally the smut it topnotch

-18.9k words

3. Maybe we can be (each other’s company) by foolishbangtan

-fanboy taehyung!! and idol jungkook!1

-taetae is an art student and hnnngggg


-57k words

4. Taste of Ink by sugamins

-gang au!!

-sugakookie are bff goals aswell as vmin

-taehyung is literally harley quinn/joker in this. fight me if you don’t agree.

-128k words

5. House of Cards by sugamins

-wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like violence bc it’s rlly detailed w/ the gore

-also don’t read if you dont like vminkook together. (it was hard for me to read the jikook and vmin parts but i survived yall)

-made me wtf a lot

-just yes

-394k words (it took me a whole day to read it and i got no sleep)

6. you’re the closest to heaven i’ll ever be by aeterisks

-smut smut smut smut smut. literally a-level smut i cANNOT

-DJ JUNGKOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-RICH club owner taehyUNG

-pls help this was so gOOD

-27.7k words

7. talking body by aeterisks


-mirror SeX!!!!!

-yesyesyesyes and yes

-4.9k words

8. cut out all the ropes (let them fall) by aeterisks

-model!tae and photographer!jeon

-they hate each other but then :-))))

-so fluffy and the porn is 10/10

-angst had me shook

-76.7k words

9. Whatta Man (Good Man) by aeterisks

-if u couldn’t tell already i’m lowkey promoting raquel’s works

-shy jeon turns out to be a horny little shit that runs a porn blog

-whipped for tae

-no sex but still porn. always porn.

-7.8k words

10. all the right wrongs by aeterisks





-it’s so cute i cried

-34k words

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BTS👏 FRATERNITY👏FICS👏 (they're honestly my kink i love those kinds of fics so much so i was wondering if you could recommend some? thank youu)

you make my heart saur by sugrpill (opinionoutpost) [Jikook, M, 7.6k]

Pour Up (Drank) by mindheist [Taekook, E, 41k]

The Two Billion Songs On Love by lexwrites [Yoonseok, M, 16k]

Paper Chase by SlimeQueen [Yoonmin, E, 15k]

I know for a fact there’s another one where jungkook is a frat boy or something but I can’t recall gdi

-Admin Nana

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do you have any fic recs with truth or dare (any Game tbh)? i can't seem to find any ;-;

- you and me (are the difference between real love and the love on tv) by inkingbrushes; yoonmin
- sorry but i need to have you by eightninetwo; jikook
- touch and feel by vminhope; ot7
- confessions by zikova; namseok
- nirvana by cupan_taetae; jihope
- game changer by markerlimes; jungkookxeveryone
- danghyunhaji by infires; yoonmin
- you’re my human holiday by neiljostens; jikook
- let’s not fall in love by jungkoojk; jikook
- all is fair in love and war by zikova; jikook
- pour up (drank) by mindheist; taekook
- i hope that you’re mine by oceannanotoceania
hashtag trashbag by jonghyun; 2seok
- pepero kisses by meduneter; yoonmin

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fratboy taehyung fics please? thank you ~

lemme see if I got any

Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka [Namjin, M, 123k]- they’re all in a frat here, but it isn’t a tae ship though there is a lot of OT7!!

Pour Up (Drank) by mindheist [taekook, E, 41k]

 a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me by teakookies [Tae centred, E, 5k]

Boys who Talk Shit™ by internetpistol [Yoonmin/taekook, E, 26k]

I have more where it isn’t a tae ship, but he is in a frat along with the rest of them- if u want those too, lmk and I’ll edit this post :)

-admin talia