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Have you heard that Netflix has officially announced A Series Of Unfortunate Events season two?!

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  • Sunny’s Hot Chocolate (spice and chocolate)
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  • V.F.D. (secrets, fire, and mysteries)

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  • okay but au where the deal with the Moriyamas for Neil goes through and someone in one of Andrew’s Fosters Homes sees Andrew’s violence way earlier in his life. And they become Riko’s Number 4 and 5 when they’re still children.
  • And yet, even though their numbers mark them as Riko’s, they have been each others since they met.
  • The two of them learning Japanese and French alongside the others, then picking German up so they can talk to each other
  • Andrew who takes knives as his weapons and makes it clear to Neil that these ones are for protecting him, not hurting him. 
  • That same night, the two of them pool some money together and buy a book of baby names. They choose the name Neil to replace Nathaniel because Nathaniel will always be afraid of knives, but Neil will never be afraid of them in Andrew’s hands.
  • The two of them always by each others side. It is never like Riko and Kevin, wherein Riko walks in front like a king and the others fall into line behind him, because they are always equal. 
  • Andrew who has already been through enough foster homes to slice into hands and forearms anytime someone touches him, but who walks thigh-to-thigh and shoulder-to-shoulder with Neil always.
  • Andrew and Neil who know each others bodies inside and out because while they were growing, they were also exploring. 
  • Andrew and Neil who share their first kiss at fifteen without any though because they have always been a “we” because there is no one else for either of them.
  • No one ever flat out says it, but Andrew and Neil make a more deadly team on the court then Kevin and Riko ever will. Kevin and Riko may be synced perfectly, but Andrew and Neil know each other inside and out not because they were forced on each other but because they wanted to be with each other
  • Neil and Andrew holding down the defensive line almost single handedly because Neil and Andrew don’t need to communicate, they just know what the other is thinking.

pretenderoftheeast  asked:

Hi! I'm asking as much of the Children of the Earth (the ASoIaF meta-tumblr community) this... what are/is *the* crucial, essential element(s), if you could be that precise, of ASoIaF that makes you think 'yup, this is a series worth pouring tons of time, words and blood into'? Even through any and all *really* frustrating elements (Dead Ladies Club, undeconstructed misogyny, uncomfortable orientalism, slaver bears and weaker writing points)?Thank you in advance and hope you have a good day!

This is admittedly mostly what has caught me about the series and what I’ve noticed around, but it’s not objectively correct. If someone’s reason is just “dragons are cool” that is also a perfectly good reason.

  • The depth and sheer amount of material allows for that great immersion experience. There’s just a lot to think about and discuss, and a lot of angles from which to approach it all. This world with such a heavy sense of history about it is fascinating.
  • The structure of having so many POV characters is even better than the sum of its excellent parts. Even for the sake of the other POV characters: we know Brienne better for having seen her through Jaime’s eyes, and vice versa. And the characters come from what I think is a grippingly empathetic perspective. I’ve read a couple of interviews with Martin where it really doesn’t sound like he can consciously describe something that is nonetheless incredibly consistent within the story, and I think that kind of gut-level unconscious creation tends to lead to particularly strong characterization.
  • It’s brilliantly deconstructive in a satisfying way, because it doesn’t conflate “deconstruction” with “destruction.” Deconstruction is about peeling off layers of something to see how the aspects you take for granted actually work, and where it maybe doesn’t make sense. That’s a lot harder than playing “gotcha” but it’s really interesting when it works.
  • The synthesis of those last two points is that the story does its deconstruction mostly by centralizing the humanity of these characters and their situations. It feels sometimes like an explosion of genre expectations and archetypes because the way we expect to process stories like this is to treat characters who fit into certain tropes as being objects. ASOIAF really forces you to treat them as subjects on their own terms. That’s an interruption of expectations which is very engaging.
  • IMO the books and the show mutually offer a lot of added benefit. There were some things that I just didn’t connect with when I read the books all at once, but which really packed a punch after they were streamlined and distilled to fit into limited screen time. There are also things that I don’t think I’d have appreciated if I’d only seen them on screen without the layers and layers of detail from the books.
  • Also, dragons are pretty fucking cool.

And thank you for the great question!

Starts with Goodbye - Part 1

Pairing: Dean x reader
Anon request: Can you make a imagine where Dean left the reader in a cruel way *a demon told him to do that in order to save Sam*?He regret and go to her but finds that she has become a demon cause she made a deal in order not to feel the pain that he caused her?
Summary: Dean has to choose between saving Sammy’s life or his relationship with the reader. We know the Winchester’s, so it’s obvious that Dean saves Sammy. Thereupon the reader trades her life for black eyes.
Words: 1′894
Warning: cursing, pain, heartache, demon deals

Starts With Goodbye - Carrie Underwood was such an inspiration for this!! Please listen to it whilst reading. Also, thank you @i-wish-i-could-be-peter-pan for the help with this series <3

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Extended Vacation - Closed

The H.I.C. Tormenta looms just above the palace on Midinion. In their approach the pilot had decided to do a flyby on the palace, however given how close the landing zone is to the palace it self they settled on just being menacing overhead.

When they where entering orbit, a message had been sent informing those on planet that an imperial visitation was taking place. Now just minutes from touchdown, Jackal Mascul, the blueblood pilot and shipmaster hooks into the planet net. He attempts hailing the landing zone as well as security. Sometimes these are the same, but protocol dictates he needs to recieve confirmation from both before landing.

Meanwhile, Verbra Fortis and Sengen Ellard pour over a series of documents, debating a small matter between them. Several advisors assist them, but it seems the argument is drifting solidly in Verbra’s direction.

“I don’t care. Even if there is nothing economically or politically powerful here. I want to see what this place has to offer.“ Verbra leans into his chair, tapping his knee with one finger.

Sengen frowns, giving his captain a look of annoyance. “You have to be kidding me. There’s nothing here. Absolutely nothing. This place is only known for being a vacation hotspot.“

“What a wonderful idea. Inform the crew we are going on vacation.“ Verbra grins widely, as Sengen’s frown turns from annoyance to disbelief.

Sengen’s mouth opens. And then closes. Open. Closed. Open. Closed.


We Appreciate Thomas Astruc!!!

Hawkdaddy, Papapillion, The Kurohige of French Animation!!  We save the best for last!

Thomas Astruc is probably one of the most fan-friendly creators of all time.  He really adores his show and the fans it has created.  His Twitter is @Thomas_Astruc and he checks in on what seems to be an hourly basis.  He also supposedly has a tumblr where he stalks us but the URL is unknown.  You can also view some of his work @storymage

Thomas Astruc was born  January 18, 1975 and has worked for numerous studio as a story-boarder.  This background is probably what makes Miraculous so miraculous, the choreography and movement in this show brings it life.  The character facial expressions alone are absolutely gorgeous.  Some brief overview of some of his work:


Totally Spies


HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami

And much more.

Hawkdaddy has poured heart into this series so please try to watch and share it today with all you friends.  Please watch it on a valid source if possible.  It airs at noon on Nickelodeon. 

I hate posts that are like “J.K. Rowling should stop releasing little tidbits from Harry Potter, like, she knows it’ll get her in the news for a week, like what the hell I like Harry Potter but why do you feel the need to constantly remind us Harry Potter happened”

Because invariably I’ll look into it and it’ll be her answering a fan’s question, either on Twitter or in person or in a letter, and people were excited about it so it made the news. It’s not like she just waits until her pantry runs out of Relevance and goes on Twitter and tweets “McGonnagal’s favorite Beatle is Paul” or whatever, it’s literally always a fan who’s asked her a question and she’s given them an answer

Like, I’m sorry people are still interested in her life’s work and she hasn’t made an effort to quash that interest? Sorry she occasionally engages with her fans and indulges their passion for the series she poured herself into and which, in turn, saved both her and her children from poverty? I don’t know what you want from her exactly.