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RFA + Minor Trio react to MC being kidnapped? And how would they go about saying them?

✿ im sorry if you wanted a serious answer to this because this got goofy.


  • Everyone expects him to cry, but no - no, this little chick of a man has hatched into a full-fletched chicken, and if the Legend of Zelda has taught anyone anything, it’s that our favorite egg-producing feathered friends ought to be respected and feared.
  • He gets cold. Quiet. And though he doesn’t look much like an action hero, he has learned how to be an unstoppable, unrelenting force of destruction via his mother. When you’re taken, Yoosung will not be denied in his quest to get you back.
  • Yoosung hires a private investigator and pours over documents, photos, and red-string connected diagrams in the interests of finding out who took you, where you’re being held, and how to get you back.
  • When storming the warehouse where you’re being kept, he doesn’t go in through the front door, but uses his LOLOL raid-planning skills to engineer a rescue operation. His co-conspirators are said private investigator and his gaming buddies, who Aren’t Going To Leave a Bro Hanging, Dangit.
  • For once, Yoosung gets to be the shining paladin of his dreams as he rushes in to rescue you with a bunch of other nerds.


  • Zen gets sulky, angsty, and in typical Zen fashion, he lone wolfs it.
  • He really looks the part of a brooding boyfriend set on getting the love of his life back. He puts on his leather jacket! He gets on his motorcycle! And he starts pursuing your captors with a dogged vengeance.
  • He uses his army of fans to track down details about where you are, because even though his armada of pining, lovestruck teenagers doesn’t entirely appreciate your existence, the thought of Zen being a loyal badass who goes to the ends of the earth for his loved one is so D~R~E~A~M~Y that they help out. With thousands of eyes combing the entirety of Korea, he gets some leads about your location within short order.
  • Once he knows where you are, he gets on his motorcycle and CRASHES THAT PARTY.
  • then throws a chair at someone because Zen’s planning abilities are poor, but his heart is in the right place, ok?


  • jaehee karate chops a motherfucker.
  • Like - there’s no stopping her. There’s no halting her for a fraction of a second. Once she hears the news, she stands up, adjusts her glasses, walks out of work… and goes on the warpath.
  • like, Turn Down for What is blaring in the background as she walks into the camera, explosions firing behind her while she’s dressed in her pencil skirt and fashionable suitjacket.
  • she buries one of her heels into a man’s stomach.
  • She rescues you and carries you off into the sunset, while on a yacht, without having sustained a scratch. Everything is sparkling. There’s a dolphin jumping superimposed over a rainbow.
  • …i will admit this might be wish fulfillment here
  • please jaehee. come for me.
  • please.
  • i’ll do anything.

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An Interview with Sina Productions

reader has female pronouns. no smut.

Levi and Erwin pour over the documents in front of them, all but ignoring the woman sat on the other side of the desk. Honestly, they’ve haven’t done this whole shebang for a while – looking for new talent – after leaving the awful Rose Studios and starting their own company, things had all just kind of fallen into place. Some of their closest friends within the company – Hange, Mike, Nanaba, Petra, Erd, etc – had all opted to move over with them which had of course, along with their own fans, had meant that they’d had a sizeable fanbase come with them.

They’d never expected it to be as successful as it was, they had almost four million paying subscribers on the SP site and countless views on the clips on HubPorn and TubeRed (both authorized and unauthorized, though it seemed like Erwin spent half his life I the office, sending out DCMA notifications to these sites), they were definitely on the rise.

And though they had their own rota of (hand curated) actors, it did mean that from time to time they needed to add new blood, both to bring in new people and sate their already active subscribers.

She’d been recommended to them by a friend who didn’t really work I the industry anymore – she’d contacted him and talked about her interest in the industry and he’d passed her onto Levi, Erwin and SP.

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When people pre-bag their stuff

As many of you know, people pre-bagging their stuff in their reusable bags is super annoying, especially when they don’t bother to empty said bag when they get to the register.

Today, I had this one old lady that pre-bagged all her cold stuff in her insulated bag. It was packed pretty full too. When I got to it, I looked to make sure there were no eggs or anything, then I just kinda dumped everything out of the bag and onto the belt so I could get the bag down to my bagger. I didn’t do it violently or anything. I just flipped the bag over and poured the stuff out. 

As the cold items were getting to my bagger the lady turned to him and asked, “can you put my cold stuff in that bag? The one that she just dumped out *smirks at me* you’re lucky there were no eggs in there.” What I said was, “I made sure there weren’t, don’t worry.” What I wanted to say was, “well don’t pre-bag your shit next time bitch.”

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Hnnnnnnnng shunk workout/training

“Ughhh,” Hunk moans, lying on the floor. He has no intention of getting up. He lives here now, on the training deck floor, because he’ll probably never be able to move again. It’s fine.

“You’re doing great, Hunk,” says Shiro, to which Hunk groans again. 

Shiro laughs and comes to sit next to him. He offers Hunk a water bottle, which Hunk promptly pours all over his face.

“We can take a break,” Shiro says, thankfully, because Hunk is absolutely not up for another round. “How are you feeling?”


“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Hunk halfheartedly flops a hand at him, vaguely offended at his tone, but Shiro just laughs and holds it. Hunk squeezes his hand.

“I’m holding your hand as punishment for your lack of sympathy,” he says. “You’d better not be enjoying it.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“You’re lying.”

“Yep.” Shiro lifts his hand and kisses it.

“Worst boyfriend ever.”

“You know it.” Shiro lets go and gets to his feet, then, and offers Hunk a hand. “C’mon, I’ll help you stretch.”

Hunk groans, but he takes the offered hand.