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Heavy-Duty Banishing Incense

As promised, here is the recipe for the banishment incense @faithandmagick@thegravityofnothing​ and I used during our exorcism.  It stunk thanks to the Asafoetida. It isn’t a subtle thing.  It set off the smoke alarms but damn, did this do the trick. 

Note: please research all ingredients before handling or burning.  I don’t recommend eating this mixture either.  And yes, it is okay if you don’t have all of the ingredients.  Just use what you have.  Check out my Exorcism and Banishment section on my herbs index for some substitution ideas.  Also, as usual, I don’t do measurements.

  • The ashes of a bay leaf with your intent written on it 
    • (I wrote one that said “BE GONE” and @faithandmagick​ wrote Psalms 23:4)
  • A dog tooth
    • (no animal was harmed in the acquiring of this tooth–it is also still alive)
  • Asafoetida
  • Frankincense resin
  • Myrrh resin
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Benzoin resin
  • Mugwort
  • Patchouli leaves
  • Rosemary
  • Clove powder
  • Five Finger Grass
  • Red Sandalwood powder
  • Yarrow
  • Salt

To Make: Crush the ingredients in a mortar and pestle (or however you want to crush them).  Put them in a sealed jar until ready to use.  

To Use:  Be safe, make sure whatever you burn it in is fireproof and heat resistant.  I used a cast-iron cauldron with a handle so I could hold it and walk around with it. 

Ground yourself / do whatever you need to do in order to get yourself in a calm state of mind.

Open all windows and doors, including any closets, depending on the space you are cleansing.  This gives the entity/energy a “door” to escape out of and nowhere to hide. 

(note: We were doing this at night and turned all the lights off save for a few candles because that was when the entity was active.  You don’t have to do this but it just felt right to do)  

Light your charcoal disk (mine isn’t “lit” until a bunch of little crackly-sparks happen) and wait until it is covered in a white ash.  Carefully pour the incense onto the disk (add more as needed) and walk around your space with the smoke.  Let it fill up the room completely–pushing the energy/entity out.  Get the corners especially and any places that feel “creepy”.  

If it helps to speak aloud, then say something like “this is my space, you are not welcome here, please leave” firmly but not aggressively.  Really feel this feeling.  The energy/entity has overstayed their welcome.  Claim your space. 

(note: if you are doing this for someone else, it is really important that you involve them in this process.  They need to feel confident, so encourage them as best as you can to really take back the space that the energy/entity has invaded.  Since the big cauldron was a little intimidating for our home-owner to hold, we had her wave around a dragons’ blood incense stick instead while we handled the cauldron.)

Let the charcoal burn out completely if you can.  If you’re in a rush, slowly pour some water over it to douse the coals.  Just be careful because it can sputter and some stuff might fly out at you.

Close the windows and doors when you feel that the banishment is concluded.

Cleanse and ground yourself afterwards (recommended but not required).  Have a cup of tea, do something to dejunk and reenergize.  If you are working with someone else, talk with them for awhile.

As fate would have it - Chapter 16

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 16 - Spy daddy

The big revelation of Rei’s secret!
Also, I’m addressing serious subjects like domestic abuse in this chapter

Words: 2814

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Main characters:

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