From chapter 23… which I didn’t even think to check if that was one of the ones assigned this week. W, whoops
Anyway, the way I’ve been choosing scenes is taking the ones that have lingered most vividly in my mind since the first time I read Sabriel. Which has the nasty side effect of making it look like a trashy book about zombies and kissing. Talk about your misrepresenations! But to a 12 year old me, the things that stuck out most in my mind were the ickiest things.

So… zombies. And kissing. And icky boy part things.

 [once upon a time I had typed something out here. Something about the allegorical and abstracted nature of my color schemes and backgrounds striving to represent tone and thematic concerns rather than naturalistic and situationally accurate schema, but WHOOPS I DELETED THAT. And WHOOPS WHO CARES BUT ME.]

First of all, good on you for having self-awareness. You’re probably ahead of the game because of that, alone.

Second, please know that I’m not 100% perfect on this stuff, either. I don’t think anybody is, but definitely don’t take my word as gospel. Think of it as something to “chew on”.

I think insight into the human condition is gained by thinking about what is possible, first of all. I know that you asked this question out of concern over whether you were being fair to others - maybe you’re into the social justice thing. This might seem counter-intuitive, but you gotta let a lot of that go.

Don’t let the POINT of it go. We have to work for a society where we treat each other with respect and as much fairness as humans can inject into the system. Raw, numeric probability will inject unfairness for us; we don’t need to add to it.

It’s the social justice rules and norms that you have to let go of. Many of these norms are predicated on satisfying a special interest, or on not offending allies. These are political norms - group-think. They aren’t indicative of reality.

There’s this idea that a transgender person is absolute and forever correct in their gender identity. Think about that. Do any of us have perfect insight into ourselves? No. Do we change? Yes. Do we have a lot of mistaken assumptions about ourselves? Obviously we do. We make mistakes. We are humans. This is common sense, a mere assessment of “what is possible”. It’s self-evident every single moment that we are alive. If these are true, the sacred cow of identity politics is false. You accept an identity because it is the individual’s right to call themselves what they like, not because it is immutable and perfect. I don’t care how many times people demand sacred status for their identity; nothing defeats the imperfection and change inherent in being human.

There is this idea that white people are, in an absolute sense, always more privileged in nearly every arena - and that serious discourse must accept this as reality in order to go forward. This is a political norm, and not something that actually reflects the scope of human experience. Are white people poor? Well, think about all the factors that influence poverty. Are some white people dumb? Have learning disabilities? Live in places where education is of a lower quality? Uncooperative? Stubborn? Asocial? Bad parents? Living in places where being white is uncommon and unpopular? Mentally ill? In prison? Living in places other than the West, where they do not represent the culturally dominant paradigm? If these things are true, this automatically invalidates a lot of rhetoric as well. The thing is, aside from what genetics determine (skin color, some aspects of intelligence and mental health, future pathophysiology and disease resistance) there’s not predetermined things which absolutely will or will not happen to people. If this is true, which it is, again, self-evidently so - then clearly a lot of the absolutist political rhetoric about it is ridiculous. Let go of absolutes.

Absolutes are for idiots, except in hard sciences and math. Instead, again, consider the possible: CAN this happen? Then, consider the PROBABLE: how likely is this to come to pass? White people in the West are certainly less LIKELY to be poor or disadvantaged in a marked way, aside from gender. They are significantly less likely to be shafted by society versus some groups, like Native Americans. This is the reality discourse should be built on, not moronic absolutes that appeal to the taste for vengeance.

Remember to respect the individuality of human experience. Those Juggalos are people. You do not have to be friends with them. You can think they are stupid, as individuals. Still, there’s no need to write them off because they violate the “whites as overtly privileged” paradigm. Reality check that shit. You’ll realize how ridiculous and incompatible with human nature and reality most rhetoric is, if you only respect the validity of an individual’s experience.

Don’t give people a moral pass because of the group they belong to. This is condescending. Instead, be realistic about how “moral” they are able to feasibly be in their situation. Adapt. Use unique solutions for unique individuals. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Remember to imagine the possibilities.

Where your ability to imagine the possibilities inherent in the human condition fails you, don’t forget to do the research. Honestly, though, the more you think for yourself WHILE CAREFULLY OBSERVING REALITY, the less this should be an issue.

Don’t encourage virulently angry dialogue, no matter how cathartic it is for you or other parties. Allow them to have their dialogue. Try not to have it, yourself. It isn’t productive in any capacity other than to vent, which is their need - not yours.

Never stop thinking. Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t, because you’re white/rich/a mountain range/whatever. You are human. Use your imagination for something useful. You will learn sensitivity this way.

Don’t get super angry at yourself when you feel yourself disregarding an individual’s experience, or pitying them, or grouping them together as a hive-mind because that’s convenient to your worldview. That leads to insecurity and guilt, which leads to feelings of needing to be validated, and accepted by, the group. The group requires you to write off individuals for the sake of promoting group rhetoric. This is a step backwards. Instead, think long and hard about why you’re doing the thing that bugs you. Ask yourself hard questions about, yeah - your privileges, and the areas where you are less privileged. How do these things affect your outlook on life? How does it compare to the experiences and outlooks of others? How does your outlook make it easier or harder for you to be successful in our society? What about others, and their outlooks? What can be done? Questions like this can be really helpful - they can strengthen your perception, instead of subjugating your common sense to group-think absolutist rhetoric, for the sake of absolving guilt.

Treat people as respectfully as you can manage.

I’m sorry if that’s a little incoherent. I’m happy to respond to any follow-up questions or concerns.

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so right had every intention of finishing this but ignorant cows in livestream interfereds!!!!!!!!!

then i had to explain Fallout:New Vegas with a pictures

no it was a not a impulse it was like a contractual obligation

and right so some other people asked for yaoi but this is not a yaoi but it has two dicks anyways and mogget is aguy too

comrade VS drew me a reference for flaccid dongs of different circumsizal circumstances here it is for you too. one of those guys is literally only able to think with the wrong head

these things are happneing at you i’m not hte one doing them



Nix, Garth.  Sabriel. New York: HarperCollins, 1995. pp. 4. Print.

 I swear I did not notice the text was in two different cases until it was TOO LATE, the original layers banished to a final death.

Along with the main illustrations, I decided to also  draw a portrait for each new major character introduced and update them throughout the story to reflect each one’s current predicament. I’m glad Sabriel is low fantasy so there’s not the glut of characters that epic or high fantasy writers have such boners for. 

poupon  asked:

i was trying to think of something really awkward to ask you but i cannot think of anything. please proceed to answer as if i had asked a really alienating question, if you'd be so kind.

This question is so awkward and inappropriate that I am not even going to address it directly, as the intent was clearly to trap me in some sort of answer that will make me look like a jerk. Instead I am going to post it unanswered and let you think about your actions and feel appropriately ashamed


Well that was a fun derp doodle

This is for the 30 day monster girl challenge. except I’m just doing these at my leisure without any deadlines like my main weekly challenges with my friend. (speaking of I need to start on my prompt due monday)

First one on the list was “Harpy”. I got inspired by wind waker for the Nose lolol, Medli was the first thing I thought of when I read the prompt~

Poupon was an inspiration for the coloring~ 


Paperwing! Little bit of dilberate fudging, here. So far as I know, the Paperwing doesn’t have a wicker cage over the cockpit as seen here, but fuck accuracy you’re going to get a gore crow in your teeth that way. 

And since i was doing important business things last week, here’s a bigger version of the new kid in the portrait pile. Full view of the full set has an update on Sabriel’s condition, too.

External image

I present to you, dear readers, a cat. A cat so fluffy and full of contempt that he is, and can only be, Moggetrick.

So Jade and Poupon’s enthusiasm encouraged me to read Sabriel a little while ago, and then I passed the bug on to Phantom. Well, Poups is a big fan of our fluffy white cat Alberik (he appreciates the attention), so I did a little shoop/paintover to make him into Mogget. For your enjoyment, friends! Watch as he peers into your soul.

(Oh, and I believe image for the bell came from here.)

From the mythical land of Franks, comes the monarch of fashion, the queen of queefs, the sovereign of sass, Marie Assandtits! Made famous by her statement, “Let them eat men”, Marie’s life (and stature) was tragically cut short by the hipster revolution of 2007 that violently  overturned anything fashionable and overdressed. Unfortunately for her, it seems like sexism wasn’t quite over.


I rushing to finish by the end of the day and was all concerned that I apparently don’t know the meaning of the words “pallid luminescence” [or also timbers HOW DOES READING COMPREHENSIONS WORK] and then I read that the deadline was extended for an extra week


Tadaa!   This is a surprise gift for Poupon.  A while back she did these awesome genderbent Sherlock and Watson drawings, and I sent her a message after that solo watson picture kind of flipping out about how much I liked it.  I don’t know if she remembers, but I told her in that message that I was going to do fanart of her someday (or maybe I said it somewhere else, I don’t remember, but I did say it at some point).  Well… that day is today!  I intended this to be a follow-up to the group shot from the first link.  Sherlock interrupted eaty datie times.  I hope you like it, Poups!

From Chapter XIX

Another week of starting out on something ambitious but ending up on something scribbly. Welp. At least this scene should feel familiar to everyone who has ever owned 1) a cat, 2) a bathtub, and 3)secret feelings.