Shampoo with Sabriel ft Destiel
  • Sam: Alright, which one of you used the last of my shampoo? (drops empty bottle on table)
  • Dean: So, you called this meeting to discuss shampoo?
  • Sam: Damn right, I did! (pulls out Angel Blade) Now one of you is gonna fuss up to this crime. Then we can all part ways happily.
  • Dean: Can Cas and I go now?
  • Sam: No. Sit your ass down, Dean. (pokes him)
  • Dean: It's pretty obvious that the only other person who needs horse hair shampoo is Gabriel. (slowly sits back down)
  • Castiel: It is true that you both have gorgeous hair that would need to be washed a certain way. Plus Dean only ever troubles himself to go through your thin-
  • Dean: Baby, just stop talking. (whispers into Castiel's ear)
  • Sam: (turns to Gabriel and pokes at him with the Angel Blade) Gabe, did you?
  • Gabriel: What? I needed some! These tender locks you love yanking on while poun-
  • Dean: (covers Castiel's ears) Keep it kosher! There's a child in your presence!
Smooth Criminal - Part II

Pairing: Grant x Reader
Summary: After a few appearances in Supernatural, you become a fan favourite and a series regular. The Spn trio wants to make you a special birthday present and makes one of your dreams come true - at a convention.
Warning: Kissing, a lot of fumbling and touching… 

Read ‘Part I’ here

I knew I said this was gonna be smut, but yeah, let’s enjoy some groping and making out yeah? 

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honorless. i’ve been working out consistently & eating healthier and it’s paying off! since January i’ve lo.st 15 poun.ds and i can’t wait to see what else happens 😃

Tickling Kylo is like ;v

So apparently, all I needed was more fluff. Sith Babe fluff for everybody!

K, but imagine trying to cheer Kylo up after an iritating day. Both of you are laying on the bed in his room.

„Can you belive it? That fucking twat said to me: the force ridiculous, that’s why it’s strong with you!” the hiss of the last sentence almost pierces your eradrums. Kylo always gets intense while complaining about shit Hux says.

„Chill, baby” you smile, „Fucker is just jealous, tht’s all.”

„Should’ve choke him to death, instead of just bruising his neck, for that” your boyfirend’s eyes darken at this thought.

„Daaaw” you grab his chick looking him straight in the eye. „Aren’t you the deadliest drama queen at this side of the force?” Kylo frowns, pouns lips and turns on his back with resentment. Refuses to say anything, just stares at the ceiling, angrily. „Come on” you sneak your hand under his shirt and curl fingers, ticlking gently. He snorts but tries to remain serious, so the frown doen’s leave his face.

„Stop it.” Kylo’s voice is demanding although you can hear that he’s about to break. One little movement of your hand makes him giggle. „Oh, you are about to get sorry” he gasps between laughter attacks, as you continue on tickling.

The young man reaches his arm for you in a threatening move, implying that he wants to touch your belly. The high squeek escapes your mouth when trying to stop him. This battle is not just. You end up pinned to the mattress with Kylo’s one hand. His eyes sparkle with satisfaction of the victory and incoming vengance. „Now, the punishment” he brushes the fingrers of his free hand against your soft skin, while slowly rolling up your shirt.

Trying to free yourself from his grip doesn’t result with anything more than having him smiling at you. „No!” your scream comes out way louder than intended, but you can’t help it.

Your boyfriend bursts out with filthy laughter. „Shhhh” he silences you with a kiss. „Alright, I am not tickling you. For now” his lips push against yours again.

Lautrec’s master list

Poun’ ah fret cyah pay ownse ah dett!

Jamaican Proverb | Translation: One pound of fretting cannot repay one ounce of debts. 

Explanation: Problems are not solved by worrying. The time spent fretting could be more gainfully spent on considering workable alternatives and solutions.

The Truth that Came with the Rain

I’ve made another. Daiya no Ace has conquered my life, lol. This one’s a MiyuSawa, inspired heavily by the chapter of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi where the two main characters talk underneath an awning while it’s raining. But I went in a different direction– so no smut in here. Just fluff. :D

I hope you guys like it!


“I love you, Sawamura Eijun.”

It seemed to be Miyuki Kazuya’s favorite phrase in the world now. He would say it at every possible opportunity. Whether it was breathing it into Eijun’s ear as Miyuki stood up to wash his plate after eating, or saying it behind his glove after Eijun had made a fairly spectacular play during a game, Miyuki seemed to have absolutely no problem saying those words.

Eijun glanced over at Miyuki, who was talking,to Furuya about controlling his monster pitches, not even bothering to look at Eijun.

That was probably the most frustrating thing of all about this. Despite being so ridiculously lovey-dovey whenever they were alone, Miyuki always returned to his snarky, jeering tanuki self as soon as there was anyone looking. He never gave any indication at all to anyone else that he had special feelings for Eijun. And he took his job as catcher, captain and cleanup very seriously, even though whenever he told Eijun “I love you”, it just seemed like Miyuki was playing with him.

Eijun picked at his food, trying not to look at Miyuki, sitting right across from him. Because sometimes he’d look at the captain, and he’d be laughing at something Kuramochi had said. And sometimes he’d look at him and Miyuki would be looking right back at him. And Miyuki would immediately grin his fox-like smile, and Eijun would feel his face heat up, just from the memory of Miyuki’s words.

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The Baby-Fruit Tree in Bleachers Woods

Why are chillies hot?

It’s a horrible feeling, when all those little, disparate, seemingly unconnected things all click into place. There was a story I’d read a while ago about the power of memory under stress. In it, a boy was attacked by a shark and remembered, word for word, a seemingly forgotten segment of some documentary watched years earlier about how you can deter a shark by plunging your fists into its gills. The boy tried it, and survived.

I suppose that’s part of why they call it your life flashing before your eyes. It’s not a best-of reel, making sure your final memory is of your first kiss or anything. No, it’s your brain making a last-ditch all-in attempt to scan everything it’s ever known to gleam something, some little tidbit, that it can use to survive whatever is about to kill it.

Standing there, looking at the hulking, snarling, impossibly black thing at the edge of the clearing, and I didn’t get a shark week special. Instead, I was back in my science classroom. The memory was so clear that I could smell the traces of unburnt methane that always hung in the air, and I could see the old, tattered text book, page number torn off and a dick drawn poking at the mouth of the picture of the botanist.

But more, I could see the paragraph entitled ‘why are chillies hot?”

And with that, standing in that clearing in Bleacher’s Woods, holding the broken, baby-shaped thing in my hands, the whole, horrible food chain I’d just walked into became crystal clear.

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a jun x mingyu x reader smut? The three of you are best friends and are having a movie night (netflix and chill) and then an unexpected sex scene comes up (and so do their members)

Rain drizzled outside, the humid smell wafting throughout the dorm house. Bundled under the covers with Jun, even though being just friends, you both agreed cuddling made movies better. You tried picking out a movie, too many options, and not enough time before the guys started coming home, it had been thirty minutes already. You were wrapped up in his arm, popcorn in you lap, blanket on your legs. Clanging of a key in a door sung through the room. “Who could it be” Jun sighed, removing his arm from around you, making it seem less obvious of is intentions. Mingyu walked into the room a moment later. “What are you doing?” Jun groaned, covering face in his hands with annoyance. 

“Came home early, what are we doing?” He asks, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“We?” Jun’s voice exasperated. “We” Jun motions for the two of you, “We, we’re watching a movie.”

“Ooo pick that one!” Mingyu points to the screen.

“We don’t know what we want to pick yet.” Jun says.

You sigh, rubbing your temple, “lets just watch it, alright?” You say, voice firm. Both of the boys become silent. Jun picks the movie, the screen goes black before colors fill the screen and loud music booms through the speakers. Half way through the movie, Jun puts his arm back around you, pulling you closer to him. You honestly thought he wouldn’t pull anything with Mingyu there, so you left it. A few minutes later, the two main characters just made it out alive from an action filled scene. They’re left alone, soft music playing in the background. You swallow the lump forming in your throat. Why right now?  You wonder as Mingyu shifts uncomfortably to your right. The scene gets more intense, the actors start kissing but it doesn’t take long before it gets even steamier. Dirty, wet moans emit from the speaker, the only noise filling the quiet room. The scene ends a few moments later, changing to the next morning.

“I think I will just leave you alone.” Mingyu mumbles, more to himself before trying to make an escape in to his room, but bringing a couch pillow with him.

“Hey.” Jun says, grabbing Mingyu’s wrist. Mingyu attempts to hold the pillow casually in front of him. “Where are you going?”

“Just to bed, long day, you know?” He makes a break towards the door, but Jun’s grasp was firm on his wrist. 

“Then give me the pillow, my neck hurts.” A faint smirk pulled on the corners of Jun’s mouth.

“Can’t you take another pillow?” Mingyu whispers, voice breaking, sounding almost pleading. You want to ask him what’s wrong, but instead just watch the interaction curiously. Jun pulls on his wrist, bringing him closer then taking the arm that was wrapped around you, to pull at the pillow. Mingyu holds it firmly against his pelvis before Jun is finally able to free it from his grasp. Revealing a hard erection straining in his jeans. Mingyu avoids both of your eyes.

“This is what you’re so afraid of? I’ve seen all the members with a hard on before.” Jun smiles warmly, trying to calm Mingyu’s nerves. 

“Yea…” Mingyu admits covering the erection with his hands. “But she’s never seen it.” Mingyu motions his head towards you. Honestly, you had forgotten you were in the room, you’re very own movie seemed to be playing out in front of you, and it would be a lie to say it wasn’t effecting you. Jun could tell by the deep blush on your cheeks. 

“She doesn’t mind, do you?” Jun asks, voice implying something. You shake your head to Jun, then look up at Mingyu towering above you, and shake your had again. His face was faintly pink, pupils blown. “In fact, I think she likes it.” The proud tone was evident in Jun’s voice. 

“Do you like it?” Mingyu asks, voice dropping an octave as he grabs with throbbing cock through his jeans, giving it much needed pressure. Your mouth  goes dry, nodding subconsciously, causing Mingyu’s blush to deepen along with your own. 

“Want to make her happy?” Jun asks, standing up alongside Mingyu, both of them hovering above you now. Mingyu nods, so slightly you almost couldn’t see it. You never figured he would be so submissive, he must have really been turned on. “Tell us what you want us to do.” Jun stares at you, a playfulness sparkling in his eyes. Jun slides one of his hands onto the small of Mingyu’s back, smoothing over the skin there.

“Kiss.” Was all you said, but your voice cracked mid word. You were too focused on their movements to notice.Jun turns is head towards Mingyu, slowly cupping his chin to test the waters. Mingyu grips the hem of Jun’s shirt tightly, closing his eyes and leaning in. But he couldn’t close the gap, instead waiting for Jun to do so. Jun’s lips meet Mingyu’s, softly at first, but building in intensity quickly. You could see Jun’s tongue trail on the bottom of Mingyu’s plump lip, asking for entrance which he easily give up. The taller moans into the shorter one’s mouth as their tongues collide. You sat on the couch, wanting to join, but you couldn’t move, also wanting to see where it would go. Mingyu pushes his waist forwards to find relief against Jun’s body, rolling his hips into him. The forgotten movie now over on the screen behind them. “Strip Mingyu.” You say to Jun, causing him to break the kiss and look at you, eyes half lidded, lips raw. “Slowly.”  The heat between your legs was nearly unbearable, but the sight in front of you was much too good t pass up. Jun bites at Mingyu’s neck as his hands trail to the bottom of his shirt, sliding his hands underneath; kneading the tan skin.

“Your hands are cold.” Mingyu gasps, but a moan following close behind. Jun mumbles a sorry before returning back to work, pulling the shirt over Mingyu’s head completely, letting it drop to the floor. Mingyu’s perfectly tan body nearly made you drool, a small happy trail laying over defined abs caused your eyes to roam down to his jeans, which were hanging low on his hips. 

“Do the same, Mingyu.” Mingyu smiles weakly in response before lifting up Jun’s shirt, not as slowly as you would have wished. The two bring their lips together again, melding energetically together. Jun’s movements hesitate before pulling away from Mingyu, a string of saliva connecting them together. He was breathing harshly, his own member hair in his jeans. He looks at you, asking non-verbally what do to next. “Get on your knees.” You didn’t address either of them, but Jun knew you meant him. He wasted no time rearranging Mingyu to sit ont he couch next to you, and placing himself between his legs. Mingyu has to use all of is willpower not to grind up into Jun’s hands, which were confidently unbuttoning his pants. “Don’t hold back your noises.” You whisper into Mingyu’s ear, causing him to buck up into Jun’s hand with a gasp. Jun works Mingyu’s pants down his long legs, letting them pool at his ankles. Mingyu’s erection springs out, hitting his stomach in the process. Precum making the tip shine. 

“Do you want me?” Jun moans, breathe floating over Mingyu’s cock, making it twitch in anticipation. Mingyu nods like crazy, almost looking like a bobble head

“Please.” he whines, biting the back of his hand. You take the opportunity to scoot closer, trailing your hand over his bare chest. Mingyu looks are you, eyes thankful; a light groan falling from his lips. Jun licks a strip up the underside of Mingyu’s member, tonguing just under the tip. Mingyu rolls his hips up.

“Stay still.” You say, sucking a hickie onto his sweaty neck. Mingyu’s hips freeze but his hands grip the side of the couch. 

“Make her feel good.” Jun tells him before taking the tip of his cock into his mouth. Mingyu sighs out at the warm wetness; then shifts his upper body to face you, large hands gripping your thigh. Mingyu leans down so he can kiss you, you have to tilt your head up for a better angle. His kisses were wet and sloppy, unable to focus with Jun swirling his tongue around Mingyu’s cock. Mingyu uses his hand to remove your bottoms and panties, then spreading your legs for easy access. You were embarrassingly wet, just from watching them. You can feel Mingyu smirk against your mouth as he strokes your heat, gathering the wetness on his fingers. Jun continues to bob on Mingyu’s erection, and occasional gag coming from his mouth. Looking down you could see that Jun removed his pants, and was now stroking his cock, one hand holding down Mingyu’s hips. Mingyu begins rubbing over your sweet spot in circular motions, each one sending a mountain of pleasure to you. Jun pauses on Mingyu’s dick, looking up to see what was going on. “Let me help you.” he says, voice ruined from deep throating Mingyu. Jun lefts a hand away from Mingyu’s hips, instead tracing your entrance before plunging in. The two sensation were intense, your body moving on its own as you grinded down onto their hands. 

“Jun, fuck me” You moan out, wanting to give him some action. Jun places a quick kiss to the tip of Mingyu’s member before standing up. You get onto your hands and knees on the couch, kissing down Mingyu’s chest as Jun pulls a condom out from his pants pocket and rolls it on. Jun lines himself up with your dripping hole before pushing inside; head thrown back in a moan. 

“fuck.” Jun moans out, speeding up his thrusts. You bend your elbows and arch your back, taking Mingyu into your mouth. You can feel his fingers lace through your hair, gripping tightly. His moans getting louder with every flick of your tongue. Jun’s thrusts got harder, causing you to gag deeper onto Mingyu’s dick. It was a win-win solution. Your moans send vibrations through Mingyu, causing his grip to tighten, it was a sign. Hot streaks of cum shoot down your throat, making you choke as you try to swallow all of it. Drips escaping as you pull up, you let them fall down your chin. Mingyu gives you a spent, tired smile, pulling you by your shirt for a kiss. Jun’s continued pounding made it awkward, but you were too into it to care. The pressure in the pit of your stomach built it with every thrust, hitting your g-spot head on. Your walls closed around Jun as your body came forcefully. Your orgasm milking out Jun’s, causing him to groan loudly, hips coming to a stop as your body spasms around him. He pulls out after a few moments, all of you breathing heavily.

“So…when’s the next movie night?” Mingyu laughs, pupils still blown


I don’t really think Mingyu is submissive tbh but that’s really how I was feeling this story. I love the way you phrased the questions btw, make me smile. :)

Kinks+Michael=broken bed. A Michael Clifford smut

I laid on my bed watching random videos on my laptop when I heard the front door slam and Tessa stalk up stairs. “Do you have a daddy kink?!” I looked up at her shocked as she stared at me angrily. “Why, why would you ask about that?” She grunted throwing her head back, walking to me she straddled my lap and laid her head on my chest. “Cause some girls I work with we’re debating kinks today and I realized we’ve never done anything remotely kinky other then doggy style.” I chuckled and rubbed her back. “I have a daddy kink, but that still doesn’t explain the out burst.” She sighed again. “They were talking about kinks they thought the band has and they said they bet anything you have a daddy kink. When I couldn’t confirm or deny it they laughed at me saying I’m probably still a virgin.” I sighed and kissed her forehead. “If you want we can try having sex with you calling me daddy, I bet it would be hot.” She sat up and blushed while looking at my lap. “Um can we try a kink I’ve always wanted to explore?” I nodded and gestured for her to continue.

“I'vealwayswantedtotrybondage.” I leaned in putting my ear by her lips so I could actually hear her. “Bondage.” I looked at her and smiled, damn that’s kinky. “Ok um I’ll go find some ties you I’m strip and uh wait here.” I pushed her off me kissing her lips then ran around the house looking for something to tie her up with. Finding a large rope I cut four parts off and ran back to the room, already getting hard at the thought of what’s to come.

Walking in I saw her laying on the bed naked and staring at the ceiling. “You sure about this baby?” I stood at the end of the bed waiting for her to think it over. “Yes daddy.” I groaned at the sound of her voice, it was dripping with lust and need. “Ok baby, now be a good girl for daddy while I tie you to the bed.” She nodded and held her foot out to me, taking my time I tied her to the bed so her legs were spread and her hands were together. “Daddy please do something anything?” I bit my lip as my cock got harder in my tight jeans, this kink will be then end of me. I got between her legs and leaned down to run my tongue along her slit, sucking at the top and pushing my tongue between her folds to her clit. Rubbing it softly I teased her entrance with the tip of my finger, hearing her moan calling me daddy made me look up at her just in time to see her pull free of her bondages. “Bad girl, now I’m gonna have to tie that tighter.” She groaned and put her hands above her head, pulling off my belt I tied her together with it, then used the rope to tie her to the headboard.

Double checking the restraints on Tessa’s legs and arms I made sure she couldn’t break free again, seeing her tied up and begging for me had me close to cumming in my jeans. Walking over to the dresser drawer I pulled out a metal lock box, unlocking it I looked over it contents thinking of which one I should use first. Picking a small item and hiding it in my hand I grabbed a blind fold and walked back to Tessa. “Now I need you to be a good girl and wear this for me.” She nodded biting her lip to hold in a groan, she hates not being able to look at me.

Slipping the blind fold over her eyes made sure she couldn’t see me or anything else in the room. Satisfied with her lack of vision I pulled out the small item I picked from the box, turning on the tiny vibrater and rubbed it around her clit. She moaned my name loudly while pulling on her restraints, turning up the speed I rubbed her clit from side to side. She tried squeezing her legs closed only to stopped by the straps around her ankles. “F fuck ahhh Michael!” I pulled the toy away from her tsking at her out burst. “What was that?” She groaned from the loss of contact and pulled harder on the straps around her wrist. “I’m sorry daddy, please don’t stop it felt so good.” I smirked even though she couldn’t see me before putting the toy on its highest setting and using the small clap to attach it to her clit. “Ahhh fuck! So good daddy! More daddy please?” I walked to my metal box and picked out another toy, retuning to her bedside I got on my knees and ran a finger through her wet folds, bringing my finger to my mouth I sucked it clean. “Mm so sweet for daddy, are you sure you want more?” “Yes daddy please I want more!”

I turned on the toy in my hand and started pushing the tip inside her, watching as she writhe on the bed and tried pulling free of her bondages. Angling the toy up I pushed it deeper and rubbed the tip along her walls where her gspot should be, smiling to my self when she screamed out. Keeping it at that angle I started thrusting it in and out at a fast paste, fucking her with it as she reached her high. “I’m cumming daddy fuck don’t stop please!!!!!” I leaned up to kiss her roughly on the lips. “Cum baby girl, cum for daddy.” She moaned and trashed around as her orgasm took over and she was sent to cloud nine.

Slowly as she came down I removed both toys from her and looked at her glistening body, she was so beautiful I don’t know how I get to call her mine. “Ready for round two baby, remember daddy needs to cum too.” She nodded smiling towards where she thought I was. “I wanna make daddy cum.” I kissed her lips softly then stood up and removed all my clothing before climbing on the bed between her legs. Rubbing my tip between her folds causing her legs to shake in anticaption, placing my self at her entrance I leaned back and undid both her ankle straps, lifting her legs to my shoulders I slammed in her. “Fuck! You’re so tight baby girl!” I pulled out and slammed in her again making the headboard hit the wall, I leaned forward pushing her legs to her chest and started pounding into her. She screamed out and pulled on her restraints. “Ahh daddy fuck you’re so fucking huge, feels so good ahh fuck I’m gonna cum daddyyyy!!” I let her legs slip to my side as I pouned deeper, feeling her clench around me pushed me closer to my peak. “Cum baby, I wanna feel you cum around me.” She arched her back and screamed out profanities as I felt her walls spasm around me, making me go harder and faster as I felt my peak rising. Slamming in one last time I started cumming inside her while grinding my hips to hers, groaning out her name and other things.

Coming down from my high I rolled off her and reached up to untie her hands, rubbing her wrists softly I kissed them lightly. “I love you baby, now get some rest and I’ll clean up.” She nodded sleepily, rolling over to get up the bed frame shrieked under the movement. As I stood I heard a loud thud and turned to see Tessa on the floor and our bed was lopsided. “Shit baby are you ok?” I rushed to her and helped her up smirking as she winced and stood with her legs slightly apart. “Um Michael I think you broke the bed, and my back.” She groaned and rubbed her back. I chuckled and walked to my side of the bed and pulled the frame out, it was easy since it was broken in half. “I’m sorry baby, let me put everything away then I’ll rub your back. She nodded and laid down, walking around the room I picked up the clothes and put them in the hamper, cleaning the toys I put them back in the box and locked it. Turning back to her she was curled up under the blankets fast asleep. Smiling I laid down next to her and pulled her into me, holding her tight I kissed her forehead. "I love you baby.” Listening to her breathing I fell asleep shortly after her.