pounding the rock


Humanity’s first era of Lunar exploration came to a close on this day in 1972, as the crew of Apollo 17 blasted off from the lunar surface. The crew would return to Earth on December 19. 

Spending nearly three days in the Taurus-Littrow valley, Jack Schmitt and Gene Cernan collected 264 pounds of rocks and soil over 22 hours of moonwalking. 

Schmitt, as Lunar Module Pilot, was the only professional scientist to walk on the Moon, whereas all other Apollo astronauts were pilots with geology training.

Seen in the third image above, Schmitt photographed the landing site shortly before closing the hatch on the Lunar module prior to takeoff. 

Many of the Lunar Rover’s tracks can be clearly identified with the orbital imagery taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter more than 40 years later in 2009.

P/C: NASA. Gifs: Age of Destruction.

in solemn stillness - fic & art inspired by It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Fic & art by @museaway
Wordcount: 2.2k
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Dean/Cas (established)

Dean doesn’t know what to get Castiel for Christmas, so he ignores the approaching date on the calendar.

In spite of his initial reservations — what kind of asshole buys a membership to go shopping? — the trip into Nebraska to hit up a Sam’s Club turned out to be worthwhile. Flannel shirts were only $13 and blue jeans were just a dollar more. He threw a couple of each in the cart without trying them on. A 53-pack of multi-colored lighters was an economical $50 and Dean had plans to line the trunk with 25-pound bags of rock salt until Baby was close to dragging.

And then there were the food samples. He had a toothpick in his mouth when he found Sam crouched down in the paper goods aisle.

“Did you try the meatballs in the freezer section? Two words: barbecue sauce. And there were these thirty-dollar cheesecakes? Fantastic. The lady at the end of the aisle is gonna have Bagel Bites in a minute.”

Sam looked up reproachfully. “Dean, this isn’t a buffet.”

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22 meter high Baker’s falls in Sri Lanka. Original caption gives more details:

This 22m fall is noted for the tremendous noise created by water pounding the large rock formation at its foot. Forming part of the Belihul River, it is surrounded by copious giant ferns.

Baker’s Falls derives its name from Sir Samuel Baker, a British man who discovered it in 1845. However, Baker is also credited with the short-sighted achievement of having shot 50 elephant, five deer and two buffalos nearby.

Despite the presence of warning signs (that are often removed by confident bathers), the fall, and more specifically the 12m death trap of a plunge pool, has claimed numerous lives.

Turtle Spotlight

Is time? For turtle spotlight? Yes?


Is time for mata mata!

Is only member of genus Chelus! Is unique rock friend!

Has most long snoot and is beautiful!

An look at smile!

Is biggest turt smile!

Yes is friend

Is large? Can be 33 pounds? More rock friend to love yes?

Pebble mata mata? Is also beautiful? Has red in shell? V pretty?

Friend likes acidic water! Is in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas! Likes slow water like wetlands an backwaters an slow moving rivers! Is aquatic rock friend!

Also is suction feeder! Pretends to be bark an is still? Then fishie swims close then rock friend goes gulp an then no more fishie?

This has been a mata mata turtle spotlight!

Smile friends!

Ted Bundy was a known thief, both before and during his crime spree. He told detectives that he once stole an expensive rug (Costing $1,200) from a Hilton Hotel gift shop. In the book Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer, he explains, “So, without hesitation, I walked into the shop and walked up to it. There was only one person working in the shop… It had this big rock sitting on it, along with a lot of dishware. A couple dozen items anyway, including the ninety-pound rock. Well, I lifted the rock and put it over to one side and lifted all the other shit up and rolled the fucker up and put it under my arm and walked… I just kept walking, with it under my arm, like I’d just bought the evening paper. That was that.”

I love my dad.

And my dad has a really good sense of humor. He is a genuinely funny guy.

But please, oh please, save me from my dad’s sarcasm. He is so bad at sarcasm. He doesn’t realize that using sarcasm in conversation is like using salt in cooking. Sometimes just a tiny amount is called for, sometimes a lot.

Not my dad. When he uses sarcasm, it’s a full five-pound bag of rock salt. “Go big or go using literal, unsarcastic language” is his motto.


#IAmNotAFruit Promotes Women Wearing Whatever The Hell They Want

Reading a women’s magazine is an emotional roller coaster. “Eat What You Want!” headlines immediately follow “How To Lose 10 Pounds FAST” advertisements. “Being Single Rocks!” stories make way for “100 Looks To Land A Husband” listicles. And when it comes to fashion advice, the message is pretty clear across the board: you should be dressing your body according to what fruit it most resembles. 
All The Wrong Reasons // minxchester



“Come on Alex, lighten up a little!”

The part was loud, people milling about drinking their brains out or dancing or eating or playing various drunk games. And Alex just stood in his corner, holding his own cup and giving Hercules the most deadpan expression he could muster.

“I have a thesis paper due in three days,” he said over the pounding rock music. “And you dragged me to a party.”

“Yeah, so you can unfreeze and let your brain cool down for a while.” Hercules rolled his eyes in amusement. “Come on, don’t you wanna let loose and have a little fun?”

“I have a pencil in my hair to keep my bun from falling out,” Alex remarked.

“At least you rock the look, man.” Hercules chugged from his own cup, belching a little. “I’m gonna go get us some shots. Eat. Drink. Flirt. Be merry.”

from what i know about tapirs (very little) i feel like the babies are probably like small dog sized. like not chihuahua but maybe like…a large shih tzu. but really heavy. i also feel like while you could probably hold one theyre not fun to hold. i know a cat thats like 100% muscle and holding him absolutely sucks hes skinny but he weighs like 20 pounds and hes rock fucking solid and i think thats what it would be like


So, today as I was unloading 50 pound bags of corn, I decided to see if I could carry two of them –100 pounds (about 45kgs).  It was HARD! I’m not sure how far I could’ve walked with 100 pounds on my shoulders, to be honest.  I doubt I’d made ¼ of a mile! 

That’s really eye-opening, cos on this journey, I’ve lost 140 or so pounds, so this doesn’t even represent everything that I’ve lost!! WOW! That’s a lot of weight! That’s just crazy!

It was really inspiring for me to do this, to feel this weight, to remind myself how far I’ve come. I’ve really been struggling lately, but this makes me wonder if I could get another bag on my shoulders somehow when I hit 150 pounds lost. That would really rock.  

it is,
so hard,
not to see him everywhere that i look.

his eyes are the creek outside,
of my house,
and i miss them.

his hair is the silky feel of satin,
underneath my palms,
in my bed.

i hear his laugh in the twitter of birds,
the pounding of rock music,
in the eternal silence.

he is so beautiful,
and everything that is beautiful,
is him.

the rolling fire is his breath,
the sweeping wind his strong shoulders,
the rivers are his veins.

he is made of the world,
so i do not know,
how to live in it anymore.

i search the clouds for his face,
examine the shadows for his voice,
but nothing comes.

he is so beautiful,
and he is so,

i miss his fingers,
the strength of them like willow whips,
strong and supple.

the rustling grass sounds like his voice,
the setting sun tastes like his tongue,
everything that is beautiful is him.

i cannot love beauty anymore,
because i love him too much.

—  too much beauty; l.m.
New planet, New Gem (Ulexite with Zultanite and Bloodstone)

Ulexite and Zultanite was heading back to Blood forest when they flew right into the asteroid belt. The rocks pounds on the ship hard enough to knock out the ship navigation system. The pilot pearl had no choice to fly blind as she got them out of the asteroid belt. She continued to fly blind until Zultanite growls. “There is a planet right in front of us!” “Avoiding planet.” The pearl said but they was already in Earth atmosphere. “We are being pulled in. We will have to land.” She said. “We are going too fast. I see us crashing.” Ulexite said as 4 Diamond shards shows 4 crashed. Only one shows that all 3 survived. “We may have to fuse.” Zultanite said as she stuck close to her Ulexite. “There is only one possibility that we did fuse.” “Hold on!” the pearl yelled as the ship crash. Zultanite held Ulexite close as the ship skid to a stop. The 2 got out unharmed. Ulexite soon found the pearl gem, shattered. “Just as I foresaw.” She said. “We need to move. Now.” Zultanite said as she lead the way.