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When me and my ex (together for 4 months) broke up. His best friend; that i have met 3 years ago, admitted having a crush on me. we then started fucking around. We were fuck buddies and nothing more due to my ex being his best friend. I was hi little slut and he was my daddy. The sex was so amazing. He made me cum 4 times within an hour. I loved riding him so hard. And he love pounding me from behind; slapping my ass. The sex was so hot; I still wish we could be together


*makes a million wips of kyan*

*pen pressure breaks*

IDK i couldn’t find a position i liked so i  kept going.

The bottom one will be the one i finish i think.

my pen pressure broke so that’s what stopped me.

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No offense but what do you love so much about Anthony? I don't dislike him but I'm not a fan either.

BUCKLE UP FOLKS this is gonna be long.

What do I love about Anthony Ramos Martinez you ask? Well let’s start off with where it all started: his voice. I LOVE Anthony’s voice. It genuinely calms me down. It’s smooth and soft and feels like honey. But then it can get deep and robust and strong when he hits the lower notes. It’s so charming.

Next I saw pics of him and was like dAMN. He’s very attractive ok. And like not just sexually. His freckles are so cute and pure and look like stars. I can’t express how much I love them. His smile is like actual sunshine when you see him laugh he gets these little crinkle by his eyes and his smile just takes over his face and it’s just pure unadulterated happiness.

That’s the superficial so now lets get deeper. One thing a lot of you may not know about me is I’m an actress. I haven’t done it in YEARS and id like to get back to it but anyway. I know good acting when I see it, and Anthony is g o o d. I watched White Girls and I hated it yes, but Anthony did so well in it. I feel like he really captured the character and the body language in the film compared to what he uses was so different it’s really incredible how he transformed.

Then I learned more about him as a person. He’s obviously hard working, everyone in theatre has to be. But He’s also light and funny and kind. The way I’ve seen him interact in videos of him meeting fans is so refreshing. The way he shows his love for Jasmine is cute and adorable and I hope so many loves me that much some day. He’s great with kids I’ve seen pics and videos of him with children and it just melts your heart. I know some people who’ve met him and none of them have had a bad thing to say. In all the bts videos we’ve seen he’s giggly and cracking jokes and having fun. Being positive. It’s just like a lot of great things. This section feels ramble though so ill move on.

We have a similar story. It’s very different but same concept. He wasn’t able to play baseball in college because he didn’t get form in on time. He never intended to do theatre. When things with baseball fell through he found a new dream and he worked for itHARD he fought for a place in a school, he fought in the school to find his place, and then he fought for jobs. Even after he booked Hamilton he had to work (he worked at a bakery and a daycare which for those of you who know me you know why this had me so shook when I found out)until they began cause he needed an income still.

FINALLY he’s a talented writer. He writes music and Ocean City, Hold On, and the song he did for Daveed’s concert ( cant think of the name right now I’m a fake fan) are all so so beautifully written.

so thats a summed up version of why I love him.

Sensing the Gods

Touch: raindrops falling
Sight: flash of light through the rain
Scent: day after a rainstorm
Emotion: a slight startle when a large thunderbolt lights the sky
Hear: resounding crack of thunderbolts
Taste: the numbing surge of electricity when testing a battery

Touch: the feeling of the wedding ring
Sight: the tears of love as a betrothed walks down the isle
Scent: the welcoming familiar smell of home
Emotion: love as grey as the hair time and passion has aged like wine
Hear: sound of child laughter
Taste: home cooked meal hot from the oven

Touch: the cold pool of tears after a panic attack as sleep calms the suicidal
Sight: a funeral procession honouring the soul to the underworld’s gates
Scent: freshly dug earth in a cemetery
Emotion: peace after a loved one has passed
Hear: the quiet of a cemetery
Taste: salt of tears as a life is not taken

Touch: wind through a open car window
Sight: yellow lines and green lights ensuring a speedy travel
Scent: lingering smell of gas at a full station
Emotion: relief as a long awaited trip arrives
Hear: clinking of coins in a till
Taste: the dryness after a long walk along a gravel road

Touch: long dry grass crunching in the fall
Sight: auburn, reds and golds of Autumn
Scent: pumpkin spice and freshly mown grass
Emotion: solitude and a festival glow as December rolls around
Hear: a lawnmower’s growling as it works through tall grass
Taste: fresh fruits and the taste of nectar and milk

Touch: creamy texture of chocolate in your mouth
Sight: long distance partner smiling after being far away
Scent: lovers perfume/cologne
Emotion: heart pounding, misty eyed love as a smile comes from seeing a love in your arms
Hear: impassioned breaths of intimate moments
Taste: the passionate kisses between lovers forgetting time for a moment

Touch: the long embrace of a soldier and child/love as they come home
Sight: half mast flag
Scent: soldier’s sweat after taking off his uniform from all day
Emotion: pride in your country
Hear: the resounding “Daddy!” of a coming home surprise
Taste: fresh food cooked after time away from your country

Touch: aching feet of a retail worker as they slump in a break room chair
Sight: the clock
Scent: burning embers of a fire, stale ash
Emotion: relief and excitement getting a job offer after searching relentlessly
Hear: clang of an anvil and sizzle of molten iron in a cooling bucket
Taste: cast iron cooked meals, fire cooked steak

Touch: the calluses on your fingertips after months of practice in guitar strings
Sight: beautiful works of art
Scent: lemonades on a day in summer
Emotion: shivering goosebumps as an emotion is struck hard with music
Hear: the sharp and clear melody of a freshly strung guitar
Taste: slight moment of metal and ink as a pen is drawn to your tongue

Touch: animal’s soft fur like water through your fingers
Sight: doe slowly walking out of a dense forest
Scent: a forest with rich leaves
Emotion: awe as a baby deer and mother wait patiently for your car to pass before crossing
Hear: twang of a arrow releasing from a bow string
Taste: cooling water after exploring in the woods

Touch: stiff spine of a new book cracking open
Sight: a deserved verdict to a defendant
Scent: old pages/books
Emotion: peace inside a bookstore
Hear: hoot of a stirring owl in the evening
Taste: fingertips as they’re licked to turn a fresh page in a book

Touch: embrace of a love come home again
Sight: the first spring flower blooming
Scent: new morning dew in spring
Emotion: relief and glowing love as a partner smiles on a long awaited Skype call
Hear: buzz of bees in the summer
Taste: pomegranates

Touch: tide bringing you in to shore again
Sight: crisp blue of the ocean at peace
Scent: the sour smell of a seafood section of a supermarket
Emotion: awe inspired by an image of the open sea
Hear: hooves thundering along a dirt path
Taste: salt of the sea as it slashes into a smile while swimming

Touch: the padding comfort of a bandage on a healing wound
Sight: seeing a loved one feel well again after sickness
Scent: disinfectant
Emotion: the drowsiness of NyQuil as it lulls your symptoms away to sleep
Hear: fresh air after sickness has clogged your sinuses for weeks
Taste: the sweetness as a sigh of relief escapes your breath

Touch: your cheeks stretching against your teeth as a yawn escaped into the sunrise
Sight: painted reds and oranges of a sunrise
Scent: morning dew in springtime at 6 am
Emotion: excitement for a day ahead, full of possibilities
Hear: the morning birds stirring in the early morning light
Taste: morning coffee next to an open-curtained window

Touch: moments when you can feel comfortable with your body after dysphoria
Sight: the charcoal of a panther, eyes glowing in the night
Scent: draping aroma of a fertile vineyard
Emotion: Pride in being part of a LGBTQ community
Hear: chorus laughter of a raucous party
Taste: sweet tang of a well aged wine

This one goes out to

This one goes out to all the Asian girls

The darker skinned girls who feel like they don’t conform to beauty standards (you are so much more than a standard)
The light skinned girls who
The girls who may not have the best grades (you don’t deserve this pressure I am sorry)
The girls who do get good grades and enjoy learning
The girls who work hard to revolutionize their respective fields
The girls who choose to stay at home and raise children

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the black girls

The girls with wild hair that won’t be tamed
The girls with skin so dark it reminds you of a night sky (deep and amazing and you can never fully wrap your head around how vastly profound it is)
The albino girls who feel like outsiders in their own community
The girls who have risen from poverty and made a name for themselves
The girls who are still throng to make a name for themselves
The girls who enjoy acting in “ratchet” or “ghetto” ways and aren’t ashamed to be who they are (you shouldn’t be)

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Indian girls

The girls who wear a bindi and sari and love it
The girls who wear henna like a second skin
The girls who might have a thick accent
The girls who like Bollywood (don’t let anyone tell you it’s silly)
The girls who are told they cannot do what they wish because “how will you get a husband like that?”
The girls who are told it is their fault that a man raped them (it is not and it will never be)

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Native American girls

The girls who were born and raised on the Reserve
The girls who were ripped from their homes and are trying to learn their culture again
The girls who dress up in traditional costumes and dance
The girls who know the legends by heart and
Could tell you
Every single one of them in the second between the flames dancing
The girls who are from here but still get told to “go back to your own country” as if it was not stolen from them by the ancestors of the person speaking to them

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Pacific Islander girls

The girls that grew up swimming and know the tides like they know themselves
The big, strong girls who could move a mountain with one look
The women who had their culture erased
The girls that are working hard to fight the stereotypes of poverty by educating themselves and getting excellent jobs
The girls with voyaging in their blood, and ancestors who travelled thousands of miles so that they could be here today

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the mixed race girls

The girls who feel disconnected from their ancestry
The girls who aren’t considered “truly x”
The girls who are tired of being “aren’t” and being overlooked for everything they are
The girls who are a collision of culture, a majestic mixture of their own interests and so much more than you could ever guess
The girls with the ins and outs of two different worlds memorized like the backs of their hands
The girls that know the struggles her people (because they’re her people too) have gone through
And are all the better for it

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Jewish girls

The girls who get made fun of for their noses
The girls who are told they should “stop being greedy”
The girls that might not eat kosher
The girls that happily observe the Sabbath
The girls who can fluently read and speak Hebrew

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the Muslim girls

The girls who wear hijabs (you can still be a feminist, it’s your body and your choice)
The girls that don’t wear it but still go to prayers
The queer girls who’re worried that Allah doesn’t approve of them
The girls who feel afraid to be themselves because of the environment they’re in (your own safety comes above all else, god knows enough people are being hurt already we don’t want to risk you too)
The girls with bright minds who can see that every religion has some negative aspects, but that normally doesn’t define it

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the disabled girls

The girls with wheelchairs who can’t exactly get everywhere
The girls that need someone to help care for them
The girls who have therapy animals to help them out
The girls with learning difficulties who need tutors (but don’t necessarily have one)
The girls who work hard to have people realize that just because they’re disabled doesn’t mean that they can’t have a good life

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the lesbians

The girls who love girls
(Bottleglass eyes and hopes that reach beyond the stars and smiles and long legs that stride confidently forwards at the parades and good hands that you will never ever want to let go of all of them)
They are a rainbow and
We need more people like them
People who will walk alongside us in the daylight or cuddle with us in the closet
Because before everyone else, we girls should love each other and stick together
Because queer is just another word for weird and aren’t we all a little weird on the inside?

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the bi girls

The ones who are monogamous and love their partner with all their heart but still get dragged into negative stereotypes
The ones who enjoy sex with multiple people (you aren’t a slut)
The ones who aren’t out yet (and aren’t even sure themselves sometimes because “what if I’m just pretending?” even if it isn’t true)
The ones who HAVE a preference (and it isn’t you thank you for the drink but please go away)
The ones who get erased out of events or talked over (because that hasn’t happened often enough ALREADY)

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the pan girls

The girls who love everyone regardless of
Those girls are a ray of sunshine, lighting up anyone’s personality should they be so lucky as to see them
They are wonderful open arms
And you would be so lucky as to receive their affection

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the asexual girls

Not wanting to have sex doesn’t mean you’re any less loveable
The girls who still do aren’t any less valid
But please don’t feel
Pressure to be something you’re not
Because your body doesn’t need to be a sexual object for you to still be confident and pretty and all of those wonderful things I know you are

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the aro girls

You don’t need to have someone
There are many kinds of love
Explore all the facets you want
And don’t
Apologize for something that isn’t your choice
Because not wanting “baby I love yous” doesn’t make you any less of a woman

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the polyamourous girls

The girls with partners that support them and their decisions
The girls whose wonderful hearts are open to loving
The girls who work hard to find dependable people
The girls that are full of intimate trust for their partners

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are all beautiful, important women and the world needs you to continue being yourselves

This one goes out to all the genderfluid/demigirls/etc.

You may not entirely feel like one,
But we are very happy to have you with us
At the times when you feel like a woman
Gender is complicated so please,
Take your time
We’ll be here if you need us

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman (if you want to be)

This one goes out to all the trans girls

It doesn’t matter what you look like
What your voice sounds like
If you’re on estrogen
If you experience dysphoria
You are still a woman
You are passing simply by being yourself

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the GNC girls

The tall girls who tower over their guy friends
The strong girls who can bench 350 pounds
The tomboys who love sports
The girls with short hair or who don’t like wearing “feminine” clothes (they don’t have a gender but whatever)
You can definitely pull off that suit! You look great!

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all the neurodivergent girls

All the girls with depression who are so tired
The autistic girls with strange stims or who have trouble in social situations
The bipolar girls who can’t help their emotions
The schizophrenic girls who hear things that aren’t there
The girls who are afraid to take medication and get addicted
The girls whose therapists are their best friends (I have listened to so many stories but I will help you if it kills me)
The girls who are trying to care for themselves but finding it so hard

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are still a beautiful woman

This one goes out to all girls

It doesn’t matter what you do with your appearance
Or how you live your daily live
Or if you have a partner
Or if you want to
Or if you have children
Or any other arbitrary factors

No matter your age, economic status or physical appearance
You are all beautiful, important women and the world needs you to continue being yourselves

10 of my favorite Korean drama couples

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Valentine’s day is coming up, so here are my 10 favorite Korean drama couples. (in no particular order)

Hong Nan Hee & Byung Hyung Tae - 9 Ends 2 Outs

If I had to choose my favorite couple of all time, Nan He and Hyung Tae would take the title. These two best friends turned lovers are still making my heart pound whenever I watch 9 Ends 2 Outs. Their knowledge and understanding of one another, as well as their constant need to protect each other was wonderfully portrayed. And Soo Ae’s chemistry with Lee Jung Jin was so on point I wondered if they didn’t date in real life.

Ban Ji Yoon & Yoon Dong Ha - A Witch’s Romance

Noona Romance are not new in kdramas but this one is probably my favorite. It was heartbreaking to watch Ban Ji Yoon fight her feelings for Dong Ha because of their 14-year old gap, but the mature take on the subject made it worth it. Plus, their kiss scenes were just too hot.

Na Bong Sun & Kang Sun Woo - Oh My Ghost

These two are just too cute. Introvert Bong Sun and top chef Sun Woo didn’t look like they were ever going to fall in love but thankfully our ghost Soon Ae helped a little. I particularly love how Sun Woo just can’t resist Na Bong cuteness. 

 Kim Bok Joo & Jung Joon Hyung - Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo

A fan favorite and probably the best couple of 2016, Bok Joo and Joon Hyung have brought to light a realistic portrayal of a couple and their relationship. From strangers, to friends, to lovers they’ve showed us how a relation based on respect, communication and trust can work.

Cheon Song Yi & Do Min Joon - You Who Came From The Stars

If these two aren’t the definition of opposites that attracts I don’t know who could be. Using one of my favorite trope, neighbors/cohabitation, Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon’ love story was stellar. 

Choi Hee Jin & Kim Bong Do - Queen In Hyun’s Man

Another opposite attracts kind of story, Choi Hee Jin and Kim Bong Do made my heart pound and break and pound again. The idea that love is timeless and that 400 years of distance is not such an issue was one of my favorites out of all the love stories. 

Yoon Myeong Joo & Seo Dae Young - Descendants of the Sun

Set in the military, the obstacle they faced wasn’t just your usual parents disapproval. Seo Dae Young’ struggle to follow orders while trying to keep Yoon Myeong Joo from hurting was heart wrenching. But it’s Yoon Myeong Joo’ stubbornness that made this couple so lovable. This and their beautiful theme song.

Jang Dan Bi & Lee Do - Splash Splash Love

It was only two episodes but these two gave me feelings that some couples haven’t been able to do in 20 episodes. Their love story was short lived but so sweet that it will be remembered for eternity.  

Grim Reaper & Sunny - Goblin

Definitely the couple with the most painful story on this list, Wang Yeo and Sunny made cry like a baby. To be exact, it’s the innocent and slow approach this couple took only to find out the ugly truth that made cry. Like hurting in one life is already awful but can you imagine it being your destiny? Granted their reincarnation did get a happily ever after but it wasn’t the same. 

Go Eun Chan & Choi Han Gyeol - Coffee Prince

I love these two because not only did they do the romance but they also did the bromance. Their love story was really one that transcended genders, which was quite a feature for Korean drama. Han Gyeol struggle to understand his feelings for Eun Chan, followed by his acceptance of the situation gave me so many feelings. 

One thing all these couple have in common is how much they loved each other, they might not have made the best decisions all the time but their love is so big that it blinded me several times. 

On this note, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day whether you are in a relationship or single. For those of you who are in relationship, enjoy your time with your significant other. For those you who are single (like me) don’t feel desperate and just enjoy the day with yourself or your friends. Finally for those of you who don’t celebrate/care about Valentine’s Day…have a wonderful tuesday :)

The first time was when he woke up, the sun streaming in through a crack between the curtains, Derek’s breathing soft and even next to him. 

This can’t be real, Stiles thought. This life, this happiness, it can’t be real.

He started panicking. Derek woke up and pulled Stiles against his chest. Together they counted, first Stiles’ fingers, then Derek’s. Derek smiled and shook his head when Stiles told him it was because he couldn’t believe how happy he was.

Sometimes he still needs that reassurance, that after all the shit they’ve gone through, after all the shit he’s done, he gets to be happy. And over time, it even becomes a small gesture, for both him and Derek, to show the other how happy they are. So he counts his fingers when he slides under the covers next to Derek, counts them when they’re watching television, counts them any time he realizes he’s truly, ridiculously happy.

He’s sitting at the kitchen counter, willing the coffee machine to go faster, at seven am on a Sunday morning. It would be terrible if not for Derek’s humming drifting through the house as he makes the bed, and the pitter-patter of small feet racing towards the kitchen.

Lily climbs into his lap, and he leans back to accommodate her. 

‘Are we counting?’ she asks, pointing at his hands, lying palms down on the kitchen counter.

‘You want to count together?’ he asks.

Lily nods and bends over his left hand. She press her little pointer finger against his pinkie and says, ‘One.’

When they get to ten, she turns to him with a brilliant smile, presses a kiss against his cheek, and slides off his lap.

‘Love you, daddy!’ she yells, disappearing into the hallway. You’d think it was a small elephant and not a five year-old pounding up the stairs.

‘Love you, too!’ he shouts after her.

The coffee is finally done and he pours himself and Derek cup. As he sets out breakfast, he privately counts his fingers again, a smile on his face.

M-I-A-M-I (PART 2)

Prompt: Please read Part 1 first. Inspired by Daveed’s Instagram post that made the fandom go wild. Y/N and Daveed are in Miami, and things are about to get hot.

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Smut. It’s porn, basically.

A/N: *smokes a cigarette* Shout out to @imaginebeinghamiltrash, @tempfixeliza, and the anons who made sure I wouldn’t abandon this story. Also, @tallish-hobbit  here ya go. Ready to sin? Lehggo.

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Supernatural Preferences #1 – Sex Positions

A/N: I only did a few characters but if you want a part two with more characters, comment there names below please

Preferences below the cut :)

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  • Me: *spams daddy with naughty pictures while he is at work*
  • Daddy: Princess, you know what happens when you do this
  • Me: *spams him more*
  • Daddy: My naughty little Princess
  • Me: *spams him even more*
  • Daddy: I'm gonna pound you so hard, sending daddy naughty pictures while you know he's at work
  • Me: *spams him even more* I love you Daddy
  • Daddy: My naughty little Princess, You're gonna get pounded so hard, I love you too

This is Moose. I found him a few months back as a puppy in the side of the road beaten and abused. Nobody can figure out what he is. He’s hyper but loves to cuddle, loves everyone and every dog, doesn’t bark often, listens well, no more than 3 pounds and loves sticks and leaves. I can’t really get a good picture because he moves a lot and blends in with everything. Can you help me out?

Peaceful (Blurb)

Inspired by this picture and also because Harry is very quickly becoming the cause of my demise: https://two-swallows-above-a-butterfly.tumblr.com/post/158917007871

Also, because some people requested some fluffy romance, so I give you fluffy romance!

You hadn’t meant to stare. It wasn’t as if you were some kind of creepy person who woke up intentionally before your boyfriend just to lay there and look at him. But when the sun had started to peek through the bedroom window that morning and the sudden intrusiveness of light had woken you from the dreamy slumber you were in, you had opened your eyes, blinked a few times, and came face-to-face (or rather, face-to-cheek) with a sleeping Harry next to you.

You couldn’t help but smile, really. You had fallen asleep the night before wrapped up in his arms but, as per usual, had drifted away from him in the middle of the night. You were now on your side and he was on his back, one arm still strung across your pillow as if trying to maintain some sort of contact with your body. His eyes were closed and you could see the subtle rise and fall of his chest with each breath. Your face was only inches from his own and you had one of your legs slung over top of his, nonchalantly.

As mentioned, you hadn’t meant to stare. It was just something about the way the light caught his face, causing a glow to resonate on his cheeks and the way you could count every single eyelash that you were always so jealous of. His lips were in a slight pout as he slept on and his nose twitched every so often as he breathed.

You really couldn’t help but smile. You loved your boy more than anything in the world when he was awake, but you also loved him when he was asleep. It was the one time that you were certain he was at complete peace. With the pressure and anticipation of everything currently going on with his album and movie, you knew his mind was racing most of the time. At the moment, he looked peaceful and relaxed.

You inhaled and exhaled slowly, nudging your body just that tiny bit closer to his, careful not to jostle him too much. You reached up to move one strand of hair away from his eyes. He twitched a bit, but didn’t stir.

Normally, you wouldn’t bug him like this when he was sleeping, but you couldn’t help but brush the tips of your fingers over his cheek, lovingly touching each and every beauty mark and imperfection that you knew by heart.

Harry stirred a bit more this time, but didn’t open his eyes. You were starting to wonder if he was awake, but boldly continued your journey across his face with your fingers, before leaning over to attach your lips ever-so-gently to his cheek.

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Brin is an English Pocket Beagle. Basically she’ll forever look like a puppy. She’s about 12 pounds and just loves to cuddle and give kisses. When she isn’t trying to steal your food, she’ll be lying on you or the back of the couch. She doesn’t know how to bark! (Which means she’s not loud 😋)

I would like to dedicate this one to the fantastic @talortut cause she’s always listening to my nonsense.

“You missed my fucking presentation. You promised you’d be there and you missed it. What the hell was so important that you couldn’t be there for me?”


Standing in front of a large group of people, talking, was never an easy task for Keith. His boyfriend knew about this, and when Keith had his career on the line, Lance had offered to help. He even volunteered to be in it. But when Lance was nowhere to be found, Keith’s opportunities were flushed down the drain as the investors walked out of the door.

The drive to Lance’s apartment was quiet and seemed to take forever. Each moment his blood boiled more and more, and by the time he reached his destination, he was fuming.

Keith fumbled with the keys and jammed it into the keyhole. He swung the door open and felt no remorse when it slammed against the wall. The apartment was silent, and Keith wondered if Lance was even home. But that was definitely Lance’s jacket on the couch and he never left home without it. Keith stormed into the bedroom, and found Lance sleeping curled up in his blankets. If Keith wasn’t ready to rip his head off he’d probably find it adorable how his boyfriend was nothing more than a Lance burrito. But Keith was seeing red.

In a rage of fury Keith ripped the blankets off the sleeping boy. Unraveling the blankets caused Lance to ungraciously fall onto the floor with an “oomph” leaving him. Lance groaned as he started to sit up, hand clutching his head to try and make the pounding stop.

“Lance for the love of god wake the fuck up!” Keith all but shrieked.

Lance’s eyes went wide as his head snapped up. Keith and Lance argued sure, but Keith had never yelled at him like that.

“W-What? Keith?” Lance stuttered out.

Lance’s world was spinning and the last thing he needed right now was a yelling Keith.

“You missed my fucking presentation. You promised you’d be there and you missed it. What the hell was so important that you couldn’t be there for me?” If Keith were a cryer, he’d probably be crying right about now with how emotional he felt.

“What? No the… the presentation is tomorrow morning. I. I had enough time to sleep after my paperwork was done.” Lance was confused. Two nights after he got home from Keith’s when they had finished up all the preparations for the presentation Keith had to give, he had started his paperwork for the start of the next quarter next week. At some point he climbed into bed, ready to sleep till noon and then get the rest of the paperwork done. But when he looked at the clock, it was well past noon.

“Oh I must have overslept” Lance mumbled out. Were they supposed to do more preparations?

“The fuck do you mean you overslept?! This was important Lance!”

Lance was taken aback by the tone. His head was pounding more with Keith yelling at him.

“Keith please I do-” Lance tries but was cut off.

“Lance I just lost my promotion because of you. You were supposed to be there for me! But you just fucking ‘overslept.’ I was counting on you! And you just let me down again!”

This was too much. Lance couldn’t even comprehend what Keith was saying and the volume was so loud that his ears were ringing while his world was spinning. Tears welled in his eyes. “I don’t understand Keith. Why are you so angry?” Lance sobbed out as he rubbed his wrist to his eyes to stop the tears from sliding down his face.

But Keith kept going.

“What do you mean ‘why am I so angry?’ Have you not been listening to me at all Lance?”

“I-I can’t” Lance sobbed out. He went to stand, but his legs gave out the moment he put weight on them and fell forward. Keith on instinct caught Lance and held him up under his armpits.

“Lance?” All the anger Keith had in him dissipated and turned to concern when he could feel the heat radiating off of Lance through his jacket.
Keith slowly settled Lance to sit on the bed and when he pulled away he finally took a good look at him.

He was pale, dark circles under his eyes, and now his eyes were red from crying. Keith’s heart broke, realizing what he just did. He just yelled and berated his clearly sick and delirious boyfriend.

“Lance, oh fuck. I’m so sorry” Keith pleaded. He placed the back of his hand against Lance’s forehead to feel for his temperature, but he flinched away from the touch and let out a whimper. Lance was crying again.

“Oh Lance.” Keith said softly as he brushed his thumbs over the others wet cheeks. “I’m so sorry Lance. Baby please don’t cry. I promise I’ll take care of you.” Keith said as he brushed Lance’s bangs out of his face and continued to stroke his hair.

Once Lance has calmed down and less out of it they are definitely going to have to talk.

110 Pounds of Love

A/N: A follow up to Frank the Tank after they’ve had Frank for about a year, and they’ve just had a baby. Fluffy cuteness. Is this what you had in mind @quirkiest-turtle? ;) @coveofmemories


With little Spencer Jr. chilling out in the Boba baby wrap, you walked outside to start doing some of the dishes. Spencer claimed he was going to start on dinner after he finished reading and walking the dog, your 110-pound brown pitbull Frank a.k.a. Frank the Tank, but when you walked out of the bedroom, you saw a giant brown blob sitting directly on Spencer’s lap. 

“I can’t get up,” he laughed, craning his head to see you and baby Spencer walking out of the bedroom. “He thinks he’s a lap dog.” Frank was curled up, fast asleep, right on Spencer’s lap. He’d been reading his book, using the dog as a place to rest his hands, but now that he wanted to make dinner and walk him, he couldn’t manage to get him up. When that dog was asleep, he was completely dead weight. Frank was fast asleep. “Help me.”

You smirked as you walked into the kitchen and turned on the sink, waiting for the water to come to a comfortable temperature. “I think you might be out of luck,” you replied. While the water warmed, you pulled out your phone and walked over to Spencer. You needed a picture of this giant lump of dog pinning your husband to the couch. 

Just as you clicked the picture, you heard a knock at the door. That would be JJ, Will, Henry and Michael coming over for dinner. JJ and Will got a chance to hang out with mini Spencer, while Henry and Michael fawned over Frank. The Tank took to the boys immediately, so you were confident he’d be a great companion for the baby as he grew up. “Hello loves,” you said, watching as Frank happily jumped off Spencer’s lap and went to go kiss the boys. 

“Frank!” they screamed, placing their arms gently around Frank’s big, burly neck. “Feck!” Michael attempted to yell fetch, but considering he was only three it came out more like fuck so you all had to try not to laugh. While the boys ran around the apartment, Spencer was finally able to get up, lifting Henry and Michael up off the ground and rough-housing with them until you asked him to walk the dog. 

“How would you like to come with me to walk Frank?” he asked the happy-go-lucky children. 

“I’ll come with you too,” Will drawled. “Then we come back, wash our hands and get ready for dinner okay? Y/N and Spencer have been nice enough to invite us over.”

“It’s no problem,” you said. You got a little extra help with the baby from JJ and Will, and the boys absolutely adored Frank. It was a win-win all around. “Have fun with Frank, babies.”

As soon as they walked out the door, you sighed. You loved your boys, both adult and child, human and dog, but there was never a quiet moment anymore. JJ knew and said nothing as she helped you start dinner. Hopefully, Spencer and Will would take their time with the boys.


“Slow down, boys!” Will called, watching as Henry and Michael walked ahead, big brother holding on to little brother’s hand. “Frank wants to catch up!” They looked back and ran toward the dog, arms outstretched as he slobbered them in kisses. “Can’t run too far ahead. You gotta stay near the adults.”

In the proceeding year, Spencer’s arm muscles had bulked up considerably. All thanks to the tank. Trying to wrangle the 110-pound pitbull proved more difficult than he had ever thought; Frank wasn’t mean at all, he was just very excitable. “Woah, calm down Frank,” Spencer said, grabbing tighter onto the leash as Frank got a peek at a squirrel. Will laughed as Frank started barking at the creature that ran lightning speed up the side of a tree. “He really likes squirrels.”

“Honestly,” Spencer said, “he wants to play with them. He has no idea how big he is.”

“Yea, JJ was telling me he thinks he’s a lap dog.”

“Apparently. I’m constantly cold though, and he’s a walking, barking furnace, so he keeps me warm.”

They four turned the corner to start heading back toward the apartment when another squirrel crossed Frank’s path. He lunged forward, causing Spencer to lose his grip and drop the leash. Frank ran forward, past the boys to follow the squirrel, but thankfully he was a very good listener. “Frank! Stop!” he screamed, running in front of Henry and Michael to the dog who’d stopped in his tracks. “You can’t go running off like that, you’ll hurt yourself.” Breathing heavy from excitement, Frank just wagged his tail and licked Spencer’s face. “Let’s get back upstairs.”


About 15 minutes later, you and JJ heard the unmistakable stampeding footsteps of your boys. “Thank you for the complete and total silence JJ, I love you.” Leaning over, you kissed JJ on the cheek. Spencer Jr. had been asleep the entire time, so you got some much deserved silence.

“No problem,” she laughed quietly. “Silence is golden.”

“And rare.”

The door flew open, revealing one barreling pitbull, two boys with an endless amount of energy, and two very tired dads. “How was your walk?” you asked.

“Frank here really likes squirrels, doesn’t he?” Will laughed. “Go wash up boys!”

Frank really did love his squirrels. “He ran in front of me after one,” Spencer said, “But he stopped as soon as I yelled.”

“Good boy,” you said to Frank as he sniffed at mini Spencer. You handed him a treat and he got his nose right near the baby’s butt, moving back almost immediately. “Oh, I think Frank is telling us we have a dirty diaper.”

Considering where he was hanging, JJ did as all mothers do, bending down to do a sniff test on the baby. “Oh yea,” she laughed, “he definitely needs a change. Want me to get him?”

“Gods, yes,” you said. Having friends over really took the pressure off.

this world is dark and full of horrors
but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth saving
that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try

because I look into your eyes 
I feel your heart beating beneath my fingertips
and your strength pressing into my body as we fight the war

and I know that there exists you
someone full of kindness and gentleness and determination
and yes, you have done things, terrible things
actions that keep you awake at night and shaking in the day

but the stars know that your light shines brighter than the sun
that the world may not deserve saving
but you certainly do and my heart may be buried deep
but it still pounds with my love for you
so I believe it should be saved

in the end time is nothing but an obstacle 
and I will find my way back to you
but first I need to do as you ask and make sure the universe remains
when we create a constellation with our reunion

—  Wonder by Abby S