Not sure if anyone actually cares, but I’ve been feeling proud lately so I thought I’d share my progress so far. Thirty pound difference!

What I find most amazing about my weight loss is that I had my best friend through it all. He fell in love with me at 200 pounds. I’m grateful that he looked at what matters in a person, and loved me for what counts. Now a couple of years and 60+ pounds lost later, we are happily married and striving to live a healthy lifestyle together.


These are the reasons I have no social live but I regret nothing they are so so worth it 😋😋😋

At barely 5'2" and 135lbs, I’m considered overweight. I work in the healthcare field, all I heard is about my BMI being high and how I need to cardio (which I hate! And I have asthma). After health struggles and surgery, I gave up on myself for a while. The last couple years I’ve been eating healthy and taking care of myself. (Yoga and weights, NO cardio). BMIs don’t take into account muscle, curves, or bone structure. My numbers don’t mean anything but that I have a killer hourglass figure! (39-29-41!) I feel healthy, strong, and I love my curves!

Today is the first day in four years that I realized I am beautiful. Just the way I am. Almost a year ago today, I married my love, and this is me getting dressed for our wedding. I felt pretty then, but insecure about so many things, including my body. This year I have woken up to all the beautiful realities of life: loving others, God, and today, myself. 

You are beautiful, all of you. Every one of you, and ALL of you. 

The measurable portions of me are:

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 170
Bust: 36E
Waist: 32"
Hips: 43"