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Sea food department and how I got written up the first and only time

So I was on a fourteen hour shift on New year’s eve to steam shrimp for hours on end in horrifying quantities.

People were buying shrimp because they wanted their mudbug appetizers for their new year’s parties and whatnot but many customers who had not come for shrimp were ordering them because they could smell the shrimp and seasoning as I worked tirelessly.

I had orders to fill for people that had called up to a week ahead to reserve shrimp. I had a list and pounds of shrimp stored away to thaw in the cooler.

By 9:00pm we were out of shrimp that was not already reserved for the customers who had called in.

A man in his thirties wearing a nice blazer and perfectly ironed slacks approached the counter. At that moment I was steaming the last ten pounds (YOU READ THAT RIGHT) of small shrimp for a call in who was scheduled to come pick them up at 9:30. Our steamer was tiny. I could only do about five pounds at a time so I had five one pound bags of shrimp sitting on the back counter while I steamed the first half of the order.

Back to nice blazer guy. He orders two pounds of farm raised shrimp. I politely explain that were out of shrimp. All shrimp. We are out.

He wordlessly jabs his thick, sweaty finger toward the back where five bags of thawed shrimp sat pretty and neat on the counter by the steamer.

I wait for him to say something, he does not. I explain that they are reserved for a customer who called in hours before we were out.

“What the f#+! makes them so special? I’m paying for shrimp now, I want those. I should come first! I’m already here.” He grumbles and barks.

I had to explain that they called hours ago. I have to fill that order or I could be fired. Those shrimp are not his and I apologized profusely.

He leaves.

I spot him talking to my manager who is just shaking his head and clearly frustrated that he has to explain something to this entitled stain. It’s probably about the friggin shrimp.

Ten minutes later there’s a SPRAY of ground black pepper being flung into seafood department, then the plastic spice container bounces off the back of my head.
Thank the gods that all the bags of cooked shrimp were closed and I had my back turned, or else I’d have been blind and the shrimp would have been ruined.

I turn around and GUESS WHO IS STANDING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SEAFOOD CASE. That’s right. Blazer guy. He’s standing there huffing and puffing and shouting at me. To this day I have no idea what he said because I was in complete and utter shock.

I could not think of what I should do. This guy was nuts and pissed… but so was I at this point. My feet hurt, I stunk like old bay, I was missing everyone’s new year’s parties and I was just so beat. Best of all I had to be in at work bright and early the next day.

Something dark and unnatural possessed me. I reached back toward the sink, grabbed the spray hose and let loose a stream of cold water on this royal prick. I did not shout, I did not growl.

I said “please leave…” in a mantra over and over until he left to escape the icy flow of my inability to take more crap from him or anybody else tonight.

Yes, he got the manager again. Yes, he caused a scene. Yes, he demanded that I was fired.

The manager, an older fellow who had worked retail for fifty years found me the back room crying because I KNEW that I had just lost my job.

I was handed a write up slip (not the termination notice I was expecting) with a smile and a pat on the shoulder.

“I would have decked that little turd.” My manager said before walking away with a bounce in his step.

I was not fired.

Dalish Food Preservation: Jerky, Pemmican, and Hot-Pot

For most cultures throughout Thedas, preserved foods are a necessity. For the peoples of the Anderfels, and the Elves of the Dalish Clans, this is especially true. The Anders have to deal with the volatile climate of the Anderfels, and the Dalish must deal with their nomadic lifestyle which leaves little room for fresh food storage of any meaningful value.

One thing many cultures have in common throughout Thedas, and even our own real world, is that each cultures has some variation of dried meats. In Thedas, two kinds of dried meats are very ubiquitous throughout most cultures that still make liberal use of preservation: Jerky, and Pemmican.


Jerky is meat that has been sliced or pounded very thin, and then dried with the aid of liberal amounts of salt and seasonings. In the modern era, we usually use nitrates of some kind to aid in the curing of meats like Jerky. In Thedas, and our own middle ages, however, they would have used only salt.

The Dalish typically make their jerky using salt, ironbark syrup (which is similar in flavor to mollasses), fermented rashvine sap and various herbs and spices that are native to the area in which they are staying. For example, Dalish clans in Ferelden and the Free Marches typically use a lot of borage, bay leaf, mint, juniper berries and parsley in their jerky.


Pemmican is essentially a loaf of dried/cured meat, mixed with fat and sometimes other ingredients. Some cultures add fruits and grains, whereas others use only meat, fat and seasoning.

In our own world, it is unknown who truly invented pemmican, but the word comes from the language of the Cree, one of the many indigenous peoples of North America.

Likewise, in Thedas, it is unknown who invented Pemmican. But almost every culture has, or used to have, a variant of it. The Dalish variation is known as ghial’bradh and incorporates a lot of dried berries and wild grains.


Hot-pot, hochepot, or hodgepodge is a stew made of a mixture of various ingredients, usually whatever the cook has on hand at the time. In many cultures throughout thedas, hot-pot is made with pemmican or some other cured or preserved food as its base.

Most cultures througout thedas have a variant of Hot-Pot. In Fereldan and the Free Marches, it is known as either hodgepodge, or rubaboo. In Orlais it is known as hochepot. In Antiva it is known as either mezcolanza or misto. In Nevarra it is known as miktí, and in Tevinter it is known as farrago

Among the Dalish, it is known as grid’iathe. It is typically made with Dalish ghial’bradh along with whatever fresh vegetables, grains and herbs that Dalish clan is able to forage.


Dalish jerky is usually made from wild ram, bear, sheep or boar meat. However, some clans will trade with human settlements for mutton, pork and beef.

yield: about 1.5 lbs of jerky

  • ¾ cup hickory salt (about 6 oz by weight) (pickling salt will work fine)
  • ¼ c ironbark syrup (Maple syrup, molasses, or honey will work fine)
  • 1 large amrita vein bulb or 4 arbor blessing bulbs, crushed (4 spring onions or 4 cloves of garlic will work fine)
  • 2 large spoonfuls purified and fermented rashvine sap (2 tbs Worcestershire sauce plus 2 tbs black pepper will work fine)
  • 5 pounds fresh meat
  • spices of choice (vary by clan, so just use your favorites, or none at all)


  1. Rub the meat with the salt, making sure to cover every inch of meat in a thin layer of slay. If you need to use more than ¾ cup, do so. However, do not use less than ½ cup. 
  2. Lay the meat on a rack in a large container and allow to rest in a cold place for at least 12 hours (the Dalish usually use tightly packed snow or ice, but i’m pretty sure a fridge will work fine). Do not allow the meat to rest for more than 48 hours.
  3. Check the meat every day to check to see if any liquid needs to drained from the container. Make sure that any liquid that is drawn from the meat does not touch the meat. While there is enough salt on the meat to prevent bacterial formations, the same cannot be said for any liquid that is leeched out by the salt. Make sure to remove liquid when necessary. 
  4. After 12 hours, remove the meat and wash thoroughly, making sure to remove all salt. Then vigorously pat dry until the surface of the meat is completely dry.
  5. Once dry, slice meat into long, thin strips no larger than ¼ inch thick. Make sure to slice the meat with the grain, otherwise your jerky will fall apart once dried.
  6. Combine syrup, crushed bulbs, rashvine sap and any other spices of choice in a bowl until you form a smooth paste.
  7. Dip each piece of meat into your seasoning paste, making sure that each piece is thoroughly coated in a very thin layer of seasoning.
  8. Dry your meat using a wire rack over a low burning fire for at least 24 hours, or until fully dried.
  9. In the real world: use a food dehydrator, making sure the temperature stays between 130 and 140 degrees at all times. Dry your jerky until it is firm and stiff but not ready to fall apart.
  10. Alternatively, you can dry your jerky in the oven, making sure to use your oven’s lowest setting and leaving the oven door slightly open.


Similar to Dalish jerky, Pemmican or ghial’bradh is typically made with ram, bear, sheep or boar meat. Unlike jerky, however, it is not as salty, and usually incorporates dried fruit and grains. What results is a thick, dry meat ‘bread’ that is usually stored and then sliced to be heated and eaten later. 

Many Dalish clans will store ghial’bradh is bags made of animal hide. These bags can be made to be air-tight and oftentimes clans will bury bags of excess ghial’bradh and leave specific markers so that other Dalish clans can make use of their good fortune later.


yield: about 3 lbs of pemmican

  • 5 lbs of fresh meat
  • 1.5 lbs of suet (animal kidney fat, specifically of beef, venison and pork)
  • 2 oz (by weight) dried fruit
  • 1 oz (by weight) cup cooked, drained and dried wild rice, or wild wheat berries


  1. Slice meat very thin against the grain.
  2. Dry meat on a wire rack over a very low smokey fire for about 24 hours until completely dry. (alternatively, dry on your oven’s lowest setting with the door slightly open for about 10-12 hours. If you use a dehydrator, bake your meat strips in the oven for 30 minutes at 200, and then use your dehydrator normally). Meat should be completely dry and brittle once done.
  3. Using a mortar and pestle, ground your dried meat into a coarse powder (alternatively, you can use a food processor in the modern world).
  4. Make sure the amount of dried meat is equal (in weight) to the amount of rendered fat you have. Adjust if needed.
  5. Melt your rendered fat completely, but do not allow it to become too hot.
  6. In a large bowl, combine the cooked grain, dried fruit and meat powder.
  7. Add your rendered fat and stir until combined into a smooth paste.
  8. Pour your paste into molds of your choice (the dalish use clay bread pans) and pat down to get rid of any air bubbles. Store in a cool place until set and firm.
  9. Remove pemmican from your mold and wrap in cloth (or use plastic wrap if you live in the real world). 

Your pemmican will keep for longer if you choose to omit the fruit and grain. Many Dalish clans would choose to leave out the fruit and grain until it was time to eat, and then they would mix the pemmican with the fruit and grain in a large bowl before eating.

Do remember that pemmican is very high in calories. 1 pound of pemmican typically contains 3000 calories, so it is very much not a food that you want to snack on. This is, however, the perfect food to take when you go backpacking or camping (or if you’re a constantly travelling nomadic Dalish clan).

Additionally, I recommend buying pre-rendered suet if you can get it, but if you’re interested in being a bit more traditional, check out this instructional video on how to render your own suet.

DALISH HOT-POT (Grid’iathe)


yield: about 8 portions

  • 1 pound Dalish pemmican (ghial’bradh)
  • 1 large bowl rashvine nettles, boiled, drained and washed (feel free to using stinging nettles or fiddleheads instead. Learn how to prepare stinging nettles here, and how to prepare fiddleheads here. Warning: Never EVER eat fiddleheads or nettles raw.)
  • 1 large bowl fresh elfroot, washed and drained (you can use spinach or kale instead)
  • 1 pound potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 6 large Amrita Vein bulbs, roughly chopped (or 2 large onions)
  • Any other fresh vegetables and herbs you can forage (or buy at ye olde grocery store)
  • ½ pound fresh wild rice or wild wheat berries (you can use farro or rye berries if you like)
  • 1 spoonful of lard or butter (you can use vegetable oil as well)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Roughly chop your pemmican
  2. Heat the butter or lard in a large pot. Once the butter has started to brown, add your onions. Cook until translucent, and then add all of your other vegetables.
  3. Put in another water to cover all of the vegetables by at least 2 inches.
  4. Add in your chopped pemmican and wild rice. Cook until stew has reduced to a thick consistency and pemmican and rice are fully cooked.
  5. Add your rashvine nettles, elfroot, and any other fresh greens and herbs that you wish. Cook just long enough for them to wilt and release their flavor.
  6. Season to taste and serve immediately with a large mug of fresh Dalish ale.

Your stew should have the consistency of thin chowder. If you wish for a thicker soup, simply use more grains.

Bon Appétit, or as they say among the Dalish: Son’ava!

I just made lobster salad sandwiches for the husband and me. Yes, it feels slightly heretical to be dumping mayo on what many view as a luxury food, but it wasn’t too long ago that lobster was a food only poor people ate around these parts. 

I’m just being traditional.

Just do your job

More of a fuck these new co-workers story.

I’ve been working at a crafty retail store for a little over a year now. I know where more than half of the stuff we sell goes by heart and they usually have me working the floor to put away the go-backs and recover the store before close. Its easy for me so I try not to complain much but I’m a little pissed today.
A couple days ago they hired a new girl we’ll call ’T’. T had worked at an overrated coffee shop before and doesn’t seem to realise retail is a bit different. We usually only have 1 cashier at the front most days or 2-3 during rushes. On an expected normal night we will have 1 cashier, 1 manager, 1 sale associate, and 1 framer. So T’s left at the front for most of the day.
Usually the previous sales associates on the floor only recover the store so there is ahuge mountian of go backs when I come in for a closing shift. Im usually the only floor person so I had to work quickly to put everything back and still take care of the customers who stop me. T didn’t seem to care. When she would call me up to help ring up customers she would just up and leave the cash register to do anything else. She would turn her light off and just walk out to the floor. Not for a bathroom break or anything like that. What pissed me off us that she did that shit every time she called me up. About 5-10 times during an average day. I told a manager about it, to ask if they could talk to them but nothing ever happens.
Fast forward 3 days later, I come in for my closing shift at 2.30 just in time to see another new hire having her first training shift. We’re gonna call her ‘T2’. Now, T and T2 are high school buddies, so they stick together the moment T2 starts getting trained. So this sucked because T essentially taught T2 a quarter of the basics they taught her to fucking leave with her when I got to the front. Like shit. Since our go back area is by the register when I’m done with a cart I have to go back up to refill it and they would both leave. And T claimed it was so they can both get floor experience together.
Except!! Except that T was hired as a goddamn cashier. And T2 was hired as a GODDAMN CASHIER. Meaning they both have little reason to have floor experience for go-backs because the manager who hired them said they were specifically hired to stay up front as cashiers. If a customer needs something they T or T2 dont know about all they have to do is radio a manager and 90% of the time they know or they call me or the manager up.
This last night, both T and T2 were stuck at the front due to a line of customers. I was sent out to grab carts from the parking lot. When I had come back in, they whined that they wouldn’t have time to take trash out from under the registers. I’d had gotten so pissed off I took all the trash bins from all 8 registers, brought them to my register, called the next in line and rang them out while I dumped all the trash into one big trash bag. Then, when the last few customers were being rang out while both girls stared at me like I killed a child, I told them to put new bags on the bins and put them back. I left to the managers office after that and complained that they didnt even have a method to throw the goddamn trash out. T had been working a little over a week. T2 has been working 6 days. So why they didnt have a goddamn method for trash is fucking unbelievable. Why it took me under 5 minutes to do when they had 4 hours is fucking bullshit. Mostly angry because they had complained the moment I came back from the hot parking lot dragging carts into the store. They yelled about it front of 15 customers who all looked like I was abusing them. It’s literally a chore at home. My manager had agreed and when closing time came they both were told to leave early and they both looked like it came as a shock.
Look, I have shit to do. I gotta do go-backs, clean up the aisles, and deal with customers and their more than often I-didnt-even-try-researching-before-i-got-here questions. Along with following around suspicious customers, following a big family of children because they ALWAYS leave a trail of messes, and doing exerting projects such as move 150, three pound candles across the store. With only 1 cart and an hour till close and only half an hour after close so I don’t have time for this leaving bullshit. I don’t have time for this 'we dont think we will have time for the trash chore’ bullshit. I have no literal time to get fired for not doing my job because I was doing theirs. Fuck T and T2.


Terry-Town - Stevens, Pennsylvania

“Towels by the Pound”
Store Hours: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
R.D. 1 Stevens, Pa. 

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Contactless limit in my store is £30. Guy's total is about £45 ish pounds. In some stores, the contactless limit is £50 when paying with Apple Pay. I told the gentleman that the contactless rule and was told 'it'll accept it electronically'. lol sure okay. *tries to use contactless* Me: do you see the contactless icon? 'no' Me: then insert your card and don't forget your pin.

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Hello :) could you do a scenario with Undertaker and his S/O on Halloween? Thanks!

I have something similar to this from a LONG time ago, so for this one, I went modern!

Yes, Undertaker is THAT house. XD

“D’y’ think this is enough cobwebs? Do I need more?”

(Y/N) can’t help it. When they see their darling covered in literally about ten feet of white, wispy cotton from about three of the pound-store packages, they burst out laughing. “Is that enough?! Sweetheart, if you put on anymore, you’re going to become a cobweb! Why don’t you pin some of those to the stairwell instead of playing dress-up with them?”

“I can’t! I put the skeletons on the stairwell!” Without even brushing any of the fake cobweb from around his eyes, he grabs the plastic decorations he’s attached to the banister. “See? They look so bloody adorable like this! Hmm… d’y’ think maybe I could cover ‘em in some’a the cobwebs? That might look nice!”

“Whatever you want, love,” they chuckle before leaning to give his cheek a kiss. Although Undertaker isn’t so much focused on actually scaring people on Halloween, it usually ends up happening anyway. His attention is just held by the fact that he seems to see the beauty where other people see death, repellant, and terror. Regardless of the reasons he gets into the holiday, it’s just so cute to (Y/N) how excited this time of year makes him. “Did you finish cooking the spaghetti for the bowl of worms?”

That smile of his is one of the reasons they wake up in the morning. He looks so damn proud of himself. “Plus I peeled all the grapes fer the bowl of eyeballs! I even painted ‘em with food colorin’.”

The admission makes his spouse snort as they plug in the fog machine. Personally, they think all of this is just a bit over-the-top, but it makes him happy. As long as he’s happy, that’s all they need. “I don’t quite know if that’s going to stay on, love. Peeled grapes are pretty slimy… which is what makes them ideal for eyeballs in the first place. The coloring might just come off… especially since people are going to be touching them all night.”

“Ah, well… I gave it a shot, anyway.” The reason he finally moves some of the cobwebs away is so that he can lean over and kiss them on the forehead. “This is gonna be great! ‘S been a while since the neighbor’ood’s seen a real ‘aunted ‘ouse, eh?”

“Not since last year, dear,” (Y/N) teases. They don’t mean a thing by it, though. It’s actually a lot of fun to decorate and dress up and scare the living daylights out of anyone who gets a little too close. The annual haunted house also means the older kids and teeangers in the neighborhood regard them as two of the coolest people around. So, really, how can they complain? “Everything looks great, though.”

Boy, but those ecstatic, passionate giggles he gives in response are probably the best thing they’re going to hear all night. It just makes them feel warm inside to know that he’s so delighted about all of this. He enjoys it so much, and it’s his favorite night of the year, and it’s nice to see someone embracing Halloween for a reason other than frightening six-year-olds for the hell of it. “Y’re too good ta me, love, too good! Y’ look amazin’, too.”

“Yeah? The little blood I put here isn’t too scary?”

“No, no, it looks perfect! Y’re stunnin’! Did y’ use that corn syrup ‘n’ food colorin’ trick?”

“Sure did! Looks real, right?”

“Does it! I wanna eat y’ up right now!”

“OH!! H-hey, now! Adrian! Save the nibbling for the leftover candy, you bloody–!”

It’s a bit ironic that the scariest haunted house on the block is filled with laughter for hours before trick-or-treating starts. But, then again, that’s what everyone’s come to expect of the Undertaker and the Undertaker’s mate.

Besides, despite all the giggling, there hasn’t been a year yet that they haven’t been the scariest house in the whole neighborhood.

Keeping yourself from getting super sick: A college student’s guide

Getting sick a lot? Living in the dorms can be a cesspool of germs and sickness. Don’t worry, though! It’s common living in these situations to get maybe two cold a semester or the flu once a year. However, here’s some things you can do to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Although, even if you’re super healthy, if you touch someone’s snot rag, forget to wash your hands, and then rub your eyes afterwards, you’re gonna get sick. However, it might not be as long or as bad if you follow these tips. 


  • Eat Healthy. Yes, fast food is inevitable as a busy person on a budget. However, try to limit yourself. Try to find some fast food options that are healthier. Buy yourself some healthy food from the grocery store too. Pound your spinach and kale everyday. Even in smoothie form, just pinch your nose and gulp it down fast if you can’t stand the taste. This is going to be key to staving off a lot of germs and stuff. 
  • Limit your sugar and sodium intake.  You’re living alone for the first time in your life and you want to go smoosh a bunch of twinkies into your face because you don’t have your mom and dad telling you not to. Well, stop, please don’t do it. Especially when cold and flu season comes. You want your body to be in a state of health and in its A game to fight off germs. 
  • Hand sanitizer is cool. 
  • Keep your distance from sick people. 
  • Wash your doorknobs, handles, remotes, etc. with soap and water or some kind of cleaning spray when colds or the flu are going around
  • Keep your windows open for fresh air. Is it winter? Keep your windows open just a crack for a few minutes here and there. Just get under your covers. 
  • Get out of the building for fresh air. 
  • Take your vitamins. A good multivitamin is often all you need. This will help your body. 
  • GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. 8-10 hours. DON’T SKIMP ON SLEEP. You skimp on sleep, your immune system is going to take a hit. 
  • Manage your stress well. Make sure you keep on a schedule and don’t let yourself get too pressured. Stress lowers the immune system. I’ve noticed that whenever I get really stressed out for prolonged periods of time or get really sad and have a prolonged bout of sadness, my body crashes. Sometimes that’s when colds or mysterious sicknesses sneak their way in. Take care of yourself. 
  • Consume enough calories to the best of your ability. Good calories, good fats, omega 3′s: These will be the things that keep your immune system and your body in good health. Get enough of them. Don’t skimp. Don’t count fat calories in veggies and greens and good healthy things. Count the calories in processed fats and calories. If you get enough calories, sleep, and rest you’re going to be pretty ok. 
  • SAY NO TO ANTIBIOTICS. Unless you’ve got a reaaaallly bad infection. I’m talking the kind of infection that makes the doctor worried. If you’ve got pus oozing out and something is turning purple, take antibiotics. However, a lot of things can heal on their own and if you overload your body with antibiotics, it’s going to put your body out of whack. Antibiotics kill good bacteria in your body. It makes things like yeast infections, candida, etc. grow at a faster rate. It can mess you up. ALSO DON’T TAKE THEM FOR COLDS. 
  • PROBIOTICS!!! Eat yogurt and/or find a good over the counter probiotic pill to take everyday. This helps.
  • STAVE AWAY THE STOMACH BUGS WITH 1 CUP OF PURPLE GRAPE JUICE (no sugar added) AND A TABLESPOON OF APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Pound that in the morning, it will work. What it does is make your stomach environment toxic for bad germs and bacteria. I was doing this a lot and one year at a family christmas party, EVERYONE GOT THE STOMACH FLU, except for me. ehehehehe. IT WORKS!
Actions Speak Louder Than Words

SNOWBAZ PROPOSAL FIC REQUEST. A long time coming, I know, I’m sorry, anon! Enjoy!


“Baz, will you fight me… for the rest of our lives?”

“Baz, will you let me be your horrible husband?”

“Baz, will you just fucking marry me, you git?”

I groaned, throwing myself back on the bed in a dramatic flourish that Baz’d be proud of, away from the vanity mirror. I felt our dog, Cherry, snuffling at my feet and nibbling at my socks, but I didn’t have the energy to drag my bottom half up on the bed.

It felt like I’d been practicing this for 58 years.

I turned over and buried my face in the duvet, breathing in the smell of cedar and bergamot. The smell of Baz was everywhere, apparently.

“Fucking damn him,” I muttered. I couldn’t escape the wanker.

He’d had to take a short business trip, which I thought had been the perfect opportunity to get my shit together. I had been so excited, in fact, that Baz had been insulted, so I’d had to spend a whole day assuring him I wasn’t cheating on him with our neighbor Anthony.

The fact was literally the opposite. Baz left on Tuesday and I ordered the ring as soon as his uber rounded the corner. The moment he was out of sight, I ran back in the door and tripped up to our flat, ripping the landline off the hook and calling the jeweler.

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Beginner witches ... newbies to witchcraft!

I’ve seen a lot of posts basically asking what a beginner witch should buy so I thought I would do a post expressing my personal beliefs on this. I’ve seen a lot of posts with lists and lists of stuff and it just makes me think, while the stuff maybe helpful they’re not really necessary.
So what do I think someone new to witchcraft should buy?

1. A notebook.

This can be from a dollar/pound/euro store, the sole purpose of this book is to note how you did the spell, how you felt before, during and after the spell, and maybe the effects that the spell had (this should be done when you notice the effects of the spell, some spells don’t happen straight away).

2. Salt.

This can be regular table salt or it can be sea salt, Epsom salt, any kind of salt really. Why do you need this? This is to protect yourself, technically you don’t NEED to buy salt but I personally think you should ALWAYS have some sort of circle of protection around you while you are performing magic or rituals. It’s better to be safe than sorry, I’ve experienced one of the negative things that can happen and trust me, you don’t want it happening to you, I don’t wish to scare anybody but you know, I think it’s better for you to know that bad stuff can happen so you can protect yourself and not be put in danger.

3. sage.

Again you don’t NEED to buy sage, but I personally like to know that the area I’m working in and my own energy field is free from any negativity. If you can’t get your hands on sage then lavender works just as well! I used to use white sage before I knew that it was endangered, if you wish to use white sage I’d recommend buying the seeds and growing your own? It will take a lot of time but that way you can use it and not feel guilty 😂

4. A candle.

Yes, I’m going to say this for the third time now, you don’t NEED a candle, but a candle can help with your concentration, it can help put you in the right frame of mind for spell work. This doesn’t have to be any fancy candle, it doesn’t have to be a certain color or scent, it can be a regular tea light candle, again colors an scents help you but they’re not that important, you’ll still be able to do the spell if you use a tea light rather than a red candle which smells like spiced apple cinnamon.

The only things you NEED when you’re doing a spell is yourself, sufficient amount of time to do the spell so you don’t have to rush, and a space where you can do it and not be interrupted. I personally believe that it’s best for you to start using the bare minimum and then slowly work up to using things. Now this is no disrespect to anybody who wants to go out and buy a lot of stuff for their spells, but I think that if you start off with the bare minimum you will be more versatile and be able to do spells anywhere, even if you don’t have access to all of the fancy items you would like to use. If you wish to start off using tools then that is completely fine too, your choice on how you start off won’t make you any more or less of witch :) I hope this post helped!

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Can you write a blurb about being 3 years younger for each of them, so your a freshman and they are seniors?

“ASH” you whined, shielding your head from Michael as he attempted to fluff up your hair.
“Dude leave her alone!” Ashton reacted immediately pushing the flame haired boy away from you and replacing Michael’s rough hands with his caring ones, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and drawing you into him.
He loved babying you since you were only a freshman.
“Hey now, are we okay?” Ashton asked, rubbing your arm as you snuggled deeper into his side.

“WOO YEAH CALUM!” You joined in the crowds cheering as Calum tore across the football field, racing to score.
“TOUCHDOWN!” The commentator yelled as Calum dove into the ground, scoring a winning goal.
Calum reacted wildly as his teammates rushed towards him, two hoisting him up on their shoulders.
“Calum, Calum,” the crowd chanted.
His cheeks we’re flushed and you could see he was searching for someone in the faces, for you.
“BABE!” You yelled at the top of your lungs, jumping up and waving your hands in the air.
He caught your eye instantly and pointed to you, mouthing ‘I love you’
Your smile grew wider, even though you doubted it was possible, mouthing back ‘I love you too’

“Babe,” Michael leaned into your shoulder, snuggling gently. You were getting your books for English, well trying to. “Babe.” Michael whined more indignantly.
“Michael.” You replied, mimicking Michael’s tone.
“No one is around.” He stated.
“That is correct, well done.” You sarcastically responded, patting his bright head.
“What can we do when no one is around?” You looked at him and raised an eyebrow, he grinned back, confirming your suspicions for what he was suggesting.
He didn’t wait for a reply and slammed your back into your locker, simultaneously slamming it shut.
“Mike!” You squeaked, this was a bad idea but you couldn’t deny how hard your heart was pounding.
“You. Me. Store cupboard. Now.” He growled in your ear.

“I suck at cooking.” Luke sighed, defeated by the ruined cake batter in front of him.
“Call Y/N,” Calum suggested, as he knocked a bag of flour off the counter, causing it to explode with a satisfying poof, “she has a free period right now doesn’t she?”
“Good idea mate” He took his phone out of his pocket, quickly dialing your number. It rang for a while before you answered.
“Luke?” You hissed down the phone, currently locked in a toilet cubicle.
“Why are you whispering?”
“Why did you call me in the middle of Chemistry?” You replied.
“Baking, it’s bad.” Luke voiced the problem simply.
“Oh no, they’re letting you bake?” You groaned.
“Calum too.”
“I’ll be there in two minutes, I’ll tell my teacher I got sick or something.” You unlocked the stall door and proceeded towards where the boys were in trouble.
“You’re the best girlfriend ever” Luke exclaimed down the phone.
“I am, aren’t I?” You smugly replied, hearing him giggle and then hang up.


A beginners thrifty equipment & tools list for witchy beginners!

Always I see people asking various tumblr witches what the basic things they need to start off as a practicing witch are… every witch has a different answer because every witch is different. I tend to find that some of the answers from witches who have been so for quite a while leave a lot of really basic stuff out, or add too much advanced stuff in, not on purpose but just due to the passage of time or the thought that with hindsight they wish they’d had this or that in the beginning. Most lists, are infact very useful. For me, half my problem was budget. I want to be able to buy all of the awesome potions and lotions and spell kits available but I just do not have the funds! I know it’s not necesary to have them but it would be nice because they’re all so pretty! Anyway for those of you with all the want but none of the dollar… here is my thrifty beginners guide…. from a beginner!

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anonymous asked:

i steal pets from the popular people and dress them up as the popular people


Stealing is wrong. It’s interesting that you like to dress up pets, but a lot of people really adore their pets; they are like family members. I don’t agree with taking pets.

If you treat the animals kindly, maybe go to the pound or a pet store and look for pets that look similar to those the popular people own. You can then adopt said pet legally, dress it up, and then have your own inside joke that would be much cooler and nicer, imo.

For instance, now because the pet is yours, you can go for walks with it in front of the popular people who still own their pets, so perhaps they will look at you at go: ????? because your /own/ pet looks similar to them. 

Also, if you don’t care for the popular people, consider how the pet feels being separated from its owner. Animals can miss their owners, so that further reinforces why you should adopt your own, if you’re ready to be a kind pet parent.

So, yeah in conclusion: Please don’t steal since it’s not good for the owner or the pet or for you. Adopt, if you’re ready for it (especially from the pound; you’d be doing a lot of good). 

Hope this helps. 

At Work AUs
  • i work in a jewellery store and i gave a customer a ring to try on and now its stuck cause i messed up the sizes, you were another customer willin to help my sorry ass out and i was totally cool with it until you brought a stick of butter out of your bag and are spreading it all over her finger/the ring now theres not many more ways this situation could get me fired
  • youre my coworker and i gave you drugs in a club last night and today youve called into work tellin them that youre not comin in bc youre still high, have i befriended a fuckin idiot
  • ive worked this job for two years and i dont know your name, and actually no one else seems to either? who the hell are you and why is it you always sign the company christmas and birthday cards with just the letter x 
  • i work in the pound shop and every day you come in and ask how much something is before walking out one of these days im going to get fired for kicking your ass
  • you work in the pound store and youre really cute and everyday i come in and the first time i swear it was a mistake i was so nervous cause youre so pretty, but then i realised how adorable you look when youre annoyed and i just cant help myself
  • were both paramedics and were being forced to start buying and bringing our own equipment because someone keeps stealing them and i know its you because ive spotted you pocketing the oximeter a couple of times and while i could easily snitch on you im more interested in what kind of undercover business youre running here
  • im a tattoo artist and you keep coming in to book new tattoos and then cancelling the appointments last minute and im not sure if youre really indecisive and i should step in to advice you or if youre just coming in to watch me draw
  •  i got banned from the cafe you work at because “i assaulted an employee” more like your creepy coworker kept slapping your butt whenever he walked past you, so i tripped him over on the way past and he accidentally broke his nose against the tiled floor