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Anorexic Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

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Prompt: Can you do an imagine where the reader is Bill’s girlfriend and shes severely anorexic and he tries to help her to eat and he cries at night bc he’s scared of losing her thanx :)!


Note: So…sadly I know a lot about anorexia. My mother was anorexic and it got so bad she had to go to the hospital because her heart was failing on her. She had to to through rehab and all that stuff and now she’s slowly gaining. Having the “perfect body” is a major cause of anorexia but just remember that the models are photoshopped to be beautiful and they go through so much torture to make themselves so skinny. It’s okay to lose weight but not to the point where you look like a walking skeleton with skin. Enjoy anyways! :D!

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The perfect body.

Society’s beauty.

0% fat.

Fat is bad.

Don’t eat food.

That was all she thought of.

She needed to look perfect.

She needed to be thin.

The magazine’s bullied her calling you fat and saying she had gained 20 pounds.

Those stupid gossip magazines caused all of it.

I didn’t know it at first.

At work she stopped eating lunch and then occasionally made light dinners of salads. For weeks that’s all she ate for dinner was salad and then afterwards ran a couple miles.

I was an idiot then.

I didn’t stop her.

I knew some thing was wrong but… I did nothing. Didn’t say or do anything to stop her. For months she continued to starve herself and exercise until she was exhausted.

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anonymous asked:

I've never met one person who promoted a fat person starving themselves.

Hi anon, I think you referring to this quote I reblogged:

“The reality is that fat people are often supported in hating their bodies, in starving themselves, in engaging in unsafe exercise, and in seeking out weight loss by any means necessary. A thin person who does these things is considered mentally ill. A fat person who does these things is redeemed by them. This is why our culture has no concept of a fat person who also has an eating disorder. If you’re fat, it’s not an eating disorder — it’s a lifestyle change.”
— Lesley Kinzel

I have experienced this countless times and to be honest I have to admit that years ago I was one of these people as well who looked at an overweight person eating a burger at McDonalds and thought: “Wow this person should better not eat this burger!” When I was overweight I felt like I don’t have the right to eat. I felt like I have to earn my right to eat with a workout. I felt like it is my responsibility to get myself back into an “appealing” shape. Weight Watchers was one of the main triggers for my eating disorder, but even though people in my surrounding noticed that I was starving myself and consuming not more than 800 calories a day from silly diet shakes, they still gave me a feeling of “good on you, girl, no one wants to be fat, so you just do what it takes.”

How often get fat people told “You could be very pretty if you’d lose a couple of pounds!”? It’s reality that magazines show before and after weight loss pictures of celebrities saying “After losing 20kg NOW she looks amazing!”, not considering that these people might have done horrible things to their bodies. Some of them even promote things like mono diets or drinking diet shakes or whatever. Diet culture exists, fat shaming exists and the encouragement for fat people to lose weight, no matter how, exists too. 

Diet culture is dangerous. Our mental and physical health is our most important, precious gift and should always be our Nr.1 priority. And if that means to eat a bag of nachos with cheese dip without feeling guilty while having a movie night with your friends, even though you might be overweight, then this is your god damn right. 


These out of order screenshots from Jaehyo’s V Live affected me. Block B just recently coming back from Japan, Jaehyo having to go through extreme dieting just to lose a few pounds for MH magazine, having to RECORD after with 4 days without water, barely consuming food. Thinking that with better pictures of his body will please BBCS giving a vibe that he not confident in his looks. Asking how many people are watching and answering with “3?” He thinking that he is not popular. Last but not least the last words are the most powerful to me, “I won’t say much but just stay with me” those words made my heart feel extremely heavy and I just really wanted to cry so hard and hug this man.

A Little Word about Chris Hemsworth

Okay, I feel like I ought to make a few things clear, even though no one has actually called me out on them yet.

I like Tom Hiddleston.

Really like him. He’s an amazing actor, talented human being, seems like a decent person, he’s freakin’ beautiful and a lot of the success of the Thor films can be placed on his shoulders. I’m going to see Coriolanus (hur hurh anus) tonight as a matter of fact, it’s being screened at my local cinema, so I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to see it.


I am getting a little tired of hearing about him, seeing his face pop up on my dash like all the time and I am little bitter about the lack of extra scenes involving Thor - y'know, the title character- and a distinct lack of credit Chris Hemsworth gets for playing him.

I was having a conversation with my boyfriend about Avengers casting and how no one else could play Thor- Chris Hemsworth has made that part work, that was entirely down to him. His charm, presence, comic timing, charisma and perfect beautiful face is why Thor works as a character and why I pretty much fell head over heels for him.

‘No one else can play him,’ I declared.

'Well,’ Boyfriend said 'what about that big blonde guy from Cabin in the Woods?’

'You mean the one that dies on the motor-cross bike when he crashes into the force field?’ I asked.


'The one that bounces all the way down?’


'That was Chris Hemsworth.’


So, just to clarify, the only person who can replace Chris Hemsworth, is Chris Hemsworth.

I am not being contrary when I say that I barely remembered Loki’s character from the first time I saw Thor. It only occurred to me after I saw The Deep Blue Sea with my mum and realised 'Oh yeah, that’s the guy who plays Loki.’

I fell in love with Jane Foster to, not shipping them at first, just loving how awesome her character was and how well they’d portrayed her - a brave, human scientist who is passionate and focused on her work. I can’t remember the point at which I fell for the ship so hard that it has literally consumed my life-force, but fall I did.

Tom Hiddleston gets a lot of love, that’s fine, but I would just like to project my love for Thor, because - whilst I’m really glad Marvel are listening to fans (especially female ones) - I would like to remind them that Thor has fans to. Lots of them. Myself included. We do exist and we would like some love to - please please PLEASE release those scenes that were in the freakin’ trailer even if it’s on the DVD release or on some sort of ultra-super-duper special edition. There’s an audience for them, not as vocal as Loki’s, but we’re here.

If you can justify releasing that, frankly disturbing, screen test on the basis of loudly vocal fangirls, then I feel I am within my right to mouth off about a lack of Thor in a ponytail and that passionate, beautiful kiss from the trailer that I have giffed on my phone. I paid a whole ten pounds to own a magazine scan of some scenes that lead up to that kiss, I’d be more than happy to shell out for a special edition with those scenes. I’d be beside myself. I’d pre-order that fucker so hard my credit card would start crying.

Just so’s you know.

It’d be interesting to see more conversation about the way that womyn are socialized to by physically weaker. 
From a VERY early age womyn are deprived of the activities that would cause her to build muscles and develop an interest in fitness. By the time she hits 12 if she’s even involved in sports then she’s armed differently:
> in high school and middle school many of the guys who were in sports teams took weight lifting, the coaches openly encouraged their team to do these sorts of things. So, as his body is developing he’s learning important skills about fitness, health, and his bodies own strength. He’s also likely effecting change on his bones structure and muscle mass that he’ll cary for the rest of his life, even if he doesn’t continue working out as much he’s already learned what he could be. Among themselves men discuss building mass, lifting weights, ect. ect. and while aerobic style workouts is part of that it is assumed that this is one way to create endurance or to shave off parts of their mile or something…
> in h/s and middle school the womyn who’ve not been picked off from sports are given more aerobic themed workouts. Even if we’re not participating in dancing or something, I can’t tell you how many lines I ran in my schools gym in connection to basketball and volleyball while the male basketball team was lifting weights. I don’t think even my (highly skilled, very talented) all female coaches built strength for the sake of building muscle mass. Among ourselves we often discussed things like working out strictly in context of dropping 15 pounds, magazines taught us how to “tone”, doctors nagged us to “raise our heartbeat.”

From a very young age womyn are deprived of the ability to learn their own strength, it forces us to see ourselves as weak, and it empowers men to see themselves as physically strong. After it’s all said and done, most men reach adulthood with the knowledge and skills to continue to build strength along with the knowledge that they are strong, the self confidence to achieve, and the genuine belief that they are better than womyn for this. Most womyn reach adulthood without the knowledge to build strength, with the general understanding that they are ugly or fat, with a lack of personal confidence, without the skills, knowledge, or body* to change this, and the belief that they are secondary to men.

*obviously most womyn are physically able to learn these skills and execute them, but a childhood spent building physical strength likely has some very identifiable outcomes on the body.