pound into a pulp

Signs as movie quotes
  • Aries: Sometimes I don't think people realize how lonely it is to be a kid. Like... you don't matter.
  • Taurus: Sweetheart, you can't buy the necessities of life with cookies.
  • Gemini: It's called a sense of humor - you should get one - they're nice.
  • Cancer: If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game-show host.
  • Leo: The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit.
  • Virgo: You can't change who people are without destroying who they were.
  • Libra: If the sky were to suddenly open up... there would be no law... there would be no rule. There would only be you and your memories... the choices you've made and the people you've touched.
  • Scorpio: It's mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.
  • Sagittarius: Well, it's a crazy, fucked up world! And we're all just barely floating along, waiting for somebody that can walk on water.
  • Capricorn: You think you're free? I'm free! You don't know what freedom is! I'm free! I can breathe! And you - you're gonna go choke on your average fuckin' mediocre life!
  • Aquarius: One thousand years from now, there won't be any guys and there won't be any girls, just wankers. Sounds all right to me.
  • Pisces: The first time I ever saw a box jellyfish, I was twelve. Our father took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I never forgot what he said... That it was the most deadly creature on earth. To me it was just the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

i ache:
there’s this emptiness
without teeth gnawing
where i was glued together
i am coming apart

i ache:
there’s this loneliness
i can’t seem to place
all i know
my heart and my mind
its petty punches
around the hollows of my body
i am pounded pulp

i ache:
there’s this overwhelming urge
to cry
to open lakes and dams
flood all my river valleys
until i am no more
i swim limbless

i don’t know where it is but i ache.

nobody’s home and i ache.

i ache, love.

i ache.

—  janyn // psychosomosis // no. 050816

“What’s the matter cowboy? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Erron Black and Cassie Cage, how they sorta look like in the MKX comics. Cassie’s hair looked great like that in the comics, but Erron’s wavy hair though…so cool.

(Spoilers) It’s kinda like an AU, Erron was supposed to be locked in a dungeon, but let’s just say Kotal thought that for him to redeem himself, he brings him along to keep fighting for him. (Healed or not)

Then by the time Cassie and Jacqui arrive possessed, they all fight and Erron has to fight Cassie. He’s all surprised because of her appearance and strength. She gets stronger possessed.

I don’t think that’s a good time to admire somebody son, you’re about to get pounded to a bloody pulp, unless you secretly like that and you just don’t want to admit it. You psycho mercenary you… O.-


Wow, I was in a badass mood since yesterday because I was listening to Anberlin and Cradle of filth for a while. Songs like Reclusion and Nymphentamine made me want to do something dark and beautiful for some reason. I took my time in this for two days.

I’ve been using a crappy pen that surprisingly was able to shade the same way a pencil does a bit. I still can’t believe it! XD

Please do not claim or steal the artwork thank youz. ^_^


goddam, vriska

“may8e I sh8uld justs rip my he8rt out of my chest and pound it to a 8loody pulp here on my desk with my sup8er strong ro8ot arm.”

“8ecause clearly it’s up to me to feel em8tions for the 8oth of us, you misera8le soulless witch!”

“I only regret killing you cause it m8de you so 8ORING!!!!!!!!”


wheezes.  this is a good ship.


Jungle stories magazine

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Edgar Rice Burroughs contributions to pulp fiction. From the Sci-fi romance of the Barsoom series to to the Hollow Earth fantasies of Pellucidar to arguably his most famous creation, Tarzan of the Apes.

And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery the pulps pounded Tarzan flatter than the paper they were printed on. Morgo the mighty, Jam of the jungle, Matalaa, Ka-Zar, Sheena & the most prolific of homages, Ki-Gor, The White Jungle Lord.

Ki-Gor made his debut in 1939, satiating the readership’s desire for lost cities, savage jungle hordes & a commanding blonde protagonist and his eminently kidnapable wife. The tales didn’t shy away shock either, countless covers feature women at the spearpoint of a menacing cannibal or moments away from being ripped to pieces by a menagerie of African beasts. Story titles like Slave of the Jackal Priestess or The Apes Screamed “Kill!” Tell you more or less exactly what you’re going to get.

Fiction House would ultimately publish more than twice the number of stories featuring Ki-Gor, then Edgar Rice Burroughs did of Tarzan, 59 in all, over the course of fifteen years.

Jungle Stories, Fall, 1948.

Cover (most likely) by George Gross.

Seriously, when has Maya ever pushed Lucas into doing violent things? No, give me ONE example of Maya encouraging Lucas’s bad behavior because so far there has not been one episode or scene that supports this line of reasoning.

If you think Rules counts, you’re utterly mistaken. That was all fun and games. Nothing more nothing less.
And yes, Maya does get slightly turned on by Lucas anytime he shows off his strength and/or is being protective over his friends (and if I can recall back to the time this episode aired, so did half of the entire fanbase- including most of you ya hippopotamuses) but I think you’re ignoring one important detail: she only finds his macho-side attractive when we KNOW he’s got everything under control and isn’t going to end up hurting anyone. And guess what, he hasn’t.
Also, if we’re talking about how Maya is a bad influence, did yall just suddenly forget about the time when she stopped Lucas from pounding Billy into a pulp, you know after things got serious? Or when she tried to convince him to NOT ride tombstone the bull when he wanted to prove himself to his TEXAN community? Both of which Riley hasn’t done? Not that I’m saying Riley encourages any type of bad behavior but, let’s face it, she doesn’t always know what’s best for the people she loves. That was evident all throughout the Texas episodes. It’s okay though, because it shows that she still has some growing up to do and I’m all up for that.

I’m sick of this hearing the same old argument all the time. At least try and come up with something new so that we can discuss it because this is just getting repetitive and boring.

Bellamy Blake, Private Investigator (Part II/VI)

Part I

Bellamy was surprised how quickly clients rolled in until he found out Octavia was telling anyone who would listen that he could solve all their problems.  For the most part, the cases were simple–getting Jasper Jordan off of a marijuana charge, convincing Lincoln and the Grounders not to pound Nathan Miller into a pulp for swiping some parts from the gang’s garage, tracking down Sterling’s ex-girlfriend–and he actually started making some money.  A few cases were harder, like Raven’s (my mom never really knew who my father was, but I’ve got it narrowed down to these four losers and I’d like to know for sure) but Bellamy was good at reading people, and even better at putting pressure on them until they cracked.  (Raven’s dad was a trucker up in Fresno and she passed on meeting him due to his raging meth addiction.  Bellamy ended up fucking her on the narrow couch in his office a few weeks later, but that was neither here nor there).

Within months, he’d built up a pretty decent client base as Octavia’s friends told their parents about his skills, and he went from fixing up petty high school problems to catching cheating spouses, and he during his free time he worked on the Jaha case.  Not that he’d made any progress–everyone was convinced that Murphy had done it, despite his constant protestations of innocence.  He didn’t exactly believe Murphy, but a lot of things didn’t add up with the arresting officer’s story, either.  For one thing, he highly doubted Murphy would be dumb enough to use a knife with his name on it and then not dump it.  At the very least, he would have wiped off Wells’ blood.

Even though Bellamy hated being in Arcadia, business was good.  His door creaked open late one night as he shuffled away a handful of photos for a client who was about to get a hefty divorce settlement.  “Just a second,” he called without looking, the client’s heels clacking over his uneven wooden floors.  He turned and almost choked on his tongue, because the last person he ever thought he’d see in his office was Clarke Griffin.  But there she was, in all her glory, staring at him with those icy blue eyes.  “Can I help you?” he growled.

“I want to hire you,” she said evenly.  “I think my mother killed my father.”