pound into a pulp

Signs as movie quotes
  • Aries: Sometimes I don't think people realize how lonely it is to be a kid. Like... you don't matter.
  • Taurus: Sweetheart, you can't buy the necessities of life with cookies.
  • Gemini: It's called a sense of humor - you should get one - they're nice.
  • Cancer: If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game-show host.
  • Leo: The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit.
  • Virgo: You can't change who people are without destroying who they were.
  • Libra: If the sky were to suddenly open up... there would be no law... there would be no rule. There would only be you and your memories... the choices you've made and the people you've touched.
  • Scorpio: It's mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.
  • Sagittarius: Well, it's a crazy, fucked up world! And we're all just barely floating along, waiting for somebody that can walk on water.
  • Capricorn: You think you're free? I'm free! You don't know what freedom is! I'm free! I can breathe! And you - you're gonna go choke on your average fuckin' mediocre life!
  • Aquarius: One thousand years from now, there won't be any guys and there won't be any girls, just wankers. Sounds all right to me.
  • Pisces: The first time I ever saw a box jellyfish, I was twelve. Our father took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I never forgot what he said... That it was the most deadly creature on earth. To me it was just the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

I was really inspired after reading @beta-19‘s origin story for her Scrappy Morty (go check it out!), so did some fanart of him. The poor thing ends up cycling through like five Ricks and just needs a hug so badly… but is also capable of pounding your face into a pulp if pushed.

It was so much fun doing this! Got to test out some new Photoshop brushes and just tried not to worry too much about being neat :) And it’s always fun to do colourful alien planets.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 15: Complications

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1500 Words

Chapter Summary: Facing an issue from your past might mess up your relationship with Jensen.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Author’s Note: There is mentions of abuse in this chapter, and more angst is coming in the next chapter!

“Brad?” You whispered, ready to head back into your trailer and lock the door. Maybe if you did, and closed your eyes he would be gone. It would be one big bad dream. Closing your eyes for a second, you opened them, frustrated and scared to see Brad still on the step. He was looking up at you, a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He hadn’t changed much in the year since you had last seen him. His dark brown, almost black hair, was cut extremely short, his face still a creamy tan with chiseled jaw bones. His dark brown eyes stared up at you, studying you closely. His wide shoulders were encased in a gray long sleeved henley, and he looked exactly the same. And it scared you. “What are you doing here?”

“I had to see you.” He said, his voice still the same, sandpaper gruff voice you remembered. The voice that still occasionally haunted your dreams. “It’s been too long.”

“Not long enough.” You answered, shrinking back from his outstretched hand. He noticed, his brown eyes darkening enough that they almost looked black.

“Y/N, is that anyway to treat your fiancee?” He asked you, his hand clenching into a fist.

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Stars in the Night: Chapter 5

Noctis liiiiikes her. He wants to huggggg her. He wants to kiiiiiss her. 

Okay, I am officially obsessed with these two help me?!!???!?!?!?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. They’re becoming less and less awkward with each other. gee, just kiss already. 


I hope y’all enjoy. 

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Word Count: 1,935

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The next few days were hard… as it were to be expected.

Di was gone. It felt as if Stella no longer had a purpose to pursue.

Her best friend, her roommate, her business partner. She was gone.

Now, she traveled around with several young men who were just barely more than strangers to her. They were more than kind to her, however. Accepting and welcoming. The allowed her into their group, including her in everything. Their jokes. Their deep conversations. Everything. She truly was becoming one of them.

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Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 14: Lightning Rod

“Glad you all made it! Now let’s talk about Firaan,” Ryder said, looking at a sight that made her feel as though the universe was right again: her whole team back on the Tempest, with Evfra at her side, no less.

“It is good to be back,” Jaal said with a smile; he looked a little worse for ware, but not enough to worry her.

“I was worried there wouldn’t be anywhere to come back to, from the news I heard,” Vetra said, running her hand along the table edge unconsciously.

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I actually forgot to come up with a title for this one and scheduled it anyway. OOPS.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 2,676
Summary: You can sleep through anything, literally anything, except for the banging of your neighbour’s pipes when they decide to shower at three in the morning. You decide to say something, and well, it doesn’t necessarily go as planned.
Warnings: language, alcohol, Steve Rogers in only a towel
Author’s Note: This is based on the prompt: I SWEAR to GOD if I hear you showering at THREE IN THE MORNING again, I will seriously fight you, the pipes in this building are RIGHT above my bedroom, WHY are you taking showers at THREE AM. As always, it’s for @rogersxbarnesx who can see herself dreaming about the Avengers fighting crime in terrycloth.

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

You’re usually a heavy sleeper. You’ve slept through thunderstorms, house parties, neighbours yelling at all hours of the night, and even a tornado that one time. You’ve slept through screaming babies on airplanes and your old roommate’s extremely loud sex noises. You pride yourself on being able to sleep through anything, but you can’t sleep through this. You can’t sleep through these fucking pipes.

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The One Where He Pays You To Go On A Date (PART 1)

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Summary: Theo’s trying to prove his sincerity to the pack and what better way then to hire a fake girlfriend and be sickeningly sweet for a night?

A/N: I could write a part two if you guys really want one, let me know? xx

“Ugh Theo, what are you doing here?” Stiles spits as he spots Theo approaching his table.

“I have a date,” Theo replies, looking from Stiles to Malia and then taking a seat at a table across from them, signalling for a waiter.
Stiles rolls his eyes and Malia shoots him a look causing him to mouth the words ‘fine’.

As you walk through the door, Theo stands up and pulls out a chair for you, “You look beautiful,” he says softly, kissing you on the cheek.

“Are you ready to order?” the waiter asks and Theo looks at his menu, “Give us five minutes and we’ll-“

“I’ll get the Choc-Vanilla pancakes with vanilla ice-cream,” you say quickly, snapping the menu shut and smiling at the waiter who nods and looks to Theo who stares at you surprised.

“Uhhh- I’ll have the Wagyu Steak,” he smiles.“Would you like a drink with that?” he asks and you shake your head, “Water is fine.”

Theo points to a drink on the wine menu and with that the waiter turns around and disappears into the kitchen.

“I’m paying, you didn’t have to order the cheapest thing on the menu,” he smirks and you stare at him.

“I really like pancakes is all,” you mumble and he smiles, placing his hand over yours, “And I’d really like to get this over with,” you add quietly.

“I missed you,” he smiles and you narrow your eyes, “Yes, I too missed you since I last saw you ten minutes ago when you paid me,” you say sarcastically and his eyes widen before he pulls out his phone and texts you, knowing Malia was listening in on Stiles’ request.

Theo Raeken:
Shut up. People can hear you. All you have to do for the next hour is not run your mouth.

You: Who could possibly hear me? I literally whispered. No one’s hearing is that good.

He smirks as he reads your reply before going back to scowling.

Theo Raeken:
Just follow my lead.

You start to wonder whether playing along with this had been your best decision. Earlier on today, Theo had approached you and asked if you could be his date for the night and when you politely declined he just laughed and talked about how you needed money; which you did. You had no idea how he knew about your situation, but you were in no position to decline. You didn’t know why he had picked you or who he was trying to make jealous until you spotted Malia sitting at the table near the window with Stiles.

Theo snaps you out of your thoughts, “So how was your day?”

You feel your heart drop. You had had the crappiest day ever. You failed a paper and lost your laptop and some sleazy freshmen wouldn’t leave you alone. Theo clears his throat and repeats the question.

“Huh- yeah it was alright I guess,” you mumble before taking a good look at Theo who would probably be able to pound the freshman to a pulp, “Actually, there’s this freshman that’s really been bugging me so I don’t suppose if I give you half your money-“

Before you can finish he leans across the table and presses his lips to yours and as he pulls away he hovers centimeters away from your face, “Stop talking about the money,” he whispers through gritted teeth.

You feel your cheeks turn a bright shade of red, “O-Okay, if I give you back half the notes you lent me for class, do you think you’d be able to take care of him for me?” you stutter, still feeling flustered.

Theo is intrigued by your reaction and smiles a little before nodding, “I’ll do it for free if you guarantee me a second date,” he says and you furrow your brows together.“Really?” you mouth the words and he shakes his head rolling his eyes.

Finally the food arrives and you’re beyond relieved that you don’t have to continue making weird small talk. However, you do notice Theo stealing looks at Stiles which you keep telling yourself is none of your business.When you finish eating, Theo orders dessert for the two of you despite you pleading with him not to after feeling full and quite frankly sick from all the pancakes, not to mention wanting to leave as soon as possible.You awkwardly share a sundae with him, feeling your heartbeat rising a little and constantly telling it to shut up because this wasn’t a real date.

“So, have you ever had a boyfriend before me?” he asks a little too loudly and you choke.You stare at him and look for a way to avoid answering which you find by shoving spoonful after spoonful of the sundae into your mouth after which Theo just looks at you completely amused.

“Ready to go then?” he half laughs and you nod vigorously, your mouth full.“I’ll take care of the cheque, you can head on out,” he says, putting his jacket over your shoulders and kissing you on the forehead.You just stare at him before heading out and waiting for him beside his car.

“Y/N, right?” you hear a voice from behind you and you turn around to see Stiles.

“Uh, yeah. You’re Stiles, right?” you say, shaking his outstretched hand, “And Malia,” you say, looking at her to which she smiles and nods.

“So, are you and Theo dating?” Stiles blurts out and Malia elbows him in the stomach.

“Yeah, I guess,” you shrug, not sure of what Theo would want you to say.

“Have you met his parents?” Stiles asks and Malia just looks at him disapprovingly.You raise an eyebrow, “No?” you say, almost as a question as to why he would ask you something so weird.

“Does he seem genuine to you?”

Malia throws her hands up this time and Stiles just mouths a ‘what?’

“You can answer, I won’t be hurt,” Theo says flirtatiously as he exits the restaurant, joining the three of you.

“Sure, he’s great. I’m very infatuated,” you say in a mocking tone.

“Some would say smitten,” Theo laughs and you fake laugh, clearing your throat after.

“You guys make a cute couple,” you say to Stiles and Malia and he pulls her closer into him, “We do right?” Stiles grins, obviously quite smitten himself.

“So do you guys,” Malia replies, eyeing Theo curiously.

“I totally agree,” Theo says proudly, placing his arm around your waist before starting to kiss you, his tongue pushing through your lips.

When he finally pulls away, your mouth is still half open and there’s a look of horror on your face.

“She’s not a fan of P.D.A, but I just can’t help myself,” he quickly explains to which both Stiles and Malia nod awkwardly before saying goodbye and heading off. Theo scowls after them before turning to you, “You need to work on your kissing.”

You snap out of your daze and defend yourself, “You caught me off guard! Oh, and what the hell was that?!”

Theo leans against his car and shrugs, “I had to make it seem genuine.”

You stare at him befuddled, unable to form a sentence.His expression softens, “I’m sorry if I upset you.”

You shake your head, “No- uh – that’s okay. For $300 I definitely owed you a kiss.”

“Shhhh,” he hushes you, watching as Stiles jeep pulls out of the parking lot.

“Am I like a beard? Is that what tonight was about?”

“What?” he looks at you amused.“I mean that’s totally cool, Stiles seems really nice but I don’t think going after someone who is taken is such a good idea.”

Theo leers at you, “I’m not trying to date Stiles,” he says slowly, as though you don’t understand English.



“Then, you were just lonely and had no one to go out with tonight? Because, I’ll be honest, there’s a huge line of girls waiting to date you. You could’ve done better than me. And you could’ve done it for free, with the added bonus of a lot more making out.”

Theo smirks at you, something you were growing more and more attracted to.


“Then what?”

“Let’s just say Stiles doesn’t feel I’m a genuine, sincere person, I wanted to prove I was. If I took a super hot girl on a date I would look shallow and superficial and if I took a total loser out I would be trying too hard,” he pauses, looking you up and down, “You fit nicely in the middle.”


“Wasn’t a compliment,” he scoffs and you feel embarrassed, “Are we done now?” you say, breaking the silence.

“Sure,” he pauses, pulling a fifty dollar bill out of his pocket and placing it in the palm of your hand, “You can catch a taxi back right? I have somewhere to be.”

“Sure,” you mumble, a little unimpressed but knowing you weren’t in any position to argue that he owed you a ride home.

“Your jacket,” you say as he climbs into his car.

“Keep it, it’s cold,” he calls out as he shuts the door, speeding out of the parking lot.

“Jerk off,” you mumble as you stare at the money in your hand, knowing full well you weren’t going to spend it on a taxi when you had the ability to walk. You pulled up directions to your house from the restaurant on your phone, groaning after seeing it was a 1 hour walk. You finally sigh and start the trek, feeling a little spooked as you notice it’s almost 11 pm. About 40 minutes later you hear a car pulling up behind you and you turn around to see Theo climbing out of his car.

What the hell are you doing?” he half yells at you as he approaches you.

“What?” you say, taken back.

“I gave you money to get home. Why the hell are you walking home at this time?”

“I wanted to save it…” you trail off, feeling embarrassed and his expression softens.

“What are you doing here? I thought you said you had somewhere to be?”

“Yeah, I left my phone in my jacket. I drove to your house looking for you but you weren’t there so I was driving back to the restaurant and I saw you walking.”

You pull his jacket off your shoulder and hand it to him and he fishes his phone out before holding it back out to you.

“That’s okay, I’m almost home,” you say, rubbing the goose bumps on your arms.

“No, you’re still a good ten minute drive away,” he sighs, “Hop in, I’ll drive you home.”

You want to refuse but you’re cold and tired, so you drag your feet and climb into the passenger seat and Theo leans over to buckle you in and you suck in your breath.

He laughs, “Relax. I’m not going to try anything on you.”

“I know,” you say, half disappointed against your own will.

He pulls into your driveway and helps you out of the car, walking you to your door. “Well, at least we’re saved an awkward front – door - first – date - first – kiss thingy,” you laugh awkwardly as you dig through your bag for your keys.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” he says leaning in, stopping inches away from your face before chuckling and pulling away causing you to swallow hard.

“I think we’ve already got that first kiss out of the way,” he sneers.

“Don’t worry, I’ll working on my kissing so I spare all those boys I’ll be making out with the torture of having to deal with my sloppy kissing skills,” you grumble, remembering his comment in the parking lot.

“It wasn’t that bad,” he winks as you finally get the door open.

He nods as you go in, “Oh, and that freshmen, consider him taken care of,” he calls out and you step outside again.

“How do you know which one?” you call out and he smiles, “Today wasn’t the first time I noticed you,” he winks before climbing into his car.

You feel butterflies at his comment and you wave at him before you can help yourself, watching as his car reverses out of your driveway before it abruptly stops.

You begin walking towards it in confusion before your phone buzzes in your pocket.

Theo Raeken:
I think I might need a fake girlfriend tomorrow as well and the day after that and maybe even the day after that. I’ll pick you up for school at 8.

His engine turns back on and he whips out of the driveway, leaving you smiling like an idiot. 

One Word Microfiction Chapter 10:  Dizzy
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“Where is the rabbit?”

Nick sighed, would have slumped in his seat if he wasn’t already limp.  The chains binding him to the chair rattled as he chuckled.  “Foxy Loxy ran from the Big Bad Bun,” said Nick.  It was the latest reply to the long string of questions, all the same inquiry, all spoken by the wolf bitch pounding him into a pulp.

anonymous asked:

Am I feeding my horse too much? He will eat his grain which has a pound of Alfalfa, a pound of senior feed, half a pound of beet pulp, and half a pound of another grass feed. He will eat that all up, but after he won't graze or eat hay. He's supposed to be gaining weight as told by the vet, but I think I went a little overboard?

Maybe a little overboard if you are feeding that twice a day. I would ask the vet, since that’s a lot of stuff you’re throwing into him there. I’ve seen horses gain great weight on something as simple as a large scoop of senior with a little extra amplify added in and LOTS of hay. Hay is important, and your boy probably needs more of it rather than more grain. I don’t know how underweight he is, or how much he would need but I’d cut back maybe just a little and provide more hay for him. 


A FEMINIST in the House.
(finding her strength within)


I don’t care if I lose today.

I don’t care if you pound my face and body repeatedly to a pulp tomorrow.

I WILL go the distance.

I WILL last all 12 rounds of your fight.

Know this, I am a HUMAN too.

I have a RIGHT to be there and BE THERE I will.

This WILL NOT be another knockout victory.

Why ?

Because I won’t let it be.


goddam, vriska

“may8e I sh8uld justs rip my he8rt out of my chest and pound it to a 8loody pulp here on my desk with my sup8er strong ro8ot arm.”

“8ecause clearly it’s up to me to feel em8tions for the 8oth of us, you misera8le soulless witch!”

“I only regret killing you cause it m8de you so 8ORING!!!!!!!!”


wheezes.  this is a good ship.

“What’s the matter cowboy? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Erron Black and Cassie Cage, how they sorta look like in the MKX comics. Cassie’s hair looked great like that in the comics, but Erron’s wavy hair though…so cool.

(Spoilers) It’s kinda like an AU, Erron was supposed to be locked in a dungeon, but let’s just say Kotal thought that for him to redeem himself, he brings him along to keep fighting for him. (Healed or not)

Then by the time Cassie and Jacqui arrive possessed, they all fight and Erron has to fight Cassie. He’s all surprised because of her appearance and strength. She gets stronger possessed.

I don’t think that’s a good time to admire somebody son, you’re about to get pounded to a bloody pulp, unless you secretly like that and you just don’t want to admit it. You psycho mercenary you… O.-


Wow, I was in a badass mood since yesterday because I was listening to Anberlin and Cradle of filth for a while. Songs like Reclusion and Nymphentamine made me want to do something dark and beautiful for some reason. I took my time in this for two days.

I’ve been using a crappy pen that surprisingly was able to shade the same way a pencil does a bit. I still can’t believe it! XD

Please do not claim or steal the artwork thank youz. ^_^

Harry Potter Ereri AU

There’s no way I could fit all of their experience into a oneshot so I picked out highlights from Eren and Levi’s time at Hogwarts along with a tiny bit of angst (don’t panic, it’s not that bad). If I get good enough responses on this I might make it a full fic, we’ll see ;D

/DISCLAIMER\ It’s been a few years since I’ve read/seen Harry Potter so I’m sorry if anything is wrong u^u

Credit @rainbowunicornthatfarts for AU idea~

“Hey, watch where you’re going!!” Eren stumbled backward as someone pushed past him and through platform 9 ¾. With a huff, he adjusts himself and makes sure his owl is still balanced on top of his luggage before stepping through.

He emerges on the other side in total awe, unable to soak in all the hustle and bustle happening at once. With a gulp, he steps forward toward the train with his luggage in tow.

“Excuse me, sir is this-” Suddenly a familiar shape goes flying past his view, except this time he gets caught up in its flurry of motion. Before he can finish his question, he finds himself spinning off into a large crowd of people due to this rude person who seems out to get him.

Grumbling, he lunges forward and manages to tackle the figure to the ground and keep him pinned. “Why do you keep doing that?!” Eren leans down menacingly close to the boy below him.

“Doing what, you mudblood?” Eren’s vision blurs at the edges as he feels the anger rise inside him. Without thinking, he raises his arm and feels his fist make contact with the boy’s cheek.

“Don’t you DARE call me that, you hear?!?” Eren quickly stands and races back to his luggage, eager to get it on the train and into a cabin of his own before the boy can retaliate.

With a small sigh of relief, Eren slides down in his seat and looks out the window with a small grin. Finally, his day is here, he’s going to Hogwarts!

His daydreams are abruptly cut short at the sound of someone plopping down opposite him. With a fake smile, he turns his head from the window with the intention of greeting his cabin mate.

“Hi, my name’s Eren- WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CABIN??” Upon seeing the same rascal that had spun him this way and that outside, Eren can’t help but feel the familiar rage boil up inside him.

The boy grunts and crosses his arms, turning his cheek the other way to avoid conversation by any means possible. Eren, being the stubborn boy he is, doesn’t allow it.

“Why the bloody hell were you attacking me like that!” Eren crosses his arms as well, leering at the boy with all his might.

“Tch.” The boy turns his head even further, almost showing the undercut of the back of his hair.

“You answer me now or I’ll- I’ll…”

“Beat me to a bloody pulp?”

“Yeah!” Eren uncrosses his arms and pounds his fists on the cushion enthusiastically, not taking the time to realize the boy himself had suggested the act.

With a heavy sigh, the boy turns to look at Eren and uncrosses his arms only to cross his legs. “First off, you already did that-” he points to the bruise blossoming on his cheek. “-and second, the name’s Levi.”

Taken aback by the sudden turn of events, Eren falls silent and stares at the blank-faced boy looking his figure up and down to size him up.

“E-Eren…” Unsure of how to treat Levi, he decides to keep to himself for a little while to think it over.

“I take it you really are a mudblood,” Levi drones flatly.

“Um…yeah…but that gives you no right to be rude-!”

“Yeah yeah yeah, quit yapping, I’m a mudblood too.” Levi waves his hand absentmindedly, causing Eren’s mouth to slowly close in understanding. “I only did that for my own protection. You see, if you make fun of mudbloods-”

“Then you won’t be made fun of yourself.” Eren recites the rest, something he had picked up from who knows where. Suddenly a relaxed atmosphere blanketed the cabin as the boys realized their shared struggles.

A few moments of silence settles as the train begins to pull out of the station. Neither boy waves, aware that no family would be waiting to wave back. Soon enough the train finds its pace and prepares for the long haul, as do the boys.

“You should’ve seen the look on his face!” Eren holds his stomach as he bends over laughing. Levi looks on amused, a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans in his hand. He pops another one in his mouth, only to immediately begin retching.

“Just like that, his face was just like that!!” Eren looks up and points at Levi’s absolutely revolted face, cracking up like there’s no tomorrow.

“Ugh, earwax is the worst.” Levi scrapes his tongue with a spare napkin almost violently, desperate to get rid of the taste.

“I think vomit’s the worst,” Eren adds, still hysterical as he reaches for the box of beans. Enjoying Levi’s pain, he pops the bean into his mouth, only to repeat Levi’s horrid reaction.

This time, it’s Levi’s turn to enjoy Eren’s difficulties as he watches him desperately spit the bean out to rid of the flavor.

“Vomit?” Eren simply nods and begins scraping at his own tongue, dreaming of the time before his mouth was on fire with this wretched taste.

“Hufflepuff!!” The Sorting Hat calls out, setting the table nearest Eren into cheers as Marco Bodt takes his place.

He’s barely able to focus, still hung up on the fact that Levi was put into Slytherin. After getting to know him so well on the train, it seemed certain he would be Ravenclaw with his brains and philosophically challenging questions.

With this oddity roaring through his mind, he barely hears his name get called. It’s only when the person beside Eren nudges him that he realizes he must approach the Sorting Hat.

It wasn’t even five seconds after the hat was placed on his head that it called out: “Gryffindor!”

A smile playing on his face, Eren struts proudly to the red and gold table, pleased to be put into a house with so much fame and honor.

Little does he know, a Slytherin’s gaze follows him longingly from across the Great Hall as he takes his seat.

Levi turns over in his bed and covers his head with his pillow. Nonetheless, the insistent knocking continues and drives Levi up and out of his bed, but not before he slides his bunny slippers on.

When he pulls open the door, he doesn’t expect to see someone standing outside. Then again, he didn’t really know what to expect from the knocking on the door.

Levi stands back, beckoning the person inside. He barely manages to relock it in his hurry, curious to see what night time visitor would want to see him so badly.

“Hey Levi, long time no see.” Levi jumps back with a small hiccup, surprised to see Eren standing before him in his striped pjs and cloak.

“Shhh!” Levi shushes Eren and gestures to the sleeping bodies all around him. After a moment of debate, he decides to tiptoe down to the common room, gesturing for Eren to follow. He really wasn’t supposed to be in the common room after dark, but at 3 in the morning, it’s unlikely he’ll be caught.

Once seated on the couch and away from any sleeping people, they’re finally able to speak normally.

“What are you doing here?!” Levi leans in toward Eren, genuinely curious.

“I miss you, Levi. Nobody else will admit to being a mudblood and they’re giving me a hard time about it…” Eren sighs and awkwardly plays with the edge of his cloak, afraid he may have overstepped his boundaries in coming here.

“Oh, Eren…” Levi shifts closer on the couch and places his hand over Eren’s to still his movements. “I’m sorry about that, I’m here if you need to talk.” If nothing else, Levi can heavily relate to Eren’s struggles with being an outcasted mudblood.

The two spent the rest of the night talking about everything from Hogwarts to real-world politics to the origin of mankind. For just a little while, the two forget about the division caused by their opposing houses.

Their conversation only stops when the sun begins to rise. With quick and hushed farewells, Eren takes off on his broom and Levi rushes up to his dormitory, eager to meet with Eren the next day.

Levi shifted uncomfortably as he waited outside the greenhouse. The newly planted mandrakes inside made him extremely uncomfortable, mostly due to the many tales of fatal incidents involving them.

After waiting another five minutes, he seriously considers ditching Eren to avoid getting in trouble for skipping class. However, he remains true and stays there until Eren finally sneaks out to meet him.

“Hey Levi.” Eren nods to him with a smile, his hands crossed comfortably in front of him with a wand clasped between.

“Eren.” Levi nods in response, struggling to keep a grin from surfacing at seeing the very person he waited all day for. “What should we talk about today?”

“I was thinking a lot about it,” for some reason, the idea of Eren looking forward to their conversation sent chills down Levi’s spine. “-and I have a ton of really good ideas for more Every Flavour Beans, like smokey wood…”

For the next few months, Eren and Levi regularly meet up in secret to talk about anything and everything under the sun. The more time Levi spends with Eren, the more he struggles to hold back his feelings towards him. At first, he claimed it was simply excitement from having another muggle-born friend. However, after spending months with him and the feelings only growing stronger, he determined it was something more.

“-and he gave me a D-, can you believe that?! The best part is that-”

“Eren, shut up,” Levi interrupts without a second thought. For a moment, Eren feels hurt that’s visibly betrayed through his eyes, but it quickly fades after Levi’s next words.

“I like you. A lot. Will you go out with me?” Levi had intended on keeping that last part for another time, but it managed to slip its way out of his mouth anyway. He could feel the tips of his ears turning red with embarrassment, but he still managed to keep his face emotionless, vaguely interested if anything.

“Bloody hell, Levi…” Eren runs his hand through his hair and chuckles. “I thought I was the only one.”

Levi flinches, he had been preparing for a let down and was not expecting this at all. “What?”

“I like you, too.” Eren grins cheekily and steps in a little closer to Levi, making sure to leave room if he was having any second guesses.

“Oh- well I- shit, this did not turn out how I expected it to.” Levi chuckles awkwardly and looks down at his feet, unsure of what to do next.

Eren takes the initiation and gently puts Levi’s hand in his. “So where does that leave us?”

Levi looks up to respond with an “I don’t know”, but instead he finds himself closing his eyes and leaning in toward Eren. When their lips meet, there aren’t any fireworks or mini explosions, but rather a warm glow making its way through Levi’s body and settling in his chest. Even if Slytherin and Gryffindor are meant to be enemies, neither Eren nor Levi can find it in themselves to give in to the preconception. Instead, they find themselves defying it without a second thought at what that could mean for them in the near future.

They both took extreme care to keep their relationship a secret for fear of being judged. Oftentimes they met after hours in the dark or near the edge of the Forbidden Forest where it was almost certain no one would find them. However, the secret was bound to get out sooner or later.

Some of their closest friends, including Armin and Hanji, were extremely supportive, but the majority of the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses had trouble accepting it.

This only led to frequent battles, often resulting in Levi getting sent to detention. But after more than eight fights, it was determined that Levi would need to take some time off at home.

The goodbye was bitter, for Levi didn’t want to leave Eren and Eren certainly wasn’t ready to say goodbye (even though it would only be for two weeks).

Levi managed to make the two weeks go by easily for Eren by frequently sending him cute little love notes by owl. As a last hurrah, at the end of the two weeks, he sent Eren a howler.

When Eren received the red envelope, he sensed something was different about it. Thinking nothing of it, he opened it up to be met with the screech of Levi’s voice.

“I LOVE YOU EREN!!” The whole hall fell silent and turned to look at Eren who sat frozen and tomato-faced, staring at the envelope in his hands.

After a few seconds, everyone returned to their previous business and Eren is able to (barely) breathe again.

Levi loves him!

i ache:
there’s this emptiness
without teeth gnawing
where i was glued together
i am coming apart

i ache:
there’s this loneliness
i can’t seem to place
all i know
my heart and my mind
its petty punches
around the hollows of my body
i am pounded pulp

i ache:
there’s this overwhelming urge
to cry
to open lakes and dams
flood all my river valleys
until i am no more
i swim limbless

i don’t know where it is but i ache.

nobody’s home and i ache.

i ache, love.

i ache.

—  j. p. berame // psychosomosis // no. 050816
Drifting part 3

A/N: Hi here’s part 3 of drifting, I’ve decided to split the next part in two so this will be five chapters in all now. Please don’t hate me too much on this chapter. Tagging for depression Word count 6645

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Request: MFW guys and kids going sakura viewing / general sakura related cute stuff

-I kinda missed my OCs…. And I went by some blossoming cherry trees today so I thought it was time!-

“I’m the sakura princess!” Ayame laughed happily as she ran through the mild shower of pink petals on the path. Your husband walked along leisurely, holding your hand in his. He slipped his hand away and chased after his daughter.
“Of course you are, sweetie.” Saeki sang as he scooped the girl up and twirled her in the air. “You’re my perfect little sakura princess!”
She giggled and hugged her father around the neck.
“You are my sakura king!” She opened her little hand to reveal a couple of fallen blossoms she had been holding. She tucked one in her father’s black hair.
“Thank you, sweetie.” He chuckled and beckoned to you. “Come on, honey, Ayame has something for you!”
“Really?” You smiled at your family and approached. The scene was beautiful. Your husband, your daughter, the flowers everywhere fluttering in the breeze. Your heart felt so fulfilled and warm that the curve of your lips deepened.
“Mommy, you’re the queen!” Ayame leaned out of Saeki’s arms and placed a blossom in your hair. You reach for it and Saeki pushes your hand away lightly. He tucks it securely over your ear, stroking your cheek while he’s at it, and pulls you in for a quick peck on the lips.
Ayame giggles merrily.
“Daddy loves his queen!” She hugged her father again.
“And daddy also loves his little princess.” Saeki kissed her forehead, swaying her in his arms.

Chikako cupped several blossoms in her palms and sniffed at them.
“They smell so nice!” She runs up to her father happily, holding them out proudly for him to sniff.
Akito bends over and takes a whiff of the blossoms.
“They’re very nice. We’re working on making lotion scent with natural flowers.” He pets his daughter’s head. “Sakura flowers are a big part of it.”
“Really?” She gazed up at her father with wide eyes.
“Mhm. I’ll bring you some when we finish.” He promised and the girl bounded over to her mother, brimming with energy like always.
“Mommy, daddy said he’ll bring me lotion! You have to try it with me! Smell these!” She holds out her flowers to you. Taking a quick whiff, you chuckle.
“You have to remind daddy, his memory hadn’t always been the best.”
“Hey, when have I ever forgotten anything important?” Akito complained mockingly and pulled you closer to him by the waist.
“Oh, I don’t know, an anniversary here and there?” You roll your eyes with a smile.
“Don’t I always make up for those?” He smirks against your cheek as he kisses you quickly. “I spend quite a lot of effort making up for those too.”
“Sure you do.” You blush slightly and push him away.
Akito laughs and pulls away from you, following Chikako as she runs off in search of more flowers. You watch your husband hurrying after his restless daughter, and sigh contently in their similarities. It was an adorable similarity. Tiresome, but so dear to your heart you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You had thought the focus of the day was going to be flowers. Well, it still kind of was. More like flower infused mochi.
Your husband and two kids sat at the picnic table on the patio of the cafe, bathed in sunlight and rained upon by pale, soft petals. A giant platter of various sorts of mochi, most sakura themed, was laid out before them.
“I want this one!” Masaru exclaimed.
“No! I want it!” Michiko retorted.
“It’s mine!”
Said daddy grabbed the piece and stuffed it into his mouth. The twins immediately turned their attention onto another piece and started bickering over it.
“Errrn ooo shuuuuur” Yamato chided through a mouthful of sticky dessert. A fond shimmer glowed in his eyes.
“Learn to share.” You put a hand on each little, red haired head.
“Yes, mommy.” The twins say in union and reach for pieces at either end of the platter. You chuckle.
“They all taste the same anyway.”
“Pouty!” Yamato exclaims as he swallows his mochi. “You need to appreciate the fine differences between mochi!” He picks up a piece. “Here, ahhhhh.”
Blushing, you eat the round piece offered to you. Your husband yanks you close to him and presses a kiss on your lips.
“Now this one, pouty, is awesome flavoured.” He smirked.

Yoichi was frolicking in the petals that had been blown offside by the wind. Small pink piles were fluffed up like snow, and you laughed as you watched your husband run along with his son, throwing handfuls of petals at each other. They were a lovely sight.
A little lonely that both your boys were ignoring you, you take out your camera and snap a few pictures of the beautiful blossom coloured trees. The breeze brushed against your cheeks, cool with a trace of oncoming spring warmth. It felt wonderful and soothing.
The skies were a gorgeous blue backdrop to your photographs, and you admire the magical scene that extended before you.
You didn’t quite realize that the laughter had stopped.
“Surprise!” Two voices chimed.
Strong arms wrapped around your waist and pink petals showered down before your eyes. You burst into giggles.
He embraced your waist tighter and planted a kiss boldly on your cheek.
“Mhm, that’s my name!”
You turn around in his arms to meet his hazel gaze. Your son was riding on his shoulders, laughing as he reached into his pocket and tossed another handful of petals over you like a little flower boy.
A petal lands on Yuta’s nose and you see his face twitch slightly. You smile as he goes crossed eye to locate the petal. Yuta turns his face away and sneezes.
“Eek!” Yoichi yelps as he sways on his father’s shoulders, clinging to his head. Yuta recovers and pats his son, holding him in place.
“Well that was ungraceful.” He complained, and you giggle as you shake your head lovingly.
“Very handsome, Yuta, very handsome.”

“This is so pretty!”
Aina cried out as she lined up the camera again and took another picture.
“It’s all so pretty!”
She was riding on your husband’s back, legs swinging happily. Ren smiled at you, and hitched his daughter higher up on his back.
“Daddy, you messed up my picture!” She whined and flopped onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Daddyyyyyy!”
“Sorry, Aina.” He replied. “Can you take another?” 
“Of course!” She perked up immediately and held up the camera. “I will take a lot of pretty pictures. I like plants too, don’t you, daddy?”
“Mhm. Very much.” He smiled and paused at the side of the path so Aina could aim her camera up at the branches of pink, silhouetted against a sky of glorious blue, speckled with fluffy white clouds.
“If I put more pictures of flowers around the house, will you spend less time at the lab?”
You go over and put a hand on your daughter’s shoulder.
“Aina, the lab is daddy’s work place. He needs to go work.”
She pouted a little.
“Daddy can try his best, princess.” Ren promised, giving her a little shake on his back. “Okay?”
“Okay.” She hugged his head. “I’ll take as many pictures as I can, daddy!”

Yuki was running around, chasing the windswept petals, trying to catch one with her little hands. Kaito walked alongside his father, taking his time to admire the blossoms.
“I can’t get one!” Yuki ran to your side and whined.
“It’s not easy.” You let her take your hand and press against your side dejectedly. “Maybe you can try against later.”
Your son glances over at the two of you for a moment and tugs on his father’s hand. Kyoichi bent over to listen as his son whispered something in his ear.
You do your best to distract Yuki with the lovely scenery, and she takes in the nice sight, pushing her unsuccessful attempts aside.
There was a little tug on her sleeve and she turns around. Her older brother grinned at her.
He held out a pink blossom in his hand.
“I caught one for you.”
Yuki’s eyes lit up.
“For me?”
She ran into her brother’s arms and hugged him around his middle. He laughed good-naturedly and tucked the stem into the elastic of her black braid.
Your husband’s arm snuck around your waist and you felt yourself pulled against him.
“There’s one for you too.” He said quietly and offered you a flower. You saw him blush slightly and he pushed his glasses up his nose further. “….Kaito made me do it.”
The mental image of your usually stern faced husband running around like a complete dork made you giggle.
“Stop it, it’s not that funny!”

Takao and Kunihiko:
“And another one. And another. Mhm. One last one. Look at you, you’re so cute!” Toshio grinned proudly at his work. A bunch of cherry blossoms were tucked into Kiyomi’s two braids, and she tugged on one of them to inspect them.
“Thank you!”
He had been assigned to take care of her by Takao, an attempt to keep him out of trouble ever since he got caught earlier that morning trying to climb a cherry tree. The little girl sat in his lap as they lounged on the patio, waiting for their brothers to return from their scenic route.
“Toshio, one fell out!” The little brunette said sadly as she held out a blossom to him.
“Aww, Kitty, don’t be like that!” He pinched her cheek lightly. “Look at your pout, makes you all pudgy and cute and I want to keep pinching you.” Kiyomi swatted his hands away. “Okay, okay Kitty, here, I’ll put it back.” He tucked the flower back into her hair.
She smiled brightly and Toshio feels a sense of accomplishment.
“Gosh, can I keep you?” He patted her head. “Norio and Masao can have Tsutomu. I want you as my little sibling. You’re so adorable.”
Takao and Kunihiko were pounding sticky rice into a pulp, chatting amongst themselves about family life. Masao and Tsutomu ran around, collecting flowers and petals to where Norio was washing them quickly and setting them on a paper to dry. They were then added to the sticky rice to make pale pink rice desserts that was rolled in a specialty sugar powder from the cafe store. It was a pretty streamlined process.
“Dad, do you want help?” Norio offered.
Takao smiled at his son and ruffled his hair lovingly.
“Dad’s fine. Thank you.” Masao came running up with some paper towels and Takao wiped the sweat on his forehead. “Thanks, Masao.” His second son straightened proudly at the praise of his thoughtfulness, turning to offer the other towels to Kunihiko.
“Seriously, Takao, do you raise these boys like the military camps or what?” He chuckles. “They’re so well disciplined and so attentive!”
“Don’t praise them too much, they still get too proud.” Takao smiles and pokes Norio in the stomach with the back end of the wooden pestle he was pounding rice with. Norio gives an “oof” and laughs. “Come here, Masao, you get one too.” Grinning, Norio shoved his younger brother to receive his poke and Masao laughs too. Takao turned back to Kunihiko.
“I don’t know what got into Toshio, he’s always been the wild child.” Kunihiko sighed. “Can I like… let you raise him for a year or two? I know he’s a nice boy at heart, but he gets into so much trouble.”
“We’re back!” Tsutomu announced happily, holding a plate of freshly made sakura snacks. “Whoah, Tosh, what happened to you?”
The two fathers showed up now, along with Norio and Masao holding more plates.
Kiyomi stood proudly beside Toshio, who sat there, pink blossoms tucked into his hair and shirt and pockets and shoelaces and every crease of his clothes. He patted Kiyomi’s head with one hand and shrugged with a smile.

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Seriously, when has Maya ever pushed Lucas into doing violent things? No, give me ONE example of Maya encouraging Lucas’s bad behavior because so far there has not been one episode or scene that supports this line of reasoning.

If you think Rules counts, you’re utterly mistaken. That was all fun and games. Nothing more nothing less.
And yes, Maya does get slightly turned on by Lucas anytime he shows off his strength and/or is being protective over his friends (and if I can recall back to the time this episode aired, so did half of the entire fanbase- including most of you ya hippopotamuses) but I think you’re ignoring one important detail: she only finds his macho-side attractive when we KNOW he’s got everything under control and isn’t going to end up hurting anyone. And guess what, he hasn’t.
Also, if we’re talking about how Maya is a bad influence, did yall just suddenly forget about the time when she stopped Lucas from pounding Billy into a pulp, you know after things got serious? Or when she tried to convince him to NOT ride tombstone the bull when he wanted to prove himself to his TEXAN community? Both of which Riley hasn’t done? Not that I’m saying Riley encourages any type of bad behavior but, let’s face it, she doesn’t always know what’s best for the people she loves. That was evident all throughout the Texas episodes. It’s okay though, because it shows that she still has some growing up to do and I’m all up for that.

I’m sick of this hearing the same old argument all the time. At least try and come up with something new so that we can discuss it because this is just getting repetitive and boring.