pound each other

So why don’t I tell you guys about the biggest fight in my school. The lunch room is were the fight took place. So anyway I was sitting there reading away with bunch of other people, and these three boys come running in screaming and start pounding on each other. So of course people are up and watching the fight. Then comes running in the sheriff police women, our vice principal & the wrestling coach. So those three are trying to break it apart, coach grabs one guy and is holding him back. Coach still has his coffee in on hand and head locking the kid in another. One kid reals back and elbows the sheriff in the face, you can just hear the wince in the air when that happens because you know he’s going down. Eventually fight ends, one is walked out in handcuffs and one is being wheeled out in a gurney…but wait where is the other kid? Well the third kid booked it out of there and managed to hide out for a day. Best part? That kid didn’t even go to my school, he was pissed at the two guys and just walks into to my school to fight them. It was quite a fight.

You sure know how to make a man happy

You are so amazing!!! These smuts are killer!!! Can you please write one about Norman Reedus fucking a big tits lady? Hot and heavy pounding!!!

Laying next to each other in the bed that Norman and I shared was soothing. He was on his laptop doing something and I was watching something on TV. Feeling Norman shift on his side of his bed, I then felt him start to kiss my neck. Chuckling a little as I felt him kiss my neck.


“Come on Y/N” Feeling his warm breath against my neck made chills go down my spine. I then felt him put his hands between my thighs. He started to move his hands up further and further until reaching my lips. Playing with my clit I started to moan a little, feeling his fingers start to go inside of me. My moans got louder and louder. “Roll on your side.” I did as he said.

His finger go inside of me, that only made the pleasure more and more intense. His finger rubbing my clit as he hit my spot. My moans made him more and more aroused, I felt his growing erection against my back.

“Norman… oh my god fuck me!” Rolling me over he started to rip my nightgown from the top, exposing my breasts.

“There they are” He always loved my breasts. They were naturally a DDD which made him very content with sex. Sucking one breast and rubbing the nipple I started to moan. His hand couldn’t cover the entire breast but for damn sure he tried. “Norman I want you to fuck me! I need you to fuck me!” My hands running through his hair. He looked at me and started to take off his pants his erection was the first thing that I noticed.

“You’re going to get fucked and I swear you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow.” He grabbed my legs and pulled me into him. Entering me I grabbed onto the bed sheet.

“Fuck!” I felt my breasts jump up and down as he humped me. He leaned over me sucking my neck continuing to hump me and grab my breasts. As Norman did this I felt the most pleasure that I have ever had during our sex life.

“Y/N get on top.” I did as he said. Starting to hump him I played with his favorite toy of mine. He couldn’t stop looking at them. I started to feel myself orgasim, he started to do so as well. His hand slammed against my ass, leaving a handprint for sure. I got off of him and rolled over next to him.

“Fuck Y/N that was….”


“You sure know how to make a man happy.”

aint nothin like big, half naked sweaty buff guys grabbing each other and pounding each other into the ground in the woods all alone–

drabble of my big buff redneck n @supergalacticsoldier ‘s bojack sparring

i’d saaay this is pg13??

CW: broken noses, blood, mild violence, faces being punched and rednecks being knocked out

word count: 1,472

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Tumblr DELETED ONE OF MY VIDEOS because they do not allow “sexual explicit content on the website” (it was a crappy ironic phan video with no nudity whatsoever)

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ChrisVik: G, K, P

I really love ChrisVik, thank you.

G = Goofy: okay can i just say these two can be some of the most affectionate and playful of lovers?? i feel like everyone wants to hypersexualize them to the point where all they do it dirty talk and pound each other but no. Oh, no. I mean, there’s definitley that, but Christophe Giacometti is a sweet cinnamon bun and loves to make his Vitenka giggle sweetly against his lips. He loves when he’s kissing Viktor’s inner thighs trying to be in the moment and Viktor just can’t stop giggling because of Chris’ facial hair and “it tickles, darling.” Also, when Chris slips into speaking French in the middle of sex without noticing, it makes Viktor laugh even when it’s a pretty intense moment, which makes Chris smile so brightly he actually becomes a ray of sunshine.

K = Kink: Viktor loves bondage, even if it’s just his hands. Viktor is very physcially affectionate, so not being able to touch/reach out drives him wild in the best way. As for Chris, it’s impact play all the way. Sometimes he’ll get out of the moment and untie Viktor’s hands just so he can get spanked. Oh, and of course he teaches Viktor how to use a flogger.

P = Pace: It depends on what they’re in the mood for, but Chris is usually slower and deeper when he tops, and Viktor is more energetic and prone to making things fast and rough. 

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You’re a Work of Art

Part 3

Rating: Mature

Summary: Frat boy Luke falls for “good girl” Y/N

Hot , sweaty bodies pressing against each other, pounding music, the smell of weed so strong you feel you can get high of of it, people making out in various public places, alcohol everywhere. This is what I needed.

I just needed to come to this party to forget it all. The break up, the cheating, the lying, Luke. I needed it all to fade my mind for at least a night.

So, I showed up to the party with Natalie, ready to start the night of drinking.

I entered the frat house, which was littered with tons of people outside and inside.

We walked in and went straight to the kitchen, already getting eyed by several guys hoping to get lucky tonight. Which was gross, but I couldn’t blame them. The way I was dressed tonight was much more different and teasing than usual.

Black dress, a little less than mid thigh, lace sleeves, and some certain parts of the ribcage were see through.

“C'mon Y/N, we have to get you something to drink immediately.” Natalie said while dragging me through the crowd of people.

So, I followed her. Seeming ad she knew her way around the house more than I did. She led me to the kitchen, which obviously held all alcohol.

“Okay, pick your posion. We see to hav-” Nat had started but was cut off by several guys screaming over the music and yelling at something outside. There was now a crowd surfacing towards the front door and Windows to see what was so important outside.

I looked outside the kitchen window, hoping the position I was in I would get a glimpse of what everyone was getting so worked up about.

Luckily, the way the house was set up, I was able to see the front yard perfectly. I looked outside to see a black car right on the grass of the home.

I saw a guy from inside the house step up to the car and made whoever was in the car roll down the tinted windows enough to talk,but not enough to see who it was.

“Hey, that’s Ryan right there!” Natalie told me, as she approached the window and I. I simply continued staring, so intrigued to find out who was inside and why it was made such a big deal out of.

“What the hell is happening?” I asked no one in particular. “Oh, you haven’t heard?” I heard a voice belonging to a girl behind me. “Heard what?” I asked looking over at Natalie. “Ryan crashed one of the other fraternities frat party’s and totally fucked it up, and now I’m guessing they’re getting revenge.” she replied walking over to the window. “Which frat house ?” I asked, hoping and pray to God it wouldn’t be Calum’s. “I don’t know, but they’re getting out right now!” she said with excitment full in her voice. “Ooh, he’s cute! I call dibbs!” she yelled over the music and walked away towards the front door. I walked up to the window and saw just what I didn’t want to see. -Gif- Like and Ashton getting out of the car. Fucking fantastic. Now I really needed a drink. I walked away from the window, back to the counter to prepare something that would get me drunk the quickest. I settled for some Rum and Coke, simple but enough to fuck someone up within a cup or two. “Hey Y/N, I’m gonna go say hi to a couple of people. You alright by yourself?” I heard Natalie say as she finished preparing her drink. “Yeah sure, go ahead. I don’t mind” I really do mind. I don’t want to be alone knowing Luke was here. I don’t want to have a run-in with him, that’s like hell on Earth. She walked away rather quickly and left me in the kitchen. Alone. Again. I sighed as I took another drink of what I had. The kitchen was starting to fill up quickly, so I really needed to get away from that. I walked away from the kitchen and waded my way around the crowded house. I was unfamilarized with it all, so obviously I had absoulutely no fucking idea where I was going. I walked around the house, trying to find somewhere partially quiet. I thought about going upstairs, but then quickly remembered this was a party and there was bound to sex being had upstairs. So, I avoided that and walked around drinking, like a complete loser. God, I’m so pathetic. Instead of living it up like I’m supposed to be doing here, I’m wallowing in my own self-pity. As I walked I kept thinking about how much I missed Calum, and how much it hurts to know I wasn’t good enough for him. That is until I bumped into something, or more like, someone and had my drink spilt all over my dress. I looked up to see who I had ran into and it just so happened to be Luke. Big surprise. Out of all people at this party, it had to be him. Just my luck. “Fuck! Can you watch where you’re going?” Luke scolded angrily while shaking his head, not even glancing in my direction. Fucking perfect. VERY SHORT CHAPTER IM SORRY BUT LIKE I KEEP GETTIBG WRITERS BLOCK AND WRITING AND THE DELETING AND ITS JUST A CYCLE AND I HAD TO SETTLE FOR THIS IM SORRY GUYS

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Oh baby, I love you. *I respond, kissing you deeply as my body comes down from my orgasm. Wrapping my arms around you, I slowly thrust my softening dick, shivering at the overstimulation. I roll my groin against your clit, growling as you whimper and arch your back, still so sensitive. I break the kiss and rest my forehead against yours, both of us breathing deeply* You alright, doll? *I whisper, my eyes gazing into yours, our hearts still pounding against each other* -Bucky

*I take a deep breath and nod, not able to speak yet. My head is spinning and I feel like I’m floating about a foot off the bed when I look into your soft eyes. We lay, still connected, breathing each other in for several minutes, sharing sporadic soft kisses*

every showstopper in a classic musical
  • *lights up, orchestral underscore*
  • character: hey [character]! *blah blah blah*
  • other character: *responds*
  • chorus: jabber jabber jabber
  • *song starts*
  • character: *sings solo*
  • character 2: *sings solo*
  • character 3: *sings solo*
  • character 4: *punchline*
  • ensemble: HAHAHAHAHAHA
  • character with an actual name: *sings melody to song*
  • everyone else: *catches on and sings along*
  • orchestra: *slows down dramatically for the dance break*
  • all the girls: *shuffle toward the back*
  • all the guys: *manly dancing because they're manly and they must stomp their feet because that is a manly thing*
  • low brass: hell yeah
  • all the guys: hell yeah
  • all the girls: ok our turn *delicate girly pirouettes and goofy twirls because girls are so delicate*
  • flutes: tweedle dee tweedle dee
  • all the guys: *point, whistle, pound each other's chests, are literally standing like four feet away from the girls*
  • whole orchestra: *fortissimo*
  • ensemble: *singing again*
  • audience: WHOOOOOOOOOOO clap clap clap clap *drowns out all the music*
  • ensemble: *finishes singing*
  • audience: *realizes songs is over, applauds slightly less enthusiastically than before
My views on the 1D ships

Zarry: The hottest and most frequent sex
Ziall: So pure that god cries over it every night before falling asleep
Zouis: Mischevious but playfully sweet and emotional
Ziam: The flame that never burns out

Niam: Fucking precious, brighter than the sun
Narry: Bros that one night and one night only get plastered and pound each other into the sofa
Nouis: So sweet that you get cavities just thinking about it, endless laugher and smiling

Lirry: Sexual tension that you could cut with a knife
Larry: Forbidden love

Lilo: Best friends that have heated make out sessions up against the wall every Friday night