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Okay so, before I begin reading, I wouldn’t be surprised if today’s update will focus on another perspective again, and then will end with Davepetasprite^2 again, meeting Arquiusprite or something.


Oh, one of the Kids’ homes!!! Hmm, it kinda looks like… Dave’s home?

*sccrolls down*

Aaaaah, it’s LOTAK! But… that means Dirk’s home has been built up! Did Dave and Dirk do that together? Or perhaps one of the Arquiusprites did? That would make sense.

Holy shit Dirk’s house is huge already.

Oh boy, I like plainWonder’s theory that Dave and Dirk might be doing a practice battle on the roof of Dirk’s home.


There he is! Okay, now I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be surprised if Davepetasprite^2 shows up later this update, to pouncegreet him on the roof or something.

Woah… Dirk’s home is so close to Skaia already! That’s amazing.

I also like how much Dirk’s built-up home resembles Dave’s built-up home. STAIRS. STAIRS EVERYWHERE.

THe question is of course, is this pre-retcon or post-retcon Arquiusprite?


Niiiiice, I like this panel. It looks a lot like when Jane was building up Jake’s home in the Game Over timeline.

Heh, by this point the Auto-Responder is pretty much functioning as everyone’s server player, which fits with what Dave did in the B1 session.


Look, it’s two of those devices we’ve seen before! But, what is that third one…?

It’s a grist rig!!!!!


So THAT’S what it looks like.

I assume that tower-like thing is meant to spew out the grist hoard into Skaia? I think it’s pretty funny how much it resembles those things on Dave and Dirk’s roofs though.

Wow, it’s so huge that it only BARELY fits on that rooftop.

Yeah, Arquiusprite is actually the best person to be doing this job. After all, Equius already knows how it works from the A2 session!

Hmm. Maybe he is post-retcon Arquiusprite and this was something Vriska asked him to do in private? I mean, they WERE exchanging notes at some point.

I guess that now the next step would be for Dirk to see Yaldabaoth to get the grist hoard, so that they can then activate the grist rigs to feed Skaia.


WHAT. What’s happening? Why is it activating already? There’s no grist hoard to be activating this yet, right???


AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT IS WORKING. Holy shit, look at that!!! But… how??? Dirk hasn’t faced his Denizen yet, why is this WORKING?

That is a preposterous amount of Grist though.


Wow… Dirk’s entire home is glowing! Please don’t tell me it’s going to explode now that it’s fed Skaia or something…


OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??? ALL the homes are already spewing up their grist hoards???

I don’t understand what’s happening, NOBODY has retrieved their grist hoards yet!!

So apparently ALL B2 homes have been built up already, and everyone has deployed grist rigs, thanks to Arquiusprite I presume? That’s pretty impressive. I’m impressed.

But… wow. Despite being really confusing, this little flash is really pretty with the homes spinning around while spewing all that grist!

I definitely hadn’t expected us to see all of this happening so soon. I was expecting it to happen in Act 6 Act 6 Act 6!

Oh boy, Skaia’s glowing! What, are we now going to see it become a giant blue watery orb, like it was for the Trolls?


Oh god oh man oh god, there’s Davepetasprite^2!!! Closing in on Arquisprite… pouncegreet incoming?

It does remind me of one of those panels on LOLCAT.

N'aww, I like how Arquiusprite is smiling at the sight of what’s happening. Yeah, it does all look really pretty!


Oooooooooooooooooooooooh snap, he’s spotted them!

And seeing as this is probably post-retcon Arquiusprite, he hasn’t seen Nepeta since he died! This is gonna be good. How shocked is he going to be???


Appropriate shock is very much appropriate!!! After all this time, Equius and Nepeta are finally truly reuniting!!!!

What are they going to think of the Dave and AR sides of the other one though?

It’s probably going to be a totally different conversation than the ones they’ve had before, in Act 5.


Pfff, okay, no pouncegreet. Davepetasprite^2 is probably resisting the urge and thus decided to do a Davesprite “hey sup” moment instead. :P

And that’s it.


I’m still really bothered by how all those grist hoards are already being fed to Skaia, despite nobody having retrieved their grist hoards from their Denizens yet…

I mean, it’s been explicitly stated that people needed to face their Denizens before they could obtain it!


Killing the denizen releases a huge grist hoard buried at the core of the planet, which is then used to fuel a process known as The Ultimate Alchemy.

AG: I have determined from your consorts that there is a terri8le monster deep underground.
AG: It guards a hoard of treasure 8igger than either of us can imagine!
AG: It is called a denizen, and it is the 8oss of your whole planet.
AG: Tavros, you will go and face your denizen.

AG: Her name was Cetus.
AG: She was this awful sea monster. Her lair was deep underground amidst a 8unch of shipwrecks. She was quite vicious and territorial. I knew I had to kill her quickly to release the hoard, 8efore she had the chance to do anything tricky.

AG: Ok, I can’t exactly speak for everyone. There was a lot going on, and I don’t know how some people went a8out 8eating their denizens.
AG: For instance, I’m not sure how our hero of 8reath did it. May8e the monster just released the hoard for him out of pity????????
EB: maybe he just talked to his denizen?

What are we supposed to take from this then? That this is a time-skip into the future, after everyone has faced their Denizens?

But then why is LOCAH still in the same state we last saw it in, with only half of the planet filled with life (that is already disappearing again)?

Wait a second.

I just noticed that the first page of this update is page 9805… while the last page of the previous update was 9801. What? Were those page numbers skipped for some reason (like has happened sometimes before), or did the arrow at the bottom of the page accidentally skip 3 pages?

*manually checks*

Okay, there’s nothing on page 9802, 9803, or 9804.

Anyway, this update left me with mixed feelings of awe, joy, surprise and confusion.