’So who were these Persians!?’ (Iranian history 101 from Larry Gonick’s ‘A Cartoon History of the Universe, Volume 1’ (1990). Unfortunately, as the term 'Aryan’ was appropriated and misused by the Nazis - who weren’t Aryan whatsoever - it has become in non-academic circles misunderstood. It simply - and only - referred/refers to the Iranian and northern Indian peoples, Iran literally meaning 'Land of the Aryans’) ✨🔥 #iran #iranian #persia #persian #medes #aryan #nazisgohome (at Iran)

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What To Do When You Put a Pokemon On Top Of A Gym In Four Easy Steps

Step 1–Tap the gym and screenshot yourself standing next to your precious bb in the menu that appears:

Step 2–Screenshot the actual gym with your kiddo on top:

Step 3–Close up!


E N T E R   T H E   P O K E M O N




1. a curved, single-edged sword of Asian, especially Eastern origin.

1540-50; < Italian scimitarra, ultimately < Persian

“The moon rose, an opalescent goddess tipping light from her harsh maternal scimitar.”
- Gregory Maguire


H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands, H.I.M. Emperor Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran, H.M. Queen Juliana of The Netherlands, H.I.M. Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran and H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands

Heart Breaker

Persian • Senior • Female • Spayed/Neutered • Special needs • Current on vaccinations 

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center Denver, CO

Hello, my name is Heart Breaker. I was brought to the shelter in January 2015 when my owners couldn’t take care of me anymore. I was shortly adopted but was returned a few months later because for some reason I could not make it to the litter box. My second owner was very sad to get rid of me and I was very sad without her. I have been seen by the vet here at the shelter and they have come to the conclusion that I have a medical issue, so now I am on a special diet for urinary health for the remainder of my life. I would love to find a home that is willing to deal with an occasional accident and a special diet. I used to be free roaming here before I was on a special diet but now I am in a kennel looking for my forever home! Come to the shelter to see me today!

وداع و وصل جدا گانہ لزتی دارد
ھزار بار برو، صد ھزار بار بیا

Parting and union have each a flavour of its own: 
Go away a thousand times - come a hundred thousand times


Last weekend Hasel and I made this little Persian for a good friend of ours.

He has been in the making for quite a while, but life happened and such. But since we’re going to Jointed Hearts in Sweden soon, I wanted to try to cast some more parts to see if I can make some creatures to bring with me.
Our friend is going through some tough stuff and I’d be seeing her the next day, so Hasel said we should make her cat, while I was there anyway.

So this is the first completed creature and we and our friend love him. We couldn’t stop laughing when we put the last pieces together. Our friend lost her mind when she unpacked him, it was great.
This is good motivation to try and finish some more creatures and I hope I can muster the energy.

I’m working on another Persian, a two headed goat and probably two sloths.

How are Today’s Chicken Bred?
Yep, you're right. Today's chickens are bigger. Find out how traditional chicken breeding and a combination of optimized nutrition, veterinary care, better living conditions have resulted in the larger and healthier birds that you see today.

This is a question I see fake answers to often. This article answers the question with real information.