I’m going to assume that by now everyone has seen the tragedy that is Alolan Persian, right?

I’ll be truthful, the thing is an absolute mess…

But it’s a—Sweet mess…?

I dunno.

When I first saw it, I’ll admit that I was absolutely devastated, but after a little while of looking at it
and thinking of all sorts of neat little ideas such as this one, it sorta grew on me a bit.

It’s bad. But it’s not THAT bad.

Who knows, it might just be pretty cool once I snag one when the game comes out.  

Inktober Day 21. I’m not necessarily an Alolan Persian apologist… But this is what I came up with today, and I figured I’d roll with it. And you know, fan art can work miracles sometimes (I wasn’t too big on Delphox’s design at first, like many people; but seeing Delphox art more and more helped the design grow on me). Also snark just seems to be a general theme of the Alolan Meowth line, so I thought the caption/dialogue fit.