poultry show


Photos from the Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show. These are not my birds, just a random sampling of some of the thousands of birds on display. I love my new camera, I’m really impressed with how well it did on these photos.

Breeds represented, in order: Golden phoenix, bantam leghorn, favorelles, bantam speckled sussex, sweet grass turkey, serama, bantam buff-laced polish, blue-laced red wyandotte, and old english game bantam.


Sussex County (NJ) Poultry Show

Rain rain everywhere, but it didn’t stop us from going there! There were bug-eyed pigeons, lion bunnies, and other bird oddities galore! We also liked this event because we got to meet with several local vendors for birds and bird supplies. Man, they had some sweet coops out in the back.

And yes…we expanded the flock. We’ll be making introductions to our a new bantam shortly :-)

i’m an honest person who doesn’t usually engage in organised crime BUT i went to two poultry shows last week and as well as legitimately buying chooks i went around pinching every egg i saw in the display cages. i brought them home and put them in my incubator and i now have at least two confirmed and probably more valuable pedigree chicks growing in my back room so my point is, sometimes crime does pay

e: i say “organised” because another lady was doing the same thing and we agreed not to rat each other out

The pigeon is so much happier in the dog crate! That’s going to be the quarantine cage, I never really used it for my dogs. They coo when I come in the room at me seem much less scared, they would puff up and peck if I got them while they were in the carrier. There is finally going to be a poultry show in town at the end of the month, I might check it out to see if I can find a tame hen of the breeds that I really want. Also I think this bird might be a tumbler or a roller?


Some of the gorgeous chickens being shown at the 2017 Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show in Modesto, CA. 

Breeds in order of appearance: Golden sebright, silver sebright, araucana, australorp, frizzled American serama, Belgian bearded d’anvers, appenzeller spitzhauben, frizzled cochin, polish, and American serama.

A letter with a certain rambling charm, courtesy of Pinky Liverdrawer over on Twitter (thank you!). I’m just hoping that “the girls” are the chickens.