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Makin' a wish w/ my girl Mary.

Germanic elves with influences from Celtic and Romance folklores, and later for other purposes, that they understand the universe has to be prolific egg layers and littler layers.  Poultry Science, 873, 399-404.


Today I have learned that the eggs we eat are actually “ VEGETARIAN”. A chicken lays eggs despite being fertilised by a rooster, So if you buy just 1 chicken today it will lay 1 egg a day despite the absence of a rooster and you can wait all your life there will never come a chick out of that egg. Only when a chicken gets fertilised by a rooster will the egg it lays become a littlle chick.. “otherwise no life” will come out of the egg .. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS soread the word

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Thank you so much !!! I love doing these.

1) Dream job? Do you have a plan to pursue it?

A researcher in the field of Poultry Science. Yupp, gonna graduate with the degree in two years. Still need to figure out which company I want to work for, or if I want to get my doctorate in it.

2) What characters do you want to have as best friends?

Nehemiah from Throne of Glass (I am still bitter). Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice (we would shit talk soo many guys together).

3) Top hopes for ACOWAR?

Abusers realizing their wrongs, apologizing, and changing. If that doesn’t happen, then I hope they die. No death of characters I like. Amren being such a badass and Rhysand consistently using his abilities as the most powerful high lord to take down armies (otherwise, is he really that powerful?)

4) What are some things you’re really good at doing?

Interpreting and working with animal behavior. Memorization. Avoiding my responsibilities, while somehow still getting them done in the nick of time.

5) What is some advice you would give your younger self if you had the chance?

Don’t care about what people think about you. Be yourself and own it. Don’t waste your time on guys you’re actually not interested in.

6) Do you relate to your zodiac sign at all?

I’m a Taurus, but don’t actually remember it’s description.

7) If you could choose one moment in history to go back to what would it be?

Ancient Greece. I would have caught the attention of the ultimate player, the almighty Zeus, and had some demigod baby and boasted about how I got laid by a shower of gold or some crazy story. But for real, it would have been interesting (but I’m sure very hard) to live back then.

8) What are some goals you have for this year?

Work out more. Stress out less. Write more.

9) Some books you love but never blog about?

His Fair Assassin and others I love a lot of books but for some reason I’m forgetting.

10) What makes you happy.

Animals, my boyfriend, reading, and nature. The best is when my boyfriend and I take our dog for walks at the Noxubee Wildlife Nature Preserve and grill by the lake. Those are very happy days.

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I wonder how many poultry fans are getting annoyed by this phenomena of the “fluffy chicken” trending on tumblr. IT IS CALLED A SILKIE PEOPLE.

Once again, a long with the “Baby Giraffe” aka the dik dik, the “Black Lion” aka photoshopped regular lion and the “Two hearts sown together makes the heart symbol” aka completely made up false fact . Stupidity runs the world some how…