Emmanuelle Blais’s instagram story, she’s very happy about winning :) also, they’re eating fries out of Clarkson Cup why am I not surprised 

here’s a super rough probably inaccurate translation of what they’re saying in the first clip bc I’m super tired and my french is rusty 

Blais: *calling out behind her* bye bye! *talking to MMP* Pou what’s up?” (probably) 

Poulin: “We won!” (cue a bunch of screaming that drowns out whatever she says after) 

Blais: *to Ann-Sophie Bettez* “Anne-So what’s up? You hurt your finger, you hurt your nose.” 

Bettez: “But, we won!” 

Blais: *screams excitedly* 

Other teammates jokingly call out “security!” 


CWHL Clarkson Cup

Les Canadiennes de Montreal defeat the Calgary Inferno in the CWHL Clarkson Cup final 3-1 at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario on March 5, 2017 PHOTO: Chris Tanouye/Canadian Women’s Hockey League