There was just something about the way these blossoms from a poui tree at Jerningham Avenue, Belmont, looked, lying there in the drain as if to say, “you see, even drains can be beautiful”. Something about the light and how it felt on my body as I watched these soft petals fill out all the cracks and crevices of a path on which we had travelled so often before yet never took a moment to stop and look. Kendell Hippolyte’s poem, ‘Lines on a Sidewalk’ came to mind where he says: “Where the sidewalk splits…a fault line of possibility where new breaks into knowing / and you sense your eyes warm wider open from, and to, a light / inciting you to, for the first time, yet again, see.”


We don’t have Spring here, but…

Poui season is as spectacular. The entire tree is covered with vibrant colours (yellow, purple, pink), which fall and cover the ground, and they all bear and do this at around the same time every year all over the country. It’s now starting, so for the next few weeks we’re in for a treat.

Killed it at the gym this morning, scaling back the running until a long run on Friday morning. 

Happy Wednesday!