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Were you as sad as I was that we never saw Mike get to touch Eleven's fluffy hair?! I was so looking forward to it!

That would’ve been SO cute! But like, on this topic, can I just say that the first time he sees her again she’s got this slicked back punk hair and can you just imagine how much he’s going to smile the first time he sees her pouffy curly hair after all that gel and spray is washed out?

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a/n: I am so sorry this took so long!

a/n: [v/n]: vigilante name

You crouched on the edge of the building (and lowkey wondered how other girls did this in such such tight spandex) as you watched the gang move more cargo on the docks, they’d probably be there for a few hours. You’d been watching them for months and their shady gun and drug business. Sure you were new to the vigilante life but you knew a gang when you saw one. And you definitely noticed when cops started targeting more Black and Latino kids who had nothing to do with it because of this gang’s dealings. So tonight was the night you planned to take them down, even their boss was here which was a dumb move on his part but it meant you could take the whole operation down in one night. Right as you stood to jump in the action a voice stopped you.

“I’ve never seen you around here before” You swear you almost fell off the side of the building. You turned around and your eyes widened, it was Red Hood. The Red Hood, you’ve heard stories he about him helping kids and families in need in your neighborhood so he was in pretty good standing with you. He was staring at you, you could tell that even with his mask on. What you couldn’t tell was how beautiful he thought you looked, your dark skin and pouffy hair that shined under the flickering roof lights. Your piercing eyes and your subtle chewing on your plump lips, you had to be the cutest thing he’s ever seen.

“Um yea I’m new, I’m [v/n]” He stepped up to you and extended a hand
“I’m Red Hood and if I wasn’t wearing a mask I’d kiss your hand” you were shocked for half a second then tried to hold back a giggle. He tilted his head and if he wasn’t wearing his helmet you swear you would’ve seen a smirk. “So what brings you to my city?” you smiled but shook your head. “Your city? I was born and raised here, lived here all my life” his shoulders shook and you realized it was silent laughter. “So was I, I mean before I died” “what?” “never mind, what did you say you were doing here?” you turned to look over the ledge again “these guys have been running a drug ring under your nose this whole time” he tensed at that. “These assholes are mine” he jumped off the roof.

“Hey! No fair!” You jumped down behind him and followed him in the crowd of punks. He started taking them down one by one until he got to the leader. Right as he was about to kill the guy one of the henchmen sprung up out of nowhere and pulled a gun. He aimed it at Red Hood and you acted without thinking. Pulling out your own weapon you quickly killed the guy before he could shoot. Red Hood turned to you as he saw the guy go down, “you just saved my life”. You looked at him, “uh yeah I guess I did” “thanks for that, dying isn’t fun”. You gave him a weird look and started to walk away.

“Wait!” You paused turning to look at him “yes?” he rubbed the back of his neck. “Do you wanna maybe go get food? I know a really nice diner not that far from here” “It’s like 1 am” “hunger doesn’t sleep”.


You sat on a rooftop with Red Hood, swinging your legs as he fished the food out of the take out bag. “here you are” he handed you yours then took out his. You almost started to eat when you froze. He has to eat, which means he has to take off his helmet. You slowly put your food down and gradually turned your head to look at him. He pressed a button under his ear and a little above his jaw. The helmet hissed, like air decompressing and the face flap steadily flipped open.

“Damn” he was hot, like actually fine as hell; strong jaw, green eyes, nice cheekbones and all. He looked at you and held your gaze, you didn’t realize he was reaching for you until his hand grasped yours. He gently brought it to his lips and kissed your skin, all the while looking you in the eyes. You broke gazes with him and looked down at the city below you, skin burning. Why are you so okay with this guy you just met being so affectionate, there’s just something about him. “What’s your name? Like your real name?” he asked. You looked back up at him “you tell me first” he smiled, a genuine one. “Jason Todd” you repeated it quietly, you liked it was familiar on your tongue. “I’m [f/n] [l/n]“ he repeated yours too and it sounded like the best thing coming out of his mouth. He kissed your cheek.

“We should do this again sometime”.

Roommates? Or More? (Ch 4- Good News and a Shower)

TITLE (of fanfic): Roommates? Or More?

TITLE (of chapter): Good News and a shower


AUTHOR: potternerdworld

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Actor!Tom (before he got famous)

GENRE: Romance, Drama (I’ve been informed that it’s also UST, but not for much longer ;) )

FIC SUMMARY: Tom and Ava (OFC) have been living together for a while, and both have feelings for the other that they can’t act on for different reasons. Then Ava finds herself single again. The two struggle through the beginnings of a possible relationship with all the confusion that goes along with it. Told from alternating perspectives (this one’s from Tom’s POV)

RATING: T this Chapter

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:There is some nudity (hence the T rating), but nothing particularly sexual or anything (yet). I know that I’m very inaccurate about this time in Tom’s life because I don’t know much about it. I know that Luke is his publicist, not his agent, but considering that I have no idea who his agent is, I decided to use Luke’s name, sorry about that. I also don’t know anything about movie audition processes, so that’s probably incorrect as well. I apologize to anyone who knows better than me about these discrepancies. It really does make my day anytime someone sends me feedback, or even just likes my random writing, so don’t hesitate to do so! If you’re still here, thanks for sticking with me, and enjoy!

Chapter one  Chapter two  Chapter three


    Awakening, I groan at the headache that manifests itself in my temples. The awful pounding in my head prevents me from going back to sleep (despite my best efforts), but I keep my eyes closed to try and block out the pain that the outside world is causing me.

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