BTS WON THEY WON OMG OUR CHILDREN WON, THEY’VE BEEN NOTICED BY AMERICA, THEY’VE MADE IT I’M SO POUD I CAN’T EVEN👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

My brain suggested we do something usefull today, but then i remembered that i have no brains so i did this
these two are my @thebbros  Oc’s, bakers Vinny the mouse and Poud the goat who work at V and P’s Bakery
they are both orphans, and they’ve been best friends since childhood, when they grew up they decided to open the bakery since they both love baking

  • Vinny is 22 but he is very imature and irresponsible. He has the ink illness. He loves to goof around and can make a joke out of literly anything (exept stuff that might ofend other people). He likes sweets but some times he doesn’t know when to stop and that gives him lots of sugar rush. He is very optimistic, likes to cheer other people up and personaly most of the times doesn’t get worked up about anything, even when he got sick he still didn’t change his attitude.
  • Poud is 27, and he is almost complete opposite of Vinnny. He takes his job very serious and responsible, but some times he worres a bit too much. Some times he’s being bit of a doormat, but he tries stay cool. He is also very kind and eloquent wich makes many girls in the neighborhood like him. And he loves flowers.  

Ever since Vinny got sick Poud was very stressed and scared because he loves his friend more than anything and he doesn’t wants to lose him, but Vinny believes that he might have a chance to survive and always tells Poud not to worry, but at the same time he is actually ready for his death, he just doesn’t care
idk lots of people do this crap, i just wanted to be INKluded (i am lonely)
The AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge you can check it over here

I love the fandom and it’s creativity
This Au belongs to @thebbros
If ya see ur child then u have great eyesight
I’ll include the new ones next time

Cady: @yan-dark
Freja & Fiona: @frej3318
Ximena: @axvwriter
Luma: @xxyuuxchanxx
Caroline: @z0mbie-wolf-sage
Jace: @pwnage101
Beverly: @furrehfrenzeh
Jeremy: @universecipher
Bianca: @kawaiitalesans
Prade & Milan: @catfok
Vinny & Poud: @katethepeach
Sweetums: @sherlock-sparkles
Koddie: @thesoupsoup

Some fucking Matt Holt angst

(( wrote this so long ago and will never finish it but I feel bad about taking 30 years to finish request so here))

Matt fell to his knees in a heap, with absolutely no grace at all. His entire body went numb at once, a shiver ran up his back and he was falling face first onto a hard metal ground. The impact sent a jolt of pain through his lower chest, all the way up his neck and temples. If he were able to he would of probably yelled out, but nothing came out of his mouth when he opened it except a string of drool.


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Hi~~ Can you do kink headcanons for STARISH as well? ^o^

STARISH Kink Headcanons

Otoya Ittoki 

  • Over stimulation - He loves the way your body convulses and squirms under his body while you are completely at his mercy, flashing you his famous “innocent” smile.
  • Voyuer- He enjoys watching you pleasure yourself with a slacked jaw - especially watching your fingers dip in and out of your slick opening. 

Masato Hijirikawa

  • Semen - He has a thing for cumming on your face. He thinks you look like a glazed over porcelain doll and loves the way it drips down your chin and cheeks.
  • Knife play - He often uses his katana to make small cuts on your body, leaving your body looking like a masterpiece covered in small cuts.

Tokiya Ichinose

  • High heels - When you wear heels around him, he cannot keep his eyes off your legs and thighs. He often bends you over and fucks you with the heels on.
  • Blindfold - Loves to blindfold you when you are both intimate. He especially loves the reactions he recieves from every single touch.

Cecil Aijima

  • Edging - Just when you are squeezing tightly around his cock and about to release, he will pull out of you leaving you a whimpering needy mess. He will do this over and over before you finally have your release.
  • He loves when you call him “My King” or “Magesty” while he is pouding into you. He needs to hear you say this before your release.

Syo Kurusu

  • This boy is a boob man - The way your breasts bounce when you are riding him drives him insane. You both often end up in missionary so he can have a perfect view of your breasts and body jiggling from his thrusting. 
  • Cosplay - Syo loves to fuck you in cosplay, preferribly ones with short skirts and cleavafe showing. He ,ight not even bother taking the clothes off when he fucks you.

Natsuki Shinomiya

  • slight BDSM -  He can be very submissive to you and loves when you take control. He will not be able to hide his loud moans and begs for more.
  • Latex - He loves when you dominate him while wearing latex. His eyes will study every crevasse on your body, which often leads him to actually cumming on the latex you are wearing. 

Ren Jinguji

  • Hot wax - He loves to drip candle wax onto your shivering body, Often making trails from your breasts to your thighs, earning him whimpers and moans.
  • Aphrodisiacs - Often feeds you cherries or chocolate dipped strawberries as foreplay then after he loves to taste the sweet fruit on your lips 

both Poud and Vinny always have very tough days at their bakery, so neither of them ever gets any days off
one time there were less work so Poud alowed Vinny to take a day off so he could go and see Mickey’s show. But right before he went out the pain attack kicked in, it didn’t last for long but he felt very tired after that so he decided to take a quick rest but ended up falling asleep and missing the whole show
he got really sad after that
the AU belongs to @thebbros 
characters belongs to me

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Alright so how what about you are feeling really horny and it's never happened to you so you try telling Shawn and you're really embarrassed by it, so you're stuttering about it. Then Shawn gets the message, how do you think he'll handle it and everything?

Okay, I think he’d just look at you. Like smiling that cheeky yet loving smile, maybe shaking his head a little because he finds your shyness overly cute. Shawn loved when you blushed and bit that lips, because you were feeling a little out of place. Rubbing your fingers nervously, because you were feeeling rather awkward. Then we would let his thumb stroke your heated cheek, licking his lips slowly and just say “God, I love you so much” 

He would then let his hand run from your face to your chest, pressing his palm softly against your chest. He’d feel just how fast your heart was beating and how hard it was pouding in this moment.

“What you’re feeling, how you’re feeling right now? You make me feel that way too” he’d whispered before grabbing your wrist and planting tender kisses on it. He would feel your entire body becoming tense and warm, which would make him smile even more. 

Shawn would press his forehead against yours, letting his gaze stick on you, making sure you were listening carefully to his words. “We don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for. I can wait, I will wait, if that’s what you need. But… if you’re down, I’m down baby. No pressure though” 

“Can we take it slowly?”

“We’ll speed it down as much as you need. I’ll be gentle with you”

“You promise?”

“I’ll take care of you, darling. Trust me. I just need you to tell me, you’re ready”

“I’m ready” 


Hospital of Windenburg. Tuesday, September 27. 09:28 a.m. 

When Julia opened her eyes, she could see nothing but blinding white light. She felt dazzled, stiff and a little cold. Her first thought was that this must be what if feels like to die. Oh no. Please, no.

She closed her eyes and than after some time that could have been a few seconds or a few hours, she open them again and her vision cleared. Her head was pouding and she was sore all over. But she was alive.  

And she was not alone in the room. 


10 Newest Vanellope Headcannon

1: Vanellope’s never had a christmas before, as the glitch she was forbidden to participate in any of the Sugar Rush parties or major events the monarch organized for the racers out of game hours, this changed when the other members of the Core Four introduced it to her and it was one of the most special days of her life.

2:  Vanellope and Taffyta are rivals since even she was turned into a glitch, however, they rivalry was way friendlier than it is now after the movie.

3: Turbo is sti alive, Vanellope feels it everytime she goes to the code room because she gets a really bad feeling coming from a box she can’t identify and there’s a guess that he coded himself into his avatar King Candy so he can regenerate if he dies which makes her nightmares even worse, she hasn’t mentioned that fear to anyone even though Ralph is starting to become suspicious.

4: Vanellope loves cookies with a burning passion sugar cookies not just because their really yummy but because she loves constructing things with them.

5: Even though Ralph is Vanellope’s hero Callhoun is her idol, she always looks up to the sargeant and will do whatever it takes to get her approval, thinking that hiding her feelings and being tougher than she already is will make her poud.

6:When Vanellope is restless, she gets really, really, really crancky, that’s why Ralph almost forces her into naptimes, even if 80% of the times she doesn’t listen to him.

7: Vanellope has seen Ralph sleep many times, she’s fond of curling on his belly at late hours and jump on it in the morning, screaming. “CANNONBALL!” to freak him out, thing she always succeedes in, he always wonders how did she get there in the first place, making Vanellope roll her eyes and point to the door of his rebuiilt home with her thumb, sometimes he forgets she can glitch and she takes advantage of it.

8: Due to Vanellope’s code being fragile due to her glitching it’s especially painfull for her to get sick, especially the flu and really strong colds, she glitches from side to side whenever it happens and it never seems to stop, sometimes even the pixels iself change in color, something that worries everyone to the extreme, luckily it doesn’t happen very often.

9: Vanellope hates sappy stuff, however she’s always more interested in everything with bright colors, while gray boring dull looking ones rarely peek her interest and rainbowy sweets drive her crazier than she will ever admit.

10: Vanellope loved climbing candy trees even back where she was a princess she was number one at it, however,  the infamous  “double stripes break, ga-doi” was missing since she only developed her snark on her journey through glitchyhood.

k, i drew young Vinny and Poud, that’s how they looked when they first met
backstory time
Poud was born in an undistinguished family. Things were totaly okay until one night their house got burned down, both of Poud’s parents died and he was sented into an orphanage.
Vinny tho was born in a very rich family. He got kidnapped by scoundlers when he was 2 years old and his dad got murdered. Luckily for him, the bad guys lost him along the way and he was found by a nany that worked at the orphanage, and then 2 years later he met his future best friend
Poud and Vinny got very friendly and was hoping that they could get into the same family, but many years went by and neither one of them got adopted. Soon, when Poud turned 15 he suggested they leave the place and find a new home on their own, and Vinny agreed. They were in luck ‘cause soon enough they found a kind baker lady named Marie who took them both in and taught them how to bake. Marie died when Poud was 19 and Vinny was 15, and her bakery became a property of a local bank. Since Poud and Vinny loved that place so much they had to loan money from a rich buisness man Harold Goldentare (aha get it? GOLDEN). They though that they could repay the debt with the money they earn from baking, but till this point they still have a lot ‘cause mr. Goldentare was raising the debt by 20% every mounth.
Also Poud was going out with a girl named Lula at one point in time but then she died in a train accident (the dude is cursed or something, everyone who he loves eventuly die)
the AU belongs to @thebbros

Two, three, four days? You don’t even know how many days have passed since you first got tied up to that chair. Your head was pouding onto your skull from the deshydratation and you were starving. Amber wanted you to join them, she told the men not to turn you and to call her if you decided to accept to feed on vampire blood, she wanted to be the one who turned you. She would come twice a day to see if they didn’t suck all the blood from your veins or to convince you to accept her deal. Except you couldn’t. Everytime she would leave angry, the other vampires roughed you up pretty good. When they finally left you alone, all you could managed to do was praying for the Winchester to find you. “Aren’t they supposed to be like gods of hunters?” you thought.

A door suddenly opened, a woman and 2 men you haven’t seen before today rushed into the room with panick written all over their faces.
“We’re under attack”
Good freaking Lord, they took their sweet-ass time to find you. You swear you could hear the sound of sliced heads hitting the ground. The vampires that were watching you when they weren’t hitting you, were now all running downstairs, ignoring your presence. You tried to free yourself from the rope that had you wrists bleeding for a couple days now. While you were struggeling with the bonds, Jesse ran upstairs to find you blood drooling off his hands.
“She told me that the deal was now off the table sweet Y/N. Ready to die?” he smirked and grabbed a full-fist of your hair making you looked at him.
You spitted in his face in defiance, and in return he slapped you hard enough to make you fell on the floor still on your chair. When he grabbed you once again by the hair you shouted for help, Jesse’s teeth were growing as he put your head to the side, your neck all exposed for him to feed on you.
Suddendly, a bright light filled the room and Jesse’s eyes. A second later, he fell at your feet, two empty black holes where his eyes were supposed to be. Your jaw dropped, not sure what the hell just happened. The light that was blinded you weakened and you noticed Castiel standing in front of you, staring at you with concern.
“Y/N are you alright?” Castiel cut the rope with his angel blade and helped you get on your feet. As soon as you stood up, the room started spinning and everything was turning white once again, but this time you fainted. Castiel caught you just before your head hit the floor.

When you woke up, things around you seemed so blurry. It took you a good minute before realizing you were laying into the motel’s bed, Sam and Dean perched to your sides. You pushed yourself from the bed to sit your back leaned on the headboard.
“Hey hey you might wanna slow down here kiddo.” Dean said while putting a careful hand on your shoulder.
“Where is she?”
“Where’s who Y/N?” Sam asked gently.
“Nevermind, I.. I.. what happened? I feel like a train wrecked me.” you brought a hand to your sore neck, memories flooding back to you.
“We got a call from the police the night you disappeared, reporting a murder in a convenience store not far from here. We watched the surveillance tape and we saw you leaving with the vampire. First thing we did was to rush to the church where the nest should have been, but nada, no signs of you or any vampires, for what matters.” Sam explained
That’s why Jesse pulled you out from the store in a hurry when you wanted to look for the cashier. He killed him, hell, he fed on him.
“So we looked for any abandoned building in the area, and now you’re here, safe and sound.” Dean added “and Cas should be back soon enough to heal your wounds with his angel mojo.”
“But Y/N, when you were trapped into the nest, did you… Well, have you seen the vampire you were looking for?” Sam tried to sound polite and delicate but the question hit you right in the face.
You got up from the bed not answering, leaving both of the brothers hanging with question marks on their faces. You took your duffle bag from the ground and trailed off into the bathroom, closing the door behind you, leaning against it and finally letting go the breath you were holding.
“No problem for saving your ass out there Y/N. Anytime!” you heard Dean’s rough voice through the wooden door followed by Sam trying to cool him down.
But none of this was reaching you right now. You started the shower, and got off from the dirty clothes stained with blood and sweat, you’ve been wearing for the past days. The bathroom slowly become steamy as you observed the few injuries on your body. Your thoughts were spinning into your head, from Amber to Jesse and then, you remembered about the angel. The light emaning from him, just thinking about it gave you goosebumps. Then you remembred about the dream that kept tormenting you at night the one where Amber kept dying over and over again, and how at the end of it, the shimmering light would always made you feel safer and in peace. Could it possibly be… him? As your thoughts deepen an odd feeling overwhelmed you, as if someone was watching you, you passed a hand on the foggy mirror, someone was behind you looking at you through the mirror.
You turned around and tried to punch the person standing behind you but a quick hand prevented you from taking your swing. Your arm still in his strong grip, you realized that it was a suprised Castiel who almost gave you a heart attack.
“Dammit Cas, the hell is wrong with you?” You pulled out from his grip and tighnen the towel around your breasts suddendly aware of your lack of clothing.
“Oh I uh.. I apologize Y/N, I sensed you needed me and I uh…” Castiel eyes went down as he gulped. “It’s that… you’ve been calling my name with such intensity. I’ve never witnessed such a need from a human.” he said, his piercing blue eyes now glued to yours, a guilty look merged on his face.
You don’t know why or when but your hand was now on his shoulder giving him a comforting stroke.
“It’s okay Cas, to be totally honest, I was thinking about you. I mean, when you rescued me.”
You noticed that his stubby jaw was tightening when your hand slided down from his shoulder along his arm.
“I should probably leave you to your shower. I’m sorry Dean told me that people usually don’t appreciate when I "zap” around them.“ Cas added his eyes still connected with yours.
Once again, you don’t know why, but you felt the urge to touch him, feel him so you got closer to him , and with every step you made, you sensed him getting tensed.
"Before you leave… I would like to thank you for saving me Castiel.” you whispered now finding yourself inching towards his face. His tender eyes left yours for a moment, to fix your delicate lips, his body frozen by fear of the unknown feeling that was emerging in him.
You caught his chapped lips through yours, he didn’t respond at first but when you brought your hand up the back of his head, he followed your movements and gave permission to your tongue to enter his mouth. He kissed you gently then with increasing pressure, Castiel grabbed the small of your back with one hand and cupped your ass with the other helping you to climb on the vanity counter without breaking the kiss. You felt a burning fire increasing inside you, your hands were trying to find a way underneath his layered clothes pushing his trenchcoat off his large shoulders. You needed to feel his skin, you let out a gasp and closed your eyes when you felt his lips on the side of your neck, his fingers now tracing the length of your spine, giving you enough courage to let go of the towel that kept your body unexposed. Shivers passed through your body when Castiel took a step back with an awe expressioned glued to his face, eyes filled with lust. You were examining him as well, panting breaths shaking your chest. Oh god, the scent and the taste and the feel of this angel, you barely could contain yourself from moaning at the sight of his thick bearded neck and his large pink lips begging for yours to come back. You put your arms around his neck, leaning him onto you as you crashed your lips on his once again. Your legs locked around his waist, giving him an imploring look. Castiel leaned down and pressed his lips gently between your breasts. You arched your back into him, wanting more of his mouth, of him. He looked at you with a smirk, finally getting what you wanted. So he gave you more, kissing a line down your to your belly. A soft moan escaped your lips and your stomach clenched and quivered beneath his hot breath, the rush of your arousal slippery between your legs.

“Y/N Sam and I need to take a shower as well, don’t you dare take all the hot water you selfish ass!”
You stumbled off the counter hearing Dean’s loud shout, and took from the floor the towel you previously wore. By the time you turned back to look at Cas, he was long gone. You let out a sigh, passing a hand through your hair. You finally made it to the shower, which has ran out of hot water. A cold shower is what you needed anyway…
You pressed fingers on your numb lips, realizing you just made out with an angel of the Lord. And hopefully, this wasn’t just a one time thing..

Use your words Lass

Warning: Contains Smut

Tonight was the night. Come hell or high water you were going to finally lose your virginity. Bobby had just been released by the ATF, and to celebrate the clubhouse was packed with members, croweaters, and of course friends of the club. You had quickly run home to change when word of the party had reached your ears. Throwing on one of your sluttier tank tops, your favorite jeans, and of course your boots. Your skin now smelled of your favorite lotion and perfume set and your Y/C hair was hanging down your back. If everything went as planned, Chibs wouldn’t know what hit him.

As you crossed the parking lot of TM, you could feel countless eyes on you. Guess I’m looking pretty hot then you thought to yourself. Scanning the crowd of familiar faces, you finally found the man you were looking for. Chibs, of course, was at Bobby’s side. He had missed his best friend dearly over the past month. Making a quick detour to the bar, you had Chucky pour you three shots of Jameson. It was Chib’s favorite whiskey, and Bobby would be drinking anything alcoholic tonight. Heading over to the guys, you quickly laid down the shots and threw your arms around Bobby. “I was wondering where you were sweetheart”! He exclaimed squeezing you tightly. “You know I would miss your homecoming for anything”! You replied, handing a shot glass to him and Chibs. “To Bobby,” you said raising your own glass. The guys quickly followed suit before downing their shots. “Mhmm how did ya know ma’ favorite whiskey lass,” Chibs asked as he placed the shot glass down on the table. Seeing an opportunity you ran your hand down Chib’s arm, before standing on your tiptoes and whispering in his ear.“You’d be surprised at what all I know about you Filip”. Your hand found his and gave it a quick squeeze before you grabbed the empty shot glasses and walked back to the bar. You could feel Chib’s eyes on your ass as you went.

Needing to get away from all the noise, and the pain your boots were causing your feet, you made your way down the hallway toward the dorms. Quickly finding the guest one, you went inside and closed the door. Your boots were off your feet the second you sat down on the bed. You sighed as you thought about your failed attempt to seduce Chibs. I just made a complete fool out of myself, good thing it was just Chibs and Bobby who saw you thought to yourself. A knock at the door brought your attention out of your pity party. “Come in” you called, reaching down to take your socks off. You might as well just crash here tonight. “You decent love?” a familiar Scottish voice asked from the doorway. You felt your heartbeat accelerate as Chib’s peeked his head around the door. “Everything okay,” you asked getting to your feet. “If you guys need me back out on the floor I’ll come back out”. You told him as he closed the door and turned toward you. “Nah lass, everythin’ is fine, just wanted to talk to ye’ for a second’” Nodding, you sat back down on the foot of the bed, waiting for Chibs to speak. “Lass, I didna know if you were trying to send me some kind of signal or somethin’ out there, so I need to know… what did ya’ mean out there..”? Chibs was staring at you, obviously awaiting an answer. Might as well finish making a fool of myself. “Yes, I was trying to give you a signal Chibs, and I failed miserably at it, so I understand completely if…” The rest of your words were lost as Chibs crossed the room in three strides before putting his lips on yours.

The kiss started out soft and sweet, your lips placing light kisses on each other before Chibs gently bit your bottom lip. Needing to breathe you pulled away. Chibs reached out and stroked your cheek with his thumb.”Lass, I’ve been wanting to do tha’ for months” he confided in you. A smile you couldn’t control placed itself on your lips.”Why did you wait so long then”? Chibs ran his hand through his slightly graying hair. “Love, I didna know if ye’ wanted me. You’re not a crow eater or a sweet butt, I didn’t want to harm ye’” his words washed over you as he got to his feet, heading toward the door. “Where are you going”? Your voice rang out as his hands met the door knob. He quickly locked the door before turning back to you.

“Lass, ye’ don’t know how bad I need ye” his words made your skin break out in goosebumps. His brown eyes were on you, as he stalked toward the bed. “I need to know you want this Y/N” Words escaped you, as you nodded up at him. Chibs held his hand out toward you. You took his hesitantly, not sure if this was really happening. Chibs pulled you to your feet, your eyes barely meeting the hollow of his throat. His hands made their way down your back, rubbing in all the right places until he reached your ass. “Are ye on the pill love? We don’ need any surprises a month from now” he stated as he grabbed a handful of your ass. “You nodded to him, as his lips found the pulse point in your neck. You could feel your nipples hardening with each kiss he placed on your neck. “Chibs there’s something else”. “Call me Filip love” he whispered against your skin. “Filip, I umm.. I’ve never done anything like this before” you panted. His lips left your skin as he looked down at you. “It’s alright lass, I’m not gonna fuck ye and head back to the party”. He said running his fingers along the waistband of your jeans. “No you don’t understand, I’m a virgin Filip”. The words were out of your mouth in a jumbled rush. His fingers stopped exploring your body and you immediately felt ashamed. “I know it’s weird, I’m almost twenty-seven, and I’ve never been with anyone because I was waiting for the right guy and then I met you and I knew you were the right one”. Your voice was barely above a whisper as you looked down at the floor. Chibs finger found your chin, urging you to look up. “Y/N you have nothin’ to be ashamed of lass, you are about to give me a verra’ special gift. I just hope I am everythin’ you imagined”.

Chibs pulled your body close to his. You could feel his hardening member through your jeans. You had heard talk throughout the clubhouse about his size, for once, the rumors have been true. You felt his hands at the hem of your shirt. He looked at you questioningly, to make sure you really wanted this. To answer his question you pulled your shirt off yourself, throwing it on the couch in the corner.  His hands found your breast, kneading them through your bra. “You don’ know how many time I’ve thought about these” he laughed as he slid your bra straps down your arm, finally freeing your breasts. The cold air hit your nipples, making them even harder. Chibs gently pushed you back onto the bed. Crawling on top of you. He sucked one of your nipples into his mouth, his tongue doing things you could have never imagined, while his hands were unbuttoning your jeans. Chib’s cold fingers ran between your legs, a stark contrast to the heat you were currently admitting.”You’re verra’ wet love. Ye must be imaginin’ some dirty things” his words filled your ear as he slid one, the two fingers out of your core. The whimper that escaped your lips turning him on even more. Chibs took your hand and placed it over the zipper of his jeans. “Do ye see what you’re doing to me, love”?  Not needing any coaxing you unzipped his jeans, releasing his hard, uncut, cock. As you wrapped your hand around him, he slid your jeans off before removing his own. Climbing on top of you, he placed kisses along your stomach, all the way up to your lips. “Are ye sure, ya’ wan’ this love”? He asked looking you straight in the eye. You nodded. “Use your words lass. Are you sure ye want me”? “Yes, Filip, I need you please” you begged, wanting to feel one with him, even if it was just for a few short hours.

Chibs had his hands between your legs, lining himself up with your entrance. “If ye want me to stop at any time just say the words, love.  he said before slowly pushing himself inside you. It wasn’t what you had imagined, or heard it was like. There was no mind numbing intense pain, only a slight pressure. Chibs pushed passed your barrier, a look of complete and utter bliss on his face. “Jesus love, you’re so tight” he murmured as he did his best to stay still, giving you time to adjust to his length. You raised your hips after a few minutes, silently begging him to continue. “I’ll go slow for as long as I can love, but I canna’ promise I’ll be able to stay that way”, he said running his hand through your hair, then down to your breast. Chibs slowly moved in and out of your tight center, his length filling you completely with each thrust. The pressure you felt earlier was replaced with an urgent need to have him completely inside you, for him to be only yours.

An unfamiliar sensation gripped your lower body as Chibs began to pick up the pace. Sweat was beading around your throat as the sensation gripped you harder. You looked into Chib’s dark brown eyes, where he saw a slight trace of fear. “Filip something is happening” you gasped as you felt your muscles contrast tightly around him. A smile spread on his face. “Aye, I know lovey, just let go, I promise you’ll be seeing stars” he panted. You quickly obeyed his request, turning off your mind and letting your body take control. Within minutes you were indeed seeing stars as your body climaxed around him. Chibs grabbed your hips before pouding into you, as if this was the last time you two would be together. “God, YN”! He cried as he filled you with his hot seed. Chibs thrusted into you two, three more times before slowly pulling out. You winced at the emptiness you felt without him.

Chibs laid on top of the blankets, catching his breath. You looked down at the now ruined sheet. Chibs seeing the lost look on your face, pulled you into his arms. “Don’ worry about tha’ love. Prospect’s will take care of it in the mornin’” You snuggled up to the man who you had just given your most precious gift too. Worry filled you as you wondered how your relationship with Chibs was going to change. Sensing your tension, Chibs sat up, and placed a slow, tender kiss on your lips. “Wha’ do ye think about us getting something to eat, and discussin’ how to tell tell the boys ye are off the market”? The smile that spread across your face, and the joy that was now coursing through your body were nothing compared to the love that you felt for the man in front of you.