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Tired of your tablet pen wearing down too fast?

I’ve seen so many people complain about this, including some of my friends, so i thought i’d share my knowledge, maybe it’ll help someone.

Laminating pouch

Laminate Laminating pouch. (With a nice picture if you want!)

Tape laminated Laminating pouch to tablet

Never have to change your nib ever again! 

This is how much my tip worn down after using it one week without the protection. 

I’ve had this tablet for almost two years and never changed the nib. (Tho depending on how hard you press and what type of nib you like to use it’s probably going to wear down sooner or later anyway, but it sure slows it down a lot. I use the standard nib btw.)

Plastic folders works too! (And anything else that’s similar, like a regular plastic sheet of course, but anything that’s thin will tear easily and you have to change that instead.)

Today, I fucked up by trying to possess a valid train ticket.

I have a deal with the company I work for where they pay for my train fair, i.e. I buy a monthly ticket, give it to the secretary and then get reimbursed for it. So every first of the month I buy the ticket at the ticket machine before getting on the train and for the rest of the month just keept it in the same slot in my wallet. Unfortunately due to friction during the course of every month the writing on the ticket fades more and more and four weeks in the letters are just barely visible.

I had received multiple complaints from the ticket inspectors (understandably, I basically showed them a white piece of paper at the end of the month). Once I had almost been thrown off the train.

After about half a year of this I have an idea, friction won’t be able to harm something that is laminated, right? The tickets are small enough to fit into the standard business card size lamination pouches of which my company has plenty lying around, perfect!

So feeling pretty good for having this genius idea I set everything up and wait for my little problem to disappear as the pouch with the ticket gets slowly pulled into the machine.

About 20 second later I see the ticket appearing on the other side, but wait, why is there just a laminated black bar coming out and where the hell is my ticket?

Then it hits me, thermal paper!!

The thing about lamination machines is, you can’t just stop them, you can’t just rip the whole thing out; no, I had about a minute of watching the true ingeniousness of my idea unfold.

So I take the damn thing, go to customer service to try to explain the situation, but after the first sentence she turns her head and says to her colleague ‘Great, another one!’ Apparently two weeks earlier someone had the same idea as me!

I get a replacement ticket with an hand-written note stapled to my black bar for the rest of the month and head home to my family.

At the dinner table I struggle whether to tell this embarassing but also quite funny story. In the end I decide to tell them.

And here it comes: when I was finished with my story and expected to be made fun of, my dad says 'Funny, the same thing happened to me two weeks ago!’

Too Long; Didnt Read > tried to laminate a train ticket that was printed on thermal paper, ended up with a black bar; turns out my dad had the same idea two weeks prior

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