mewgaroo hoodie

With the approach of winter, we find our cats wanting to sit on our laps more and more. Although flattered, sometimes, we are immbolised as a result. Occasionally, we even forgo going to the bathroom because we don’t want to disturb our lap cats.

Well the folks at Unihabitat have solved this common problem by producing the ultimate hoodie for pet owners so they can carry their furkids as they go about their day. The Mewgaroo hoodie is a sweatshirt with a pouch purrfect for your cat (or small dog) to curl up in. When the oversized pocket gets too hairy, you can simply take out the lining and give it a good clean.

The Mewgaroo also features pockets for your hands as well as pom pom drawstrings to entertain your furry guest.

The medium size hoodie comes with cat ears while the large size does not, so it’s perfect for dog parents. Both sizes include paw-like sleeves.

Currently, it is only available to the Japanese market, but we hope its increase in popularity will see a world wide release very soon.

Protect My Space Pouch & Ritual

I’m going to be out of my flat for the next 10 days, taking care of a friend’s house and dogs.

For a kitchen witch, and an especially territorial one, that’s deeply spiritually unsettling, as I’m sure many of you guys know.
Firstly, it’s the fact that I’ll be away from my hearth, my space, in an alien kitchen with alien tools and all that. That’s wrong on just so many levels.
Secondly, it’s the fact that I’m leaving my own space, my own hearth, abandoned.

This was my ritual for the occasion. Full moon today was a bonus :)

Powder for the protection witch bag:

  • Rosemary
  • Sea salt
  • Thyme
  • Lavender

Equal parts of all these, ground in a mortar. Protection, cleansing, peace, and health.

Blessing ritual:

  • Green velvet pouch
  • Three white candles
  • The three gemstones from my altar
  • Rosemary leaves
  • Sea salt crystals
  • My chalkboard vinyl ritual-sheet
  • Chalk

I drew a circle on the chalkboard surface, because that’s one of my favourite symbols to work with, but I also added the shield shape, just to make it obvious to the bag what it was meant to do :)
The outer ring of rosemary and salt serves as additional protective invocation, too. There are three candles and three stones because that’s a number that’s important to me, and this is about me and my space - the ritual should reflect that.

After the blessing, I put one of the stones on the kitchen altar, one in the corridor, and one in the bathroom.

The pouch I put in the middle of my bed, over the covers.

Feather-set’s Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers

This satchel idea was brought to me from a friend’s friend who went through a painful, abusive relationship. They left their harmful partner and wanted to find a way to protect themselves so that they can keep the ex-partner away. 

What it does: this satchel will help protect you from an ex-lover or abusive partner that you’ve decided to break contact with. This helps protect you from toxic people who might otherwise take advantage of or hurt you. 

Before making this satchel: make sure that you’re not going to allow your harmful ex back into your life. Don’t call them, text them, stop them on the street to say hello, etc. Do not allow them to puncture your space by any means. And if they do manage to come up to you, leave as soon as you can. 

What you’ll need:

  • A black satchel 
  • Rose stems with thorns 
  • Sea salt
  • Hematite, onyx, iron, or some black stones
  • Sage, rosemary, bay leaves (or two of these, or all three for maximum protection)
  • An item to represent you (charm, hair, clipped nails, personal trinket, etc)

Casting: You are free to cast the spell however you wish, though I would recommend burning a black candle while you put the items into the satchel, saying the intent of the pouch as you fill it. Chant something like 

This bag is my shield and these items keep it strong
All these things protect me from (name)’s wrongs

Everyone’s casting styles are different, so you are free to do your own version of whatever spell you want to accompany this. 

Meditate on the purpose of the satchel. Feel the powers of the herbs and stones protecting and holding the items that represents you; in turn, imagine your psychic shield wrapping around you, protecting you from the harmful person’s presence. 

Wear the satchel on you when you’re out or feel uncomfortable, until you feel safe and secure knowing they will no longer bother you ever again. 

Why I chose these items: I’m very fond of plant/herb magick and crystals, so there’s one. Salt is a very protective mineral that is very commonly used to ward off negative presences. Rosemary, sage, and bay leaves are also protective. Rose thorns are the shield that roses, the symbol of love and frailty. Hematite, onyx, and other dark crystals are protective, especially hematite. Black is a strong colour, and is very defiant and protective. 

Fairy Pouch

This is a pouch to attract fairies as a companion. I will warn you that the Sidhe are fickle creatures and you must always be on your toes when you deal with them. They will try to turn against you and play you for their own devices even though they cannot lie. So do this at your own risk. I will also say that this goes really well in conjunction with my fairy attraction spell. 


  • Purple Cloth
  • Thread
  • Rose Quartz
  • Pentacle
  • Blessed Water
  • Sea Salt/Burdock Root
  • Floral Incense
  • Wand
  • Lavender Colored Candle
  • Briar
  • Elder
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Marigold
  • Nettle
  • Trefoil
  • Orris Root
  • Alder

(Please note that you can use any combination of the listed herbs, or any that you might find more suited for your purpose.)

Timing: a Friday, Midsummer Eve, or November 11th. Waxing to Full Moon. 


  • Make a pouch. You can find various tutorials of pouch making on the Internets. 
  • Stuff with herbs, crystals, etc. 
  • Light candle
  • Pass pillow through the Elementals while reciting:

I call upon the Powers of the Elementals to enliven the magic and stir the energies into this charm that it may call the Fair Ones to me! By Earth (sprinkle with salt), Air (pass through incense smoke), Fire (pass through candle-flame), and Water (sprinkle with water), I consecrate this pouch to my use! SO MOTE IT BE! 

  • Set pillow/pouch on pentacle, wave wand overhead in circle while reciting:

I gather thy energies to work this spell and do my will, SO MOTE IT BE! 

  • Touch the pillow/pouch with wand while reciting:

Be though charged, pouch of Fairy, to gain Fairy companionship! It is done! SO MOTE IT BE! 

  • Store in a dark place until Full Moon. 
  • Place pillow in light of Full Moon 


Come to me Fair ones. 
By the light of they Faerie Moon!
Bless this charm and grant my boon,
With this pillow, Fairy companionship comes,
May ye ever abide in friendship with me,
That As I Will, SO MOTE IT BE!

  • Let the pillow stay in moonlight for 1 hour. 
  • Then place where desired. 

Good Luck and stay crafty!

Source: “Grimoire for the Green Witch” by Ann Moura