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Hy! Could i get rfa+v, saeran reacting to na mc who gives disgustingly sweet nicknames? Like really cringe-worthy ones? Tnx :*


  • “Good job, BooBear!”
  • If you asked Zen what he expected to hear when he saw you after his show, that was probably the last thing he would have said
  • After a few seconds to process what you said, he responded
  • “Thanks, buttercup!


  • “Yoosungie~!”
  • “I’m in the middle of something.”
  • He didn’t even bother looking up from his computer
  • You pouted, “C’mon, I wanna spend time with my cuddlebug!!”
  • Yoosung’s character suddenly stopped moving and he burried his head in his hands


  • Jaehee was desperately trying to get all the work Mr. Han assigned to him done, and you kept trying to get her attention so she could take a break
  • After countless failed attempts, you knew it was time to pull out the big guns
  • “Hey, Boo Boo Kitty~”
  • She has never been more affronted in her life
  • I mean, that was the most adorable thing she has ever heard
  • But did you have to bring cats into this?


  • He had a tough day at work, and he was finding it hard to de-stress
  • And what’s even worse, Elizabeth 3rd was napping on her bed, and no matter how upset Jumin was, he couldn’t bring himself to wake her up
  • So it was up to you
  • You came up behind him on the couch and rested your chin on his head
  • “Are you okay, Tootsie Wootsie?”
  • He lets out a chuckle
  • You won’t be able to get much of a reaction out of him, but he might start calling you pet names
  • Most of them related to cats


  • With how often he snacks, it’s inevitable that he’s going to leave quite the mess
  • esp when vandy’s not around
  • It’s only natural to get annoyed
  • So when you step on the second half eaten bag of chips of the day, you nearly explode
  • “How can you eat so many Honey Butter chips?! God! I should start calling you Honey bunny chips!
  • Seven stares at you for a good ten seconds
  • Then he bursts out laughing
  • But now, he refuses to answer to anything other than that
  • Congratz


  • Y’all are the most disgustingly cheesy couple in the entire world
  • Not a day goes by without you coming up with a new pet name for each other
  • Ofc, you have your favorites
  • Shnookums, being the number one
  • Everytime you call him that, he just becomes a smiley dork and hugs you for like five minutes


  • Saeran pouts all the time
  • Like it’s just a thing he does
  • Hungry? pouty. Tired? pouty. Angry? guess what - he’s pouting
  • So that led you to the pet name of “Cutie Pou-tootie”
  • like pou pronounced like pouty u get it
  • And he absolutely despises it
  • No, not because he’s a little emo shit and hates emotions and affection of any kind
  • No, it’s because it makes him blush. Hard.
  • God help him if you ever pull that shit in public